Hey, an Actor!
Hey, an Actor!
The Brothers Wilson
Every month, genuine British brothers Ian and Andy Wilson look at a trio of entries in an actor's filmography to gauge their range, talent, and shoe size.
Halle Berry, Part II
Hey, an Actor's Year of Redux continues with The Brothers Wilson profiling Halle Berry once again. The focus shifts from her early career supporting role in Eddie Murphy vehicle Boomerang to her ill-fated titular performance in 2004's Catwoman, then to her major contribution to the Wachowskis' ambitious filmic adaptation of Cloud Atlas. Along the way Ian fills Pandy in on the on-set fatality of the original Crow movie, the Wilson family trip to Edinburgh is analyzed, and a shout-out / mention goes to Donovan Grant's gran. And how do the brothers handle the inevitability of the podcast's new sponsorship deals?
Apr 25
2 hr 30 min
Will Smith, Part II
The Year of Redux commences! The Brothers Wilson's victory lap after 100 episodes will consist of previously covered actors that we feel deserve an update or second go, and what better way to start than with Will Smith. Ian and Pandy discuss sci-fi comedy Men in Black, biopic Ali, and Netflix juggernaut Bright, as well as what has happened in the 10-ish years since last they explored his career. Plus: can Will Smith be considered a "safe pair of hands" with his movie choices? How have the events of the 2023 Oscars affected his career? How awesome is Bright!? All the questions answered, a new celebrity endorsement, and more in this audio gift for your ears!
Mar 3
1 hr 59 min
Heather Graham
Celebration time! Hey, an Actor celebrates its 100th episode with a brief look at one of their most revered, loved, and perved-upon faces: Heather Graham! As well as pausing to appreciate her in all her glory, we also cover the recent holiday rom-com Best. Christmas. Ever! and gritty Jack the Ripper murder adventure From Hell. The usual end of year festivities bring Christian's Casting Challenge, The Tomlinsons, and a batch of outtakes. Plus, this episode is packed with extra treats to celebrate its centenary, including celebrity endorsements, high quality feedback galore, and a familiar old friend or two. Many thanks to our listeners and supporters for 10 years of childish fun!
Jan 6
2 hr 41 min
Matt Damon
This episode, Ian and Pandy turn their ginger heads towards the versatile behemoth Matt Damon! Their three films covered are amnesiac spy thriller The Bourne Identify, space drama The Martian, and his breakout role in Good Will Hunting. Tune in to find out their thoughts, plus: how did Pandy overcome Damon's difficult-to-rhyme name in a new audio delight? Who brings up Keith Harris and Orville the Duck? And we tackle the ultimate Hollywood question: Matt Damon or Ben Affleck - who's the best?
Dec 21, 2023
3 hr 7 min
Ben Affleck
The Brothers Wilson turn the HAA focus on their third Bruce Wayne and the less popular member of his double act with Matt Damon (the subject of our next episode); the Bat-man that is Ben Affleck. Listen in to hear discussion of his reviled action turn in the badly spelt Pearl Harbor, his lead role in the poorly aged Kevin Smith romcom drama Chasing Amy, and his altogether better-received efforts as the lead actor and director of 2012 historical thriller Argo. In the midst of the usual nonsense, Pandy drops a career bombshell, Ian reveals which Kevin Smith movie he will never watch, and the hosts make a major announcement about Episode 100 and the landscape of the podcast in 2024!
Nov 25, 2023
2 hr 37 min
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is the highlighted actor for this episode of Hey, an Actor, with the brothers focusing on period Oscar-bait rom-com Shakespeare in Love, Farrelly Brothers comedy Shallow Hal, and side-splitting sin-based serial killing film Seven. Forever breaking boundaries, this podcast features one of the hosts recovering from surgery! Tune in to find out what links a notoriously predatory producer and a 90s British sitcom, what would make Mr. Kidd proud, and why Pandy, at some point, shouts "A pearl necklace!" Also, don't forget to start think about your favorite moments from HAA from this year for the ever-closening Tomlinson awards, and send in some feedback to hey@earth-2.net so Pandy doesn't win.
Oct 29, 2023
2 hr 59 min
Viola Davis
Viola Davis is our featured actor this episode. The Queen of Righteous Indignation reigns supreme across the covered films in the form of two August Wilson (no relation) play adaptations: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and Fences, and the big budget anti-racism tale The Help. The Brothers Wilson discuss her undeniably powerful presence in her work, as well as accidentally spoiling lots of plot details that have driven Pandy to despair in the edit. Plus: What did The Brothers make of Chadwick Boseman's swansong performance? Why is Pandy the victor? And, why is Ian part of the problem?
Sep 4, 2023
2 hr 34 min
Orson Welles
Hey, an Actor! has taken a long run up to feature one of cinema's most prominent names of yesteryear in Orson Welles. Straight out of the gate is the legendary Citizen Kane, followed by European hit The Third Man, and capped off by Tex-Mex crime thriller Touch of Evil. Recorded whilst Ian is fully sober and Pandy looks to publicly available AI for the purposes of film-specific raps, The Brothers Wilson also discuss the recurrence of Joseph Cotton, offer up competing song choices to close the episode, and critique Welles' introduction to British television in 1955. And it's all quite silly!
Jul 2, 2023
3 hr
Eddie Murphy
The Brothers Wilson return to bring you the first proper episode of Hey, An Actor! for 2023, spotlighting Eddie Murphy. Trying to capture the eclectic talents of their subject in the space of three films is a tricky ask, but Ian and Pandy persevere with Murphy's 80s comedy hit Coming to America, his 90s hidden gem collaboration with Steve Martin Bowfinger, and his Oscar-nominated turn in Motown-inspired musical adaptation Dreamgirls. Along the way, Ian gets into his first-hand experience of radio payolas, Pandy is inspired to recite a song from one of the films should Ian ever marry, and we take a second trip to Culture Corner!
Mar 31, 2023
2 hr 35 min
Mel Brooks
The Brothers Wilson proudly bring you Hey, An Actor's end of year episode for 2022, with the featured subject being comedy legend Mel Brooks! Taking in both The Producers and Blazing Saddles, Ian and Pandy discuss America's divergent Axis Powers focus, Carry On films, and The One Show. And of course, this episode brings about the regular favorites of Christian's Casting Challenge, The Archivist's curation of outtakes, and The Tomlinson Awards!
Jan 15, 2023
2 hr 45 min
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