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So many repeats
I don’t know why they insist on releasing old episodes all the time. Worse than this however, is that they release old episodes and only indicate that they are old within the episode info, or don’t say anything at all. Very frustrating to listen to 10 minutes of an episode only to realize I’ve heard it before and thought it was new. They used to indicate episodes were repeats in the title but I guess they got less engagement or something and decided to drop that altogether
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Mr.Dr.Prof. Mason
This shows cool
I love this podcast
One of my favorites—these are consistently interesting shows with ideas directly applicable to everyday life conveyed in an approachable & friendly way. I’ve never regretted spending my time & attention to listening.
Nomes C
Oh well…
Just found this show was excited to listen… until I realized it’s for the WOKE and Lgb whatever alphabet crowd. Too bad.
About those ads….
Been reading lots of comments about ads. Sure, a better experience all around without ads, but someone please offer an alternative along with the criticism. Then, your idea would make you a gazzilionaire and you could support everything, everywhere, all at once.
Too many commercials
Put the commercials at the front of the episode like other podcasts… too many breaks in the story, so not cohesive
Why can’t this be free
Please do make all content free. I feel a lot of people who can’t afford paywalls for some content could definitely benefit from this podcast.
Maybe an episode on greed?
I love this podcast and would have given it five stars. But charging for Hidden Brain+? When did this podcast become like the airlines?
Great Insight!
My fa
Enemies of Gratitude
The example of the electoral college being viewed as benefiting the other side by both sides is patently false. It’s irresponsible to use that as an example. That’s why the popular vote has elected a democrat and the electoral college was able to elect the republican presidential candidate for the last two elections. You should issue a correction. This is a serious issue for the future of our country and this show shared the wrong information to a large audience.
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Concerned citizen 107
Interesting but inexplicable pauses
This show is interesting, but the editor puts tons of strange pauses into the dialogue, with music. I couldn’t listen to this at normal speed. The pauses are weird even at 1.5 speed, but at least they’re more tolerable. The pauses don’t make sense. It’s a stupid stylistic choice.
Enjoy the podcast but way too many paywall episodes
Interesting material but I have a hard time understanding why 1/2 of the episodes need to be paywalled. Instead subscription should just provide ad free listening.
Make this free! this information is needed. This information is power. informative and paradigm shifting.
Sad decline
Hidden Brain used to be one of the top shows on NPR. The host shared the mic with people doing insightful and well researched projects. I’ve listen to it for years, possibly from the very beginning. Now I can’t even stand to listen, no matter the guest or topic. Shankar’s schtick of acting interested is predictable and rings hollow. And the constant ads, with each episode getting more whorish. How much does Shankar get paid by pretending to believe in Progressive, an insurance company so bad that it’s banned in both California and North Carolina? Along with the ads, Shankar and guests are no more than hustlers for their latest books. What a terrible deterioration of what was once a valuable and thoughtful show.
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very good but one issue…
great podcast, shanker is very good at leading the person in the direction of the point they are trying to make and the guests they have on are all very intelligent and concise. however, at times there may be holes in what they are saying and shanker does not acknowledge this. for example in the episode about cognitive dissonance, it is ignored that possibly somebody may feel bad about what they did, or even not feel bad but question the morals and ethics of what they did in the first place. this isn't really acknowledged at all if i remember correctly. also many talking points tend to be very left-leaning in their approach. i am left-leaning but i believe this is categorized under journalism so there should be any sort of prior agenda.
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Thought provoking and beautifully ‘human’
Absolutely love this podcast. Great topics - always! Full of thought provoking insights into the human experience - shared with incredible empathy and backed up with meaningful and topical research. Love listening to Shankar’s voice. Soothing, caring and very smart! A fabulous interviewer and a great team of researchers!
Debs from California
Liberal leaning
I generally like the podcast, but it’s difficult to listen to the left leaning perspective ALL the time. I’m listening to Cognitive Dissonance, but of course, they leave off the lefties stupid decisions - no matter what the facts show. The real irony is the speaker talks about having people on your team who disagree with your point of view. Hahahaha. Disappointing.
Great podcast!
I recommend this podcast for anyone who has an interest in education and social justice math. The two women who host the show have a wonderful dynamic and make this podcast not only informative but also entertaining. You can tell that they are really passionate about what they do. They also provide valuable resources that educators can start to use right away. Social justice math should be a part of every curriculum. Definitely check it out!
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Very interesting and helpful
These podcasts present research findings in an approachable and understandable way. Although they are very long, the storytelling approach and real life examples help with understanding complex topics in psychology and cognition. The topics are very interesting and the findings are helpful for self reflection and self improvement. I highly recommend this podcast.
Evolution is a fraud
Suckie poopoo
Ehhhhh 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
Best Podcast
I find this podcast not only entertaining and informative but enormously helpful. I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for your work!
Shankar is great!
A great podcast for people across all walks of life to become their better self. Excellent selection of topics and guests and with a focus on practical application.
Dean Sharma
My favorite podcast
If you’re the sort of person who is fascinated by how our minds work, human behavior, and the “what” behind the “why” of why we do what we do, this podcast is for you. I just started listening recently, have thoroughly enjoyed every episode, and it’s all I’ve been listening to since I first came across the episodes “You 2.0: Slow Down!” and “You 2.0: Make the Good Times Last” on NPR. They are on the science of savoring and both are fascinating. Some podcasts I find myself sifting through each one and reading the synopsis before playing—I’m very protective of my time—but I haven’t done this with a single episode of Hidden Brain. It’s just that good. Everyone I’ve shared it with has thanked me and gotten a lot out of it. Shankar Vedanta is a fantastic interviewer, not only asking the questions I’m curious about, but also ones I’d never think to ask. He’s wickedly intelligent, curious, and fascinating, but is also exceedingly kind and humble with his intellect and how he conducts his interviews. He’s also a master at synthesizing guest’s points, which I always find really helpful when I’m not able to connect some of the dots. Great work to Shankar and the rest of his wonderful team who makes this delightful show possible. I simply cannot recommend this podcast enough.
