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My go to podcast
I love this podcast. Always featuring well-informed and passionate guest. The long form series’ are my favorite. Estelle from the Catherine Parr episode of 6 wives is a particular stand out for me. She has an infectious enthusiasm.
Authors talk ridiculously fast - giving up on podcast
Why can’t the host, produced before or during the recording tell the guest to slow their speech. Heather Jones was particularly horrible - it was as if the recording has been sped up. It would be comical we’re it not so frustrating. Does anyone involved with producing this podcast listen to it? Also, the questions asked by the host add to the impression that no one is listening to the guest. Preprepared, read aloud questions that are out of context, not at all integrated with whatever subject the speed talker is saying. Increasingly amateurish pod.
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Always learn something
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a little over a year now and I always feel like I learn something new. Love the storytelling, poignant questions, and femme focused storylines. I would say that they need to learn how to pronounce “Medici” correctly, as well as other words that aren’t of English origin.
WOW! 5⭐️
The Wager story, great host, great guest
Favorite Podcast! But so many unavailable.
I love this podcast so much, but it seems that at least half of the episodes are "temporarily unavailable." It seems to always be the ones that look super interesting. Can this be fixed?
Informative and interesting
This is an excellent podcast. The episodes are always engaging and I like the choice in topics. I listen to several history podcasts and this is one of my favorites. Also, I saw a particular recent review (and more with the same sentiment) complaining about how it would be oh so nice “if for once it wasn’t brought up about how white men were oppressing others” & things of that nature. It’s an unfortunate reality that oppression is a commonality throughout history. It’s deeply entrenched in all of world history. To me, that was just such a strange thing to complain about. Whether someone likes it or not, white men in positions of power have historically been oppressive to people of color and women. You’re going to hear about this in many historical podcasts. I think it’s extremely disingenuous, and glossing over history, to leave that out of a history podcast.
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Ads with a little history in between
I don’t listen as much as I used to because of all the advertising.
Why ruin such a good thing
Used to love this podcast, it was entertaining and insightful lessons from our past. However, sadly, they now inject modern politics into every episode. If I wanted to hear a pundit’s opinion I would listen to the usual suspects on the left or right. What was once an oasis away from the madness has now become infected by it. Today is the day I unsubscribe after 4+ years of loyal listening and become a history hit member. It’s not what this show was but at least they keep their politics out of the content.
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Similar themes in almost every show
I’m not an ultra-conservative, misogynistic anti-woke person by any means, but more and more this show focuses on the same old tired themes over and over again about how mistreated women and non-white peoples have been throughout history. It is a well-known fact that women throughout history have indeed been overshadowed, patronized, and otherwise mistreated in many cultures. It is also well-known that white European settlers brutally conquered land and peoples throughout the world. But it sure would be nice to turn on an episode every once in a while that deals with a topic that wasn’t hand-picked to illustrate how evil white males have oppressed and burned and pillaged their way throughout world history. It seems that no matter the topic, it somehow always steers toward the fact that we need to raise awareness about this sad fact of history, and apparently several times per week as this podcast is released. There is a whole lot of history that has happened in this world. Must this show always focus on the culture war stuff that is so prevalent in the news and social media? To me, this is just lazy content creation. History should teach us lessons, but I don’t need to learn the same one over and over several times per week. I also look to great stories from history as an escape, and I just can’t get that from this show, which always seems to preach at me about the lessons I should be learning. Most people are good people who know right from wrong, and we don’t need a history podcast to teach us very basic life lessons over and over again.
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Thouggt provoking
This was a delightful discovery. It helps me process how we got where we are today. It’s fun and it helps ligh my imagination. It’s a great podcast for a thoughtful walk.
Medieval history
Dr Eleanor Janega is the best! Love listening to her!
eugenia mosk
Great content
Really enjoy the conversations and information on this pod. Well researched and well produced! Bayeux Tapestry series was excellent!
Robert Henry Holtz
So tired of woke activists being interviewed
Just got done listening to the episode on Greek marble statues and their significance. What I did learn was that the academic that they interviewed was a butt hurt feminist. I am so tired of this woke virtue signaling on this podcast. How about just giving the facts of history and leaving your brand of activism at the front door.
John VerValen
This is the best overall history podcast out there (besides The Ancients!). For reviewers criticizing the guests, I don’t think that’s fair. This is one of the few podcasts with extremely knowledgeable hosts questioning contemporary historians as well as other experts in their fields asking insightful questions and getting insightful answers. To hold these academics to an entertainment standard of how well they talk or present the information is missing the point. They are all not going to be the most “entertaining” interviewees, but they are experts offering invaluable information to the public. And actually a lot of them are amazingly eloquent.
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I love this
Please please bring the original music back!!! It helps me sleep!!!
