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Why is HBO leaving the boxing world? HBO NEED TO CHANGE THEIR MIND. HAROLD Lederman is the best thing on television. Mike Hills, Colorado
Against the Ropes
What's gonna happen now that HBO Boxing is dead? Gotta look for other alternatives for a podcast like "Against the Ropes" I guess.
Joao(aka cucciolo)
Boxing fan conventional wisdom
This podcast was better when HBO actually showed more than 5-6 cards per year. Both of these guys are longtime boxing media, but they're not "boxing people." They aren't fighters, former fighters or trainers. They're hardcore boxing fans who managed to make a living on the sport (which I concede is no small feat). If you're interested in getting up to speed on the conventional wisdom of boxing fans, this is a good podcast to listen to. And they provide nice previews and after fight analysis when HBO is actually showing fights. But don't expect deep insights or unconventional perspectives like you would get from Stephen Edwards, Paulie Malinaggi, Andre Ward, Abel Sanchez, etc. One hilarious aspect of this podcast is that the two hosts have so internalized this conventional wisdom that their predictions are identical or nearly identical for every single fight. It is absolutely uncanny. They joke about it but they apparently don't understand why it's happening.
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Mark bbbbbbb
My favorite boxing podcast
Good guests, well produced, good knowledge. My only tweak would be to make it longer, honestly, which means I’m a big fan.
Great content!!
I love the content of the show! Top notch boxing commentary. Need to upgrade mics though. Harsh audio quality, which is a a surprise for an HBO production.
Premium boxing podcast
Kieran and Eric’s boxing podcast is the best out there, even if they only cover HBO’s boxing shows. Erudite and witty, they bring their deep boxing knowledge and guts to expertly analyze every matchup on HBO’s boxing calendar. If you had to listen to only one boxing podcast, this is the one.
Challenge Issued!
If Kieran can make it through one podcast without saying the word "clearly" or "clear" less than a dozen times I will make this a 4 star review. :) The 5th star will come when he pronounces the aforementioned word without sounding like he's coughing up a hairball. :P There is also some truly, horrendous humour but overall I like the analysis and the audio quality shines when compared with a lot of boxing podcasts.
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The Best Boxing Podcast Online*
Clearly, the asterisk is for the fact they only cover the HBO universe, but that's my only critique (though it's not much of one, since I prefer the HBO stable of fighters over PBC/Showtime). Was sad when heavy hitting podcast signed off, but really enjoy the chemistry by adding Raskin.
Shame only HBO fights Covered
I appreciate the analysis and boxing knowledge from Eric and Kieran but I think it's a real shame only HBO fights are covered, especially given that HBO boxing is on the decline with most of the big names and intriguing matchups on other networks. Boxing is a bit of a niche sport as it is, and this podcast narrows the focus even further. As a general boxing podcast, which is what I am after, I can't give it more than 2 stars with a clear conscience. Unsubscribed.
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HBO Pom-Pomers
If you want to hear real boxing talking, look elsewhere
Good show, bad celebrity impressions, worse sound quality.
Guys, I love the show, I really do. But for the love of god, doesn't HBO have $200 in the budget to buy you a decent microphone? The show sounds like it was recorded through a flip phone onto a Talkboy cassette player.
hope this helps
love this podcast, cant get enough. the more the better. that ike Ibeabuchi "legendary nights" style episode was fantastic!
Top Notch
Great production, great stories. But it would be nice if they would put the correlating fights on HBO on-demand to watch.
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One of the best boxing podcasts available, great chemistry between Raskin and Mulvaney.
Noah Zeleznik
HBO Boxing podcast
Best boxing podcast hands down! Eric and Kieran do an amazing job. Keep it up guys.
Great for pre/post HBO Fights
Good to check out before and after fights on HBO. Lately Eric has been scary accurate when it comes to predictions on outcomes. My one problem is the HORRIBLE audio. Wondering why HBO can't provide these guys decent equipment. There's terrible distortion (especially when Eric talks) that makes it almost unlistenable at times. It doesn't help to turn down my bluetooth speaker, either. This tells me that the audio issue is not on my end, nor do my other podcasts sound this bad. Please use better equipment, guys. Considering HBO has it's name on this, things should be much better.
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The most biased, boring podcast the Earth will ever hear. Don't waste your time. Listen to Tha Boxing Voice and The Full Deck. Wow, this is horrible!
sir Sugg
Best Boxing Podcast
Look forward to it every week (or however often they publish). Eric and Kieran are thoughtful commentators, not opinionated blowhards. There's enough of that in the boxing blogosphere.
Adam Gershon
Great Show
Always funny and informative.
Love it
Great boxing talk. Love the chemistry between the guys.
Most entertaining boxing podcast
I was bummed when the heavy hitting podcast was cancelled but I gotta say things worked out for the better. Shows great kieren and Eric have great chemistry
Adany barreno
Really good
Really good show, Eric and Kieran are entertaining and also really good at educating new fight fans like myself. My favorite podcast.
Best boxing podcast
By far the best boxing podcast available. Love to hear them basically every week. Definitely lives up to HBO's standards
Fantastic Boxing Podcast
The audio quality is tremendous. It's right to the point with no awkward pauses between the hosts like other boxing podcasts.
Solid show
I really enjoy this podcast. Every now and then they get a little boring, but for the most part it's a solid show. The main issue I have is that they don't talk about all the fights but I understand this is a HBO podcast and the topics are limited at times. Over all good show Show has gotten way better in the last few months. Keep it up guys and I'm sure you'll be in the HBO podcast hall of fame
Good Insight, HBO Only
Love this podcast. It’s an HBO boxing podcast so pretty much HBO fights only, but that’s ok. The guys are in the middle f the sport and provide awesome insight.
Best !
Great podcast listen to every episode just wish it was on daily ! 😁
Klumzy nF
Good Show Considering Limitations
Eric and Kieran are great! The only problem with the show is that subject matter is limited to fights on HBO, so fights on other networks aren't covered, but luckily HBO has great, meaningful, shows so there is plenty to talk about.
I love this podcasts it is dope it bodybags the comp beLeeDat
Good Analysis & Guests
Entertaining and very worth while listening.
I love this podcast, and I listen all the time. But why in the world did you cut off Bernard Hopkins so many times. I think we’d rather hear him talk and pontificate rather than your interruptions. I would have easily listened to a two hour podcast of Bernard Hopkins and your occasional re-focusing questions. Come on.
Great to find Kieran again!
I was a fan of Kieran's previous podcast, and I'm very happy to have found this replacement (note to HBO -- you might make transitions like this a little easier to find!) Smart, thoughtful analysis, instead of the dumb hollering we get on most sports podcasts. The only way to improve it would be to combine it with clips, so we can see examples.
Hamilton Clan
Two stars
I don't understand how you only talk about Hbo boxing. There is so much more they could talk about but they don't. I would like to hear these guys opinion on all the fight cards from the past week. Not just Hbo.
Boxing fan
There are a ton of boxing podcasts out there and most are downright unlistenable. This one is the best out there, Kieran and Eric are informed and funny, well worth your time.
Great stuff!
Analytical, clever, entertaining stuff
Ciclón de Guantanamo
Great show
Almost as good as Ring Theory
Pigs Head on a Stick
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