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All of your shows
I love listening to all of your Hidden Brain shows. Though sometimes surprising, they ultimately make sense as they reveal human nature. They always set me to thinking. I took Psychology 101 In college in my freshman year (1968) and found it so intriguing, though I pursued other interests. Your show makes me wish I’d pursued it, but then again, I can just listen to you! Many thanks for your regular insights. Your enthusiasm, sense of curiosity and discovery are always engaging.
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The moon is orange!
Loss and Renewal
thanks for replaying this episode, it is a classic and my favorite hidden brain interview!
7/12/21 Podcast on gender bias in occupations
This episode hit home for me. I had over 30 yr career in private businesses. I had many people ask me if I was a secretary. Shocked was the reaction when I told them 29 yrs of my career was in Information Technology- programmer, analyst, engineer, & management. I know I don’t have the patience to be a secretary/administrative assistant & I always showed respect and appreciation to the men & women in these positions. Thank you for bringing up this topic!!
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Ohio Vick
Great program
I often re-listen to the podcast episodes as they are so so good. The editing with music/pop culture references are fun. Shankars voice is soothing and his thoughtful approach is lovely.
I really liked this show. On the radio and as a podcast. But I’m so disappointed and disgusted by this “playing the gender stereotype” episode. Im really sorry that masculinity is so fragile they feel weird about dominating previously female dominated fields. Good thing they have no trouble whatsoever being taken seriously, to the point that only the women in the episode are actually interviewed with critical questions. And, the host asks more questions about why the world is so sad for men, so mean to poor men. They just want to oppress and hold their position of social power without criticism! Is that so much to ask? Poor male nurses. Women always making them feel bad about being remotely similar to them! Everyone that made this episode should be ashamed of themselves. I’ll never listen to this show again, and will actively boycott their sponsors. And can you take half a second to look at who occupies the highest level positions of every single “female dominated” position? It’s always men. Poor pitiful men who manage to survive being associated with female qualities, they manage to fail upward until they run every single industry. You should all be ashamed. Basic research and critical thinking shouldn’t be that hard.
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hold on to your penis!
What a great show.
Shankar is an insightful, and thoughtful host. And his laugh is laugh is great.
5 stars
The fake bride is a story I will never forget! Best tragic comedy of all time, and 100% true. Unfortunately ignorant views on “conspiracy theorists”.
b1g 3ye
Absolutely ❤️ @HiddenBrqin
Shankar is a phenomenal host with a lovely voice and delivers great stories ans insights with each podcast. I recommend to everyone with a human brain.
broadmoor resident
Hidden Brain
Shankar Verdanti is wonderful! I’ve listened on NPR (via WYSO) and have recommended him to Psychologist colleagues of mine, as well as clients. Now I look forward to the podcasts. Thank your so much. Bravo!
brainy in OH
Simply the Best!
I’m not a good enough writer to express everything I feel about this podcast. Suffice to say I’ve never learned so much about us humans and be simultaneously endlessly entertained before. Many episodes I’ll listen to more than once because they are so packed. Highly recommend, if that wasn’t clear!
Incredibly interesting and informative. I love this podcast and regularly recommend episodes to my friends and family.
Alicen Easton
One of my favorite podcasts
Well done, interesting subject matter, great host
Meta pelet
My First Podcast and it was EXCELLENT
This is the first podcast I have ever listened to and it was EXCELLENT! This touched on so many issues I have concerns about with regards to focus and choosing what “is good for me”. The podcast even went a step further by providing potential solutions or suggestions in such an efficient manner. I also loved how attentive the host was. Many times when I listen to interviews, it is clear the host is not listening. This host was incredible. I look forward to listening more!
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Busy Organized Mom!
