Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Gimlet Media.
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More of Bobby!
Love Bobby Lord’s singing. More of it, please.
Savoring every minute
Trying hard not to binge these moving, lovely stories that make me laugh and cry.
Like an old friend
I love listening to Jonathan help people resolve any lingering animosity in people’s lives. It’s my weekly go to.
I first discovered Heavyweight after it’d been around for a few seasons. I binge-listened to every episode and was stunned by the array of humorous and human stories. I laughed and cried. Goldstein and his crew offer a rich chocolate torte of excellent stories. I listen to (and love) every episode. Thank you!
Love this podcast
I skip straight to this podcast when a new one pops up. The wait for new a season was worth it.
It’s soooo good
Easily my 2nd favorite pod 😩
Love this pod cast so so much
I have been a fan of this podcast since it’s debut, and I’m so glad it’s back. It’s so funny and touching and much needed right now.
The Wonder Years of podcasts
Jonathan is a fantastic writer and storyteller. I can’t tell you how many times this podcast has made me cry, and it always makes me think. I was hooked from episode one where his tells the story of his father and uncle’s relationship. As a huge podcast fan, this is my absolute favorite, hands down. And as for my review title, just look at this quote from the most recent episode and tell me it doesn’t scream “The Wonder Years”. 🥰 “When you’re a kid, you cry because you feel lied to; because life is unfair and you don’t understand anything. And then, as an adult, you cry because life still isn’t fair, but you do understand it.”
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So happy the new season started. Been listening since the beginning in my little cubicle at work. Now I listen at home... still working... but right now from home until it is safe to go back.
Awesome podcast!
I can’t say enough about this podcast! I love, love, love it! It is funny, clever and heartwarming. Thank you, Jonathan and crew!
Jonathan’s arch-ness is perfectly alloyed with his ironic wit and plated on the core of what this show actually is: a sincere, loving treatment of regret and sometimes redemption. I never miss an episode.
Makes My Day
This podcast literally makes my day each week when I get to listen to it. Please keep doing what you are doing! It helps so many people.
My favorite podcast!
I think you’re the coolest Jonathan :)
This story touched my heart
My heart is so full of joy after listening to this story. It was a terrible thing that Marcelo endured - taking care of someone is hard work. And to not be acknowledged or recognized or thanked had to be painful. But for Vivian, who was a child during that time, to seek him out and say thanks...just a blessing. A reminder of how beautiful, how kind, how loving a person can be. Thank you for sharing. Kelli L.
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I found this podcast and binged all that were available. I couldn’t wait for this season to start. Such uplifting stories at such a dark time. Don’t listen if you don’t want to get hooked. Every episode makes me laugh and cry and find a little of myself in the story.
I’m envious of people who are just now discovering Heavyweight because I know they have so many hours of bliss ahead. This is my #1 favorite podcast. The seasons are too short, but each episode is absolute perfection. Thanks.
Austin henry
My Favorite Podcast
Jonathan is hilarious in a sexy self deprecating kind of way that just works. I really enjoy your podcast. It’s definitely my favorite. So glad new episodes are coming.
Jonathan Goldstein’s “Heavyweight” is just brilliant. I’m elated that the new season has begun. Stories are always so warm, sweet, insightful &, I guess ...honest. They seem to touch universal emotions. ❤️☮️
Awesome I listen every day!
Great job! I've listened to almost every episode, and they seem to get better and better with every single one. I enjoy to listen when playing Minecraft, reading, and when i'm just bored, I’ll also take a listen. Though, the one issue I have is how often they upload. Heavyweight takes so long to upload actual episodes, not like the check in ones. Like 32 episodes, in 4 years just won't cut it gimlet. Please try to post episodes faster, and maybe just maybe I might change to a five star. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you can learn from it, take advice from it, and be on my side because of it. Make to share this review with your friends if you enjoy it, or this is something that your friends would also enjoy reading. Also, make sure that you share it with your family, and other people that would enjoy reading it. If you think my review is awesome af, please check out my patron for other reviews that I think you would love for other shows. The prices for my patron are $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 a month. Also some of the other places I have left reviews are what if world, and the whole series of optimal living daily, which includes optimal finance daily, optimal living daily, and optimal health daily. Ok that is it for this review. Also make sure to go check out my YouTube channel and leave a like and subscribe, as well as turning on post notifications. I post daily videos, and only post quality content. Bye everybody!
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smooch kiss smack
Gorgeous story. Just beautiful.
Best podcast ever
This podcast got me through quarantine - top 5 podcasts of all time. Hilarious, touching, interesting and relatable.
always laughing, always sobbing
Just the best podcast.
Welcome Back!
I was anticipating the new season and you delivered! I love the stories about “real” people and how you help them come to closure. Also love the format and dialog between the staff. Don’t change a thing!
Can’t recommend it enough.
It’s a special kind of person and perspective that can make you laugh and cry. Heavyweight has consistently been at the top of my favorite podcast list and I still can’t describe it accurately. To everyone at the podcast. Thank you for making such a beautiful, faith restoring show. At times like these, your show has been able to lift me from from a very dark place. Thank you.
sonny's king
Another Heavyweight Heavyweight
Many, many artists spend a life time perfecting their craft to have their first public piece be their greatest; none of their future works compare. Young Jonathon Goldstein had to fight off his back that audio albatross of the first episode of his Heavyweight podcast. But leading off his new season, Jon has delivered an episode that rivals the rest, pulling at heartstrings and poking at ancient prejudices at a time when they are so prominent in the popular consciousness. All with a cameo by Ira Glass! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.
