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Michael Sisco and guests discuss a variety of topics coming from a traditionalist perspective. Most topics will be centered around political theory, cultural critiques, philosophy, and religion. The intersection of The Orthodox Faith and politics.You can catch this show live on:YouTube: links:
From New Age Occultism To Eastern Orthodoxy
Today we'll be hearing 'A Devotional Heart's' story of leaving New Age Occultism behind for Eastern Orthodoxy. Also, we'll learn about her Christian Life Coaching service, and her vision for her YouTube Channel. Send Super Chats to Entroyp! (Goal $100) The Order of St. Justinian (Patristic Study & Prayer Group) Travel Fund (Need $150 more) Cash App: $PrytaneumTimes the show (
Oct 1
1 hr 9 min
Creation & Death: Reflecting On The Orthodox Christian Funeral
Recently I attended my first Orthodox Funeral. I was stunned just how powerful and deep the service was. I hope to share some of that with you today. UPDATE: Fr. John Whiteford calls in!!! Please subscribe to the Odysee Channel. YouTube is cracking down on people like me. SUPER CHATS HERE (Goal $100) Travel Fund: $200 more needCash App: $PrytaneumTimesSource: the show (
Sep 30
1 hr 45 min
Ancient Faith Radio De-Platforms Abbot Tryphon!!
Tonight I'll be discussing Ancient Faith Radio's de-platforming of the beloved Abbot Tryphon. Call in and give your thoughts on Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick and AFR's decision. Update: Surprise guests! Jay Dyer, Fr. Dcn. Ananias, Brother Augustine, Church of The Eternal LogosTravel Fund Goal ($650)Cash App: $PrytaneumTimesSuper Chat on Entropy (Goal $100) The Order of St. Justinian: the show (
Sep 23
1 hr 48 min
Patriot J - The No Jab America First Rap Guy
Patriot J joins the show tonight to tell his story of how he became a "Far Right" rapper. He will also share his thoughts on America First, and the anti-White agenda. Support the show on Entropy (Goal $100): a patron and join our Patristic Study Group: to other sites: App: $PrytaneumTimesHand Cash (BSV): $MichaelSiscoSupport the show (
Sep 23
52 min
St. Basil The Great on Social Justice!
Today I'll be reading and reacting to a homily on Social Justice by St. Basil the Great. This episode promises to be a great challenge for right wing Christians, Traditionalist, and Conservatives. Entropy Chat goal $100: Subscribers join Patristic Study and Prayer Group: me on IG: the show (
Aug 26
1 hr 28 min
Patriarch Prime And Orthodox Mandate Exemptions!
Today Patriach Prime joins us to discuss Orthodox exemptions from mandatory jab mandates. Support the show: App: $PrytaneumTimesHandCash: $MichaelSiscoLinks: the show (
Aug 2
2 hr 22 min
Michael Sisco Survives Crazy Car Wreck!! Special Call In Show
Today I'll just be sharing my recent experience with my car wreck, going over future plans, and appreciation of Luke Kendrat and Orthodoxy First. I'm also taking live calls tonight. Preferred support tonight: Cash App: $PrytaneumTimesSuper Chats: accepting BSV on Hand Cash: $MichaelSiscoBecome a Patron: the show (
Jul 20
2 hr
Overcoming Enslavement to Lust Through Christ w/Roosh V
Today a very special guest, Roosh V, joins the show. We'll be discussing his journey in and out of the "pick up" game, into Christianity and how that correlated to a shift in his worldview. We'll also be discussing how to navigate life as repentant men with promiscuous pasts. Support the show with an Entropy Chat: with BSV on HandCash: $MichaelSiscoBecome a Patron: to socials & website: the show (
Jul 20
56 min
The Traditional Family w/Based Home School Mom
Today we'll be recapping the Trad Forum, Faith & Freedom Conference, and discussing the Traditional Family with the infamous Based Home School Mom. Support the show with Entropy Chats: ways to support: Cash (BSV): $MichaelSiscoCash App: $PrytaneumTimesWebsite & Socials: Based Home School Mom on Twitter: @Rach4PatriarchySupport the show (
Jun 23
1 hr 6 min
On The Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit & Repentance w/Fr. Dcn. Anaias Sorem
Today Fr. Dcn. Anaias Sorem joins the show to discuss blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and repentance according to the Orthodox Christian tradition. SUPER CHATS ARE NOT CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS a Patron to all my socials: the show (
Apr 20
1 hr 31 min
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