[2021] Still listening, but not as often. I'm finding that politics has begun to replace the science they used to cite in the show. Many subjects here can be addressed from different (competing) perspectives, and I'm often disappointed they draw conclusions from incomplete data sets and pass it off as fact. The whole point of discovery, exploration and this show is to demonstrate how our understanding of the world is ever-changing. Science is never "settled." And if it is, in your mind... you're no longer looking at science. This podcast is teetering and could fall if its course isn't corrected soon. [2019] This is a really neat podcast about the human psyche and common behaviors. I love it. Yes, it leans Left, but it's an NPR program. Isn't that what you'd expect? Even so, the subject matter is well-researched, the guests and storylines are carefully curated and it makes for a very thoughtful hour of entertainment. This is good stuff and worth a listen no matter who you are.
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You, But Better…Only Listen to This One if Neurotypical
I’ve listened to Hidden Brain for a while now and normally love everything about it. But I couldn’t get through “You, But Better” without almost devolving into tears. You’re lazy? You’re brain doesn’t work right? Maybe sometime later in the episode someone has the courtesy to mention that this information should not be applied to anybody who’s neurodivergent. Executive Dysfunction is real and it’s not being lazy. Words have meaning and I thought this podcast would know better.
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I’ve listened to the most recent four or five episodes. I’m going to binge the rest during long drives.
Interesting episodes. I wish one of the producers would tell Shankar how to pronounce the word “news.” He says “noose.” I would think he’s smart enough to shake his accent for that word for the sake of the listeners.
Megan Phoenix
This one makes you think!
I have been listening to this podcast for a while and I really enjoy it. I have recommended it to friends because I find it to be so insightful and beneficial. I highly recommend giving it a try.
Katy in Az
Excellent podcast
I’ve been enjoying this podcast. It’s thoughtful and introspective and often powerful. ‘The power of apologies’ was an especial standout.
Brilliant Podcast
Thank You !
Excellent science podcast
This is one of my top go-to podcasts to listen to. I eagerly await the next episode to be released, there’s always a new, interesting topic to be explored, and some of their episodes have sparked really great conversations among my group of friends as I try to share the new research coming out. Really love Shankar’s take on these topics. For example, the episode on empathy and the Jewish/Palestinian conflict was incredibly brave when so many won’t even touch the issue. Really well done, recommended.
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Trans exclusionary.
This week I heard an episode about gendered language, it didn’t once mention non-binary genders, and was actively erasing LGBTQ+ people and children. I was looking forward to this episode, and was greatly disappointed by the limited thinking from your guest and yourself. Non-binary people are more effected by binary gendered language than anyone, at least a mention would have been nice. booo
Enby Jay
Loss and Renewal
This is the most heartwarming story I have ever heard, and am listening to it for the seventh or eighth time since the podcast originally dropped. I was delighted to hear she is now hosting her own podcast, A Slight Change of Plans, to which I immediately subscribed. Many thanks again.
Listen to this, over and over
Brain on Ads
Great subject. I did notice that everyone was talking very fast. Faster than a typical radio show or live lecture. Made it harder to hear. Did you speed up voices artificially? Could you return them to normal?
I find myself referring to studies that are presented in this show all the time. While talking to coworkers, nurses, stock brokers, family, and artists. These topics are relatable to everyone!
Why we hold on to things
I have a question about attachment to possessions. Why are some people in the same family much more attached to their belongings than other members of the same family? It does not appear to have anything to do with power or control. Perhaps it is an unconscious need to control?
Conversation style
Thank you for this episode. I moved to the midwest over 20 years ago, buy i grew up in NY. I have struggled for many years to feel comfortable in conversation in the midwest. But on occasion i do find someone i am comfortable talking to, like you said there is a flow- i eventually find out the person is from the north east. 😅
Aim at the moon
Ads are too loud
I love this podcast but the ads are too loud. I listen in bad and the ads startle me so much I have to lift the phone to turn the volume down and skip through them
Love it
Very well produced
Growth on Growth
This show allows me to expand my curiosity about different things in the world - I absolutely love it!
One of the Best
Best podcast that delves into our brain, why we think, act or respond to events in our world. Turns out Inorance CAN be bliss.
One of the best podcasts out there!
There are plenty of similar subject(s) podcasts out there, but none wrapped as nicely or tightly as this one. Outstanding host with quintessential podcast voice and interviewing skills. Where else can you hear Aimee Mann read an Elizabeth Bishop poem?
