Tales of Taboo
Tales of Taboo
Ali Weiss
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I miss confessionals
Such a good podcast normally, but I miss hearing people’s experiences. The SOLO episodes are getting to be kind of grating and longwinded.
The raw gritty honesty we need to hear today
I resonate so much with the experiences that both Ali and her sharers provide us the opportunity to hear. I’ve learned a lot about myself simply by how much I relate to Ali and her listeners. This is a podcast that makes you feel SEEN! Instantly loved it.
For those who love spilled tea…..
This podcast is heart opening, mind expanding, and deeply inspiring. Ali Weiss is funny, insightful, and extremely caring. I feel like I receive therapy from listening to this podcast. Hearing people confess the things they think are “too much” or “unacceptable” is deeply liberating. This podcast has the kind of balls rarely seen in the surface level world we exist in. Season 5 is going to give me everything I wanted: confessions from the host!
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Without listener stories, it’s just whining about working. So entitled! “ Work is hard!”
Fast forward over her monologues
Hate the long intros. But the confessions are interesting.
If you listen to only one podcast, make it this one.
Ali is hilarious!! She makes the most taboo subjects not only approachable but downright entertaining.
Amelia Flor
My new favorite podcast!
Ali is so relatable and the topics she covers are extremely interesting. I’m addicted and have been binging episodes for days!
Good perspective but need new content
I love listening to differing perspectives. It feels like I get to sit in on a conversation and get to learn more without the pressure of needing to respond. However, I’ve been very bummed that so many of her recent episodes are just reruns of previous ones…. If you are looking for new topics, how about: voyeurism, people experiencing homelessness, housekeeping maids at hotels, kleptomaniacs, Furries, para-social relationships, swingers (is the upside down pinnacle or Adirondack chairs a real thing?), the dark web, interview people who cheat in relationships, fanfic writers, people who choose to not have a smart phone, or exotic pet collectors.
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long commute girlie
Fascinating topics, but most of all I adore Ali the host and creator. I could listen to her talk for hours, she’s uncannily all things intelligent, fascinating, eloquent, profound, adorable, plus much more and all in her velvety enunciation. She seems like a superstar but reminds us she’s just as human and messy as the rest, which I appreciate so much. Love!
Delicious and honest.
So cool to hear varieties of life experiences.
I love this podcast! Great stories told without judgment.I hope it comes back soon.
Good idea
Terrible execution
How could you!
Very Fascinating!
Glad I stumbled across this, thanks to a recommendation!
4467656 stars!!!!
I recommend throwing yourself on the floor and letting these juicy stories wash over you. Each episode is packed with confessions from real people who get super specific, and every story is nuttier than the next.
I’m on my way to the psych ward but this podcast is the only thing that has kept me sane.
Hey Girl, Hey.
Too afraid to talk to your girlfriends at home about something? Don’t worry, your girl Ali has got you covered. No topic is left off the table, and every facet is broken down and dissected, in the best way possible of course. Her voice is something I’d smash over pass, any day, and she’s pretty dang cute too. When I need to feel less alone, less like a loser for my past debaucheries I turn to Ali who I know has either experienced it herself already or knows someone who’s been there done that. Martinis are welcome though not included, and ideally dirty as can be. XOXOX
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Love this podcast!
I love listening to this podcast.It’s insightful and offers really interesting points of view. Love the host too! She’s a great follow 👏🏻
Love it!
I love this podcast ! Listening to the stories told are eye opening and give multiple perspectives on so many different topics! I can’t wait for the new season!
Awesome shows
Thanks for this!
Ccnp studier
WPort is EVERYTHING I want
Absolutely loved this interview 💜💜💜💜
Fake reviews
All fake
Ingenious & Liberating
This show is such a fascinating concept & I think is useful in showing not only experiences people go through but also the “why” of things you may not personally understand. One week you may not personally relate too the topic & the stories open your eyes to others in a non-judgmental way, the next week you may greatly identify with the topic & feel less alone by the time you get too the end. I would love for there to be more episodes like the “eating disorders confessions” & “addict confessions” which were so educational & eye opening. Some topics I would love to see on the podcast in the future: Children/spouses of alcoholics, Living with a Bi Polar diagnosis, S- Assult survivors, Adult children of Abusive/Narcissistic Parents, Domestic Abuse Survivors, Military Veterans, Police Officers, and Firefighters/EMT’s. There are so many struggles that many do not understand & that would give us all a more open/compassionate view of others. Thank you Ali for all that you do❤️
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Brie Kn
Love it!
