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Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.
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Not at the dinner table
I found myself being very very upset with this last podcast. I’ve never been a political person, but being sixty one when COVID arrived I became incredibly politically active. And if anyone one wants to come and have dinner with me, we will talk politics. Politics in this country have become life or death. Shame on you for laughing about it.
I love this podcast! It’s very interesting and informative. This year I am taking AP Psychology and this podcast helps me reinforce what I learned in class while also teaching me new things I would not have thought about. I hope they do more and stay safe during the pandemic. (Also could you more episodes with case studies? Or an episode about ‘Split Brain?’)
Doing the right thing
In a recent episode you said when a lane is closed up ahead on a road, drivers who don’t merge immediately and instead drive ahead until they have to merge makes you upset yet if you look it up not merging is the correct behavior. I’d like to propose an episode discussing when you do the right thing but others have a different perception of what occurred. Jay Zapata
I appreciate so so much how politically unbiased this podcast is, especially in October of 2020
Used to be a favorite, now too political
This show has long been a favorite of mine. I find human behavior so so interesting! And hearing about the science behind the way we think or act is my favorite part. However in the last year or so, almost every single episode is related in some way to politics. This is not a news podcast. It’s not a political podcast. Yes, obviously politics is related to human behavior, and I do find these episodes interesting and informative as well, but also depressing. I am having a hard time escaping the news & politics these days. I listen to podcasts as an escape, but almost every podcast I listen to has gotten political in the last year. I really enjoy learning, but I simply can’t handle all the negative energy around news and politics, especially when it’s taking over EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE!! Shankar, please please please just do a few episodes that don’t tie in to politics. Covid has got many of us struggling with our mental health, and I am sick of everyone in the spotlight turning to news and politics in order to make it clear what side of the aisle they are on. We get it!! And personally I don’t care! I need escapism. I need positivity during these times. Not more reminders about how divided our country is at the moment ...
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Interesting & varied topics
I absolutely enjoy listening to this podcast. I especially appreciate the variety of topics that you focus on and which are always relevant. Thank you!
Everyone should listen to this
I learn so much from the thoughtful and thought provoking content. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know, regardless of political leanings, education, or interests because it truly is universal.
Shankar I love your podcast. I retired from the Defense Department /Department of Army in 12/5/98. I worked with this agency for 17 years. We had a diverse mix and yes we had problems. In the years I was there, we took courses in interpersonal communication as well as Myers Briggs assessment and Total Quality Management. No matter what the individual’s political or moral leaning, we worked together. We was there to do a job and not to please everyone. No Diplomacy. Where is this world coming to.
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One sided
I generally love this pod cast. But every single example of “moral conviction” leading one astray were targeted at conservatives and left leaning. I’m out.
Salubrious Spring
My weekly intellectual feast
As I grow nearer to 70 years old, my circle of friends is shrinking. Of those friends I had, a very small number would enjoy discussing the topics of Hidden Brain. With most shows I say to myself, I always wondered about that or I thought that way, too. It is such a pleasure to know I can indulge myself with this stimulating show.
Beyond Doomscrolling
My first experience with your podcast & I’m so impressed!! Helping me make a paradigm shift in my way of thinking. So grateful you shared your medical emergency & successful remedy. I need to know you’ll be with me for future episodes!!
Happines is...
Ads are ruining my favorite podcast!
This was a 10 out of five until this month. I have literally heard every single episode since the beginning. But the ads! I just can’t. This is my favorite of all podcasts. I especially like to listen before I go to bed or when I’m doing something peaceful. I love Shankar’s soothing voice and the topics are singularly well and deeply covered. But now he is interrupting himself with ads that jerk me right out of a mental flow that allows me to fully engage and comprehend and be able to pass along what I’ve learned from the material!!! Aaaaaaargh!!!! I understand the need for ads. But they are sooooo interruptive. Please at least offer an affordable ad-free subscription. Please! I can’t look forward to listening to any more until then.
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C of H
So enlightening!!!
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever followed... it’s fascinating, science-based, informative, and enlightening. I always learn something about myself or the ways the world works, and it’s a pure joy to listen to!
What a great podcast. So well done. So interesting. So important!
This podcast is smart and entertaining. Love it!
Bad host
Host has the poor judgement to have Steven Pinker on his show, longtime friend of Jeffrey Epstein, even after his conviction for trafficking minors? Extremely suspect and puts his judgment in question...
Dude alert
The best!!
This podcast is probably my favorite of all time! So interesting and engaging 😊
Inspiring and getting me through the pandemic
This is a great podcast. I’ve listened for years . Shankar is a wonderful storyteller and so many of the episodes stick with me. I remember sharing the story of the young man admitted to Harvard whose admission was withdrawn when he was found to be involved in disparaging social media posts prior to his enrollment and sharing the episode with my teenage daughters. I also love it when he gives a shout out to his staff.
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sleep deprived listener
Very informative
Well researched, well produced, always interesting. I was so surprised to notice that the hidden brain icon is no longer listed as being with NPR. The icon changed and I guess it’s now a part of its own network. Looking forward to hearing more from Shankar and particularly interested to see if this leads to other podcasts within this network.
Favorite podcast
This podcast is by far the most interesting, inspiring and informative that I have ever come across. Thank you everyone at NPR for making this show possible. You make every Monday that much easier.