Hit or miss
Some are good. Some are shallow and pointless, like “fake bride”
Excellent Pogram
I started listening to this podcast about a month ago. I originally heard them from KQED and so I researched this program and found out that they have a podcast. I work from home and around 1 PM, I usually take my hour walk. I started listening to HiddenBrain during my walk and really find their topics very informative and quite interesting. It is very diverse. Thank you for keeping me company on my daily walk 😊
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Very enlightening!
Through storytelling, it makes me feel very engaged because I myself really like storytelling and learning about psychology! Two birds down with one stone. Very clear and it is not dense like psychology is perceived. So, it’s great to see that this podcasts approaches psychology for everyone to learn, of all ages.
So intriguing.
This show has some depth to it. So many great episodes that I have sent on to other people. It was a real retreat during Covid. My only podcast that didn’t inundate me with Covid and took me away.I love the host’s voice too
Time well spent
Practical insightful information one can immediately apply to every day life. “Sharpen the saw”
Charlie sielicki
Fake Bride
Well done! I found this story unbelievably fascinating. The woman has a silvery, calming voice, one I could listen to for a long time.
You can listen to empathy and balanced report of a subject Shakar presents. Love it
Nikki in California
Tribes and traitors
Empathy is great and all but it doesn’t address structural inequalities. Is the solution to police shooting of unarmed black men that they show each other empathy? Sorry but dialogue will not end the occupation.
Life Changing!
I’ve listened to various podcasts before, but this has to be one of my favorite podcasts out there. I came across this podcast on Spotify when doing a project for school, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. So far, I’ve listened to three episodes, with each having its own take on life. “WOOP! WOOP!” Probably has had the most impact on me, by making me more aware that by fantasizing about something, it can actually hurt my chances of achieving that goal unless I evaluate my weaknesses first. The WOOP method, which stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan, has become an important process in my life when I have a short- or long-term goal set in my life and holds me accountable, rather than my excuses. I personally use this all the time with school and my social life. On a more general note, the podcast does a mainly good job. It has a super easy to follow structure that’s consistent between episodes: normally the first half relates to the how and why of the topic and the second half discusses how the information presented can better people’s life. Also, the podcast gives listeners like me good background on the guest speakers invited to the podcast, with information like where they went to school or how much experience they have, which helps me personally trust the information presented more. One thing I feel that could be improved is the music. It suits the tone but sometimes it so loud, I have trouble hearing the speaker. Maybe it's just my earphones or computer, but I feel that this is an issue others should be aware of. Overall, though, I loved this podcast, and I seriously recommend giving it a try :)
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Fake bride episode
I have been listening Hidden Brain for years. Unlike many other very interesting episodes, this one was going, and going, Jane’s voice was so boring (might also be fake soft/mellow). I stopped after a while. Lately, topics are about anecdotal events, life stories that I miss to find a good connection. Almost like Shankar had to fill the schedule and found something for it.
Maria ZZ 76
No episode duration
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All time favorite podcast!
I absolutely LOVE podcasts, but hidden brain is my all time favorite, and has been since I first got into podcasting. Shankar is thoughtful, fascinating, grounded, and so, so kind to each and every guest he has on the show. You can tell that Shankar enjoys hearing new ideas and new ways of looking at the world, even if (especially if?) they aren’t mainstream, and he seems to genuinely enjoy each guest, and give them the ultimate benefit of the doubt. If I could have anybody over to my house for dinner, Shankar would be in my top 3! This podcast is full of new ideas, fascinating ways of thinking and understanding humanity, and is fantastically produced. Each episode is so intriguing, and I look forward to them every week!!!
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Great presenter
Learned so much listening to this podcast.
here kitty
A little speculative
There is a lot of good science in this podcast, but also a lot of anecdotal evidence and speculation. Productionwise, the podcast is really nice to listen to, and the host does a good job making the main ideas clear.
Pleasing to the ears!
Educating, captivating, and mind rattling!
Justify The Means
Very interesting.
Such a wonderful podcast! Super fascinating!
arm 09
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