Homebrew Happy Hour
Homebrew Happy Hour
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Great brewing podcast without the overinflated egos
Great informative podcast from some guys that have a wealth of experience and knowledge in Home Brewing. One of the best podcasts out there on brewing, fermenting, and legging there is without the condescension of some of the other brewing podcasts.
Great show, keep it up!
I discovered this show at Episode 249 and have been working my way backward since then. If you’re looking for a tutorial podcast, this isn’t it. If you like listening to easygoing guys with entertaining personalities and good on-air chemistry who also know a heck of a lot about home brewing, this is your show. The show makes me laugh while also providing helpful insight into homebrewing. I hadn’t brewed in almost 2yrs prior to discovering this podcast, and now it’s all I can think about. Thanks, guys. Keep it up.
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How do they get sponsors
Will not listen again- here are tidbits of some of the more interesting comments: I am married to a white women so I can speak for all women regarding their beer styles. That is a sissy beer. 10 minutes of “12 year old male locker room” sexual references in response to a question on a problem when brewing beer from a listener. Nothing of value.
Kolsch anyone?
Love the show and all that it brings for entertainment and information. If Josh needs anyone to donate the CM Becker V3 faucets to when he gets the V10’s I’m your guy.
Who is there?
Great pod cast
Great pod cast great energy
Upbeat and informative
Listener since 2015. I like the varying topics from techniques to equipment. I enjoy the banter and small talk. Keep up the good work guys.
Too much small talk, not enough brew talk
These are 30-40 minutes long. They regularly spend the first 10 minutes just chatting about anything other than beer. When you add in the sponsorship time, maybe 1/2 of the show is on topic.
A Pathetic Little Podcast
This podcast starts out with the host kissing up to his boss. This lasts about 10 minutes. It"s boring. They do a good job when they do get around to answering the questions. The last podcast I listened to the host made unfunny jokes about the Coronavirsus. What a snieling little man. People are sick, People are dying. The economy is wrecked and he is making inapproipate jokes and comments. He even commented about the validity of this disease. AN APOLOGY IS IN ORDER. There are many homebrew shops that I will spend money with. I will not be using the sponsors of this podcasts.
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Win Stuart
Not worth it
I Decided to give the podcast to try today during my evening run. I think what I learned in the 45 minute podcast could be condensed into about two minutes. The hosts spend so much time gossiping with each other completely unedited, that it makes you glad to have the flash forward button. The most redeeming part was that it made me run faster so I could shut it off sooner. There are many better choices for brewing podcasts out there.
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Fantastic Show for homebrewers
I’ve been listening for a while and have enjoyed the show. I recently got into kegging and had some questions on the best way to force carbonation. I used google but there’s a million opinions online. I searched for an old episode of the Homebrew Happy Hour and sure enough found episode 61 from 18 months ago that gave me exactly what I needed to know on carbonation my first keg. Thanks Joshua, Todd and James. Keep up the good work.
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Lots of helpful info for brewers
I love this show! It is full of useful information for homebrewers, the guests are great and I love the entertainment factor between the host and guests! Fun to listen to and very informative!
Great show
This is a really good show that covers a variety of questions about home brewing.
Such an awesome new find!
Was introduced to you by Heidi from West Coast Witches Brewing, and now I'm a fan. Love your work. Such a great voice and perspective, with a solid balance of playful humor and expertise.
North Park Soap Co.
Entertaining and knowledgeable
The hosts have fun, and really know their stuff. I often make an effort to purchase thru their sponsors to support the show. I have emailed a question or two and always get an answer!
Excellent podcast about beer!
Wonderful podcast about home brewing beer
The hosts are entertaining and very knowledgeable about home brew and craft beer. Longtime listener, first time reviewer. 👍
Great Show Great Info
This show is full of info. I really like the host and all the guests. I'm not a homebrewer yet but I like listening and learning. I've learned more about homebrewing and equipment than just about anything else that I have never acctually done. GREAT Podcast!!!
Joshua is the best
paddy O
Great show!
Excellent and knowledgeable hosts! I look forward to new episodes every week. Thanks for the podcast!
Good show
The hosts are great and definitely know a lot about brewing. However I feel that majority many episodes is spent talking about kegging other than brewing.