Hitchhikers and Appetizers
Hitchhikers and Appetizers
The Improv in Action Network
Hitchhikers & Appetizers is an improvised podcast based in, and expanding on, the world of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The podcast is created by Mike Gorgone and Bran Peacock and is part of the Improv in Action Network.
S5E4 - Delphine, The (Former) Prime Excelsior
Delphine has been deposed from her high status of Prime Excelsior of Terratellis.
Apr 27
35 min
S5E3 - Biscuit, The Peaceful Warrior Squidgeling
Biscuit is a three foot tall peace-loving Squidgeling from a planet of adorable war-loving squids.
Apr 20
38 min
S5E2 - The Faces Of Jude
Jude is an art thief from the planet PlanetSwitch and she can change her face whenever she wants, but she can’t predict the results.
Apr 13
35 min
S5E1 - Blammmo, Did You Have To Let It Linger
Blammmo is more than Milliways’ head bathroom attendant, he’s also a hygiene expert and an encouraging voice in your time of need.
Apr 6
32 min
HA S4E15 - Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen: Ready Prophet One
Yet another descendant of our prophet Zinn Skenektikus Gardeen drops by to let us know that his days as a prophet for us are over. Or at least that’s how he wants it to be.
Mar 23
33 min
HA S4E14 – Snazz Hands
Lizard lady Positivitus Rexus returns and this time she’s not alone…she’s brought her sister Snazz. Snazz previously left Trellis heart in hand and space dogs scattered about the space port floor but don’t worry, Trellis followed the 5 chronon rule and eventually ate them.
Mar 16
35 min
HA S4E13 – Quell The Ominpotent
Quell is a very young multi-dimensional omnipotent being from the suburbs of the Universe and he’s on a field trip to Milliways. He’s also rapidly growing up and making the usual mistakes along the way… like being a fan of Horatio’s old band. Thank you to our guest R. Kevin Doyle Garcia for playing!
Mar 9
35 min
HA S4E12 – No Pain All Gain With Sempronius Scoop
Sempronius Scoop is built and ripped, but he is a runt compared to others on his home planet of Balderon where exercise and fitness are compulsory. Thank you to our guest Roberto Lewis for playing!
Mar 2
35 min
HA S4E11 – Xela Compromise
Xela Compromise is a couples therapist from the planet Dualeepa where everyone is a meatbag blob and breakups can lead to unhappy couples being torn literally in twain. She lets us in on the three stages of therapy and joins us in endorsing Dulcet Lager. Thank you to our guest Alexandra Berg for playing!
Feb 23
34 min
HA S4E10 – Fleur Neur Meur
Fleur Neur Meur is a translucent being from the planet JJ1132C and she’s in the cilantro business. Thank you to our guest Dawn McMillian for playing!
Feb 16
37 min
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