Heritage Road
Heritage Road
Busch / Wondery
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A little bit of a let down, I was really looking forward to this one. The podcast is bland, vanilla, just not much insteresting cotent. A lot of great history and excitment that is not brought out in the podcast.
Silver State Kid
Where’d ya go!!?
This show made me a NASCAR fan!
Because of this podcast, I have become a huge NASCAR fan and much bigger appreciator of motorsports overall. This show played a major role in helping me to understand the history, culture, and science behind the sport! Heritage Road crafted a fascinating narrative through interviews, story recreation, and careful sound design! I recommend that everyone give this a listen if you’re a racing fan or not! It’s truly GREAT!! — just wish there could be more episodes!!!!
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I have not heard from you lately
I enjoy your podcast but you stoped at four shows. NASCAR has been around over 60 years and you can only do four podcast. You send us podcast only about other podcast you want us to download. You go down from 5 star to 2 1/2 to three star because you stop giving us what we want the history NASCAR. You are only sent others pod cast not the history of NASCAR Since I have received a pod cast since August I will unsubscribed your podcast
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I really wish there were more episodes I don’t watch NASCAR faithfully and really enjoyed these episodes please do more!
pinndupart pvd
Great history
Great listen to history whether or not you are a NASCAR fan!!!
Great podcast!
As a new fan of NASCAR, this podcast was a great source of knowledge that quickly brought me up to speed on the history and progress of this sport. Since becoming a fan of NASCAR, listening to this podcast has allowed me to enjoy a deeper sense of appreciation for this exciting sport.
Heard about this on Down & Dirty
And boy am I glad I did! Amazing podcast. Really amazing stories for us racing fans!
Great podcast!
Love this podcast, it's not too short nor too long. Really have enjoyed all the stories, from the history of NASCAR to the science of the sport. Please tell me there will be more!
Good stuff!
I'm really enjoying the podcast! But I gotta say... did I really just listen to an episode about becoming a legend and being legendary, without a single mention of Earnhardt? I don't want to be that person, but come on guys!
Awesome Podcast
Really enjoyed hearing the history and stories of NASCAR. Weather you are new to the sport or and avid watcher you will enjoy this.
Kelly VanDyne
Must listen for racing fans!
This is a nice quick listen and a must for anybody that has an interest in NASCAR or even just remember seeing races as a kid. The story was kept interesting and really have a nice look at the history without getting too complicated. I can't wait to hear more from Heritage Road!
Awesome Podcast more episodes please!!!
Awesome podcast! Wis the episodes were longer! And I hope there are more episodes! Going to be sad if it really ends at 6!
Please continue another season!
I loved the stories as well the format. The narration was awesome and I loved the content of this podcast overall. I'm not a diehard nascar fan (been to a few races) but I really enjoyed this. In a way this got me more into nascar I ordered tickets today for Richmond sept 9! My dad took me to Richmond when I was a kid and now I'm taking him. Thanks for an enjoyable listen. I hope this series continues.
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Great pod! Produced very well. A great look into what makes NASCAR awesome. If you love NASCAR you'll love this pod. SLOPPY YELLOW represent! DALE YEAH!
Love it
Love this pod cast I only wish it was longer !!
Great podcast, please make more!
Absolutely amazing. Sounds great and very intriguing! This proves why this sport is so amazing! NASCAR
Great in depth look into NASCAR
Loved this podcast, if you are a hardcore or first looking into racing, it will help explain some of the details.
Six Stars
I'd give it six if I could. Produced, prepared, executed to perfection. I have my own NASCAR podcast (Victory Lane) and I know how much it takes to make a good podcast and this is it. Especially for a new NASCAR fan, it hits on things you gotta know to get started into the sport. Love it. Keep up the great work!
So well done!
Even if you aren't a fan, this may turn you into one.
If you want to learn about NASCAR listen to this
This is a fantastic podcast that makes NASCAR really interesting and teaches you a lot about how it started and how it became popular. I'm not a NASCAR fan but this is a great podcast!
Well written and put together!
I absolutely love this new NASCAR themed podcast. The storytelling is incredible! Please keep the episodes coming!
I love it!
I love hearing the history of NASCAR. Wish the podcasts were a bit longer.
In-depth, interesting AND educational
Great storytelling that makes learning about this sports history an entertaining experience. Nothing else like this out there.
I love Nascar
This is great, finally a NASCAR podcast where I can listen to all things NASCAR. Can't wait to listen to the future episodes.
No, just no
The only thing I can think of more boring than a bunch of people turning left in cars is people talking about those cars going left.
Awesome Listen
Production value is off the charts. Good stories told by people that are easy to listen to.
I was ready to HATE this show.
I'm from the South and grew up hating NASCAR, so when a friend recommended it to me I was so ready to write it off, BUT sitting in traffic one afternoon, my boredom got the better of me. I was not only pleasantly surprised to find I didn't hate it, I actually really enjoyed it! I subscribed and am looking forward to future episodes (and an ice cold Buschhhhh)
Fun and engaging - even for this NASCAR newbie!
Fun and engaging - even for this NASCAR newbie!
Awesome Surprise!
Just happened to stumble upon this...what a great podcast. Reminds me of times gone by sitting by a campfire listen to guys tell racing stories. Keep up the great work!! 👍🏻👍🏻
Great for NASCAR novices and experts alike
Completely hooked
Great quick listen
I know we are only one episode in but I love it! I have been going to Bristol twice a year since I was 5 with my dad, always wanting to grow up to be a driver. The 5 year old Tori was thrilled they talked about women racers in the first episode. I had to do a step by step to teach my dad had to download podcasts so he could listen.
Good Stuff!
Never thought I'd find NASCAR this interesting, but so far so good! Will definitely keep listening.
Ms. CriCri
Love it!
Love it!
WHO knew?!
Learned so much about NASCAR--had no idea the history was so interesting! Can't wait for more
NaScar it's greaT
Absolutely Essential
Thank you thank you thank you! This is Essential listening for any NASCAR. If each episode is as well produced and entertaining as the first we are all in for a real treat.
History of NASCAR? Sign me up!
Fast cars and history!
Looking forward to hearing about the root of NASCAR and the tech of the cars. Preview sounds awesome.
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