Dislike subscription episodes
I enjoy the show aside from the fact that subscription episodes just sit there in the feed. It’s hard to actually see which episode are available to listen to for free. This used to be my go-to commute show but not anymore… I can’t safely drive and look to see what I can listen to. Content wise: some of the presenter biases can be hard to ignore but that’s what you get these days I suppose. If you can look past that and keep an open mind, there is a lot of really neat content once you actually get into it.
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Context and Detail
One of my favorite podcasts. Every topic is presented in context with often vivid details. Enormously entertaining and a great resource. I’ve bought so many of the guests’ books.
Great show
Interesting material, well researched and clearly presented. Well worth a listen!
Love the show; miss the old song :(
Love this podcast
This podcast should be on every non Russian person. It has explained Russian culture, history and philosophy.
Kudos! High quality show
Love this show. Always something new and interesting
Adrienne H.13
Fascinating! Thank you!
Needs improvement
The problem with the podcast is the format. It needs a 5-10 minute attempt by the hosts to summarize the historical event, THEN have the expert on to answer questions. Instead the historian is asked to jump in deep into the details, and usually backtracks to do the general summary that was wanting at the beginning. So every episode starts at the most contentious details and goes backwards towards the larger context.
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Great content!
I absolutely love this podcast, great engaging topics, the interviews are well thought out and engaging. I totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys history and thoughtful interviews.
Quality varies widely
Some of the guests are truly excellent, and deserve far better than this show. Some are appalling. There’s still an extremely strong “western” (imperialist, white, male) bias in the questions, and among some of the interviewees that is embarrassing and oblivious. I have listened to hundreds of episodes, but cannot take it any longer. The desperate kowtowing to the British public’s precious racist delusions is painful. Spencer Mizen’s pathetic pleading for the sanctity of Churchill hagiography and propaganda was especially revolting. “How COULD you state verifiable facts found in countless primary historical documents?!” In Rana Mitter own book “Forgotten Ally,” he documents Churchill’s proposition to FDR for an “Anglo-Saxon alliance” to ensure permanent ironclad white domination of India, China and all nonwhite “inferior” peoples. How Mitter manages to hold his head up among this crew of unrepentant revanchists, I’m sure I don’t know, but I hope the paychecks are hefty.
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Pompous and misleading. This podcast has a definite spin.
Kudos for'The End of Roman Britain'
Excellent work on the part of David Musgrove and the BBC History Extra team. The conclusions drawn in the final episode were particularly brilliant and I'm sorry this series is over at the same time as I look forward to the next one. What I like most about this podcast in general is the open-minded view of history as a growing and changing discipline. Great stuff!
Beguiling Books
Excellent informative podcast. Interviewer asked poignant questions.
An excellent podcast, always very interesting.
Best daily history pod
Great topics, great guests. I’m so glad they’re producing daily episodes now. The only podcast I pay for.
Seth W1
Who were the celts?
Wow. No wonder there’s division. The end where he says “The English need to learn to make peace with their ‘subordinate’ groups (Ireland! Etc) says it all. SUBORDINATE? I’m not a historian. But perhaps he should visit the Welsh countryside. They don’t like the English, contrary to what he said. Signs are in Welsh first, then English. Very misleading. The attitude of academics towards tribal cultures who don’t fit the mold is appalling. Of course they didn’t form a Celtic League. Neither did the Native Americans. They were all different tribes. To refuse to acknowledge this, is arrogance and superiority by someone who has spent no time with the people. Does it really matter if they call themselves Gauls? Or Celts? The people themselves, contrary to his statements, and contrary to the English trying to assimilate them, retain their ideas. At least in some rural areas.
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Watergate at 50
Excellent episode. Riveting from my point of view as an American.
Best history pod
Unbelievable amount of quality content on an astounding array of topics. If you don’t like today’s episode just wait for tomorrow’s.
Great topics
This podcast features compelling historians speaking on a wide array of topics. Always smart and interesting.
Frank the Tailor
Give it a shot!
The episode on Neville Chamberlain is excellent for those teaching the interwar years, and for those wanting to learn about a son of Joseph Chamberlain … a big character in season 1 of the Forgotten Wars Podcast.
Mr. Buster!
Dan Jones series was awesome!!
Love this podcast, particularly Dan Jones series-medieval master class series was phenomenal! Tune in..you will learn something.
Consistently great podcast
Ignore naysayers, esp those who refer to "paying" for the podcast, which can be enjoyed for free (with commercials, as is to be expected). Top-ranked historians, lesser known historians and writers, paths both well trodden and novel. Listen to learn and to enjoy
Good show generally but…
Too much wokeness. Somehow they manage to turn every conversation to racism and sexism. Disappointing. Cancelling my subscription, there are tons of other history pods to listen to that don’t charge a monthly fee.
