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Year or two later....
I’ve played through the entire podcast a few times. It was a good time in my life when new episodes came weekly. Awesome Time Capsule!! Love it
doineedanicknameand dies
Miss You
Miss this pod, but re-listening is still amazing.
Come back!
I wish I hadn’t ignored the podcast medium for so long because Harmonville is incredible. Harmon’s sincerity and vulnerability punctuate the side-splitting humor and inject so much heart into the show. The cast of characters and regulars are all great and the sense of “community” that the show has is awesome… I really wish I had started listening so much earlier.
Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon…
Still my favorite podcast
I wish the crew would at least come back and do a monthly episode from zoom or something...
Changed my life
If I had not had Harmontown, I do not know if I would be here today. Harmon taught me more than my own father. You grow with him, change with him. You learn from him. If harmon passes before I do, I will travel to wherever the funeral will be held and pay homage. This man is one of the greatest thinkers of our time. Trust me. Listen to this podcast.
coolcool manman
I miss
I would love to see this back.
Dickie ziggen
JFK junior? Booooo.
Rick and Morty
Dan Harmon I don’t know how to get a hold of you but I would like to send you something that would work with one of your Scripps, Rick and Morty it’s the beginning of a show and the end.. two hours on a third a bottle of Cuervo. You’ll love it, Or at least it will build with a few more laughs. My name is Shawn Cunningham and I would love to know how to send you this... Rick and Morty situation Shawn C Smcabc1966@gmail where can I send my script, I love your show and I get it it’s smart, I just put the base in there but I love all the stuttering and stammering and drinking in the shell
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Is Kumail there??
This podcast is like an ass
You hate to see it go but you love to watch the cast walk away
Worth your time
Ingenious creator of Rick and Morty! I’ve listened to about 80 episodes. Definitely worth your time. You will laugh hard and enjoy the quality content as natural background conversation during your ride or whatever. Hard not to give this a go for great background noise. I laugh a few times every 10 minutes or so. They have interesting topics.
New pod idea
Just 30 minute episodes full of all the Jeff and Spencer ads. Sell it to Spotify. Boom!
Good podcast photos are labeled wrong
HarmonTown home owner
My favorite memories of of the past decade we’re going on long dog walks,, chucking at these crazy introspective cast members, telling their truth and their journeys of navigating depression, addiction and anxiety along with hysterical rantings while playing DND.
I’ve been a long time fan, since it ended I was listening through again but accidentally unsubscribed, only to find that when I resubscibed the first 30 or so episodes, including the one I had reached in my revisit, are gone. Seriously what the hell! Those were some of the best ones tbqh. Idk why, there was nothing so controversial in them...
This is my family.
Harmontown is my home now and forever. It helped me get through some tough times. I feel so close to all these people I’ve never met.
New to podcasts
And new to looking like an idiot while spontaneously cheesing in public. Loving this Update: I’ve been listening to this podcast for the past few years and I’m going to miss seeing new podcasts pop-up in my feed. I planned to make it to Cali for a show, but that just never happened. Though I did get to see Jeff Davis do improv in my town, which was pretty sweet. Dan is open about so many things that I think a lot of us struggle with/are embarrassed about internally, he’s intelligent and down to earth, a pleasure to listen to. Anytime Rob is on an episode, I know I’ll be laughing. What a success this has been. Cheers! 🍻
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See things as they are
Goodbye Harmontown
Thank you
I just found this podcast while searching “Norwegian travel phrases” and I’m already hooked despite having learned no Norwegian.
I never knew it would affect me the way it did
I started listening to Harmontown 3 years ago, I wish I knew what I was stepping into from the start because I would’ve appreciated it more while I had it. I envy you, scrolling through the comments debating whether to take that step, maybe just to fill up a morning commute or to go to bed with a distracted mind. TAKE THAT STEP, then maybe in a few hundred episodes you’ll be posting a review for closure. Have fun and say hi to the gang for me💚. Thank you Harmontown, Kate W
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Consistently Favorite Podcast
Has been my go to over the years - feels like a family I’ve been lucky to be a part of and I’m very sad to have it end.
😡☹️. Because dan hates emojis
Listening to the last episode and noticed there’s only 40 minutes left to listen to. It wasn’t meltdown, it’s all gold! I’m so sad to see this go and I’ll be rooting for a revival until my death! Or more likely dan’s since he’s twice my age. I love the whole crew so much and this has easily been my favorite podcast.
kv bk
These dudes don't realize it but Harmontown has been a center for spiritual ascension for years. All the metaphysical conversation, self awareness, struggles with transparency and expression. Harmontonians are ascending spiritually, Dan has literally said as much. Y'all don't know how on top you are. And right on time he ended it. We need to expel the past and become something else. 2020 will be a real cliffhanger.
