Hang Out With Me (A Myq Kaplan Podcast)
Hang Out With Me (A Myq Kaplan Podcast)
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He’s amazing
I am completely entertained by his mind
monicas magic touch
Myq is god
I mean technically we're all god, but myq (and most of his guests) are so tuned in to truth and positivity
travs s lyfe
Topics include lunch
High quality hanging.
Been a fan for a longtime.
And now I am a human that loves this show...as a friend.
<3 everything Myq does...
...and this is no exception! Fun, fantastic episodes.
Reagan the Ve(a)gan
Myq is entertaining and interesting. Simultaneously!
Myq has a very quick pace with his comedy, with lots of wordplay and thoughtful jokes. The podcast reflects his sense of humor as well as his interests. He has fascinating, engaging guests who talk about a variety of subjects, while at the same time crackin' wise all over everyone's business. Myq is one of the most casually, conversationally funny people I've ever heard, and he peppers this in without interfering with the genuienly intriguing conversations that are had by Myq and his guests.
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Michael Spausey
F$-@ Mike Kaplan
I just saw Mike last night and he killed it onstage in Sunnyvale. He packs four times the material when he's on stage doing an hour than other comedians. Now I'm subscribing to his podcast and I'm letting other people know about it too because he was killing it. He needs to be on the crab feast. on second thought f@$# the crab feast!
Amazingly Impreassed, Better than your average podcast!
I have been a big fan of myq's genius, quick, abstract, and explosivly amazing comedy for years, he is one of those rare comics that there punchlines are so far from what you expected to be the punchline and he is extreamly quick in telling them. And now he is doing nothing but riffing with some of the funniest comics today like louis katz, kyle kinane and paul f tompkins. Love the podcast as well as the stand up myq!!! I recomend any of myq's work to everybody!!!!!
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Chase Ruel
Yes and please
it is great to see the personality of Myq Kaplan (although he is no friend of mine) and friends off the stage, which is still hilarious. Words are fun and this podcast uses them.
Top notch
always funny. No softball questions. Great stuff.
Great show
Met Myq at his show in Philly. It was funny and now I have all of this podcast funny in my life now. I'm a very fortunate man, and so will you be if you listen to it.
Evan from PA
I've "Hung Out With Myq" many times in the recent months and it is always hilarious! Great stuff!
Dove A
LOL quality!
I opened for Myq Kaplan in December and was inspired by his style and intelligent humor. In addition to being hilarious and having a quick wit, Myq is fun to hang out with, and he actually did hang out with me and my friends after the show. I have been listening to and catching up on the podcast ever since. I haven't heard a single episode that I didn't like or gain some inside comedy perspective, and like the person who wrote the review about laughing out loud on the subway while listening to the podcast, I get the same awkward looks on the bus. Excellent show! I give it 5 stars and two exclamation points, which I don't hand out lightly!!
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Ashley D Watson
Myq Kaplan always brings the funny.
Such a smith of words!
This podcast shines no matter who the guests are because I could just listen to Myq Kaplan talk all day. Sometimes I do. I love the free-flowing form the show adopts. I never know what to expect and I like that. Myq is always set to SHUFFLE. I will continue to Hang Out.
Camm Harston
Myq Kaplan is one of my absolute favorite comedians and his podcast does not disappoint. He brings in a wonderful mix of comics I know and love and unknown-to-me comics who are awesome. Each show is more polished than the one before and I love the laid-back, low-key nature of the hangouts that still makes me belly laugh at least once an episode. Keep hanging out with us, Myq!
Not trying hard enough
Myq Kaplan is funny, and his show is funny, but it's not THAT funny. In the episode I listened to, the topics were: doing comedy, how the guests know each other, things they don't really remember about each other, and how people shouldn't give reviews less than 5 stars on iTunes. That last one is becoming a pet peeve of mine. Podcasters need to stop badmouthing their listeners, even if it's done jokingly. (I'm looking at you, Jesse Thorn) So... here's your 3 star review. I'll maybe listen to another episode and edit my review if I feel so compelled.
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Outstanding Show
Really becoming a huge fan of this podcast. Do yourself a favor and subscribe today.
Myq is one of my favorite comics and podcaters
Myq Kaplan may be a weirdo vegan but his comedy and podcasting are top notch. This podcast has interesting guests and is always a good listen.
A lot of fun
Myq Kaplan picks great guests to hang out with and does a great job pairing them as well. Each episode makes for a fun group of people to hang out with for upwards of an hour. Just be sure to listen to the long version first! The short version is fun afterwards, but often spoils some of the jokes if you listen to it first.
Awesome Podcast
Myq is a really funny guy with really funny friends, listening to each episode really does feel like funny people hanging out and it's super entertaining. 5 stars!!!
Awesome podcast!
Myq is fun to listen to and he has really great guests. I think bonus eposides are best after the main show or, sometimes before and after! He talks so fast I feel senescent. yeahhh!
transparent things
Get double the fun
Not only a Podcast but you get a bonus with every episode! Great people on a great podcast. I like the casual style of the podcast. Myq is very funny and has some great friends.
Great Podcast
True to its title, Hang Out With Me feels like you've dropped in on a conversation between funny people in the middle of some friendly banter. I highly recommend it.
Myq is funny, his friends are funny. What more could you ask for?
I love it
Great podcast
Myq is one of the nicest and funniest people on earth. I have been following his comedy forever and he never disappoints. His Yaybies joke is a comedy classic. This is a fun romp which a very bright and funny guy.
So glad Myq started podcasting
It is very funny, lots of funny comics, five stars!
arielle goldman
It's free!
This podcast made me laugh out loud while I was on the subway. People stared. It was a bit awkward. Anyway, download this podcast. It's free.
Matthew Keys
It's genius!
I forget how I found out about Myq Kaplan but ever since I did I have loved his brand of humor. It's funny in a sort of "Vulcan" way :) Great podcast. Enjoyed every minute of it .
How awesome is this Podcast? Blah blah blah Awesome!
It's rare that I come across a show so good I'd give it 5 stars before it comes out, but here we are. This show is it, the bee's knee's, cat's meow, dog's bollocks, the bomb, the business, the marsupial's boner, the walken's accent, etc. How do I know? Simple: I've heard Myq Kaplan speak.
Keegan y
I'm looking forward to it, if you ever figure out how to start.
Heard about it on KATG.
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