Top shelf
Cold War mind games
Mr. Sixsmith’s presentation was interesting, however, he presented something of a moral equivalence between the USA and the Soviet Union. There was no moral equivalence. We who are over a certain age understand that. The young may not. In that sense, Mr. Sixsmith did the western audience a disservice.
History extra
I dearly love all the BBC history documentaries and wouldn’t mind paying but don’t understand is it per documentary or series or per whole History Extra? Secondly, do you have to go through Apple Pay? I don’t want them to have my credit card info just want to pay directly.
Adverts hiding as content
Five podcasts a week is clearly too much for History Extra. A lot of their content has descended into crude advertisements for books where opinion is touted as history or for books that very few would read. A particularly bad example was the recent episode "A forgotten witch hunt in New England". The premise was interesting as witch hunts in Jacobean times in England and the US (well English colonies at that point) were unusual. The episode starts well with an outline of the community and the characters but then descends into comments about how the book was written. The final insult was the closing phrase (and I'm paraphrasing a little "If you want to find out what happens, buy the book." No! It's your role to tell us what happens and not to pitch the book in such a crude and obvious way. Sadly, this is an increasingly common experience which is devaluing the podcast. Well here's the spoiler so you don't have to. Hugh Parsons (brickmaker) was acquitted of witchcraft. His wife Mary Parsons was found guilty but died in prison before she could be executed. History Extra should stop the blatant promotion of books in this crude way. Moving back to less, but better content would improve the podcast in every way.
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This is an important podcast with news that’s ahead of the curve. And excellent. I’m thinking of the interview with Tim Snyder about his book Black Earth about the holocaust. And literally scores of other episodes. The simplistic ledger sheet view of history cracks me up, yet somehow doesn’t keep the guests from divulging great stories and thoughtful insights. The counter factual questions are flat out dumb, but… same as the ledger sheet issue. The end result is always interesting and worth your time. Give it a listen.
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Chess fan1234
When the fidelity of the recording is so poor it is unlistenable.
Please don’t release any more episodes before checking the fidelity of the recording. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.
Ron JL.
Excellent Podcast
I look forward to every episode, frequently going back to listen to my favorite episodes again and again. They cover a wide range of historical topics with knowledge and fascinating guests. I subscribe to several podcasts, but this one is far and away the best. Thank you to the producers and announcers for the hard work you do to present an excellent podcast.
Selectively ‘woke’ criticisms & questions
Loved this show until this complete joke of an episode. The History of the Ottoman Empire (Aug. 8, 2021) is fall of falsities, double standards, ignores any truth and the “interviewer” is too afraid to ask any real questions. If you’re going to review any European empire from Ancient Greece -colonial BRITAIN under a 2021 lens, do the same for a Islamic empire.....The guests brief and misleading coverage of the conquest of Constantinople & the total lack of questioning by the host is a joke— the guests acts like they willingly handed over the keys & nothing changed, despite accounts of mass rapes, murders, plundering, selling children into slavery by the Islamic Ottomans..., after 3 sieges..Including rapes of all ages & genders of Christians hiding in the Hagia Sophia, which the host shamelessly passes off as Muslim architecture. This happened in the 1400s if Christopher Columbus is fair game, why not the ottomans for their war crimes & atrocities? A quick google search will show the Ottomans religiously, no pun intended— loved forced conversions like thru their system of devşirme where Christian boys in Europe were kidnapped, forced to convert & trained to kill their countrymen, as well as other mass forced conversions to Islam in the balkans and Eastern Europe. Or the Barbary slave raids where Ukrainian and polish girls where kidnapped as sex slaves (google Hurrem Sutan / Roxelana) Not to mention the numerous Roman and Christian sites, like the Hagia Sophia that the ottomans co-opted and passed off as their own architectural ingenuity....meanwhile any European empire from Ancient Greece & Rome - 1975 gets examined under a 2021 lens.
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Much better than other reviews make it out to be
I think many people in the bad reviews have far too big expectations for this podcast. To me, it appears to function as an introduction to a wide variety of topics and stories you might have never heard of and not necessarily a deep dive where many tough subjects are brought up. I found this pod originally looking for more knowledge of my own cultural history as an American whose parents came to the US from the UK 30 years ago and I have not been disappointed!
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My favorite history podcast!
I love this podcast for the wide array of subjects, many of which I would never seek out on my own, or I didn’t know was a thing. From love and marriage in 14th century Western Europe to Women spies in WWII France. It’s also cool to hear about the actual research and leg work the Historians do in order to write their books and papers. I think it’s a good thing to be reminded of what makes an expert an expert, the importance of contemporary primary accounts of events, as well as a skepticism that should accompany those accounts, and the historical context in which they were created. As an American living in The South, it’s sort of comforting in a weird way to hear all of these things in action.
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Great podcast, but incomplete
This should be called “European History Extra”. In all its years, there have been no episodes about Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara. But it does a good job describing European history. I would still listen of course, but this is not world history.
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