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One of my absolute favorites
Thoughtful, soft-spoken, sometimes funny and always entertaining and meaningful. Love it and frequently recommend to my friends.
Shankar Vedantam has a way to speak to your heart
So much gratitude and respect for everything you and your production does ! Love your work
Smart show for those interested in human thinking and behavior
As a therapist I am drawn to the topics on this show. But what makes it stand out from the others of the same genre is that the host (Shankar) is just as curious and inquisitive about the topics as the audience. He brings that journalistic quality to the show and allows the experts speak. He doesn’t present as the arrogant know-it-all that so many other podcast hosts do. He is learning as we do and I really appreciate that. He doesn’t lecture the audience, he interviews the experts and the topics are always interesting and topical. This is my favorite podcast.
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Life changing.
Without a doubt the most helpful and influential podcast in my life. I learn so much about others and myself from each episode. Thank you for all that you do, it’s definitely helped me through some difficult challenges.
Another EXCELLENT episode 🌟
Columbo Girl
Do Less
I have shared the Do Less episode with colleagues and friends struggling with burn out at work, some of it related to the pandemics we are facing, some related to social and civic changes we are negotiating. Do Less became my mantra this spring as I worked with my board to shape an organizational strategic plan and faced that I no longer knew how take a real vacation. Thank you.
Life changing
Love this podcast above all the rest. It has gifted me soo many Ahaa moments. I am a better human being today and am grateful. Thank you soo much.
Thank you from a jazz musician
I was recording a solo recently and I kept on making mistakes and having to do it over and over again and then I remember something about your episode on performance anxiety and getting really good performance and I tried a little trick that was listed in the episode and I got a very nice take…! So thank you for your work… It helps me become a better artist…!
Insightful and actionable growth skills
Hidden Brain is a fabulous podcast helping us better understand ourselves and do better. Love listening every week!
Secret Treasure!
I just happened to hear a part of this program on my car radio and I had to sit in the car to finish the program. Brilliant, fascinating information about how our brain effects our life and we how have the power to help it serve us or harm us.
gh Hill
Went woke
Too many episodes talking about race and gender and deconstructing historical figures under modern “virtues.” I stopped subscribing.
Job Crafting
I am still in love with your segment on job crafting!! It has helped me in so many ways!! I am so lucky I found you!!!
Frances Wilson
Love your podcast. I have been a fan from the very start. Question: is curiosity an innate trait, or can it be a learned sensibility/sensitivity given a specific environment?
Noah Friedman
Almost Excellent Podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while I work out or work on tasks at my place of employment. I deeply appreciate the attention to detail given to the variety of subject matters that this podcast covers. My gripes however come from the recycling of episodes (I am okay with this but please give notice) and the occasional lengthy interviews. The most recent episode of Reframing Your Reality felt as though it could have been 10-15 minutes shorter. I am also not a fan of the interviewee as their conversation almost felt as though they encouraged competing on a broken ankle but I digress.
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A floof named dog
Less engaging than it used to be
This is generally a good podcast. I feel like the episodes are less engaging these days, though. They are very formulaic in format, and seem to be less insightful. I wish every episode didn’t start with the assumption that most people aren’t aware of the topic discussed and spent more time with real data, tips of how to improve, or a variety of personal stories. A lot of the insights just feel a bit too obvious to me. I wish there were more stories about people other than the researcher being interviewed. It feels a bit too academic to me at times, and it seems that even Shankar is a bit bored in his interviews. Perhaps it’s just me. Overall, I thank Hidden Brain and Shankar for being a positive influence in the world and giving me things to ponder over the years.
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Your podcast with guest Mina Cilara is divisive because you and Mina blame President Trump for separating families at the border when President Obama did the same. Furthermore, those parents knowingly committed a crime in our country. It is the norm in the USA to put criminals in jail which means separation from their children and loved ones. I enjoy the Hidden Brain podcast and was considering donating but I will not do that now knowing you are a leftist and you are throwing politics into a otherwise decent podcast.
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Engaging topics
Love your content on mindset!
Cast and crew…
Well done.
false psychology
Prefer to people who like science facts
So I really rally really really really really really like this it’s in my 2nd favorite 🤩 but……STOP REAPEATING EPISODES! Please I beg you 🙏🏻 it’s so annoying I put it when I sleep so every time I wake up I find that A BUNCH! Of episodes I Already played get *REPLAYED* WHY!? I know I’m quite angry about THATS RIGHT IM QUITE ANGRY RIGHT NOW! But I’m gonna be respectful and shut up 🤐 And BTW * by the way* I LOVE science so I recommend it for ME I am gonna give it a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ just as bonus for how MUCH I LOVE IT 😻 and if you like books or things to help you sleep I prefer the sleepy Bookshelf because it’s 1 hour or more per episode LOVE IT 😍 Well not ALL the things they say are facts AHEM! Hey you Shanker Vedantam your quite nice but🍑 *quitley* please try boba tea *soooooo yummy*
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Rosè ---
Amazing contents
I always listen when I am having a long drive. The contents are so amazing that I wish for the road to never end. Thank you for what you are doing.
Used to be better
Politics is for Suckers- teenage suckers
I recommend this podcast to everyone I know! So good, we need more classy podcasts like this.
Thank you Shankar
From the bottom of my heart. The world is a better place with you in it. I recommend this podcast to everyone, I think everyone should listen to it. It’s informative, makes you think about all sides- truly beautiful lessons and musing about acceptance and understanding.
