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Haute Cocoa Mommies
Haute Cocoa Mommies
Haute Cocoa Mommies is a podcast show featuring five millennial mothers with varying perspectives about everything from motherhood to pop culture, race relations and politics, fashion and finance, and everything in between. New episodes are available every other Wednesday!!
The Mommies share their thoughts on the Atlanta Police Department members staging a "sick out" in protest of the 2 officers charged in the murder of Rayshard Brooks.
Jun 28, 2020
15 min
Haute Cocoa Mommies Return - Episode 1 - 05:30:2020
Haute Cocoa Mommies return after a 3+ year hiatus. We are discussing the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings.
Jun 7, 2020
1 hr 15 min
Boss Mommies: YoMegz
This Haute Cocoa Mommies episode is part of our Boss Mommies Interview series. Today we interview jewelry artist and new mommy Megan Gilchrist. Megan shares her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, being a new mommy, and living in a new city. You'll love her super dope vibe and spirit, as well as the story to turning her one of a kind hand-crafted jewelry into a business! Contact and support Megan: Email: yomegz@gmail.com www.yomegz.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/y.o.m.e.g.z Facebook: www.facebook.com/yomegz Twitter: twitter.com/yomegz Contact HauteCocoa Mommies Email: hautecocoamommies@gmail.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/hautecocoamommies/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/hautecocoamommies/
Mar 19, 2017
1 hr 8 min