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Love this show but…
sometimes it’s boring.
The virus that ruins everything it touches
Unfortunately, Shankar is another carrier of the leftist virus.
Great show but some people shld feel shame
You cant just say “I’m moral and against lying” do bad things, and say I shouldn’t feel shame. You should and you do get what you deserve.
Excellent Podcast
I love this podcast! Enlightening and educational.
Lil Bit 125
An exceptional podcast with heart
I learn new things with each episode. The content gives insights, real life experiences, and positive ideas with skills to move forward. IMO the most helpful podcast presented.
Another subscription...?
Love the interesting content although I'm tired of having to pay for a podcast subscription for something that is free to listen to on Sundays on npr. Will cancel the podcast and keep listening on Sundays.
Love the show but…
This show has great content, and I appreciate quite a bit of what I’ve heard on Hidden Brain, but the latest episode (How we live with contradictions) was interrupted and cheapened by a sappy 50s love song. Nice try, but it didn’t work. Stop with the cutesy and stick with the science and straight information.
Thanks for the Be kind to yourself podcast. Recommend to everyone.
As always
Awesome and amazing man.
No more You 2.0!
Please stop doing You 2.0 and go back to interesting stories. I’m a longtime listener who is about to unsubscribe forever.
Always interesting
Shankar hosts such an interesting podcast
A great investment of time!
Diverse, reliable data and research, and always fascinating! Extremely helpful quite often. So very professional but often quite enjoyable!
A value add
This podcast has truly made me a better human being. I really see the value add in understanding ourselves and each other. I look forward to each new episode and really want to take the time to reflect on what I’ve learned and how it’s helped me grow in my career and personal life. Thank you to the team.
E perk
Cannot Pay to Listen
I already pay for Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts. I cannot afford to pay individually for every show I listen to!! So furious about HiddenBrain+. Saying NO to more subscriptions. We will miss you, Hidden Brain.
The shift of economies.
Now it seems to be about the money. It was originally about knowledge sharing and providing new and intriguing perspectives. How about a podcast about the effects of paying for every little thing on a subscription, from podcasts to pet foods.
My mom love‘a hidden brain 💗 I love to listen to it when my mom listens to hidden brain:)
i would love to give less than 5 stars
because i’m very unhappy about this Hidden Brain + thing! Why must the great podcasts do this? i love this host and the guests are phenomenal. It’s very classist of the podcast to keep the bonus episodes from us poor listeners who can’t afford to pay extra.
Easy listening
I love listening to Hidden Brain because the topics are so relatable and the interviews are always easy to listen to.
What makes you think?
You talk like the only reason we exercise is for “our future selves”. That is very narrow. Many of us do it for the pure joy. More of these pod casts are pandering to those who want to pay. Bye bye
Fiddle Fan
What a gem!
Super interesting topics and great picks of interviewees. One of my favorite podcasts!!
Charging for access
I find it unfortunate and contradictory to the purpose of NPR that all of a sudden one has to pay for access to many of this podcasts episodes. Public radio was created so all citizens could have access to the news and other information. That is a democratization of knowledge. Very sad indeed. What is next? Part ownership by Elon Musk? I will no listen to this podcast. I suspect other listeners feel the same as I do.
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Prefer to people who like science facts
So I really rally really really really really really like this it’s in my 2nd favorite 🤩 but……STOP REAPEATING EPISODES! Please I beg you 🙏🏻 it’s so annoying I put it when I sleep so every time I wake up I find that A BUNCH! Of episodes I Already played get *REPLAYED* WHY!? I know I’m quite angry about THATS RIGHT IM QUITE ANGRY RIGHT NOW! But I’m gonna be respectful and shut up 🤐 And BTW * by the way* I LOVE science so I recommend it for ME I am gonna give it a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ just as bonus for how MUCH I LOVE IT 😻 and if you like books or things to help you sleep I prefer the sleepy Bookshelf because it’s 1 hour or more per episode LOVE IT 😍 Well not ALL the things they say are facts AHEM! Hey you Shanker Vedantam your quite nice but🍑 *quitley* please try boba tea *soooooo yummy* but the fact that IT KEEPS GETTING REPLAYED IS ANNOYING. But I love history and science so I really recommend for history and science attracted people
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Rosè ---
Used to love this podcast
Now it is full of reruns, and mostly features conversations with business school faculty repeating generalities that leave me wondering what I actually learned that was new or useful. Shankar is a delight, I hope he reconsiders how impactful his podcast could be, as I truly loved it years ago.
Excellence in podcasting
Shankar & guests have kept me company on countless long trips. Far too many to calculate. I have learned a lot from the episodes. While not all episodes are for me, an overwhelming majority are ones I’ve found captivating. Thank you, Shankar & all on the production team for your tireless work.
A great listen!
If psychology and human behavior is a subject you like, then you will love this show. Shankar articulates very well and his team produces an insightful and interesting podcast every week. I myself have learned a lot. I have taken the advice of experts from the show and applied it to my own life with great results. I highly recommend!
The path to enough episode
It was great. Thank you for this helpful episode.
Fantastic podcast!
I’ve been a listener since the beginning, and I think this podcast is helping to change the world for the better. I recently listened to the path to enough and the paradox of pleasure. As a person in recovery from addiction, these episodes really helped me understand addiction in even a deeper way than I did before…thus bringing more happiness in my life! 🥰
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