Horror 101 Podcast
Horror 101 Podcast
Cash Wampum
This is a horror podcast out of Windsor, Ontario where we focus on some of the greatest titles that you may have missed over the last few decades. Our show is laced with great soundtrack music, audio clips from scenes that we discuss, interesting production trivia and much, much more. Join Cash and his cohorts as they celebrate the absolute cream of horror movies! There's a horror movie out there that's JUST for you -- And we're gonna help you find it at The Horror 101 Podcast!. FOR OLDER SHOWS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON PODOMATIC COME TO WWW.HORROR101.CA
Horror 101 - Episode 103:  Stir of Echoes
Happy Halloween, my friends! Continuing our haunted theme, we're focusing on a late 90s supernatural thriller which is based off the works of Richard Matheson. After Tom (Kevin Bacon) is hypnotized at a party his world is turned upside down as a restless spirit begins terrorizing him, using his newly opened mind to help solve a murder mystery. Join us this October 31st as we give the Horror 101 treatment to David Koepp's Stir of Echoes. Show highlights: 01:00 Prelude to terror... 04:00 No Cult Sensation this time... 06:00 Kevin Bacon returns to horror... 11:15 The Son that Shines... 13:00 Hypnotized... 16:30 The Couch Scare... 18:30 The Babysitter... 23:46 Neil, the Psychic... 26:00 Similar to Changeling and 6th Sense... 28:20 "I'm supposed to dig." 33:20 Unearthing the Tomb... 36:25 Scoring the film... 42:09 Conclusion! Happy Halloween!
Oct 27
44 min
Horror 101 - Episode 102:  Superstition (1982)
Welcome to our 102nd podcast. We have another haunted film for you. This time we're going 80s cheese and digging up an obscure nasty. Its quite possible you've never heard of this film. Filled with ridiculous characters, gore and supernatural mayhem, this is a film that has no rules and despises every character in it. Join us as we give a comical Horror treatment to James Roberson's Superstition. Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 05:00 Podcast computer scare... 07:20 Introducing Superstition... 12:00 Microwave/Window Death Opener... 16:50 The House on Mill Road... 21:00 Sawblade Priest... 26:25 Child Endangerment... 29:45 Witch Trial... 34:34 Reverend Leahy... 38:00 The Most Awesome Cross... 41:15 This is 80s Cheese... 43:55 Scoring the Film... 52:40 Conclusion...Thanks for Watching!
Sep 29
55 min
Horror 101 - Episode 101:  The Haunting (1963)
For this 101st show we're going back to dust off a classic haunted house film, directed by the legendary Robert Wise. Based off the novel by Shirley Jackson, this movie has been the template for successful ghost story films for decades. Grim atmosphere and top notch performances make this one of the best haunted house films ever created. Nearly 60 years later its influence on modern cinema can still be seen. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to The Haunting (1963). Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:30 Introducing The Haunting... 11:40 Renting Hill House... 19:14 Methodical Banging... 23:00 The Writing on the Wall... 28:05 There's the Nursery... 30:00 The Bending Door... 34:00 Goodbye Eleanor... 38:30 Oscar Performance... 40:55 Scoring the Film... 47:35 Conclusion! Thanks for Listening!
Aug 30
50 min
Horror 101 - Episode 100:  Horror Trivia Smackdown
For this special 100th podcast the Horror 101 crew will square off in a Horror Trivia Smackdown. Its a fun 80 minute show where you can play along and test your own knowledge of the genre. Find out which of us will be victorious and who among us will crash and burn. Join us as we celebrate 100 shows!
Jul 31
1 hr 20 min
Horror 101 - Episode 99:  Burning Down The HOUSE
Welcome back to the Horror 101 Podcast. In 1985, Friday the 13th alumni Sean S. Cunningham and Steve Miner teamed up to make a horror/comedy haunted house film called House. Starring William Katt, Richard Moll and George Wendt. My crew completely tore this movie a new asshole. If you're a fan of House, I apologise in advance. This is gonna be painful. We hope you join us as we absolutely demolish this HOUSE. Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:30 Reuniting... 06:55 Greatest American Hero... 10:00 Introducing House... 12:30 Everyone Hated It... 14:10 Losing Jimmy... 17:49 Flapping Fish/Garden Tools 19:45 The Blue Witch... 23:20 The Closet Demon... 29:25 Big Ben was an Idiot... 34:00 Finding Jimmy... 35:40 Battle of Big Ben... 41:50 Scoring the film... 50:00 Conclusion..Thanks for Listening!
