Tyler Armentrout, Zach Mech, Christopher Wheadon, Jerry Nash
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this show rocks man
this show rocks man
this show rocks man
Learning and laughing!
Extremely well-researched and always fun to listen to - I just love these boiz! The amount of information they pack into one episode is incredible - and it’s never short of quips. This is a must listen even if you aren’t super interested in history Jerry presents the knowledge in an easy to digest way and the rapport keeps it all interesting! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kind Words
Spreading kind words - emphasis on spread
dave clutch city
Goddamn fantastic
I was turned onto this podcast by a good friend, and figured I’d check it out during breaks from true crime. It’s fantastic! I love getting an extra dose of history from The Boiz while I’m working, cooking, or getting ready. Add in a dash of Grade A humor and it’s now in my permanent rotation. Thank you for making my days a little funnier and bit more interesting.
These morons think they’re funny....THEY'RE NOT! It’s like they can’t say one sentence with another brainiac trying to crack a joke. Listened to their Klondike part 1 and it was totally plagiarized from Klondikegoldrish.org’s podcast. Parts of it was word for word
The Boiz podcast is extremely interesting alt take on history! The tend to get political at times but history is political so 🤷🏻‍♂️. 5 star though for sure
Beast hunter1422200
Hands down my favorite podcast, historical or others. All the boiz bring something unique to the table, whether it’s comedic relief, hot takes or outlandish theories and explanations. 10/10 would recommend. Excited for more in the future!
I’m not a frequent reviewer, but as a history but myself, I felt led to leave a double thumbs up for The History Boiz. The podcast covers a broad, intriguing array of topics - the guys have a special talent for choosing overlooked figures in history whose stories are just as entertaining as the Napoleons of history. Red Cloud, Ernest Shackleton, and Attila the Hun. Stories that make you think (mostly: why didn’t we learn about this in school?), all told by Jerry, who’s a gifted story teller to say the least. As I’m working from home, I put this on during lunch and always find myself laughing aloud. Definitely worth a listen if you’re ready to learn something new (story sources are always cited and recommended) and laugh while doing it.
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Good guys
They’ll make you laugh; you’ll get a few good factoids and stories on the way. Shorter episodes which is nice, easy to finish a story in a day. I would recommend it to anybody
Equal Parts Fun and Interesting History
I am so glad I discovered this podcast! The hosts tackle such a wide array of interesting topics and bring and present the history in both fun and factual manner! This is an example of making history interesting and accessible for folks and enjoy the topics the podcast has tackled so far!
Simultaneously well-researched and hysterical
HistoryBoiz is a fantastic podcast, balancing well-researched deep dives into various areas of world history with a dynamite sense of humor. Similar to the model perfected by The Last Podcast on the Left, it adds much-needed levity to subjects that can seem inherently dire or dry, yet you still learn a lot with every episode. Better yet, the podcast approaches history from a leftist perspective and isn't afraid to call out the hypocrisies of capitalism and colonialism (and the lessons the world never seems to learn) - often upending the age-old phrase that "history is written by the victors." Standout episodes include their Mexican Revolution series and Typhoid Mary.
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Actually Learned Something
Pretty good lessons on history with a lot of comedic relief. Look forward to hearing more!
Some Sweet HistoryBoiz
This is a great new podcast for those who love some comedy with their history, or history with their comedy? Either way, I loved it and will continue to be an avid listener.