Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin
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Woody Allen
Not sure why you don’t find Woody Allen to be as disgusting as you think Trump is? Interesting. Why are some pigs ok?
Abusive Man
Belligerent when he’s not being fraudulent.
Tim 26.2X
Liberal drivel
You’re the worst
Great job
Anyone can have a podcast. Yours is excellent and the work shows . Love it , recommending to everyone.
Alec is so cool
I love listening the podcast and getting a glimpse into the Arts & Entertainment world! Keep them coming! I Can not wait to get back to live shows!!
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Your wife is a con artist
Lying about heritage is unethical and irresponsible. She stole opportunities.
Just What I Needed
So many podcasts to choose...challenge to find right ones...for me. This is just what I needed. Thank you, Alec Baldwin and interesting/entertaining guests.
Good guest line up, but having such an idiot as a host really ruins everything.
Going to Miss the Show Ccccc
Great interviews hope to hear more, really did enjoy it help me get through my work from Home days now due to COVID
Here’s the thing
Really Fascinating Talk with great people ! Loved the sound of their voices to learn about their lives.
Rosamaria Giuseppina
All I listen to
And I would buy any or all back interviews in a heartbeat. Pls indicate when/if that’s possible. I met Sheila Nevins though this podcast, and am a better person for it. Thank you to the support team for making this possible & to A.B. for his wide ranging interests 🌸
Sorry to see it end
I’m assuming the fact that the show is moving to i heart radio means this podcast feed will be no more soon. I do hope that these interviews will be archived and that I’ll be able to listen to Alec’s new interviews somewhere. I loved his interviews because he seems to have a very particular perspective as someone who is inside the industry but is also a fan of his guests who are entertainers. My only grip is that Miles Davis’ music should never be used to talk over any more than you’d talk during church.
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Guitar Teacher
Nvr woody Allen
Good show. Broad range. Never downloaded or listened to woody Allen episode. Will hold steady on that - because - just because I will. Otherwise great way to learn! Enthusiasm for subjects and guests truly authentic - a little leading at times - enjoyable. Learn.
Terrible audio quality
I might enjoy these but I can barely hear them. It sounds like 2 tracks have been mixed and the music continues in the background on my iPhone so the voices can’t be heard clearly.
Interviews that are Meaningful
I have been a fan since heard you interview Julie Andrews. I love Davis Gaines’ voice and how sweet he is as a person. I have been a fan since he was in Phantom in LA and I have had the pleasure of following his career and saw him in concert recently last November. I waited at stage door as I had always wanted to before and met him and his mom afterwards and he was so kind. So I was thrilled to see you interviewed such a wonderful and talented performer. He becomes the character when he plays the part and takes us on a journey. Again so wonderful to hear him be celebrated.
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One of my favorite podcasts
Consistently interesting variety of guests, great conversation. Alec is a really good host
My 2 cents
Love the show. Where do I begin? Mr. Baldwin’s voice is like a velvet tenor with some rasp, with great phrasing. Wonderful nods to the past, as well as a keen intelligence, and warmth for guests. There is always an eye for how we got here, who came before, with humor good flow. What a joy to listen. Lovely guests.
My favorite podcast
It’s conversational, it’s enchanting, it’s everything you want.
Love the podcast; the website, not so much
I love the podcast for all the guests and Alec’s knack for asking surprising questions. And I enjoy listening to archived episodes but the website does not afford any way to search for a specific episode. PLEASE add a search function to
Anne S.
Too much interrupting!
Interesting guests, but they don’t get a chance to finish their thoughts due to constant interruptions from host. I’d really like to hear the answers to questions, but they hardly get a chance. It seems Alec is more interested in his next question rather than actually listening to people.
Approaching old ladydom
Theres more to the story
I was involved in that art world, and yes, Ileana was the eye. But not written about is her peculiar relationship with Antonio Homem, that Ileana only wore one outfit and one wig, lived with rent-a-furniture, and not one piece of art, even though she had a huge collection. People may not also know that she had one of the largest collections of tiffany. Larry at the beginning used to make lewd sexual phonecalls to women, who he may have met, a crating company literally backed their truck thru his gallery doors in LA because he never paid his bills, AND, he would try and sell work he didnt have - he saw a painting i owned in a catalogue, and i came to find he was shopping it around - and i wasnt even selling it! He did a lot of under handed things, morally corrupt
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Alec is a favorite! While we may not agree on everything - he puts for a great interview on a variety of topics and guests that is thought provoking.
Great Voice
The voice the last, good long, time to listened to. Thank you for the Broadcast.
Mr. Wast
Stanley Tucci
I really enjoyed this interview: the pacing, the audio quality, and Alec let Stanley speak. Keep it up.
Love it
I love these interviews! Baldwin is great at talking to people. Naturally his acting helps him at this but he really seems to have a love of people that comes through. Sometimes he is a little too quick paced for me (take a breath) but I understand. Living in NY and being one of the best improve actors of my time and one of the quickest wits I know... can’t slow down now! Nice work. Great voice!! Keep it up, man!
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JJ bbghtf
Hate his politics, love his interview style
Can’t stand Baldwin’s politics, but I sure do love his interview style. He “gets” who he’s interviewing, knows their references, and draws the listener in enough to feel like they know the references without really knowing them. He’s funny without being too funny, and engages enough with his interviewee but not too much. Baldwin is hands down one my favorite my favorite interviewers.
