Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Neil Warren
The Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast brings you interviews with some of the top harmonica players today. Contact: happyhourharmonicapodcast@gmail.comMany thanks to my sponsor, the Lone Wolf Blues Company. Check out some of the great pedals and amps they provide, purpose-built for harmonica.
Donald Black interview
Donald Black is predominantly a tremolo player, using the instrument to great effect across the range of traditional Scottish music. He learnt many of the tunes he loves from accordion music, emulating the sound on the tremolo harmonica. Donald’s...
Nov 22
59 min
Charlie Musselwhite interview
Charlie Musselwhite grew up in Memphis, rubbing shoulders with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Work took him north to Chicago were he discovered the South Side blues scene, where he befriended several legends of the blues harmonica. Sitting in with Muddy...
Nov 11
59 min
Jim Hughes interview
British Chromatic royalty Jim Hughes joins me on episode 26.Jim has been playing professionally for over 60 years. From his early success in harmonica competitions, he went on to forge a successful career as a session musician, with countless...
Oct 26
59 min
Sugar Blue interview
Sugar Blue has certainly pushed the boundaries of the harmonica, with his rapid fire licks, lots of high end runs and gorgeous tone. It was perhaps his early jazz influences that shaped his distinctive sound, although there is no doubt that he has paid...
Oct 18
57 min
Grant Dermody interview
Grant Dermody first picked up the harp in Alaska, where he emulated the greats before developing his own acoustic sound playing American roots music. He played as a session man on various albums before releasing the first of his four solo albums to...
Oct 13
59 min
Antonio Serrano interview
Chromatic player, Antonio Serrano, is the current SPAH harmonica player of the year. And with good reason. Antonio’s father was a great influence on the fledgling harmonica player. And Antonio met Larry Adler at a young age, and performed with him for...
Sep 26
59 min
Mark Feltham interview
Mark Feltham grew up with a love of country music and just knew he had to play harp when he heard Stone Fox Chase on the UK music programme, Old Grey Whistle test.As he entered the London music scene he found he had to adapt his style to create a fusion...
Sep 13
59 min
Mickey Raphael interview
Mickey Raphael started out playing on the Dallas folk scene before meeting with Willie Nelson at a jam session. Forty six years later, Mickey has toured the world with Willie. Alongside that, Mickey has enjoyed great recording success as a session...
Sep 2
57 min
Jerry Portnoy interview
Jerry Portnoy joins me on episode 20 of the podcast.Jerry grew up with the sounds of Maxwell street in his ears. It took him a few years to pick up the harp, but when he did he enjoyed a tremendous career. Starting out with Johnny Young’s band, he had...
Aug 22
59 min
John Cook interview
John is a harmonica repairer and customiser. Following years of experience as a toolmaker John moved into repairing musical instruments, initially for woodwind instruments, before tapping into a rich vein of work repairing harmonicas. As well as many...
Aug 11
59 min
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