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Happy Sad Confused
Josh Horowitz
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Could have more ladies
Noticing a disparity between male and female guests. Not sure the cause, but would love to hear from more diverse actors.
Upgrade warning
You should update the cover of the podcast, not that it's not good rn but just change the actors!!🤷🏻‍♀️
sad olive
I love it, but I really need
I love your podcast but you really need to have Florence Pugh as a guest
ericel castro arismendy
How do I become Josh when I grow up?!
Do better
I enjoy the interviews and applaud the thoughtful style, but am appalled at the uneven representation between sexes. About 7;1! Women comprise 50* % of the world—give them equal playing time. It’s boring to hear from so many men being interviewed by a man—you’re only catering to one segment of the listening population—mix it up (and you’ll have more listeners)!
Barry Bro 55
The Return of the Great Balfe
Great interview, Josh. You managed to cover Belfast, Outlander and the new addition to the McGill family with expedition and thoroughness . Extremely enjoyable. !
Great show!!
I started listening to this podcast as a big Tom Huddleston fan, but now listening as a pure fan of the show. Josh is honest and respectful, and have good sense of humor and I like to feel that the interviewee is enjoying their conversation very much, as Josh has done good amount of homework and asks good questions. I also listen to this as brushing up my English. The conversation is interesting and real, which makes me want to be able to talk English better.
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Love it
My absolute favorite podcast. Josh is the best interviewer and interviews some of my all time favorite actors. I’ve even started getting into film and theater just for the sake of the art, beyond the entertainment aspect, due to some of the conversations in this podcast. It’s even a motivation tool because I only let myself listen when I’m doing chores lol (#lifehack)
This is Great
Love to see what you’re doing here. Keep going!
Love this!
One of my favorite movie podcasts. You can tell how much Josh loves movies and really creates an intimate space for his guests. It kinda feels like you are just hanging out with these people, which I think is the best type of podcast. My only tiny nit would be for Josh to not over explain his questions, it undersells him and the guests and some times the guests end up misinterpreting the question.
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Love this Podcast!
You’ve had Daniel Radcliffe, you’ve had Rupert Grint, now PLEASE have Emma Watson!!!! P.S David Yates would be amazing too!
My favorite new podcast
Lots of great interviews
No Politics!!!
A good podcast with interesting interviewees becomes annoying to listen to when the host feels the need to make totally unnecessary political comments that add absolutely nothing. Keep it to yourself please.
Nitwit who bought a fitbit
Michael Mann Interview Was 💯
Been on a Michael Mann kick recently and absolutely loved the HSC interview with him!
Pleasantly Surprised!
Fun, easy to listen to, and surprisingly insightful. Much more than just celebrity talks!
Gracious with Grillo
You always do an honest interview!
Jo St Nick
Absolutely love this show!
Josh is always so entertaining, and asks questions that most host don’t. Always looking forward to the next episode ❤️
The Christopher Nolan episode was amazing! Thank You
M. H. Jafarian
Bar None
Josh is incredible. He's funny, grounded, passionate, and so engaging. There's so much you love about these conversations. Can't stop listening.
Captain Amexico
Very interesting
You have a very interesting and humble style of presentation.
Vocal Fry
It is unbearable to listen to your voice.....stop it.
Political BS
Love the podcast josh but can you keep your political views to yourself. I mean I still listen but I can’t stand you talking about your political Biden views. Therefore I kindly ask you not to talk about what may be the end of the world with Biden if trump loses legal battle he has to win even if you can’t see that and probably won’t. Other than that excellent pod.
Just Love
Wow, I love this podcast. Big shoutout to the hosts for bringing quality content to my daily life! ♥️
Christian Nadim
I just love LOVE this podcasts it keeps me entertained
H.S.C. Addict!
Seriously becoming addicted to Happy Sad Confused. Josh Horowitz is an engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining host who respects and enjoys his guests and what they do; he manages to bring out the best in them and they clearly enjoy sharing with him - which really makes for interesting, laugh-out-loud listens! Thank you!
Why is there reverb on this podcast?
Every episode sounds like they’re in a cave, who thought that would be a good idea? Good show but podcast engineers, leave your reverb and delay at home for when you’re making music
4 more years
I have an MFA in Documentary Film and a BS in Sociology, and I am conservative. This podcaster believes that despite my education and years of theatre experience, I’m incapable of appreciating art.
Sad to go
I have been a fan of Josh’s since his days of interviewing the Twilight cast. I love his knowledge of film and the questions he asks. Sadly, I have to leave the podcast after being a long time listener as Josh feels it is necessary to give his political opinion in an entertainment podcast. People tune in to these shows for a break from news and events for a moment of escape. I feel he needs to think about his audience and why they tune in to his type of podcast. Alienating a percentage of the audience is not a good idea. I won’t argue politics here because this isn’t the place for it- much like his podcast is not. Deleted the podcast today from my library. Sad to go.
