Heavy Topics With Lightweights
Heavy Topics With Lightweights
Aja Dang & Laura Varney
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This is my all time favorite podcast because they discuss experiences, positions, and knowledge in such a conversational, open-minded way that I feel the world needs to hear. Whether you agree or disagree, they share stories is such an informative and tasteful way, I do believe it’s something more people need to in their lives. Growth comes from listening and learning and since season one, I’ve always finished listening the podcast feeling so enlightened. I’m sad season 2 has ended but I can’t wait to see what topics and guests they’ll be bringing on to discuss and share and their knowledge and experience on something I get to open my heart, mind, and soul up to even more.
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Looking forward to season 3
Have been listening to this podcast since day one and am so sad season 2 is over. It’s nice listening to a podcast that has a relaxed, casual vibe that addresses serious topics at the same time. This podcast is tasteful, light hearted, and interesting. I feel like being a mixed woman in my late 20’s makes me relate to you guys, but I feel like you draw a variety of people because of how authentic/honest you guys are about the topics you address on this platform. Looking forward to season 3- much love ❤️
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Educational. Raw. Sassy. I love the topics that they explore and talk about. Keep it up ladies.
Love this pod during work!
These 2 seasons are awesome love when y’all get into your feelings and start cussing haha shows how real you guys are, season 3 let’s go!!
Fatty matty bang bang
I love this podcast but
I love this podcast & am a huge fan of Aja’s YouTube channel — but this last episode was really difficult to listen to. I felt like I was being ranted at & there wasn’t much conversation, just a soapbox and a platform. I know several people who have died of COVID and for statistics to be rattled off without context or perspective felt cold. People with underlying conditions and who are in poor health are still valid. I agree that people should do their own research and come to their own conclusions but facts need context and your own perspective and privilege are factors as well.
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A little disappointed
I still really love listening to this podcast, but this last episode's guest was just not a good choice. I know she was using credible sources, but she was spinning it in a way that fits her narrative. I understand she wasn’t trying to change anyone's mind but there was a lot of misinformation being shared and her views lacked an intersectional perspective.
The friends you never knew you needed
Aja and Laura, I’m here and I hear you! Thank you for bring heavy conversations into our everyday lives. Listening to your pod is like listening to the friends you never knew you needed. You gals are able to break down a hard topic and ask the questions many of us may be afraid to ask. I love your versatility! P.s. your sound quality is just fine. Having it not always be perfect makes this pod more relatable and makes me feel like I’m in the conversation with you. Stay healthy!!
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Love love love
Been following you since day 1 and I love it. Content is variated and the questions that are asked are insightful. After listening to the episode with Michael Ojo, it would be interesting if you could get someone from the police on your podcast. I want to hear what they think about their profession and how they feel about so many of their coworkers abusing and KILLING the people they’re supposed to protect. I think you’re so good at having open conversations with people and hopefully someone out there would be comfortable speaking to you about it.
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Amanda, San Diego
So good!
Fantastic podcast that addresses relevant and interesting topics. Two hosts that are not afraid to ask questions and acknowledge when they need to learn more; as I think everyone should subscribe to the theory of being lifelong learners and subscribe to the podcast! :) I found Aja through her debt free journey and now I’m so glad I can follow Laura because she posts awesome workouts and exercises. Truly a great listen every week.
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Love this podcast
Every time I see a new episode a smile appears on my face. It’s like hanging out with friends and most of the time you learn something new. Keep it up girls!!
The REALest podcast you could ever listen to!
I don’t typically write reviews for podcast but I just wanted to take the time to share the love and appreciation to Aja & Laura. I’m in my late 20s, hearing other women in the same boat as I am is honestly comforting no matter the age difference. I believe as women we have an immense amount of pressure to have it all “figured out”. Listening to this podcast has given me a gentle reminder that we don’t always need to have it all done because no one does. It’s also one of the REALest podcast anyone could listen to. Give yourself time to kick back and just LISTEN! Love you ladies!💘
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Absolutely empowering & funny AF’
I began to follow Aja on YouTube/IG about a year or so ago. When I heard she had a podcast, I was excited to hear more from her. Then I fell in love with Laura after the first episode. Let me just say, I enjoy listening and learning to these girls & what they have to say. I’m so glad they are doing this, & they are so right on everything they say. Please continue to forever make these, I’ll forever listen.
