Happy Sad Confused
Happy Sad Confused
MTV Podcast Network w/ Josh Horowitz
On Happy Sad Confused, Josh Horowitz gets nerdy and intimate with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the planet. Each and every week, you’ll hear in-depth, career-spanning conversations with everyone from Emma Stone and Hugh Jackman to Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to get casual with A-listers like Anna Kendrick, Tom Hiddleston, or Kristen Stewart (all HSC regulars), then come on in and join Josh in the Happy Sad Confused studio.
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Just Love
Wow, I love this podcast. Big shoutout to the hosts for bringing quality content to my daily life! ♥️
Christian Nadim
I just love LOVE this podcasts it keeps me entertained
H.S.C. Addict!
Seriously becoming addicted to Happy Sad Confused. Josh Horowitz is an engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining host who respects and enjoys his guests and what they do; he manages to bring out the best in them and they clearly enjoy sharing with him - which really makes for interesting, laugh-out-loud listens! Thank you!
Why is there reverb on this podcast?
Every episode sounds like they’re in a cave, who thought that would be a good idea? Good show but podcast engineers, leave your reverb and delay at home for when you’re making music
4 more years
I have an MFA in Documentary Film and a BS in Sociology, and I am conservative. This podcaster believes that despite my education and years of theatre experience, I’m incapable of appreciating art.
Sad to go
I have been a fan of Josh’s since his days of interviewing the Twilight cast. I love his knowledge of film and the questions he asks. Sadly, I have to leave the podcast after being a long time listener as Josh feels it is necessary to give his political opinion in an entertainment podcast. People tune in to these shows for a break from news and events for a moment of escape. I feel he needs to think about his audience and why they tune in to his type of podcast. Alienating a percentage of the audience is not a good idea. I won’t argue politics here because this isn’t the place for it- much like his podcast is not. Deleted the podcast today from my library. Sad to go.
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Always great guests and great interviews. Anyone who is interested in acting or film/TV will love this podcast.
Woody Allen
My first crush! I love his humor, his brilliance and above all his work! Thank you for such a wonderful podcast! The vanilla tootsie roll and the giggle were Priceless!
Josh, stay on this topic, amazing talk.
How did i not know!
I am not great at going wide on things- i’m a delver : ) But, i’ve been listening to pods since they began, and just found this one this weekend. What an absolute Treasure!!!! Thank you
So, I was checking out some podcast and stumbled into this. Seen they had a Woody Allen interview , wow that's exclusive since Woody is reclusive! Problem being could hear the host loud and clear. Woody sounded like he was talking from three rooms away! Why release this when you could hardly hear the guest????
Always great, except for one thing
Love the podcast, great interviews as always. My only complaint is the echo that’s applied to every interview in post. There’s no need for it! It’s extremely distracting and doesn’t enhance the audio experience at all.
I couldn’t get through all of his “umm”s and turned off after 2 minutes. Maybe I’ll try another listen when umm, I’m so actively listening, umm.
Wish there were more episodes
Josh is the only familiar “press” face I can stand. His longevity in the field, rapport with literally everyone in Hollywood, his cinema and filmmaking savvy, and his genuine passion that rides the perfect line of fanboy without being cringey, is why I adore this podcast. No one will EVER provide a better interview with your favorite Hollywood star. I frequently go back and relisten to old ones just because I’m so sad there aren’t more. My favorite podcast hands down.
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Too chummy with guests + focus on male filmmakers
Sometimes it feels like he’s so focused on being chummy with his guests that he’s not thinking about what listeners want to be hearing from an in-depth interview. I wish there was less banter and overfamiliarity and more focus on thoughtful questions. Also when he interviews men, they both go on and on about all the male filmmakers they admire and women never ever come up. Would love to hear about the female female filmmakers that inspire him..
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Love this
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s so nice to listen to a host who’s knowledgeable about the subject and also down to earth. Love his interviews.
Update It
I really love this podcast but I am a new listener and it would help when you have Vol. II and III if you could number and reference the episode that that guest was previously on. Instead of me looking through years of episodes.
Fantastic Film Podcast
This is my favorite Film podcast. Josh is a great, knowledgeable host who brings out the best of his guests. Such a gem of a podcast. Keep up the great work Josh! I love listening to him talk with filmmakers.
This brings me joy!
I absolutely love this podcast. He’s not only a huge fan of film but respects the process, acting, the business and the strangeness of Hollywood. He and his guests are totally down to earth and fun to listen to! This was probably the first podcast I subscribed to.
Distracting FX
The reverb + delay is very... not cool, lots of sibilance coming thru and highlighted in that reverb. ☹️
Boring and quiet
Whispers into mic asks generic and boring questions. Has good guests on but isn’t a good interviewer.
