Health on 10
Health on 10
Alex Krienitz
Hosted by Alex Krienitz health on 10 discusses health and fitness trends and myths.
The good the bad & the ugly of Veganism
Alex discusses the pros and cons to a vegan diet
Sep 23, 2021
14 min
why losing weight is harder for women
Alex talks about weight loss in woman and how to speed up the proccess
Sep 15, 2021
12 min
Does Juicing actually help you detox and lose weight?
Alex discuses one of the most popular health fads, juicing!
Sep 7, 2021
11 min
The sauna is more than just a way to break a sweat it provides a host benefits from fighting disease to beauty
Sep 2, 2021
10 min
Miracle Grow for the Brain (BDNF)
Brain derived nuerotrophic factor (BNDF) a powerful protien our brain produces, how to improve the brain and increase this protien through diet and lifestyle changes
Aug 29, 2021
10 min
Creatine on 10
Find out what creatine is why its so incredible why YOU should be taking it
Aug 27, 2021
10 min
Raw vs Cooked Vegetables
Alex gives insight on the best way to eat your vegetables
Aug 20, 2021
11 min
Health on 10 Intro
Get to know host alex krienitz and how is love for nutrition and health was born.
Aug 19, 2021
6 min