Jun 30
52 min
Horror 101 - Episode 98:  The Others
Welcome back to the Horror 101 Podcast. We're continuing with our Haunted Theme and focusing on one of the highest grossing horror films of all time. This is a patient, atmospheric chiller with excellent performances. A mother and her two photosensitive children are isolated in a large house on a British island. When three servants show up out of the fog a series of ghostly phenomenon curse the grounds. What starts out as a typical ghost story quickly flips everything upside down and nothing is exactly as it seems. On this 98th episode We're giving The Horror 101 Treatment to Alejandro Amenábar's The Others. Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:20 Discord meeting... 11:30 Waking up, screaming... 14:40 Xeroderma Pigmentosum... 17:17 Victor and the Curtains... 19:40 Daughter Defiance... 22:17 Footsteps Upstairs... 28:01 The Piano Room... 30:52 Secrets... 34:15 Uncovered Graves... 36:25 Saence.... 38:43 A New Beginning... 41:00 Scoring the Film... 47:50 Conclusion...Thanks for Listening!
May 31
50 min
Horror 101 - Episode 97:  1408
Since our theme is haunted places this year and since most of us are now shut in and effectively trapped in our own homes we decided to cover a film thats based off a Stephen King short story. This is the perfect movie to focus on in these times. Cause if you're going to be trapped somewhere at least its not in an evil room thats trying to destroy you. Which is precisely whats happening to John Cusack in this film. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to Mikael Håfström's 1408. Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:30 Discord Podcasting... 11:00 Meeting Mike Enslin 14:05 Olin's Warning... 21:05 Enter the Room... 23:40 Gone too Far... 27:50 Out on a Ledge... 31:00 "You Know God Damn Well They Are!" 35:25 Playing the Worst Card... 37:25 Are you ready to check out? 39:30 I'm Going to End This... 41:55 Scoring The Film... 50:00 Conclusion. Thanks for Listening!
Apr 29
53 min
Horror 101 - Episode 96.5:  Isolation Re-visitation
Greetings friends! Since the Horror 101 Crew had been unable to convene for a regular recording in March we felt it was time for a Covid special. Join us as we go through some of our past shows and re-visit some memorable moments from the last 8 years of Horror 101 podcasts. We'll offer you some details as to how the show is put together. Its a very personal show. We hope you like it. Hoping to have a new regular show up for the end of April. Stay safe and happy listening! Show Highlights: 01:00 We're all locked in now... 02:40 Passion of the Christ... 05:10 Brian's Friday blasphemy... 07:55 Revisiting the Top 20... 10:00 David Schmoeller interview... 14:10 Son of Celluloid's Jaws Story... 20:00 Christopher Lee Farewell... 23:00 The most difficult part of the show... 25:45 Technical Problems... 28:50 The Crypt Keeper... 29:55 Nood's Ghostwatch thoughts... 32:00 John Hurt Memorial... 39:30 Thanks for Listening and stay safe!
Mar 31
41 min
Horror 101 - Episode 96: Session 9
Welcome back to the Horror 101 show. Continuing with our haunted theme, Nefarious Paul B has been asking to cover this one for years. What happens when an asbestos removal crew take on a stressful job at a derelict insane asylum? Something wanders the halls of Danvers State Hospital and nothing is what it seems. The past and present collide with lethal results. Filmed at the actual derelict institution before it was torn down in 2006, this film has the ultimate creep factor and keeps you guessing all the way to its shocking and dark finale. One of the first films to be shot on Digital 24P cameras. Join us as we give the Horror 101 treatment to Brad Anderson's Session 9. Show Hightlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:30 Brian's Cuban Bounty... 07:30 Nood's Love of Caruso... 15:30 "Hello, Gordon." 17:30 The cast... 20:15 Session 1... 23:10 Crematorium Treasure... 26:10 Misdirection... 30:50 Running From Darkness... 32:20 Session 9 36:40 "I Want to Come Home..." 38:30 Scoring the film... 44:33 Conclusion....Thanks for listening!
Feb 28
47 min
Horror 101 - Episode 95:  The Evil (1978)
Welcome to our first podcast of 2020. Since we had so much fun with the Haunted House film Legend of Hell House at the end of 2019 and since our last year theme gave us nothing but positive feedback, we've decided to devote this entire year to haunted house films for your enjoyment. Up first is Gus Trikonis' obscure chiller, The Evil. Starring Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet and Andrew Prine. Join us for a supernaturally great Horror 101 year! Show Highlights: 01:00 Prelude to Terror... 04:30 Happy New Year, Happy New Theme! 09:10 Introducing The Evil... 12:05 Love the house! 15:04 Good people, bad place... 19:15 Releasing The Evil... 21:00 Clinical Slapping... 23:30 Invisible Assault... 25:50 Burning and Falling... 28:30 Hand Trauma... 29:30 Tie Fighter Dog... 31:50 Exorcising Possession... 34:30 Short Lived Escape... 38:40 Descending to Hell... 44:44 Scoring the film... 51:50 Conclusion and Thanks for listening!
Jan 29
54 min
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