My new favorite podcast. It’s so honest, there’s nothing else like it out there.
For the Open Minded and Curious
In love with this podcast. I’m in a phase of my life where I want to dive a little deeper into what society judges against, so this was perfect. The stories and anecdotes are fascinating. Escort and bottle service girls episodes were especially eye opening! Much respect for these ladies. And Ali!
Nina Soon
Ali for President
Not only does Ali drop the truth, but she does in the most nonjudgemental way. Covering topics both fascinating and unknown to most, she shares stories that are so intriguing, I can’t stop listening. It’s the only podcast I get excited about listening when new episodes drop!
pimpy mcdude
Nothing like it
Such an original, fun idea— absolutely love listening to these stories you quite literally don’t hear spoken about publicly
Tales of Taboo
Great podcast, Ali’s is a unique voice to be heard from. Her shows highlight such important topics and her vulnerability is balanced with a sharp wit and enthusiasm.
such a good and honest show
ali literally gives a voice to and does an amazing job humanizing those who genuinely need to be heard and seen :-)
The Best Podcast
Honestly, I hate podcast. I’m super ADHD so with the lack of visual stimulation I get super bored and distracted and can’t pay attention. However, not with Tales of Taboo. Ali is an amazing host, always has a captivating topic, and is just overall great!
Love at first listen!
I was immediately drawn into this podcast. I learned about it by following Ali Weiss on instagram. I have been a huge fan of hers for a while and am so glad that she created this! Not only is it engrossing and informative, it is truly entertaining and well produced. Each interview is vulnerable and gives us a glimpse into the messy, human experience. I think society can only benefit by being more open about taboos. In a world so fraught with unprecedented events, we can all benefit from accepting the “taboo” parts of ourselves and integrating them into our experience. Thank you Ali for Tales of Taboo! I look forward to listening intently to each new episode.
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Creative concept with too many unqualified opinions
Interesting concept but I wish Ali would cut her beginning monologue to a couple of minutes, unless she starts adding stats/information with sources. She basically says whatever she wants with no back up which I find potentially damaging. I like the stories! More of those, fewer diatribes.
love this podcast
SO GOOD! been listening for years and have loved seeing how it’s gotten even better over time
Bar stool
Smart and funny +
Ali rules
Love this pod! Ali is not afraid of any topic & brings so much thoughtfulness to each ep. So good!
Relatable, real and funny
Love Ali’s take on issues many of us are grappling with day to day. She’s poised, offers a totally unfiltered opinion and is a great listen. Highly recommend.
Love this podcast
I love the topics and Ali’s storytelling
Been obsessed with Ali & her podcasts for years. I love the subject material and her irreverent style, she’s so relatable!
Love this podcast!
Such a great podcasts! Ali talks about important issues in an interesting and intriguing way.
Great topics
Really love this podcast - she tackles tons of cool topics
So glad I found this.
A friend recommended this forever ago and I finally got around to listening, SO GLAD I did. Love the content, I find Ali deeply charming, wish there were more episodes to binge.
wiggly tooth
Smart, funny and insightful
What more could you want? Ali is a skilled interviewer and the subjects are fascinating.
fave pod
I randomly discovered this pod after Ali was a guest on another show. Absolutely love these podcasts episodes.. so interesting and loving the authentic content. And Ali’s voice is really easy to listen to!
One of my favorite podcasts
5 stars
I absolutely love this podcast!!! It’s one of my favorites and I recommend it to everyone!
Love love love!
Ali is such a great story teller and every episode has been so interesting. Her ability to tell stories, amplify others’ stories and voices, and add humor to her episodes makes this podcast one of my absolute favorites out there!
Amazing Podcast!
Great podcast, I love the subjects, and the way Allie reports and gives us a look into different industries and subcultures! The Fashion episodes and Working for the Wealthy were my favorites! Truly one of a kind, and a podcast I anticipate every week!
Captivating stories!
Such a great, smart podcast. Fascinating and diverse tales told with intelligence and kindness. Love it all.
Life is messy and Ali is here for it without reading the people who submit their tales for filth. Why else would people reveal their true selves to a stranger? It’s a mix of the taboo tales that we look for on anonymous posting sites and some many of us have lived ourselves. Also, she has a voice made for radio and a face made for Vogue. All around entertaining.
Love Ali personality and how she isn’t afraid to talk about topics others wouldn’t be comfortable talking about. Very raw and entertaining podcast!! You should definitely check it out.
One of my favorites
I love all the interesting and different stories ali curates and tells so beautifully.
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