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Hi Ladies, thank you for this AMAZING pod! Love the authentic opinions, perspectives, and fun Cali vibes. In a Cali native too, and appreciate the vulnerability and diversity that resonates in the topics, questions, discussions, and everything woven throughout. Keep up the great work!!
Love this!
Listening to Aja and Laura feels like hanging out with friends. They are so authentic discussing serious topics yet at the same time keep the tone light and fun.
Best enjoyed with a glass of red.
I love this podcast. It truly feels like hanging out with my best girl friends talking about important things in a not intimidating way. Some of the things they’ve discussed I have never given much thought to and it is so interesting to hear each guest’s story. I also love that the guests are not “celebs” or people with a following but just normal people with something to share. I love listening while driving for work or with a glass of wine on my couch. I am really looking forward to season 2!
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Interesting speakers, easy listening!
Aja and Laura have great rapport with their interviewees, which make these podcasts easy to listen to and entertaining. A fun and easy way to broaden your knowledge - great job ladies!
I love this podcast!
So, in one of your recent episodes, one of you guys made a remark about whether or not highschoolers listen to your podcast. Well, hi! I'm in highschool, and part of the reason I love your podcast so much is that I'm learning about topics and situations that I never would or could where I am right now in life. I feel like I have to seek out any knowledge about current events or just life in general, and I really wish we had more of that in public schools- that's probably a bit far fetched though. Anyways, thank you guys for the entertaining conversations and education!
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Educational & Enjoyable
I have listened to every episode so far and have learned so much about so many important topics. Aja and Laura present such an honest and casually conversational environment. Thank you for bringing together such varied and fascinating guests with meaningful stories to share.
So good!!
I always walk away learning something new about the world or about myself. Thank you both for putting in the time and effort to make a podcast that truly helps and educated people on subjects they would have never known. You guys are awesome!!
Relatable and fun
Aja and Laura are very fun hosts that treat every conversation like just that - a conversation. Nothing feels fake or forced. Every time they speak with a guest it feels like my friend and I talking to each other. I also have never related more to someone than when Laura talked about the snacks she ate when she did an edible - that sounds 100% like me! This is a great show and I hope they continue to make more!
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kelsey bea
Two Friends Make A Podcast
I started watching Aja’s YouTube and when she announced she was doing a podcast with Laura I figured I would tune in every once in awhile. Now I make an event of listening. I listen to it in the car, at home cooking, any time I have the opportunity. They are relatable enough to laugh with but innovative enough to learn something from each episode. They play off each other really well and their respect and friendship feels infectious. Definitely recommend giving it a listen.
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Give this podcast a listen!!
You can tell that these ladies truly like one another and aren’t fake mushy nice. These ladies are open to learning every episode, ask honest questions and offer real responses to the guests. I can’t wait to listen every Wednesday morning!
You guys rock!
I agree that the audio quality has improving and I know that you guys are constantly working on it. Other than that, whenever I listen to you guys I feel like I’m in a conversation with a couple of friends talking about things that probably I didn’t know before. The topics are amazing and I love how real and insightful this podcast is. Even though I’m a guy, I feel so related to both of you because I’m in a point in my life in which I’m learning more about myself and discovering what I really want in life. I’m turning 29 in November, but knowing that you guys discovered what you wanted to do in life around this age made me realize that I’m on the right path and I couldn’t thank you enough for making me feel more comfortable in this journey and that is okay to take your time. Keep up the good work, this podcast has a very promising future!
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The Best Podcast Ever!
This is such a great lifestyle podcast! Great hosts who lead great interviews and who ask even greater questions! Worth the time to listen!
Teatime with The Reaper
Amazing podcast and handled so well and so professionally!!! The ladies and Derek truly dealt with a challenging topic; allowing Derek to honestly express himself; and the ladies spoke from the heart allowing him to share from his heart and soul. Impressive podcast and offers lots to think about. Well done!! The book is truly worth reading. Thank you!
Lola and Chloe's Dad
authentic & real
in a world full of podcasts that are nothing more than distractions, nonsense and regurgitations, aja & laura offer fresh, honest and open conversations about life and the unique experiences it offers. cheers ladies 🍷👍🏼
grim 💀
Love this!
