The Frank & Patsy Podcast
The Frank & Patsy Podcast
Master Patsy
From Frank Natale and Patsy Zarilla, Attorney and Hapkido Master, "The Frank & Patsy Podcast" is a long form, in-depth conversation covering comedy, sports, science, politics and everything between. One of the most popular rust-belt area podcasts, this show has something for everyone.
Ep 21 - Insurrection!!
Today Frank & Patsy discuss the Insurrection Act, the latest on the riots and social media & Trump
Jun 4, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Ep 20 - Say His Name
It's a short episode today as we were having issues beyond our control but Frank & Patsy still were able to talk about George Floyd, Kap, and this joke of a President
May 28, 2020
36 min
Ep 19 - Mika, Mika, Mika
Today Frank & Patsy discuss the latest on the pandemic, Trump loosing control over strong women and Mika takes a jump off of a cliff
May 21, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Ep 18 - Straight Otta Twitch
The audio version of our Facebook Live channel Just look for Master Patsy on Twitch/Periscope/YouTube
May 14, 2020
54 min
Ep 17 - And We Have A Third Party Entry
Justin Amash is thinking of running third party, Cuomo slams McConnel and Obama is just dieing to get on the trail
Apr 29, 2020
45 min
Ep 16 - And Then We Wait...
So what do you do during the lockdown and how are you coping? Plus Bill Barr is nothing more than a fixer and the latest on the COVID-19 epidemic
Apr 22, 2020
56 min
Ep 15 - Let's Protest A Pandemic In Front Of A Hospital
Can't make it up folks, people in Michigan decided to protest the state's Stay At Home policy by staging a front of a hospital And Trump blames the WHO If you like our pod, please consider supporting us on Patreon. You can support us for as little as $1 per month
Apr 15, 2020
54 min
EP 14 - BBBBBernie's A Jet......
Bernie drops out of the race. What does the timing mean and who's going to push Biden to the Left? Plus we plug our new video channels. And if you like us, please consider supporting us on PATREON
Apr 8, 2020
45 min
EP 13 - I Get Somber With A Corona
Tonight Frank & Patsy discuss yesterday's somber Coronavirus presser, how much would the numbers have changed if we would have addressed the virus 2 months ago, and is Trump truly changing his tune about the virus or does he have ulterior motives?
Apr 1, 2020
41 min
Ep 12 - Corona Has A Stimulus??
The last episode before the name change, Frank & Patsy discuss the on-again, off-again, on-again stimulus package and what happens when Covid-12 finally makes its way to rural America? Next week we will officially change the name to "The Frank and Patsy Podcast"
Mar 25, 2020
51 min
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