Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
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Love the show!
Just one request - pleas include last names when you’re talking about someone - it makes it more interesting for those of us who are still learning about the industry. Jerry who? Thanks!
Great Podcast!
Alec Baldwin is a great interviewer. He lets the people he interviews actually speak without interrupting them like many podhosts do. He also brings his own unique perspective into the conversation. I love his show.
Great great interview. Wonderful discussion and interesting historic chronology of the Rascals. And we are reminded of the incredible talent of Felix. 2 fine people having a superb chat. Obviously mutual friends and fellow admirers. Enjoyed it immensely. Bravo. Thanks Alec.
Good listener
Baldwin is an effective listener. He lets his guests speak without interruption, asks relevant and thoughtful questions, and has a pleasantly modulated voice. Commercials aren’t a problem, just FFWD through them.
The absolute best
In the footsteps of Teri Gross, Barbara Walters, Larry King, Oprah and Edward R Murrow is Alec Baldwin who like these lions of the craft, can pierce the armor of the biggest names in every field and uncover their true selves. After a few questions and sharing his own humanity, Alec brings out some of the most raw and interesting interviews. The most recent with Anthony Pellicanos blew me away and there better be a series in the works about him. What a treat.
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Proud Virginian Democrat
Great interviewer!
Alec is such a great interviewer and gets in depth with the interviewer. Putting his knowledge and his own history into the interview is fantastic.
Thoughtful and excellent interviews
He’s a great interviewer and brings together a variety of interesting guests. I don’t agree with several guest choices, but I’m looking to be challenged and keep an open mind.
Bill Kristol? The Iraq War Hawk. Unsubscribed.
I have enjoyed many guests and skipped many others. But I don’t have the time of day for liberals who fawn over “never Trump” neocons who perpetrated the worst crime of the century. Embarassing.
too many breaks!
The show was better before without the LONG commercial breaks. But Alec Baldwin usually does a good interview, especially when he’s able to let the interviewee tell their story without interjecting his own history. Agree with the reviewer who suggested it’s time for Mr. Baldwin to reassess his conclusions about the Woody Allen saga. It was much easier to maintain a “he said, she said” conclusion prior to Allen v. Farrow.
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Defection Forgaven
Alex is a unique, incredible interviewer. Breadth of knowledge unsurpassed. However, ditching WNYC which nursed this program along is a pretty cheese ball move. I’ll still listen but for god sake is no amount of money enough? Independent podcasts have an integrity that podcast networks pervert. Plus I heart is one garbage network Forgaven? How about forgiven?
Reliably Excellent
Great breadth of subjects, draws me in every episode even if I didn’t think topic would be interesting, fast moving, Alec’s interest, knowledge & inquisitive manner makes one want to be a better being. Thank you so much for this podcast.
Over it.. Woody v Farrow among other things.
I used to listen quite often, but as what often happens. I grow tired of hearing the rants and polite conversation of limousine liberals and their guests. The show has become increasingly banal and pedestrian over the last couple of years, the low brow Trump bashing the air of superiority etc got old.. In addition after watching Allen v Farrow and how the hypocritical hollywood elites like Baldwin excused Woody Allen’s behavior. Why would anyone in good conscience continue to listen unless you condone the behaviors.
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LangLang Foundation.
Help- See below. Alec: Best podcast, best depth of conversation and, breadth of honesty and the humanities. Love of music seals the deal. ****Foundation Info: ***Please send Development Dir. at LangLang F. to speak with about sponsorship. Phone calls aren’t returned. Can we speak w Lucas Brown? Thank you & thank you. PF
J Matheson
Here’s the thing
I cannot tell you how interesting and welcomed you podcasts have been. All thru 2020 and lots of earlier recordings. Alec and this was odcast are bomb!
Brilliant, but you know that !
Love your interviews. I especially love your obvious interest & knowledge of the people you are interviewing which almost trumps the guest. Your dramatic voice intro & Segway's makes me smile. I’m old & old school.
Santa Cruz Senior
Knox Episode
You did it again. Great interview!!
Great podcast
I enjoy listening to the podcast while at work, Alec brings a lot of what made 30 Rock great to the interviews and can make a boring guest funny or entertaining.