I look forward to hearing Shankar’s voice every week
Hidden Brain has been a positive resource for me. I click on the podcast every Monday to find a new episode or to scroll through past ones I missed or overlooked. I personally enjoy learning about how to improve relationships through understanding why certain behaviors take place, With Hidden Brain, the compelling stories of guests and the comments shared by social scientists allow me to dwell upon new things intellectually and learn about myself at the same time. Shankar’s tone and interviewing is also friendly. In a stressful and chaotic world, I appreciate how this podcast showcases the fragile nature yet best of humanity. I feel like a better person by the time I get to the end of the show. Thanks Shankar and Hidden Brain producers!
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My favorite podcast.
I look forward to every new episode of hidden brain. This podcast is so insightful and brilliant that is a true pleasure to follow it. Congratulations!
Interesting Show
Interesting show with topics that pique my curiosity to learn more. Also, does Paul live to 55 years old?!
CJ Seattle
Always interesting!
Rarely does an episode go by where I don’t find some insight to apply to my everyday life. Well worth the time!
Learn so much!
Why you are smarter than you think🤌🏼💯
The episode in the subject made me realize everything is not black and white in this world. I recently subscribed to this podcast and this was the first episode that I listened to. Made me contemplate about a lot of things that I dealt with in my life. Not sure if you will ever see this but thank you for sharing your experience Scott. It is very inspiring. Thanks to Shankar for bringing this to light.
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This Show 💯💯
This show has served a calming filler for my long commute to work, therapy when I could no longer afford it (seriously), and answers to many questions I’ve had and struggled with. I’ve appreciated this show for years and am only regretful for not leaving a review sooner. Keep it up! -loyal listener 🙏🏽
Less music Less bad sound effects Please
Anita - R
Thank you
In my extreme loneliness and sudden amputation from my former life I find intellectual comraderie and uplift from spirit of this gifted host. Thank you.
Sally Sunshine Eclipsed
Every episode worthwhile….
There are few podcasts that I look forward to as much as Hidden Brain. Sure, the host has a sexy accent, but if he didn’t have CONTENT, he couldn’t hold my attention. But every single episode is interesting and thought-provoking. Not only does the content leak into my social conversations, it sticks with me so that often, I find myself re-listening to past episodes! The guests are well-chosen, expert, yet accessible. The storytelling is mesmerizing. Subscribe, and support this podcast!!
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Great Episode!
I really enjoyed the latest episode about ‘your smarter than you think’. I really related to the guest who was telling his story. I feel I went through a very similar childhood. Feeling not as smart or learning things slower than other people around me. It wasn’t until about 8th grade into high school that I got interested in music, playing the cello which I loved and realized my talents were not typical. I too had a teacher that helped me realize that my talents were more artistic than technical and no test could stop me from becoming what I wanted to be. I am now an interior architect and I love what I do. Thank you Shannon
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Adam Toledo
“Scared 13 yr old boy” was practicing using a gun to murder people, in the middle of the night. His family had already abandoned him and he was training to be a violent adult. The guest list any credence by refusing to acknowledge that a cop know it’s a child when he’s running around shooting guns at 2:30 AM
Speaks to my soul
I can’t express enough how helpful listening to a lot of these episodes has been for me. Never stop doing what you’re doing! I wish more content in this world mirrored the Hidden Brain script. The dialogue is so honest and insightful. I really feel connected to it. I just want Shankar to know that he’s done an amazing job and I’m grateful for all the work that goes into the show. I wish I could get everyone in the world to listen to it!
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Don’t play old stuff
Play new stuff. We know where to get old shows.
Every episode is so well done!
Favorite podcast! Lots of “revisiting old episodes”
My #1 absolute favorite podcast! I look forward to Monday’s for New episodes but they seem to “revisit” old episodes very often…. I kind of thing maybe toooo often. New stuff, please! 👏👏👏
I can’t believe it’s for FREE
Never missed an episode, Shankar is incredible, thanks to all the team who support to get such quality information for public, Life changing and absolutely brilliant and mind blowing. Wish you all the best😊
Love this show
This podcast has changed my life. Each episode is intriguing and there is always a scientist or specialist interviewed whose work you can continue to read about on your own. Shankar asks questions that open the important connections to popular concerns in our society, but there is always room to draw your own conclusions or see how the central question of the show is relevant to your life. This show let’s stories and science unravel your heat and take root in your mind.
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Aidaa P.
(YouTube info)
Hi! I’m Amy gooding! This is a good podcast but..I’m looking for more artsy stuff. Thank you!
gg girl300
All the knowledge
Shankar is intelligent, funny, and vulnerable in every discussion. Couldn’t appreciate this type of storytelling more!
This is my favorite podcast. I listen every day. I love that the host doesn’t do a podcast to hear his own voice. He is excellent at guiding conversations with guests without having excessive chit chat. Stays on topic without adding random conversation. The topics are extremely varied. The guests are so interesting. I have learned so much. It is very easy to listen to. I found that I even like Episodes that I expected to dislike due to the topic. I’m going to be very sad when I listen to all of them. Love this podcast!
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Money 2.0. Budget
Love this show. Love Shankar. This episode, however, the guest was sharp but I could not stand the constant voice inflections at the end of each of her sentences. It was very distracting.
He seems cool I wish we were friends in real life
An update would be nice.
Great topics for modern times
Just listen in and explore. ✨✨✨✨
Amazing Podcast
One of my favorite podcast!! I’m always learning something new and useful here. Thank you!!
Love this.
Always look forward to a new episode.
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