He's Right Behind You
He's Right Behind You
Avital Ash and Jessica Richards
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My favorite horror film podcast!
I love that Avital & Jess are so accepting and respectful of the horror genre. They don’t just let us know how they feel about the movie, they analyze every beat and ask questions I would have never thought of. I really love the perspective they bring to every movie, and as a plus — they’re so funny!
Livia Treviño
Smart and Funny
This is a really engaging and easy listen about a wide-range of horror movies. Funny opinions, story breakdowns, and a heathy dose of behind the scenes info. A great listen.
Meatsaureus meat
Legitimately A personal fav podcast
This is an extremely fun listen. If you weren’t into horror movies before I’m sure this podcast will convince you to watch one or two. I love the analysis of horror movies, background knowledge, trivia, and random social commentary thrown into every episode. The guests are seems to have fun on here as well!
Dope bruh
Its jake and amir
Username was taken@cheeseballs
Spooky AND Funny!
These ladies are funny and insightful -- whether you've watched the movies or not!
Fun and Funny
This is a great addition to the movie podcast genre. Avital and Jessica are witty and engaging hosts, and you can tell they have a blast riffing with their guests! And the girls barely sound winded from pedaling the bicycles that power their equipment, even at the end of most episodes! Five stars.
Best podcast!
These women are so smart and hilarious! They have great insights, and their guests are always thoughtful and funny! Start with the episode on The Mist! Suuuuuch a good one!
Wow wow wow!
These ladies are so funny and cool! Love listening :)
I love this podcast! I’ve been waiting for something like for so long. I love horror movies and funny people. Perfect.
The podcast no one asked for
Boring AF. Why would I want to listen to two basic people relive a movie they just watched? No interesting facts, unique take, or criticism. Not even any funny anecdotes despite the fact that they frequently derail the conversation to tell whatever stories that bore their guests. Ugh. Plus Jessica is super irritating.
Me likely this poddy
It’s really fun and the girls make me laugh and laugh.
good and great
Avital and Jessica have great chemistry, not only with each other, but also their guests. And they're super fun to listen to! Their convos are entertaining and thoughtful, which is a rare combo. Gimme more!
These gals are hilarious and sharp and it's fun to hear them analyze horror movies in such detail. Great guests too! One of the better horror pods!
Lola Blanc
I’ve never written a review before but felt compelled to write one for this podcast because it’s mine, I’m on it, I’m biased.
Very good
Well-structured, fluid, nice to listen to, and over-all entertaining. Great team when these two hosts are together.
mr dude 007
I hope you guys do an episode on the human centipede. Please, please
The hosts are personable, clever, and charming even when discussing horror movies. Thoroughly enjoyable!
Solid cast
That Amir guys is pretty funny. Does he do any other podcasts?
tryg gessner
Anything involving Avital Ash is pure brilliance! 5 minutes in and already hooked! So happy to have a new podcast!
Rachel Lichter