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Always great guests and great interviews. Anyone who is interested in acting or film/TV will love this podcast.
Woody Allen
My first crush! I love his humor, his brilliance and above all his work! Thank you for such a wonderful podcast! The vanilla tootsie roll and the giggle were Priceless!
Josh, stay on this topic, amazing talk.
How did i not know!
I am not great at going wide on things- i’m a delver : ) But, i’ve been listening to pods since they began, and just found this one this weekend. What an absolute Treasure!!!! Thank you
So, I was checking out some podcast and stumbled into this. Seen they had a Woody Allen interview , wow that's exclusive since Woody is reclusive! Problem being could hear the host loud and clear. Woody sounded like he was talking from three rooms away! Why release this when you could hardly hear the guest????
Always great, except for one thing
Love the podcast, great interviews as always. My only complaint is the echo that’s applied to every interview in post. There’s no need for it! It’s extremely distracting and doesn’t enhance the audio experience at all.
I couldn’t get through all of his “umm”s and turned off after 2 minutes. Maybe I’ll try another listen when umm, I’m so actively listening, umm.
Wish there were more episodes
Josh is the only familiar “press” face I can stand. His longevity in the field, rapport with literally everyone in Hollywood, his cinema and filmmaking savvy, and his genuine passion that rides the perfect line of fanboy without being cringey, is why I adore this podcast. No one will EVER provide a better interview with your favorite Hollywood star. I frequently go back and relisten to old ones just because I’m so sad there aren’t more. My favorite podcast hands down.
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Too chummy with guests + focus on male filmmakers
Sometimes it feels like he’s so focused on being chummy with his guests that he’s not thinking about what listeners want to be hearing from an in-depth interview. I wish there was less banter and overfamiliarity and more focus on thoughtful questions. Also when he interviews men, they both go on and on about all the male filmmakers they admire and women never ever come up. Would love to hear about the female female filmmakers that inspire him..
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Love this
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s so nice to listen to a host who’s knowledgeable about the subject and also down to earth. Love his interviews.
Bit much on the reverb but it’s a really good show
Update It
I really love this podcast but I am a new listener and it would help when you have Vol. II and III if you could number and reference the episode that that guest was previously on. Instead of me looking through years of episodes.
Fantastic Film Podcast
This is my favorite Film podcast. Josh is a great, knowledgeable host who brings out the best of his guests. Such a gem of a podcast. Keep up the great work Josh! I love listening to him talk with filmmakers.
This brings me joy!
I absolutely love this podcast. He’s not only a huge fan of film but respects the process, acting, the business and the strangeness of Hollywood. He and his guests are totally down to earth and fun to listen to! This was probably the first podcast I subscribed to.
Distracting FX
The reverb + delay is very... not cool, lots of sibilance coming thru and highlighted in that reverb. ☹️
Boring and quiet
Whispers into mic asks generic and boring questions. Has good guests on but isn’t a good interviewer.
Great EndGame Spoiler
Enjoyed Joshs conversations about EndGame and infinity war with the Russo Brothers!
Awkward but has potential
Decided to give this podcast a try after seeing a few of Josh’s interviews on MTV. I just finished the Russo Bros spoiler talk, and needless to say, I’m disappointed. What could’ve been thirty minutes of thoughtful insight into the filmmaking process and the culmination of the MCU, instead turned into questioning every story decision. “Was there ever a different version of this?” “Did you ever think about this?” “What happened to this?” I had to skip a good chunk of the interview because I could feel the Russo Bros getting a little irritated. I know I was. Ask about what happened, not what could’ve happened. Of course, this was my first listen to the podcast. I’m sure Josh has chops. His curiosity is just a little misplaced. With a little more focus and research, I would’ve loved this interview.
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how do these people get job?
omg...and why do so many podcasters think they’re so cute and funny and clever and like this guy, so, so boring...and why do they think we’re interested in their lives and not the guest? this guy is the worst...and that’s saying a lot...i hate him...
Host has too many verbal distractions to enjoy podcast
In the first 2 minutes of the Ricky Gervais episode, the intro, the host said “um” “uhhhh” literally every 3 seconds. It’s a rookie move and incredibly distracting. He needs to fix this. Professional podcasters are careful to avoid doing this.
Fun Podcast with Nina
Lots of laughs listening to you and Nina get silly whilst drinking Tequila🤪 Made for a fun morning. Love your Happy Sad Confused IGs! Next we need a podcast with Sam Heughan. Pretty please😘
Susan, Boca
I loveJosh, Sammy and anyone that graces their presence. The Only thing that could make it better would be to visit them in NYC. I love the spirit for their world they bring to the show. I hope some day to meet them.
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