Great EndGame Spoiler
Enjoyed Joshs conversations about EndGame and infinity war with the Russo Brothers!
Awkward but has potential
Decided to give this podcast a try after seeing a few of Josh’s interviews on MTV. I just finished the Russo Bros spoiler talk, and needless to say, I’m disappointed. What could’ve been thirty minutes of thoughtful insight into the filmmaking process and the culmination of the MCU, instead turned into questioning every story decision. “Was there ever a different version of this?” “Did you ever think about this?” “What happened to this?” I had to skip a good chunk of the interview because I could feel the Russo Bros getting a little irritated. I know I was. Ask about what happened, not what could’ve happened. Of course, this was my first listen to the podcast. I’m sure Josh has chops. His curiosity is just a little misplaced. With a little more focus and research, I would’ve loved this interview.
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how do these people get job?
omg...and why do so many podcasters think they’re so cute and funny and clever and like this guy, so, so boring...and why do they think we’re interested in their lives and not the guest? this guy is the worst...and that’s saying a lot...i hate him...
Host has too many verbal distractions to enjoy podcast
In the first 2 minutes of the Ricky Gervais episode, the intro, the host said “um” “uhhhh” literally every 3 seconds. It’s a rookie move and incredibly distracting. He needs to fix this. Professional podcasters are careful to avoid doing this.
Fun Podcast with Nina
Lots of laughs listening to you and Nina get silly whilst drinking Tequila🤪 Made for a fun morning. Love your Happy Sad Confused IGs! Next we need a podcast with Sam Heughan. Pretty please😘
Susan, Boca
I loveJosh, Sammy and anyone that graces their presence. The Only thing that could make it better would be to visit them in NYC. I love the spirit for their world they bring to the show. I hope some day to meet them.
I love Josh Horowitz!! Your show is amazing! I’m a film geek just like you. It feels good to listen to a person who loves cinema. I support you.
I love this podcast and all the guests, Josh also has great questions! The only thing I would say is to turn the volume wayyyyy up because the sound on some of the interviews isn’t very good.
Great podcast - more directors and producers!!
Kate Weatherall 4
Tony the movie guy
This is one of my Favorite podcast specially for celebrity interviews as josh has such a fun and laid back banter with them really enjoy it
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love this podcast! Josh is so cheerful and fun and has a really down to earth way of interviewing that all the guests seem to really enjoy. He’s so awesome and I’ve now listened to all the back episodes in just a couple of weeks. We started out own movie podcast Tony The Movie Guy Podcast with inspirations from people like Josh. We do see dives into movies but also interviews with movie professionals and Josh is so great at it! Love the podcast and Josh and Sammy!
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Jen TB
Recorded in an empty gymnasium..?
The vocal reverb is unnecessary unless it’s trying to distract from a greater problem, either way, it just illustrates a flaw that seems like it needs to be addressed. What’s less fixable is the apparent awkwardness of the host. From uncomfortable over-familiarity with guests to not-very-funny half-self-deprecation, it’s not fun to sit through. We all know nervous nerds. Many of us ARE nervous nerds. Not all nervous nerds should do podcasts. Wrap it all up with the knowledge that this podcast doesn’t offer anything fresh or new or particularly interesting beyond the guests and you’re forced to conclude that you as a listener would be better off if you didn’t have to discover these things for yourself and that you might have better luck dodging painfully average shows like this if the podcast pool were a bit emptier. Keep looking. This probably isn’t the show for you either.
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I’d give you 5 stars, but.......
You’re intro is WAY too long. No need to chew on it for so long.
Weak Research = Basic Questions
Actors sound kind of bored most of the time as the questions quite boring. Vague references to rather silly parts of films. Laughs at his own jokes, but easy to tell subject isn’t laughing. Awkward, but maybe that’s the shtick. Bummer cause great guests.
Best Podcast
I never used to listen to podcasts, but I came to Happy, Sad, Confused for the Christian Bale interview (because I, like all people, admire Christian Bale with an intense fervour). Then I saw who else Josh had interviewed: ALL my favourite actors. As I scrolled through the list of episodes and saw name after name of my favourite actors and directors (Timothée Chalamet! Saoirse Ronan! Domhnall Gleeson! Carey Mulligan!), I started adding them to my library left and right. Now I listen to an episode every day on my way to work, and I still have more to go. Josh, I hope that someday soon you get the joyous opportunity of interviewing Tom Hiddleston, whom you love almost as much as Kenneth Branagh does.
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Great interviews, but...
Great podcast, high quality guests, casual conversational approach...but one thing about it really grinds my gears: the host’s extreme vocal fry. Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear. Will continue to listen, of course...just saying.
Never Knew
I didn’t know Happy Sad Confused was a podcast! I thought it was a photo thing you did on IG. So glad I found this though. Great interviews and Josh is such a great interviewer. Great questions!!!
