Head to Heart
Head to Heart
Luke & Christa Gifford
HEAD TO HEART is for those brave enough to explore the content of their own hearts, longing to live a life deeply connected to themselves, to Spirit, and to others. Popular author, speaker, and songwriter Christa Black Gifford and her medicine-man husband, Luke Gifford, unzip their own hearts to discuss raw and vulnerable topics like death, sex, relationships, addiction, plant medicine, and depression as it pertains to spirituality and personal growth. Christa is the author of the #1 hit song 'One Thing Remains' and the author of two books, GOD LOVES UGLY and HEART MADE WHOLE, and Luke holds indigenous medicine ceremonies for influencers and businesspeople.
Transcending the 4th dimension of the mind by accessing the 5th dimension of the heart
We all know the 3d physical world because It's where we put most of our attention.  But how do we transcend the 4th dimentional mind and emotional programming of advertixing, collective consciousness, old wounds and indoctrination?  By accessing the 5th dimention of the heart, the Spirit.  I talk about dimensions but realized many don't understand them, so in today's podcast, we'll walk through the 1st-5th dimensions and look at how we can unlock our human/divine potential by rising above the collective pollution by accessing the love of the heart, being led by Spirit, hearing the whispers, and getting clear on the truth that sets us free.  www.christagifford.com (@christablackgifford @womanscircle
Feb 6, 2023
33 min
What Is My Purpose On The Earth?
Most people ask this question in their lifetime, 'Why am I here?' 'What is my purpose?' 'What am I put on the earth to be and do?  As so many have deconstructed out of religious institutions that gave us a life-purpose, many have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.  I've been guilty of abandoning my Divine purpose on this earth while unwinding from the toxic indoctrination of a system that was infiltrated with commerce, control, and greed.  But when we live without purpose bigger than ourselves, abandoning our greater purpose of why we're put on the earth, life loses its luster.  Today we're going to embrace why we're here, owning our significance on the planet at this crossroads in history, reigniting hope, devotion, and the discipline of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to REMEMBER who we are and unlock our light body, letting it shine for all to see, dispelling the darkness.  www.christagifford.com (@christablackgifford @womanscircle)
Jan 30, 2023
43 min
Waking Up To Things We Don't Want To See: Spiritual Activism
As someone on a lifelong journey of personal healing, helping thousands around the world heal from past traumas and pains, I've been mostly silent on the cultural systems of corruption that keep contributing to our bondange. But can we really be free when we're unwilling to look at the systems of corruption that contribute to the deterioration of our health, the greed and commerce that poisons our earth for convenience, and the leaders who put infrastructure into place that leads to the oppession of humanity?  Most people say they want to be conscious, but they really don't.  Because when you're conscious about the things in your life and the systems you benefit from that are hurting others, you're now responsibile.  But as I'm learning deeply from Spirit--we cannot fully be free until mankind is free, which means we have to open our eyes to the problems in our world and how we unconsciously contrubute to them.  This one might be a hard pill to swallow, but it's time for us to wake up and see the truth.  Not so we can actively get angry and perpetuate the division in our society, but so we can become the solution for the world's problems because we do it from a heart of love.  (@christablackgifford @womanscircle)
Jan 23, 2023
1 hr 20 min
"It would be easier if I wasn't here." If life has ever been so painful that you've wanted to die....
