Hashtag Cult
Hashtag Cult
Mike Fallek and Paulina Pinsky and Rachel Klechevsky
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High quality and interesting topics
Very professional and interesting podcast. High quality audio, cool anonymous voice changers for the guests. For those of you who want an informative look into the world of cults, give this a listen!
Who Knew?!
I am fascinated. I had never heard of MGTOW, and now I’ve started: I’m hooked. It’s such a fascinating listen, the hosts are fantastic, and I can’t believe the work that has gone into this... who knew? These two hosts slog through the ins and outs of what is a wild, crazy, and massively disconcerting romp through a group that not only has heavy cult feels but has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Amazing work, keep it up! Well worth your time.
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Interesting Topic, But
The style of both hosts is very irritating. Basically it’s just another podcast with a smart-aleck dude partnered with a female host who laughs at everything he says like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard *eyeroll*
Well worth a #Listen!
I had never heard of MGTOW before this podcast, and after just a couple of episodes I'm very glad I hadn't. The hosts are really passionate about exposing this cult for what it is and it shows in the episodes as they disect the interviews and attempt to make sense of the utter nonsense. Well worth your time, even if you just want to find out what yet another Hashtag Cult believes!
Paul “BlokeBusters” H
A must-listen
I needed a new podcast to spice up my pandemic rotation and boy, did I hit gold with this one. Can’t wait to hear more.
Super interesting
Such an interesting subject matter. Great questions by hosts. Very intriguing to listen to.
Interesting and informative
I found this extremely interesting. The hosts have a great command of the topic and excellent chemistry. Will be following future updates!
Insightful and Honest!
The hosts did an amazing job of discussing sensitive and hard to hear topics. They were honest and helpful in understanding things that I was not familiar with before! Can't wait to hear more from these two.
My mind is blown
I can’t wait to hear what these guys say next
Great chemistry between the hosts Great intriguing topic Great delivery Great research Everything about this podcast is great! I’m looking forward to hearing more.
Interesting & fun!!
Mike & Paulina are enthusiastic, funny, and thoughtful hosts- I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them break down the nuances of mgtow, a cult I wasn’t aware of before listening! Expect fascinating, sincere interviews with anonymous members of mgtow & insightful discussions of these members’ beliefs and their consequences. Thanks to the hosts for their thorough research, it was well worth the effort, excited to listen to more!
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The podcast is just as amazing as their youtube videos. They dive deep into weird cult like communities and have compelling interviews with these fringe people. Definitely check it out.
Mike is the best on the show
What is going on with this cult?!?
Great investigation, presented entertainingly. I can’t wait for more!
I don't know if that's a strong word, but it definitely feels groundbreaking! I'm excited to see how deep Mike and Paulina are able to take this.
The Werd TV
Eye opening and informative. Can’t wait for the next episode
The learned podcast listener
Must listen
I’ve already binged all these types of shows and I’m so happy to have a new jaw dropping podcast to add to my weekly list!
Mamabear 1
Extremely Informative
This is an excellent podcast. It is extremely informative and a highly addictive listen. Huge recommend.
More Please!
Really interesting so far - can’t wait to hear more!
I’m hooked
Another captivating podcast series by Mike Fallek! Can’t wait to see what else they explore.
In depth and fascinating
Mike and Paulina are true experts on the topic willing to break everything down and bring everyone into the world of hashtag cults. My exposure to these groups was limited to one off articles without details and I really enjoyed learning more from the pod. Can’t wait for more.
Say whaaat? This is great, more please!
The hosts are super entertaining and the interviews are wild! Can’t wait to hear more!
love it
Super engaging and informative. I’m hooked!
Hashtag Cult is going to save the internet
plain and simple
general hannibal of robots