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That Day Has Come
I’m glad I discovered this one early. And I’ll always remember the December night I drove around replaying their takedown of “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime” and introducing us to “Dicks and Balls and Beer.” DeMorge singing “Monster Man” is one of my ringtones. They’ve made me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed. I’ll miss hanging out with them but look forward to all the things they’re working on. Thanks, y’all.
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Great podcast but some of the people they bro g up from the audience are so Entitled and annoying get over yourselves
Harmontown feels like home
Harmontown feels like home and everyone has to leave their home eventually. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Going to miss new Harmontown. Can’t thank Dan, Jeff, Spencer, and Schrab for letting me feel like part of a different very drunk and sometimes dysfunctional family when I needed it.
Devastated they’re disappearing from my life
It’s that good and has given me so much. I can’t believe it’s almost over.
Apple is falling apart
In addition to the photo mistakes others have pointed out here, The segmentation of iTunes into four distinct apps has been a disaster. Loss of functionality, a terrible, ugly UI and 10 years worth of customization that I’ve applied to my library have been wiped out.
Neither Jeff Davis, Brandon Johnson, nor Steve Levy are correctly identified by their picture.
Brandon Johnson
Looks a little pale in that photo
Condo Monster
Wrong Jeff Davis
But great podcast
This joint right here?
This joint is a super nicey for real
A couple ideas!
The Perfect Podcast
I discovered Harmontown on March 28, 2018 when I listened to The Christmas with No Underwear episode. I was hooked and started listening to the show in reverse order through the 2018-2016 episodes before going back to the 2012 episodes and listening to those from the first show through 2015. I was listening to the new episodes as they rolled out in 2018 as well. By December 2018 I had listened to every episode of Harmontown and couldn't wait until the next episode was released. It was so fun to meet and learn to love the entire cast, crew and live audience and share in the honest, open, and fantastic comedy. I'm going to miss this show so much but I'm happy it is ending on such a high note. I love you Harmontown! You inspired me, made me cry, and made me laugh.
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Gonna miss this show.
I have never laughed at a podcast as hard. You guys make my work day fly by.
Love it!
This is by far my favorite podcast, and I listen to many. It has a certain charm to it, and I hate to hear that it will be stopping in December.
Saaaad you are leaving meeeee
Wish I had started listening sooner. I’m going though a hard time in life and this podcast always makes me laugh. Love you boyz.
pgh dinglebat
My favorite podcast.
If you think standup is dead, it’s because of improv comedy podcasts like this one. This is where all the funny went. There will never be a podcast as good as Harmontown.
I’v listened to every episode of harmontown because it was funny and thought provoking but there is just too much misinformation being said on this podcast recently that is disturbing...
Johnny Opus
We’re going to miss it
It’s hard to believe the show is finally coming to an end. I whole-heartedly recommend this podcast that makes you feel like you’re part of a much larger community. There are tons of hilarious moments and lots of replay-ability.
Good stuff!
The best
I subscribe to over 150 pods and listen to about half that, but yours is my favorite. Thank you!
Hippy Haiku, brother trucker
Lovely group; honor their candor. Start from the beginning. Excellent to chop carrots to.
Favorite Podcast
There’s nothing like hearing one of your favorite creators crack his head open and spill it in the table! I love Harmontown!
Harmontown? 👉🏻Harmontown? 👈🏻Harmontown?👉🏻
I honestly get sad when they don’t have an episode in a week #best
Love this podcast!
I’ve listened to every episode. You mean to tell me a bunch of hilarious MFs would sit around, talk, rap?.. and play a version of D&D! Whhhhaaat! This podcast has lead to some interesting thoughts and ideas and some not so interesting but nevertheless, hilarious. Jeff, Spencer, Brandon, ROB, and no one can forget about the mayor himself, Dan Harmon, man, myth, drunk legend! I just can’t get enough and I hope to bring more people into this wonderful community/family.
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He f’d my momma!!
And she loved it!!!
Basically terrible
It's some guys I like talking about stuff they like for hours whilst drunk. I guess that's an objectively terrible idea, but I love it.
北 Matt
I think this host should play back his recordings before posting. His tone is soooo annoying. Just TALK! He has to end every few sentences in the same downslope tone. I had to stop listening.
The best podcast ever
Maybe this is for you maybe it isn’t but it is beautiful that it exists
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