Quality conversation
I love listening to Happy Sad Confused on my commute. Josh does his research and asks well rounded questions that makes for great conversation with his guests. It’s always nice to hear more than the usual “press tour” questions and learn some fun and interesting things about your favorite actors, directors, etc.
Fun and not run of the mill
I’ve been listening to HSC for years and it’s always been my favorite podcast. Josh is so great with all the guests - he is such a fan of film and everyone he talks with and it really shows. They have such fun talking together; it’s just a friendly conversation that you never want to end, but Josh also asks really in depth questions that are not the run-of-the-mill journalist questions you are so tired of hearing. Josh and Sammy’s intros are also a highlight - Sammy’s unbridled excitement about the guests is so hilarious and relatable. I could not recommend this podcast highly enough.
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Great Podcast!
This is a great podcast for the young and old movie fan! Josh is a movie geek who asks all the right questions. Keep up the good work!
This show is excellent. I’m amazed at the quality of interviewees and Josh’s ability to pose thoughtful questions while also having fun. The interview with Taika Waititi is HILARIOUS.
In-depth and fun. A cut above the rest.
I learned about Happy, Sad, Confused about 6 months before this review and once I dug in I was instantly hooked. Josh really has a knack for talking with actors and industry creatives in a fun, conversational tone while still getting into the actual craft of filmmaking. I learn so much from this podcast as a filmmkaer and the format is digestable for anyone who is constantly on the go. I also noticed that a lot of the trades use this podcast to get inside scoops on relevant people in the entertainment industry. So listen to HSC and you're ahead of the curve! My only gripe is I wish each podcast was longer because I'm having too much fun listening. But there in lies the genius that is Josh Horowitz and company. Highly recoomended.
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Director Patrick
Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcaster
Josh asks the most insightful, sometimes difficult, questions. And the best thing is--probably because of his incredibly non-threatening persona, or the wonderful movie posters he surrounds his guests with--he always gets the answers. He clearly has a way of making his guests feel comfortable and the listeners feel like BFFs. Thanks, Josh, for loving all the same things I do (except GoT--seriously, get on that), and thanks, Sammy, for relentlessly teasing him and creating lovely moments where he awkwardly tries to defend himself.
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Brittanie Black
This podcast is AMAZING
I've always loved Josh's MTV interviews, so I decided to start listening about a week ago and have since subscribed. I had no idea this podcast existed until I randomly came across it. The first episode I listened to was the one with Rachel Brosnahan, which I loved because I'm a big fan of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This podcast is so entertaining because Josh does plenty of research beforehand. He knows exactly what to ask the interviewee and doesn't ask what every other reporter does during a promo tour. I'm excited to listen to a new episode every week, as it is making my commute to college a lot better. I'm a journalism student who wants to be an entertainment journalist, so I definitely look up to Josh and slightly envy him because of all the cool people he's interviewed! Great podcast!
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Myla La Bine
Love this Podcast!
I love this podcast so much! The conversations with all these actors, actresses, directors etc are so witty, funny and interesting! Josh - you are my favourite podcaster right now and Sammy is literally me fangirling over movies and hot actors! This is literally the best celebrity interviews - no need to hold back on the language which makes the podcast even more often!
Caz from Australia
Best Podcast. Best interviews.
I’m a fan of Josh as much as I am a fan of many of his guests! Thanks for representing so many of us movie nerds that would much rather hear people talk about their favorite movies as a kid and what they’re inspired by instead of what their workout regimen was like. I’ve been stuck on this podcast for weeks now digging way back into the archives and I still can’t get enough. Thanks Josh for always bringing such great content and passion that cuts through all the substance-lacking celebrity media chatter.
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One of my favs
I travel a lot, so podcast are a staple for when I have to fly to major airport to drive to a little town 2 hours aware. What I have learned is that Josh Horowitz is a great podcast host who loves to giggle when hes nervous. He also seems to have a love/fear thing with Michael Shannon which is easy to understand after you listen to that episode. I really cant get enough of this podcast and he has some of the best guests, and gets some of the greatest insight from behind the scenes by just having a conversation with him. I love it, and wish they did a live podcast but understand how hard it would be with a crowd. Awesome job Josh and Sammy!
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Its LongLiveBob
My weekly treat
Every episode is an interesting conversation (better than an interview) with someone cool, interesting, wit. Josh Horowitz is always prepared and never pries. Honestly and sadly, this podcast has become my weekly treat: I allow myself to listen to an episode after the gym (never in the gym! You don't want to smile on the elliptical breathless) or while doing my weekly chores. If you don't know where to start look for the episodes with Domhnall Gleeson, Jay Baruchel, Michael Shannon.
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Give this a listen...
Great interviews that are not the usual...very well made!!! ❤️🙏
Joey Gash
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