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enjoy the two host very much ! they know their stuff and always have great conversations with their guest. I also enjoy the production of the show. Always worth listening too, I come out each show learning of a new banger that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. must listen pod for music lovers ! p.s. thanks for putting the songs in the description.
So glad that I found this!
I found your podcast by searching Chris Molanphy, the podcaster behind The Hit Parade. He and his podcast feed my quirky interest in the science and culture behind the music charts and how it related to me as a music fan. His episode on George Michael, with the commentary from hosts Morgan and Oliver filled in the emotional, personal, nostalgic and cultural feelings behind my love of music. While I’m upset that I was late to the game with this podcast, I am so glad to know that there are so many episodes that include your commentary and feedback that speaks to me- I don’t always agree, but I truly hear, understand and consider the discussion. Great artist selection and discussion!
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Long time listener
I don’t have much to add to a conversation about what many consider to be the best deep dive into an album podcast out today. I will say that if you’re a fan if music and like to escape in to a discussion about specific albums then you’ll love the podcast. The host always make the listener feel like their welcome in on a discussion about the intricacies in every album they talk about. As I tweeted today, the only thing I wish they would do is talk about the band Bad Religion next. Thank you for all that you do. -Ryan from Westlake Los Angeles
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What Happens When A Homegirl Meets A Professor...
You get to eavesdrop on some of best conversations about music! One of my sister friends sent me the link to the Meshell Ndegeocello episode - Prince and Purple Rain back in May. And as I am a Gemini and an educator, that link was like a gift; the conversations and the music! I have been working my way through the catalog of episodes since...I have even incorporated some of Morgan and Oliver’s phrases into my own discourse. Let me give a “shout out” to the phrases...” to ...’s point”; “confession is good for the soul”; and “let’s dig into that a bit!” Selfishly, I’m glad I find out about the podcast late because there are quite a few episodes for me to still listen to and enjoy. But please do not sleep on this podcast. From Morgan’s poetic expression and love of music to Oliver’s knowledge of all things hip-hop with the critical lens, this podcast is on time, ahead of its time, and timeless! See what I did there;)
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Fewer Bayonets
New love
I recently found this podcast after binging all of “Dear White People” and absolutely needing to know who did the music. Growing up first gen in a Mexican household, I did not get most of the music on here. I’ve long since started my own musical journey, but with no guidance, I have missed a lot, including the likes of the Purple one (of which I am now a believer!). As a completionist, I started on Ep 1, listening to the albums you are covering as I go along. So much music, so much to learn, and so much to love. I appreciate the both of you and your knowledge on all of this. I’ll post back when I catch up, ha!
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I Did Not Know
I just found this show last night...and CAN’T STOP...WON’T STOP listening. If you are a music lover, this is a must for the Podcast library. I need to get out of binge-mode...just excellent!
K. Sloan
insightful, delightful
one of my favorite podcasts ever. morgan and oliver are charismatic, incredibly well-versed in music, and ask thoughtful questions that prompt passionate discussions with charming guests. i have found so many beautiful albums because of them and i’m eternally grateful!! my only suggestion would be to pleaseeee feature more alternative/punk artists and albums! 🤍
The Coolness
A brilliant and funny show with the coolest hosts. I love the depth and breath in which they talk about music and culture. I’ve discovered this show through researching the music for the Madam C.J. Walker tv series and was rewarded with learning about Morgan and this podcast. I’ve seen Oliver on shows before like Tales from the Tour Bus. This show is such a gem.
Love this podcast ☆
🤘🏾 !
Comfort Listen
Morgan and Oliver are brilliant minds and true music lovers. I learn something new from every episode. So grateful that they linked up and that we get to benefit from it.
Janet take two: reminded of f how much I love I get lonely.
I love this album Velvet Rope, this has been my favorite drop from you all. It really took me back as an old head and made me rediscover the essence that is: Velvet Rope. Thanks for all that you do and keep the flame ables coming. One love and prosper!-smokestack.
Mighty fine
Classy, relaxed, informed discussion of the great albums of recorded music. I learn tons, and get introduced to tons of new jams.
It’s ok
While listening to Portishead “Dummy” episode I realized that hosts didn’t have much history on the band and the process of Portishead creating an album, although there’s ton of info available on the subject. Either they didn’t want to share it or didn’t do their research. It felt very surface level.
The best music podcast
The dynamic between Morgan and Oliver, the depth of information provided on the subject plus recommendations based on said subject are so helpful and enjoyable to listen to. And the guest selection is usually amazing. If you are a music nerd or casual observer who wants to learn more, this is the place!
One of the best music shows about music.
