Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
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He owes an apology to Jodi Cantor and Megan Twohey.
I listened to his episode with New York Times journalists Jodi Cantor and Megan Twohey because I am a huge fan of their work. The interview took an extremely ugly turn when they mentioned the sexist behavior of James Toback. Alec was fine discussing the bad behavior of men like Harvey Weinstein, but when James Toback was mentioned, Alec went off the rails, creating a hostile and uncomfortable scene. He was infuriated that these women mentioned the accusations against Toback, who Alec described as his friend (he referred to him as “jimmy”) and he proceeded to act like a threatened toddler, no offense to toddlers. It’s not exactly news that Baldwin is an entitled boor, but this interview was so over the top horrible…just sad really.
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I have always found Alec engaging and funny. It has become increasing hard to separate him from the appalling behavior of his wife on SM and in projects she is unqualified to undertake. It would be nice to get back to just Alec. He deserves his career but probably needs to make some better choices in the public eye and on the very personal Instagram and SM he curates about his wife and children. It is too much.
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Holladay mom
A young boy lost his Mother only a few short months ago. Alec Baldwin was holding, aiming and firing the gun that killed Halyna Hutchins. He should not be making podcasts or pleas for sympathy, let alone gloat about his lack of guilt or remorse. He should be respectful of the unending pain he has caused another family, and stand back from public joking, and tend to his own issues.
Alec killed someone and blamed the gun
Flesh storm
Very Good
Kudos on the Woody Allen interview and for standing up for the truth as indicated by investigating bodies rather than piling on and ignoring the facts as the misleading documentary did.
Insightful, charismatic and knowledgeable
Love This podcast! I find Alec”a interviewing style to be warm and engaging. I’m so impressed with the amount of knowledge Alec has about so many topics. He has a way of making everyone of his guests seem interesting. .
The Podcast
Excellent Thank You Very Much
We want you back
Please take the time you need, but when you are ready, we want you back Alec!
pwb in dc
Used to be better
Alec had it going well for awhile with entertainers. Now it’s boring. Get better guests!!!
Salty P
Favorite podcast
Alec Baldwin’s interviews are the best. Shalom
Jewel 77
Magic guns
I love the episode where he talks about how guns can magically fire without pulling the trigger, very informative. This is the same episode where he talks about how beneficial it is to be able to cry at a moments notice. This podcast is a blast.
Jack F Burton
Stop talking, Alec Baldwin
Alec and his wife “Hilaria” (Hillary from Boston, USA) are posers, liars, insincere, cruel, self-absorbed nobodies who contribute NOTHING to society. Both need to stop talking. Neither are interesting whatsoever. Perhaps go move to Spain so Hillary can learn to speak proper Spanish.
Sarah Liz 1970
Alec Baldwin always seems like he’s 10 seconds away from a total meltdown.
Horrible Host and Interviewer
Have listened to many of Alec’s “Here’s the Thing” podcasts, but find him bloviating and quite frankly, has horrible interview skills. Feels like he always needs to be the star of the show and rarely lets the subject finish a thought before he’s redirecting the conversation. Poor follow up to relevant questions and answers. Listen to the 2018 Carly Simon interview and you’ll see what I mean.
The Real Spanish
Jackson Browne
Thank you for this wonderful interview with one of my all time life long singers. His music means so much to my life. I loved it so much! Thank you Alec! I listened to it 3 times.
Dear Alec
Thank you for all you do, you are among my most favorite people..
The best!
Alec Baldwin is a terrific interviewer. He does his homework. It feels like you are eavesdropping on a private conversation between friends!!
Liars and now a murderer
Alec Baldwin is directly responsible for the death of Halyna. And his wife HILLARY is a liar who pretended to be Spanish for years. Both of them can jog on
Bloviator extraordinaire
This man shot a woman and can’t stop tweeting his self-exoneration. If you want to listen to a man who thinks he is in fact the most interesting man in this world, this is for you.
how u say cucumber
Here's the thing
alec Baldwin killed someone and he can't stop tweeting about his innocence even though the case is still under investigation. Here's the thing. After he killed someone, his family went on a vacation and happily openly celebrated Halloween. Here's the thing, Alec Baldwin's wife pretended to be Spanish and gave actual immigrants advice, while in fact she's a born and raised rich Boston girl. Here's the thing, don't blindly support a celebrity just because he dislikes certain people (I hate that guy too) like you do.