So sad
How is it ok to reflect and celebrate someone who has made ALL their movies about dating and having sex with young girls? Not women but girls! That’s like saying a child porn movie has a great script with funny one liners so it’s ok! Because that is what people undoubtedly say, oh he’s a comedic genius, his one liners are great! All the while he is depicting severely over aged men with extremely young girls to normalize this kind of behavior. Which it is not ok ever! Maybe in ancient times men got away with this when people lived to 45 but no , not even than was it ok. It’s not funny, cute or acceptable. Soon yi was groomed since she was 10 years old to be where she is now. Shameful
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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin is a great actor Alec Baldwin is very smart. But if Alec Baldwin were to interview anyone from Jesus Christ to Adolf Hitler. All interviews would really be about how Alec Baldwin’s life is do similar to his host. In other words. He is a terrible host. I don’t care to know anymore about Alec. Unfortunately you’ll have no choice. You are incredible. But you must be the most narcissistic person on earth.
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Alec Baldwin is a terrific interviewer. His guests are interesting and seem comfortable having an engaging conversation with him. I just finished listening to the Sam Wasson episode about Hollywood and the movie Chinatown, and am going to read the book.
Kailua cat
Woody interview
Thank you Alec Baldwin for having the courage to stand with Woody Allen. It’s awful to see the witch hunt happening around him and to hear actors say they will not work with him. Ridiculous. Woody is the best and your interview with him showed how humble and what a genuine person he is, not to mention a creative genius. 😊☺️😉
Baldwin inserts himself into each interview. Normally that’s a bad thing. But not here. He spins his interviews into a story. His interviews with singers and actresses are particularly entertaining. I’m not sure why he has not turned these interviews into a TV show. But I LOVE podcasts so I hope he never does!
Alec is a phenomenal interviewer
I don’t leave reviews on podcasts usually, but Here’s The Thing deserves a 5-star rating and review, because Alec Baldwin is possibly one of the best interviewers I’ve ever listened to. He has the rare ability to put the people he interviews at ease, and it’s obvious he is genuinely curious about the answers he gets to his questions. He’s funny, engaging, does great impressions with some of the guests (Billy Joel’s interview is, many times, hilarious), and it’s wonderful to hear how truly fascinated he is by the lives of the people he is interviewing. Highly recommend this podcast, and so happy it’s being offered on Apple podcasts now.
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My Zone Shmyzone
An interested mind
I don’t think the people who give this podcast one star even bother listening for any length of time and/or have explicit bias against him. And his wife for that matter. To me, he has the sexiest voice in podcast land and he is made even more alluring and compelling by his interest in so many different topics and in so many different people. A person doesn’t need expertise to discuss a topic, just a curiosity and the ability to think and effectively communicate ideas. Keep it up, Mr. Baldwin! I love your podcast and POV.
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B. Birdell
So memorable
Excellent interview Alec! I love listening to YOUR voice almost as much as Barry and The Bee Gees music!! 🤩What a thrilling experience!!
Great Interview Podcast
Alec Baldwin is a great interviewer. Really good guests, intelligent and insightful questions. His years as an actor, his stellar performances, and insider knowledge makes for truly interesting interviews. This is a favorite podcast.
I almost miss an episode
AB may have missed his calling. He is a great interviewer. He makes me interested in guests I may have zero interest in. The Barry Gibb episode was superb and touching.
What a great interview !
Thank you Alec and Barry ! I smiled the entire interview!
Alec Baldwin - Here’s the Thing
Yours is the first podcast I ever listened to. I loved your Memoir “Nevertheless “ - listened to the audio version narrated in your voice. It was fantastic! I needed to listen to you podcast. Well I was hooked! I love your honesty and self deprecating humor. But your laugh gets me every time! The Barry Gibb episode was my favorite. Hearing Barry’s son Stevie talk about making music with his father brought me to tears!
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I really enjoyed the interview with Barry Gibb. Alec Baldwin has a gift for asking sometimes difficult questions in a very sensitive, respectful manner. I will always love the BeeGees music, and it was really great getting more insight into what made their music so special and unique.
Barry Gibb and his son
Loved the interview! Thank you Barry. Congratulations to you and your wife on 50 years of marriage! So amazing to hear Stevie’s experience with his dad on stage. I wish all kids now grown would have such a lovely experience. Touched my heart! The BeeGees ❤️🎶❤️ Thank you Alec Baldwin-I do follow your podcast- your interviews always heartfelt. You rock! Nancy
aggy mae lee
Barry Gibb
Great interview of Barry! Love this podcast. I was not an Alec Baldwin fan for many years but this show has changed my mind. Alec is a great interviewer of all subjects. Thank you for creating such a great show!