His best work
Simply stated, informative, interesting, personal, and a great way to spend some time learning about other people as well as Alex. Great job.
moristown nj fan
Alec Baldwin Here’s The Thing
I am hooked !! At first I wasn't sure about “listening”.... so used movies, videos etc etc. Don't stop doing these. OBTW Barbra was my first ever PODCAST. U make listening addictive. Thank You
Let them talk
This Podcast would be so much better if Alec would just let his guests talk. He constantly interrupts, finishes thier sentences for them, and peppers them with new questions while they're still in the middle of answering the last one. It gets so annoying that I can only listen for a while and then have to take a break. I do enjoy the content and love the stories...the ones that the guests get to finish that is.
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Brilliantly Done
This is the best podcast out there. The choices, the questions, the erudition. Have heard most of them. Just listened to Mickey Dolenz and Woody Allen back to back. Two of my heroes. Best Woody interview ever, and for Baldwin to end by saying Woody had made people’s lives worth living, was utterly true. Glad somebody said it, and to Woody directly. AND to hear Alec had held Broadway Danny Rose party, ha! Great minds think alike. Did the same thing in late 90’s. AND I can top this. I was recently communicating by email to have Nick Apollo Forte be the guest of honor at a little dinner party, when Nick stopped communicating. I waited then sent one last email, and got a reply from Nick’s daughter that her dad had died that day. Very sad news. Alec, if you’re reading this I want you to consider starring in my Bdwy horror comedy musical ZVSP. It’s right up your alley. Best, R McDowell
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Basically what you’d expect from Alec Baldwin
No wonder you’re the perfect fit to play Trump. Supporting rapists like Woody Allen on your podcast must be a method technique?
Self love and congratulations during times like these??
I am a Stanley Tucci fan and subscribe to Here’s the Thing. Kudos to Mr. Baldwin as an actor; but as an interviewer he cannot resist making it more about himself than his fascinating guests. Have never written a review before but the self satisfied, mutual love fest between Baldwin and Tucci was over the top — smugness, white privilege on parade. Totally tone deaf to what is going on in the world and their own industry. Their rundown of the greats they have worked with was so white male dominated, I wondered what rock they have been under. These two old guys (and I’m in the same age group!) have young kids; with their fame and media platforms how about getting a little more woke?
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Insightful great content
Love the jazz music throughout, great content and insights. I also enjoy the banter that’s tossed in. Perfect lengths of conversation
Stephen Meza
It’s true, I do love Stanley Tucci
Thank you Mr. Baldwin. Fascinating and comforting simultaneously. I look forward to all your new interviews.
shocked and saddened
so many good people in the world, why give the sick pervert woody allen a platform. the fact alex interviews woody has 100% changed my view on alec. i'm tuning out from this point forward.
Alec Baldwin is an insightful interviewer!
Ive enjoyed Alec Baldwin’s podcast for years. Love his episode with Dick Cavitt. Many of these episodes focus on exploring the artists creative process and transcend the unhinged and polarizing political anger thats being used by politicians on both sides to set us at each others throats. Civil discussion and discourse is always welcome.
Fantastic show!!
I’ve been listening to Here’s The Thing for several seasons now. It is consistently interesting, entertaining and educational. I love the variety of guests in the overlap of topics. For example, there were several shows about documentaries and interviews of documentarians both younger and older. I felt like I had taken a class on documentaries just by listening to the interviews. I am also continuously and continually impressed that Alec Baldwin doesn’t let his ego get in the way of bringing out the best of his guests. But his knowledge of a lot of the subject matter always enhances the program!
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A Starr58
Really? Giving woody allen a platform?
Nice job
Very nicely done. Seasonal Listener
Where’s Jerry?
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Also— PLEASE re-post the interview with Seinfeld!! I recommended it to a friend, and now it’s gone! Please, please!!!! We need some laughter in these crazy times!!
An apologist supporting Woody Allen.
No thank you. I unsubscribed a few months ago, but decided to reconsider as I was scrolling for some new podcasts. I saw that Alec interviewed Woody Allen. “Hmmm,” I thought...ok. So then I heard he is an apologist/supporter of Woody Allen. Never in a million years will I subscribe now.
sherry tucker
Excellent rapport!
Alec’s interview with enthusiasm and gleeful connection with Debra Klatter was a joy to listen to. Alec Baldwin does a fantastic job because he interviews the people with which he has true connection or a need to share their stories and lives. Sincere, genuine content!
Great interview
Had no idea, Woody Allen chose himself the songs in his films.
Ruben NYC
alec is so clueless...
about so many issues and he loves pervs...he’s the ultimate entitled, arrogant straight white male
arabrab 1919
Alec, As usual a great interview... people that think Woody is guilty will slam you. If you believed he was guilty I know you would never interview him. That alone tells me it was an interview you wanted to do and explore more about Woody..... The facts of two major investigations happening and never an arrest is the major reason you feel he’s not guilty and I’m 100% agreeable on that point..... No detective or money of any sizable amount would stop them from prosecuting a child molester even if it was woody Allen....or the Pope! Just ignore the people that don’t like you or Woody. I know You didn’t even want to ask him those questions , but your company did, and woody agreed.... I love your interviews and as an actor even more..... Adding, i’m always smiling watching Hilaria, you and the kids loving each other on Instagram. Have a great week & All be safe!!!😍🙏
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Great podcast!
He asks smart questions. Most people don’t.
George Webber
Have woody on. Fine. That’s your right. But the disdain you have for having to ask very valid questions. It’s so disrespectful to the victims of sexual abuse, whether you believe his daughter or not. I won’t listen to this again.
Woody Allen interview
Loved this interview - enjoyed it so much that I ordered the book! Why not talk to Mr. Allen & allow him to answer questions just as so many have done with Ronan & Mia Farrow? Keep your entertaining & often educational podcasts coming, Alec!
Well. Thanks for Beetlejuice.
Woody Allen? Really? Now?? Really????
Mr. I. B. Sad
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