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It’s just...so...wonderful
I am so glad you’re back! I just love it. Thank you.
Binge listening
I just discovered this podcast having recently read a piece on one Ira glass where he mentioned his favorite podcasts one of which is The Heavyweight. I’m officially hooked and in love.
desperately single
#32 Vivian
As usual... a beautiful story. I find myself asking- is this real? Of course it is. Thank you Jonathan for always reminding me that real life stories are the best that exist. Please- make a film for this one. “Paper Planes”
Laugh out loud funny and choked up a min later
You know that one question or regret you have from your past that you wish you could make go away? This podcast is about doing whatever it takes to help people answer the question or relieve the pressure on their chest that plagues them stemming from one issue in their past. It’s inexplicably beautiful. You laugh along with the people and their suspense and you feel their joy when Jonathon tells them he’s found what they are looking for. Give it a chance. It’s such a unique and special podcast. The Rob episode is so funny, especially if you are friends with your adult siblings. The episode Skye is one of Jonathon‘s most awkward and touching episodes. That’s part of the charm though! Where else do you hear such a unique host that can put his foot in his mouth repeatedly and genuinely but then bring about these awesome results for people? Update 10/2020 crying again but so happy listening to Vivian. It’s just beautiful. Human connection! We need to hear about these stories
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This is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants a break from the distress of 2020. I wish I could listen to Jonathan all day. Thank you for your stories.
Wonderful and frequently moving
I love Heavyweight! I look forward to listening to it, and I’m always sad when a season ends. I resort to listening to favorite episodes a second and sometimes third time when the show is on hiatus. Jonathan is empathetic and funny and a wonderful story teller. While I’ve listened from the beginning, during these difficult months the show has been a light in my life. Thank you so much for doing Heavyweight!!
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You’re back!!
I’m so thrilled that this podcast is back! I enjoy listening so much. Thanks, Jonathan!!
Favorite podcast
Season 5 starts with a bang. Still reeling! Love this podcast, one of my all time favorite podcasts.
Does Jackie Cohen realize or appreciate how much she adds to the tenor of the show? It would not create the same tension without her.
I Love Jonathan
From the call to his best friend at the beginning of every episode until the very end, I love it! Jonathan has the best voice and his podcast is amazing! I wish there was a new episode daily!
Peppermint Pattycake
Amazing feel good exsactally what we need
Thank you for this podcast made me cry laugh and all around feel like a warm hug
My all time favorite podcast.
I’ve been listening to Heavyweight ever since season 1, and it’s been the only podcast that’s consistently been my favorite. The brilliant storytelling and 2nd chances for emotional healing not only compels me to return for more, but I think I’ve become a slightly more decent human being from hearing others’ stories.
the perfect mix
I’m pretty sure I’ve laughed and teared up at every episode. grateful to know that people like Jonathan exist. please keep making fun of Gimlet.
Bravo & welcome back. Heartwarming, reality in full circle connection- exactly what we need in these times. Well done
I miss this show!!!
Goldstein is so hilarious, I miss this show. The idea of the show is funny but I mostly just listen for his commentary. And the calls with his sister 😂😂. Please start putting out like one episode a week. Update, I also think beyond humor, Goldstein sensitively tells beautiful stories,
Emotional rollercoaster
This podcast will envoke feelings of both happiness and sadness. Each episode explores the intricacies of personal relationships that many of us can relate to. Jonathan Goldstein is in my opinion one of the best podcast hosts due to his storytelling abilities. My favorite podcast
new episodes!!!
I am so happy to see there's a new episode! I love all the episodes and check ins of this podcast. I love that it celebrates people and the stories they are part of and the vulnerable moments they collect. Thank you Jonathan Goldstein, your podcast has made me cry and laugh many times.
The Best
I love Jonathan’s story telling and sensibility so much. In every episode I find something I can relate to and it lingers with me for a while afterwards. My world is better for this podcast and thank you!
Bama Five
Tears of a Clown
I love this podcast in all its quirky weirdness. But I still don’t know why Mason was crying, and what made him post the videos. Am I not paying attention? I have many favorites, Gregor, Moby, Gregory Dad and his envious best friend. And Jonathan’s nasal delivery. Good weird.
A Year Wait for a 4 Episode “Season”?
I love you man but just 4 episodes...that’s not going to fill my glass...OK I’ll appreciate whatever I can get...
Expert Storytelling
I laughed, I cried, I’m always wanting more.
Want more. Too much time between episodes.
Love this. Clever, bright, I adore Jonathan's sense of humor. Thanks
With wephone
So tender
Heavyweight is my favorite podcast and I’m excited that more episodes are eminent. Most previous episodes have touched me deeply, mostly because of the rivers of unresolved undercurrents from my childhood and my personal inability to address them head on. This one about Mason Reese brought tears as well. I could deeply relate to his reaction to Cats in the Cradle, because I have it too, having lost my own father as a baby and also marrying a man who abandoned his own children in a way similar to the song. The tender humanity of and generous sharing from the adult Mason gave me, for an instant, that sense that as humans, we’re all connected through our grief. Carry on!
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You’re back. I’m so happy
Missing Heavyweight!!
All through high school heavyweight would help me fall asleep when I’m super stressed; all the stories come to a perfect end, and there’s nothing to worry about. Now I’m in college and I can’t sleep :0( Miss you dearly hope to hear you soon!!!
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