“We had our own WinnaBagel” Barry Gibb. 😂
Bee Workin'
Barry Gibb
This interview- priceless!
Awesome podcast.
I just discovered this podcast. I love it. I’ve learned so much. The Howard Dean and Peter Asher interviews are the bast interviews I think I’ve ever heard. Thank you for your work!!
Blowhard Tries Too Hard
Egregiously boring podcast where Alec Baldwin expounds on all sorts of things he has no expertise in. It’s extremely annoying to me that he sees himself as this deep, serious intellectual when he’s really not. He’s a two-bit actor with the most vapid grifter of a wife.
Eeeelaria Hater
Alec is a superb interviewer and the guest selection is top rate! Thank you!
Alec is a national treasure
I love, love, love this podcast. Been listening for years! Alec B. is a gifted, thoughtful, and funny interviewer. The conversations are always meaningful and thought-provoking. I so enjoy it, and recommend it any time podcasts come up with other people.
I actually fell in love with Rep. Porter with that same tape you ran in the program.. & every time she has busted ANY of these criminal corporatists chumps with her questions (which deservedly sound like interrogation) I hope she stays in the Congress for a long time as a corrupt entity needs a cleansing agent that is from and looks after ordinary people's interest!
Alec Baldwin is simply delightful and has the perfect voice for a podcast!!! Keep the episodes coming! Wonderful podcast!
Roblox star reviem star
Here’s the thing w Alec Baldwin
Alec is a masterful interview. He asks a great blend of simple provocative questions & complex probing questions. He knows when to kick back & let his guest talk & when to engage his guest & the audience with relevant anecdotes & experience sharing. His deep subject matter expertise & humor round out all of the above making his interviews informative, funny & memorable. 5 stars! Keep ‘em coming Alec!
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Honorable Katie Porter
if only all representatives worked as hard, smart and with conscience as Katie.
Really enjoyed Katie Porter interview.
Ms. Porter is a smart woman. I always enjoy her interviews. Congress is fortunate to have her. The question regarding if Trump should be impeached again......One point I would like to make regarding those who says former President Trump should not be impeached because he has left office are really missing the point. If this man is guilty, he should not be permitted to run for any office in the future. He should not benefit from being a past president. If a Doctor retires from his practice and another doctor takes over and starts looking at past patient records and comes to the conclusion the retired doctor willfully sickened and killed multiple patients, is that doctor still responsible because he’s “retired “, no longer working? If a police officer willfully plants evidence convicting an innocent man of a crime he didn’t commit and that cop “retires”, is he guilty of a crime now that he’s no longer working in that job? Of course they are guilty! Of course they should be prosecuted and jailed for their crimes. Trump willfully and knowingly lied to the American public for months (actually years)leading up to the election. He incited people, who blindly supported him resulting in 5 deaths and maiming of several others and destruction at the capital on Jan 6,2021. Just because he’s no longer President does not mean he’s no longer responsible.
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Common Sense Thinker
Katie Porter for President!
Refreshing to hear a member of Congress advocating for the people. Thank for having her on. She is inspiring.
Bicycle Commuter Listener
One of my favorite podcasts
Alec, has a great voice and I enjoy the rapport between him and his guests.
Katie Porter Here’s the Thing
I love this podcast as it’s always educational. This episode struck me at 02:30 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My neighbor is plowing the alley which reminds me of my late father-his John Deer garden tractor with snowblower attachment. Typical Iowan using every available moment to help his neighbors. I had no idea Katie Porter existed. Being an Iowan and a congressperson from Orange County is a beautiful thing. Thanks for peeking interest, Alec. Very cool! Thank You!
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If you need a nap take a listen to this garbage, asleep in no time
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast. It sounds like a conversation between two interesting people. I like that it’s not just a one-way street of a conversation like a lot of interviews are.
Enjoy this!
Really enjoy this podcast! Love Baldwin's well-enunciated and engaging questions. Appreciate that he lets his guests talk; that he brings just the right amount of enthusiasm to the topic of the day. And of course, his voice tone and cadence have a calming effect - I could listen to him read the phone book!
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