A thoughtful break from my day
Shankar is an intelligent, kind, and welcoming host and the content covered in hidden brain is deeply thought provoking.
Going downhill
It is disappointing how this show has moved from intellectual to political and politically correct as time has passed.
My favorite podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for years. It’s always an informative and intriguing listen that perspectives that have not yet been considered. I find it so applicable to personal and professional life. Always gives me food for thought long after it’s over.
Not always super interesting AT FIRST, but if you continue listening. You’re never disappointed.
No new content
Regurgitating older content over and over under the guise of new episodes. There's nothing new here. Unsubscribed.
Great show
Love Shankar! Great stories and very informational. Easy listen for everyone to follow along. 😊
Excellent podcast
I really appreciate the topics that Hidden Brain explores and the thoughtfulness and humility with which the podcast challenges our most common beliefs and perceptions. 2020 has been a year of challenge, but this podcast has ensured, for me at least, that it was also a year of necessary growth. Thank you, Hidden Brain team!
RI Reshma
Announcement podcast
Congratulations Hidden Brain for your upcoming expansion of episodes & media company. Looking forward to it. Awesome news! 👏🎉
Ohio Vick
I love this show
Shankar you cannot scare me the way you did with this recent update. I thought you were going to announce you were leaving, I am sooo glad to hear of the expansion. Hidden Brain was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and it has stretched and expanded my perspectives in so many ways. Love this show!
One of my favorites
Listening to Hidden Brain all these years has helped me be a better and more empathetic person. It has taught me so much about the human condition, how we think, make decisions, relate, and communicate with each other and ourselves. It is an invaluable resource in my podcast library. Thank you Shankar and team!
Shankar Makes the Show
All of the topics are so interesting but you want to know the real star? Shankar!! He’s got the best NPR voice around and treats each topic with so much respect and interest. He’s kind and his voice draws you in. I love this show so much, but it would be nothing without its amazing host and all the unsung heroes (also what other show do you listen to that takes time EVERY EPISODE to thank someone behind the scenes??? SO WHOLESOME!!!) 🧡
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Stop replaying old episodes
Is this podcast “done” in that all episodes that get posted are going to be coming from the archive? Is a new season in progress and will be coming out? I would like to stay subscribed if so, but if all we are getting is repeats, I’ll unsubscribe.
Ford pinto- the more you know***
If you liked this episode, check out “you’re wrong about” episode about the ford pinto
thanks for muffin
Great info and presentation but always a liberal conclusion. I often agree but knowing there’s a bias kinda spoils it
A dollar sh0rt
Listen to all of them!
These are so informative and intelligent. I’ve listened to all of them and benefit from them all. Thank you, Shankar!
Qubits Toy > Lego
Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
Quality > Quantity
carefully thoughtful & scientific
love this podcast. one of my favs to discover and reimagine psychology through the lens of stories
~ Turning ripple marks into waves ~
This is one of my favorite podcasts and I never miss an episode. Shankar is a thoughtful, patient master of his craft. The shows creators are so keenly intuitive of the social dilemmas of today and carefully curate stories, insights and considerations that ought to be in the minds and hearts of everyone lucky enough to listen. Keep up the fantastic work!
Ransom in the AirWaves
Good narrator/too biased
The tone and pace of narration is beautiful but even with NPR’s attempt to seem middle ground and even too often the clear left wing biased shows. In the episode “Passion Isn’t Enough” the first 30 minutes was amazing until they ever so slightly use right wing examples for extremism and left wing examples for “reasonable ways to discuss politics”. Why not use examples of both on both sides?? Too bad.
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I feel smarter and more human after listening to this podcast.
The Ventilator
Made me tear up. A beautiful narrative that challenged me as a listener.
Fee for service
Everyone should listen to this!! It explains the glaring problems in our fee for service health model. It explains how those problems are in direct contrast with keeping patients healthy. And most importantly offers concrete first steps that could (someday) move us to a new delivery model. Valuable, timely, great!
One of the best
Always the best guests always thought-provoking. The host brings out the best and summarizes the thoughts of the presenters so well. Highly recommended
pod bobby
Fee for Service Monster
This woman totally ignores so many factors other than fee for service. How about considering the increase in the number of treatments available, the increase in the number of individuals living with chronic illnesses, the aging of the population, the increase in premature infants who survive. No Medicare caused this? Made me angry that this tired old solution that managed care is enough to address a very complex issue. Very disappointed Hidden Brain!
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Disappointed in fee for service episode
I liked some of the points the guest made but when she said we needed to emulate the VA for the entire United Stated, I was dumbfounded. To make it worse, the host failed to challenge that statement at all.
Fee-For-Service episode is fascinating
The fee-for-service episode provides such an interesting look into the inherent dangers of a capitalist healthcare system. When profits take priority over the true need of the patient, the Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm” can credibly be called to attention from a financial perspective.
My favorite podcast
This is such a great, thought provoking, and always timely podcast.
Fascinating podcast
This is always interesting and a captivating story. You will enjoy learning.
DL the Farmer
Well produced, thoughtful and compelling
It’s the best podcast. The host is the wise thoughtful friend you look forward to listening to no matter what interesting topic he selects. I look forward you every single one.
Shankar is THE BEST Podcast Host!
If you want insightful, uplifting human impact stories, Shankar and Hidden Brain are for you. This podcast is great and can really move the needle in your life. Thank you, Shankar and NPR!
Michelle D. P.
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