Such a wonderful show. I love the format of inviting another well-versed person to talk about a favorite album. Discussions are made with respect, grace, humility, passion, and reverence. A great mix of things familiar and unknown. The podcast catalogue has been a great way to discover by starting with albums that I agree with (validation) so that I can happily trust them to try something I know very little about (exploration). A variety of genres and eras. There is some historical and biographical perspective. Personal opinions and fangirling/fanboying abound. Flaws are not ignored, yet it does not turn sour nor snarky. Geeking out on details and moments is encouraged. It’s about the music then & now. Well done indeed.
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The Bodyguard
I love the show. It is one of the few podcasts I never miss. The two of you are as much fire together as the jams you explore. You asked on The Bodyguard episode with April Wolfe who should play Kevin Costner to Rihanna’s Whitney Houston in a remake. Easy. Chris Pine. He’s got that Everyman ease, would be totally believable as ex-Secret Service, he’s fine and he can sing. As a twist he could sing the country rendition of I Will Always Love You. Think about it.
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Love y’all
It’s lit! Sit back, and get lost in the fire tracks. Then try adding heat rocks lyrics to the molten hot intro music. “Heating tha rocks / rocks of tha heat / heat / heat / heat of tha rocks / rocks of tha heat / heat / heat “
100% Fire
As a Maximum Fun subscriber, I am a cornerstone fan of this podcast. Even though I am a liner notes nerd from way back, I learn something new every episode. The variety of guests and their selections keep the show fresh and hearing Morgan's occasional, "OooooWEEEE!" always makes my day. Thanks to Heat Rocks for the continued expansion of my musical understanding.
Must listen
If you are a record lover, this is for you.
Lineage of Combustibles
‪The essential "my favorite album" conversation series. Always insightful and brimming with fervor. A celebration of the profound spice behind this universal language called music. Morgan Rhodes & Oliver Wang, 5-star rated, 5-star generals‬. 10 degrees of styles beyond measure. Thank you both so much. Peace, Geng PTP aka that weaponized ASMR guy
Geng Grizzly
I swoon at Morgan’s intros. I love her and Oliver’s erudite, heartfelt, and insightful reflections. Their absolute love and devotion for the music seeps through the interwebs and in turn my headphones. This show is super smart but also all heart. Heat Rocks warm up my life. Seriously! Thanks Oliver and Morgan.
Steve B EC
Favorite music podcast, easily
This 'cast never fails to school me - whether it's regarding an album I've known and loved for years or one I've never heard before. It's just so great to listen to people who know and love music talking about the music they know and love.
Your Friend Jami
I’m so late to this podcast, but I’m glad the most recent episode was my introduction to the show. You two have a great tempo; you respect each other’s opinions and don’t talk over the other person. You have excellent taste in music. I can’t wait to do a deep dive through the catalogue.
Best music podcast out there.
A well-balanced, informative podcast hosted by people who know what they’re talking about and have the best taste in music.
Justin Soleta
Love it!
Great, very informative and fun podcast about music that has helped introduce me to some new tunes and gain an appreciation for music I already love. I would love to hear an episode about a Morris Day and the Time album!
Porky Party
Maximize Musical Mind Expansion
Oliver, Mogan, and guests take your minds on a musical journey beyond boundaries and hopscotch through genres and cover the topics you need to bless your ears with! Subscribe. Soak up. And Sharpen yourselves.
Always on point.
Thoroughly enjoy Oliver, Morgan, and various guests’ rapport and intellectual banter on bangers. Take a listen! You’ll always learn something new.
Best music podcast and hosts!
I enjoy the deeeep dives - learning all the background stories and technical details behind albums. Great for long commutes, too.
Simply the best
Simply the best music podcast out there. It’s that simple, y’all.
Do you like music?
If so, there is no reason you shouldn’t be listening to this podcast.
My Current Favorite Podcast
I have loved music passionately and studied it intently my entire life, and it’s such a pleasure to spend this time with people who love it as much as I do. So deep, so thoughtful, so fun, and ALWAYS pointing me towards amazing records and artists that I hadn’t know before.
Great Podcast
One of my favorites. Enlightening, informative and sassy! Always interesting to here Oliver and Morgan’s opinion and observations. I have a couple of heat rocks to recommend; check out Living Colour - 1990 Times Up (best black rock band ever) Jamie Lidell - 2016 Building a Beginning (British Soul is alive and well) Adding 2 giant thumbs up for the Steely Dan and EWF episodes. Sooo Excellent. What about a guilty pleasure show. An album or artist none of your friends or family would think you would love, or you surprised yourself that you would like so much
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Black Bird Run
One of the best knows to know.
Morgan and Oliver bring it every episode. Also good tracks. Always good talks about good tracks. And some of the dopest insight out there.
Listen and TAKE NOTES
Been a fan of Oliver’s work for a long time and learning more about Morgan because of this show - both are extremely knowledgeable but approachable in their scholarship and fandom of music as a whole. I recommend this podcast to all of my fellow record store nerds, and anyone else who shows even the slightest interest in any artist that I know has been featured on Heat Rocks, as a subject or a guest. I wish everyone listened to this podcast because I would have a lot more to talk about with the rest of the world. The best advice I can give is anyone is listen to Heat Rocks and take notes!