This podcast is so inspirational and honestly makes me happy every time I listen to it! Great job girls I can’t wait to here more!
Amazing topics!
I love all of the content you ladies have been putting out out. I just recently got into podcasts and I’m so glad this is the one I decided to consistently listen to because the conversations never disappoint. Also wanted to mention that ya’ll shouldn’t worry too much about the sound being too loud or too quiet, the first episodes I noticed it but once ya’ll got feedback about it I think it has been really great :) thank you for the time and thought you put into finding people with stories that need to be told!
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I love these conversations. Great questions asked. Smart, funny, inspirational and informative.
Inspirational podcast for women in their 20’s and 30’s
I love this podcast just to listen to the coming of age and growth moment stories of all of the guests. Aja and Laura do a great job asking questions that allow for natural and easy narratives from their guests. It’s like they have degrees in journalism or something 😉! Really, this is a great podcast for relieving pressure from any girl in their 20’s or 30’s feeling like they need to be in a specific place in life.
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Great additions to my podcast library!
I’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast! The interviews and subjects have been interesting and engaging. Plus Aja Dang and Lauren Varney do a wonderful job co-hosting. I also follow Aja’s YT channel and have enjoyed her budget videos—they are helping me get my finances together. My only recommendations would be adding any recommendations interviewees give into the episode details that way listeners can go back for book titles or whatever was recommended. Otherwise, I usually pause the show to take down whatever is recommended, which is harder to do if you’re listening and doing something else. Also, the sound quality can make it a little difficult to hear the show sometimes. However, overall it’s a great show and hopefully y’all can find sponsors soon!
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Surprisingly awesome
Wasn’t sure how this was going to be from looking at the cover photo. The topics and discussions are real, interesting, relevant and so inspiring. I love that they post consistently. Thanks for taking the time to create great content!
love love love!!!!
I’m blown away by the quality of content since this podcast just started!!! Of course no surprise from these super intelligent women. I’m in my mid twenties and I do appreciate the advice and mentality of you ladies. Feels like having a really smart and put together older sister (I only have 2 brothers). Can’t wait to listen to the next episode.
Love the show- it’s open, honest and ALL THE fun! Go girls 💕✨🙌🏼
Tay Lane
Super interesting topics!
Love how open minded and willing to learn you both are! Really like the introductory episode, it’s super interesting to learn about other women’s friendships. The second episode was super interesting, loved hearing about Jillian story, decision-making strategies, and relationships!
Azi C.
LOVE this podcast
I enjoyed the first episode so much and can’t wait for more. They are so open and unfiltered which I love!
love love love!
With so many podcasts out there the topics discussed can be a bit repetitive. Especially with the latest episode, I’m definitely learning NEW things. One thing to note, the audio kinda weaves in and out in terms of volume. Other than that, LOVING IT SO FAR.
In love! Cannot wait for the future conversations.
Don’t stop!
Love these so much ❤️
Kassidy Hamilton
Like talking to friends
I’ve been followed Aja on her Financial freedom journey and this podcast is awesome! Hopefully sponsors will kick in soon! The episode with Jillian was so interesting, I think exploring the view of other women is SO important, especially when talking about heavier topics! Great job ladies!!!
Love them!!
You ladies are wonderful. Aja, I’ve been following you for ages and I’m so happy to get even more insight from you via a podcast ❤️ can’t wait to listen!
I Like it!
The audio volume is inconsistent, sometimes sounds like you are whispering but then all of a sudden the sound came out bigger. Otherwise, good content. Keep it up!
Fav podcast
I never was really into podcasts but now I’ll really get into it with Aja speaking. Sometimes the audio cuts off and can get annoying.
Real talk
This podcast is so good! They are relatable, funny and have great topics to listen to. I can’t wait for more content from these lovely ladies!
I love the dynamic
One episode in, and I’m already hooked
You guys are hilarious. I’m so happy you’re doing this ❤️
Congrats Aja Dang! Love listening to you and watching your YouTube videos! You’re an inspiration. Stay beautiful!
Yva uy
I’m always in favor of women speaking their truth and touching on topics that necessary to share. Aja you my girl!
Congratulations !
I for sure wanna be a guest speaker! 😂😂 Great job!
Breath of fresh air
Such an easy and peaceful listen. Really enjoyed the first episode and cannot wait for the upcoming ones.
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