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Wow your just terrible
All my guns have killed less people than you. 5 minutes of gun safety lessons, but heaven forbid anyone tells a liberal anything
Love this guy!!!
Alec Baldwin is my favorite. Period.
Fauci is a DISGRACE! He has ZERO credibility! Fauci will be held accountable for crimes against humanity. We are at WAR with China and domestic traitors Fauci being one of them. DemoRATS are the sick feeding off the sick.
Straight shooting from a top tier marksman
Whether it’s a tough interview question or a cinematographer, Alec Baldwin always gets right to the center of things
Compassion, depth, & curiosity
I’m so grateful for your perspective and curiosity, you’ve opened my mind, heart, & experience of life!!!! My heart breaks for your current trauma, it is unfathomable and crushing. All the love and support from the universe you and all loved ones involved will make it through this and show us all how to go on. Xxmela
Kikis fix
Fauci can have the rest of his life off, AFAIC.
I really admired when Alex interviewed RFK Jr and heard him out regarding Fauci’s pharmaceutical leanings (though not on this podcast, unfortunately). Thought it was courageous. Seeing him interview Fauci now makes him look like a total shill. Too bad. He’s a great actor and a decent interviewer, and I enjoy most of these episodes. Kick back on the politics and stick to the arts.
Awesome discovery!
I just recently started listening & I’m thrilled to have found this podcast. Alec is an interested & genuine interviewer, asking things about what we the listener would like to know. His interview with Barry Gibb was phenomenal!
coffee's mom
Here’s the thing
You should be listening to and showcasing less known people like Paul and Sasha from Community News podcast. Only so many interviews I can listen to of all the same people over and over. Love to hear some new voices.
Hits the spot
I love this podcast when you listen, it makes you feel like you’re invited in to a fantastic lunch date with his guest.He doesn’t dumb it down for his listeners.He asks the questions you want to know about. Whether it’s politician or performer he’s truly engaged, fully prepared and his unique sense of humor is spot on. The music, the tone, the conversation makes you feel like you’ve been invited out to the classiest brunch ever .Best part is Alec picks up the tab.
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One of the BEST…
Alec Baldwinn is one of the best and most INTERESTED interviewers I’ve ever heard! Listening back, his interview with Billy Joel is really great and hilarious. Alex always lets loose and in this one his singing is GREAT!
V Ward
I have been listening to Alec since the pandemic Started. Liberal or not he brings a slice to life That we in the hinterland would not otherwise be able to access. His natural curiosity blended With all his experience and contacts makes For one of the best podcasts out there. Many thanks Alec.
Val Flat Rock NC
Intelligent Conversations with Huge Names
Warning to those of limited intelligence, Alec is liberal. How one does not know this yet boggles my mind. If this fact will make you criticize the show, maybe you should check in to conservative shows. I am not that in to politics, but not my place to run someone else’s show. Alec gets huge names and has great interviews.
Clever but misguided
I think he's a fabulous interviewer. When he talks with performers about their careers, it is entertaining as well as enlightening. However, his obvious intelligence make his political views all the more intollerable. He is a shill for ANYTHING Democrat. If a democrat official said that the best way to fix all the troubles of America was to kill all the inhabbitants, Baldwin would be on board. Latest episode he's talking to a CA assembly woman and she's talking about how they are way ahead of their renewable engergy goals. He's so proud! But neither acknowledge how CA has to have rolling blackouts throughout the summer because they are not producing enough energy. As a NYer, how can he not notice how bad homelessness has gotten under Deblasio? And I don't mean since covid. But as long as their are enough pride flags and BLM signs around town, it doesn't matter how many people are sleeping on the street.