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Thank You
I have been listening to your show for most of the year. You both have wonderful voices and you are very knowledgeable in your musicology. I very much enjoyed and was educated by the recent Nina Simone episode. If I had to offer one suggestion, it would be to understand US based demographics and how they drive to folks from Latin America generally, Mexico, specifically, and perhaps it would be wise to feature some Latina/o talent and talking heads. I can refer you to many. @Intelatin
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music and love
morgan and oliver - dang! YOU TWO are fire. every one of your episodes is a master class in musicology, where i learn not just about the music, but its socio-cultural relevance as well. i could even say it’s a cultural-historical-anthropo-musicological deep dive into hot lava. on another note, as an 80’s bay area modern-rock girl (shout out to tower & amoeba) married to an east coast rap fan, you’ve given me a vocabulary for discussing rap & funk that has brought big love to my marriage! thanks for the music AND the love.
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saw them...
Keep up the great work
Hi Morgan and Oliver. I’m a 62 year old New York Italian who loves your show. Growing up in NY in the 70’s I was privileged to have my choice of great DJ’s and radio stations. I love R&B and soul music the most. Listening to your podcast has opened my ears to music and artists that I was not familiar with and I thank you for that. Your tribute to Aretha was fantastic. Keep up the great work. I’m going to Italy for a two week vacation and I downloaded some of your shows. I’m taking you with me. Take care and ciao. Mike.
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Smooth. Eloquent. Uplifting.
Morgan and Oliver have two of the smoothest voices in podcasting. Together with their guests (usualy musicians, scholars or other music industry professionals), they eloquently praise and examine classic albums. I particularly enjoyed their celebrations of Steevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Steely Dan. The production quality is fantastic. Song clips are nicely edited into the show, so that listeners can hear a bit of each track being discussed. There is something uplifting about hearing smart and sensitive people talking about the art they love.
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Natto Matt
Good stuff
I listen to a several album review podcasts. This is definitely the most diverse and the best edited (no two hour discussions full of filler to be found here). The hosts are great. Oliver is like the super-smart older brother who mom always liked best, and Morgan is a master of poetic monologues. She is the one you want to write your obituary. Never miss it!
Thought provoking and mindful
This amazing podcast has an old school radio DJ vibe with the laid back vocal tones of the hosts. Being a top 40 music consumer, listening to this podcast has opened my mind to the beauty and power of music as a cultural phenomenon.
Oliver and Morgan along with special guest provide so much knowledge with heart and thoughtfulness. It has rekindled the love I have for some of my all time favorites like Janet, Bowie, Madonna, DMX, D’Angelo, Prince, MJ, and Meshell N’degeocello, just to name a few. This show has also introduced me to music that I was not familiar with but have grown to love. They share their personal soundtrack of life in tandem with the artist’s album. I live that way as well. I believe certain songs in your life can pinpoint you in the past providing perfect memories of time, place, smell, and emotion. Morgan, Oliver, and guest thank you for rekindling and sharing such great musical memories.
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Lady razorback
Love it
These are great, in depth album dissections. Really interesting. I love the interplay with the hosts and that they keep it focused and informative. Even works well with albums I don’t know.
Molly X Daddy
Love love love
Finished listening to all of Hit Parade’s back catalogue and needed more pop criticism in my life—Heat Rocks checks all the boxes for me. Insightful and eloquent and endlessly enlightening.
Music nerd
This show is one of the best Podcasts about music. It delivers a fresh perspective and deep dives into music that I am familiar but don’t know. Thank you!
artist on the half shell
So good
Quickly becoming my favorite music podcast. It’s almost better listening to smart people talk about music than listening to the music. — Jimmy Ether
Like vibing with your cool friends who had cooler parents
Forever learning new things on Artists/Albums I thought I knew and discovering other musicians I’d previously never consider.
Accessible, Real, and Purely Enthusiastic
I’m a long-time listener, and it’s shameful to say I’m just now getting around to writing a review when I’ve been subscribed since the beginning. Treat yourself to a conversation that spans genres with a dedication to reaching the core of the works—and what they mean to their guests. Sit back, eat some dates, and feel decadent.
This is the music analysis I need in my life. I love it.
This is my favorite podcast of all time. The hosts are bafflingly intelligent, sweet, and have GREAT radio voices. It flows with an unmatched smoothness and cool. It also just has a great format and guests choose albums they can passionately converse about. Salute to Oliver and Morgan!
For the Music Lover
Love the podcast. Enjoy discussion on some of my favs and even more on things I don't know so well. You turned me on to some good new/old stuff!
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