Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman
Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices. Talk and Tech for Developers, Life-long Learners, and Technologists.
Mark Thompson wants you to win
Mark Thompson wants you to win. He talks to Scott about the scarcity mindset and why it's the wrong way to think about a career in technology. Your winning doesn't mean Mark or Scott loses.
Aug 4
38 min
Failing Safely with Ramón Huidobro
Ramón Huidobro is a Developer Relations Strategist, Developer Educator and Public Speaker with over a decade of experience in Software Engineering. He talks to Scott about how to learn - and fail - safely and comfortably in public.
Jul 28
34 min
Rust for Beginners with Nell Shamrell-Harrington
Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft and as a Board Director at the Rust Foundation. Rust is a low-level statically-typed multi-paradigm programming language that’s focused on safety and performance. In a world of C and C++, why should you use Rust? Why does Rust shine and what problems does it solve?
Jul 21
28 min
The future of supply chain with Ox's CEO Charu Thomas
Ox optimizes fulfillment operations by automating manual tasks and increasing workforce efficiency. Ox's CEO Charu Thomas started thinking about this space in college and then ended up founded a company in Northwest Arkansas! As a second-year undergraduate, Charu took her concept to Thad Starner, a professor in Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, who also was the technical lead/manager for Google Glass. The resulting research won the Best Paper Award at the 2018 ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) International Symposium on Wearable Computers.
Jul 14
33 min
Journey Foods makes Tech with Biologist and Entrepreneur Riana Lynn
Journey Foods is a SaaS company that supports product management and intelligence services for food businesses. They are changing food science inefficiencies and problematic supply chains. Scott talks to biologist turned multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Riana Lynn about our food supply, how we understand it, how it's analyzed and thought about, and how it can be improved with software.
Jul 7
32 min
Enabled Play for everyone with Alex Dunn
Enabled Play helps people turn anything into a new input for their computers, game consoles, and more. Powered by offline, private, and personalized Artificial Intelligence and distributed services – all packed into affordable devices and apps. Imagine playing Elden Ring with just your facial expressions! Or enabling keyboards, mice, and game pads with whatever devices will best set you up for success. Enabled Play enable folks with disabilities, different levels of abilities, basically everyone to be their best selves on any device. Scott talks to Alex Dunn about the ideas and goals behind his company, how he built it, and how Enabled Play is about Work, Life, and Play for everyone.
Jun 23
34 min
3d Printers work everywhere with OctoEverywhere and Quinn Damerell
Quinn saw a problem and connected a community. Folks like Gina at OctoPrint (Episode 470!) have made our 3D Printers wireless, but OctoEverywhere means you can connect to OctoPrint safely and securely from anywhere! How did Quinn make this service, scale it, and what's it like to have a side hustle that helps tens of thousands?
Jun 16
37 min
3D Movie Maker Forever with Foone Turing
Foone Turing is a self-proclaimed "software necromancer" not only bringing classics back to life, but also breathing new life and community into older software and hardware. Foone and Scott recently worked with Microsoft to get Microsoft 3D Movie Maker released as Open Source. We'll hear about Foone's plans for 3D Movie Maker going forward, as well as why the community has such strong feelings for this funny 27 year old piece of software!
Jun 9
36 min
Writing Ballad and Dagger with Daniel José Older
In 2014 Daniel José Older was an EMT in New York City, today he's the author of 19 books, the most recent being Ballad & Dagger (Outlaw Saints, #1). He sits down with Scott to talk about being a creator in public, how social media has changed how the public interacts with authors, what his creative process is like, and how Young Adults are his favorite audience because they will absolutely tell you the truth about your work.
Jun 2
37 min
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