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Alec Baldwin Knows How To Interview!
I have listened to Alex Baldwin for years! He chooses very interesting, diverse Subjects and converses with them in such conversational, friendly ways that they comfortably allow him to discover who they really are and share important stories of their life. I can’t remember one interview that I failed to find fascinating and entertaining! Thank you, Alex. You are a man of many talents!
In the Now
Alec is an amazing interviewer! Block out the social media garbage Alec. Stay in the Now. You have a great inner soul, and that is why you bring out the best in your guests!
Amazing Podcast!
Alec might be the best interviewer I’ve ever heard. He’s able to connect with every guest by gentle probing which ends with great stories. He’s so well versed and I love just being present with him.
Always entertaining and informative
Baldwin is a renaissance man as reflected in his eclectic interviewee choices and wide-ranging knowledge. One of the few podcasts I never miss and look forward to.
Excellent in its subtlety
Give this podcast more than a casual listen. It’s more than what you think it is.
Wish I could give it 6 stars
Love this podcast! Mr. Baldwin is a wonderful interviewer. I love his range of guests and his insightful thoughts!
Love Alec
He has surprised me. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and is interested in his guests.
Finn and Archie
Engaging & Intelligent
Love this podcast. Alec Baldwin is wonderful host and interviewer. Hé engages his guests in intelligent and fascinating conversation. Kudos!
Smart interviews
Always interesting people, great personal stories, thank you Alec.
Alec is awful
Alec is a racist homophobe with a grifter wife. Don’t listen to this garbage.
Hilarys cucumber
Nobody loves the sound of his own voice like Alec Baldwin. Ever since his wife’s decade long grift was exposed, I can’t take anything this guy says seriously. He has used racial and homophobic slurs and defends pedophiles. He lies to the public professing his wife is from Spain. He is just another pseudo intellectual Hollywood type who believes his own lies and lives in a bubble. I don’t want or need his insight on anything.
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chomsky to
This is not engaging nor helpful in any way. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s racist and homophobic. Or maybe it’s that he refuses to take responsibility for his actions… can’t put my finger on it. What’s one more cancelled podcast?
Laur McG
Plays his public for stupid
Pretentious. Insecure. Bloviating. Misogynist. All of his hateful personality rolls off the tongue with every syllable out of his mouth. One half that gets away with a decades long grift and bellyaches about cancel culture while defending pedophiles and women who sexualize their breast feeding. He is disgusting and I will not be supporting this podcast or anyone who turns the other way like they did Harvey Weinstein. You show up on his podcast and you are part of the problem.
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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin is such a probing and interesting interviewer and that I find his comments at least as interesting as those of his guests. He has a way of speaking which compels you to listen. My only knock on him, and it’s a small one, is that I wish he would name-drop a bit less. Whenever he refers to “Meryl” “or “Tony,” I cringe just a bit. I realize he’s an experienced, veteran actor and knows these people well, but I still think it would be more palatable if he referred to them as “Meryl Streep“ and “Anthony Hopkins “instead of by their first names. Other than that, the show is by far my favorite podcast. I never miss an episode.
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I love Alec because you get no bull crap with him. He says what he thinks and never beats around the bush. I am sure it helps that he and I are like minded. I have some GOP family members who think he’s the anti Christ but that’s their problem. Keep up the Pod Cast please Alec.
hey jude68
Alec Baldwin is everything
I love Alec Baldwin as an interviewer because it’s always a little about him. And you want it to be because he’s been there in every room with everybody you ever wanted to know anything about. And he’s just so interested in everyone and everything…and most importantly interesting himself. I always forget how much I love this podcast until I listen to it again.
One of my favorite podcasts!
Alec, you do such a great job as an interviewer. You must not sleep because your knowledge about such a wide range of topics, you know to ask questions that aren't the usual questions when your guests are on the usual TV shows. I don't even remember how I discovered your podcast, but I'm sure glad I did. I went back and binge listened to people I was interested in. The range of guests is also fantastic! Thank you. Keep it up!
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