If you've ever had the thought, "It would be easier if I wasn't here?" or "I just want to die, it's too painful," you're not alone.  I've had these thoughts many times in my life and they're valid when life feels like there are too many mountains to climb.  When Twitch took his life last month, it got me thinking a lot about suicide and the collective overwhelm that gets a person to the point where they want to end their life, because I've known this voice many times. But what if that voice is telling the truth, that it wouldn't be easier to die physically, but it is time to put to death limiting beliefs? It is time to put to death old relationships, bitterness and unworthiness, hatred and fear? In this podcast, we work with the aspect of death and learn what to do with it when these voices come, because they're there for a reason.  Let's begin to use death as a powerful part of our existence and use it to our benefit to bring us into new life.  www.christagifford.com (@christablackgifford @womanscircle)
Jan 16, 2023
46 min
S.A.D.S is happening (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), but it won't happen to YOU
The facts are in, and they're staggering.  Mainstream media isn't broadcasting the narrative, but the level of young people dying suddenly cannot be ignored.  I don't have any interest in becoming a voice that only talks about what is wrong or points fingers in blame, but I can offer actual solutions that change everything. I have family members who have developed cancer, friends whose healthy husbands have dropped dead in their sleep or pregnant friends who have miscarried children.  I have loved ones having strokes and developing myocarditis, reaching out to me because they're scared.  What is true cannot be avoided, but the TRUTH offers solutions and ANYTHING is possible if you just believe.  If you took the shot & hearing stories that scare you, if you haven't wanted to look at the facts because it means you might have to face unpleasant information, this podcast is the perfect bridge to be INFORMED but not left with your FEAR.  Information about what's wrong only breeds more fear, but I'm going to offer actual solutions--that the Spirit living in you partnered with your belief can reverse and create ANYTHING.  There is hope, there is healing.  (Podcast mentioned: Aubrey Marcus "Cause Unknown") @christablackgifford @womanscircle 
Jan 9, 2023
1 hr 8 min
Setting A Vision for 2023
We all have good intentions to change, but good intentions aren't enough. We have to have vision, we have to have a plan, and we have to build a desire to take action that's bigger than our current complacency.  At the end of 2022, I'm inviting you into my end of the year process, looking at WHO we are and are we living as that person, WHAT happened to block us from being who we are meant to be, WHY we are the way that we are, WHERE we are today and WHERE we're going, and then, HOW do we make a plan of action to make choices that empower our vision.  If you'd like to join me on this FREE 5-day launchpad into a new year, you can reserve your spot here: https://www.christagifford.com/offers/zCdCPErJ/checkout (@christablackgifford @womanscircle)
Dec 25, 2022
19 min
How To Use Your Anger To Bring Lasting Change
I was never taught to work with my anger.  I saw it as bad, something I got punished for, or something that separated me from others.  But what if anger is a tool given to us in our humanity to alert us to injustices that need to be changed?  What if anger, when used correctly, can be righteous anger that isn't just aimed AT someone (separation), but angry FOR someone that calls everyone up into their highest good?  We need anger, and if we never learn to work with it. we spiritually bypass it, we stuff it down, we spew it out to cause more division and not lasting change. But in today's podcast, you will learn WHY you have anger, WHAT it's for, and HOW to use this powerful tool to not only change your world--but change the world.  www.christagifford.com (@christablackgifford @womanscircle)
Dec 12, 2022
38 min
Time To Take Ownership Of Our Weaknesses
Okay, y'all.  I got a spiritual booty slap this week, lovingly repremanding me to put on my big-girl panties and GROW UP in certain areas of my life.  We're all being called to uplevel in the area of our weaknesses, but in order to that, we have to let our faces be shoved into our weaknesses, FACE the music of the things that aren't serving us, getting a plan to do something about it, and disciplining ourselves to carry out the change.  We usually wait for crisis to have to deal with our shortcomings, but I'm on waiting on it anymore.  I'm looking at my holes NOW and getting a plan to do something to change it. Are you ready to put your adult pants on and evolve where you're weak?  www.christagifford.com @christablackgifford @womanscircle
Dec 5, 2022
29 min
When your fear of humiliation keeps you from trying
Our fear of humiliation is real, and for most of us, it's kept us very small. We're afraid of being humiliated so we don't speak up. We're afraid of being humiliated so we don't try new things or talk ourselves out of Spirit nudging us in a certain direction.  What if we fail? What if we're embarrassed?  The fear of humiliation can be so strong, before we know it we never try something new. It feels safer to stay SMALL and in a cage than step out in faith and face our fear of failure.  How can we alechmize this fear? How can we look at it and begin to disempower it where it's not running our behaviors, relationships, and dreams?  Find out in today's podcast.  www.christagifford.com (@womanscircle @christablackgifford)
Nov 21, 2022
39 min
Where is my WILLPOWER to make daily choices that bring me life?
Where do we find the willpower to make choices in the moment that are beneficial for us, and not continue more pain?  Where do we access the WILLPOWER to choose foods that bring life to our biology instead of eating junk that lowers our vibrational frequency?Where do we find the willpower to move our bodies the way they need to bring LIFE and VITALITY without forcing them through shame and drudgery? Where do we find the WILLPOWER to stop our addictions, our anger from spewing out of our mouth, our negativity that creates more negativity? Learn how in today’s podcast.  (@womanscircle, @christablackgifford @iamlukegifford). Last day for early bird rate!  Sign up at www.christagifford.com  
Nov 14, 2022
35 min
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