Homeschool with Moxie Podcast
Homeschool with Moxie Podcast
Abby Banks: teacher and homeschool mom
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Abby helps homeschool moms embrace their journey as they find their groove. This podcast will take you from feeling overwhelmed about homeschooling to confident and inspired.
78. 14 Top Tips For New Homeschool Moms
With so many families jumping into homeschooling for the first time this year, I wanted to chat about my 14 top tips for new homeschool moms. This is a good refresher for veteran homeschool moms too! Show notes are at
Sep 10
26 min
77. Bible Literacy
Bible literacy is a real issue in the modern church and family. What can we do about it? How does inductive Bible study help? Show notes are at
Sep 3
18 min
76. Advice on Homeschool Schedules
What the best homeschool schedule? Here's my best advice for homeschool schedules that will give you both flexibility and productivity. Show notes are at
Aug 27
14 min
75. What's the Montessori Method All About? Conversation with Natalie Cottrell
Have you heard about the Montessori Method and wondered what it's all about? Listen in on my chat with expert Montessori guide Natalie Cottrell. Show notes are at
Aug 20
28 min
74. How to Teach Your Child to Read
Many homeschooling parents dread the thought of teaching a child to read. But you can do it!  Teaching reading does not require a professional credential. Here are tips on how to teach your child to read. Show notes are at
Aug 13
15 min
73. The Music Podcast for Kids:  Interview with Bill Henry
If you're looking for a fun, free resource to help you include music education in your homeschool, then you'll want to check out The Music Podcast for Kids! Listen in on my chat with one of its hosts, Bill Henry. Show notes are at
Aug 6
20 min
72. Organizing Your Homeschool with Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365
Here's my chat with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff of and all her best tips for organizing your homeschool. Show notes are at
Jul 30
28 min
71. Raising Healthy Kids - A Conversation with Dr. Heather
In this chat with naturopathic doctor & author of the Human Body Detectives, Dr. Heather, we discuss challenges and solutions to raising healthy kids. Show notes are at
Jul 23
26 min
70. Why Charlotte Mason Would Love the Inductive Bible Study Method
Here are three reasons why the Inductive Bible Study Method fits in really well with a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool. Show notes are at
Jul 16
10 min
69. How Inductive Bible Study Supports Active Learning
To help our kids understand & engage with the content at a deep level, they need to be active learners. Inductive Bible study supports active learning! Show notes are at
Jul 9
12 min
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