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Bradley Surratt decided just as ancient Israel was d
I have been a fan for 8 years. God bless you and keep you in the shadow of his wings. Feeder I am your brother and friend. Friend the andhighest office in the Old Testament. You and Steve are mighty me of God We, my family, love you The kingdom is being decided like ancient Israel. There will be blood. One part remembers and has reverence for the old ways. Soon all will be forced to choose. I look forward to standing next to men like you
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Truth is truth! Awesome job Doug
Great informative show. For people who haven’t listened for years like I have Doug has been through a lot including the loss of his son joe. He has a great heart for America and God, best public speaker? No, but are you? Are most of us? Atleast he is out there in the front lines speaking truth and taking the risks. I contribute to the show and love the coffee products. Love when Steve Quayle is on 👍🏻 thanks Doug!
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Nothing but the truth
Outstanding podcast. Doug and all his guests tell it like it is. Not a show for the weak brainwashed sheep. Keep up the awesome work.
Very well done Podcast
Doug is true Patriot that puts forth the truth. My favorite shows are from Monday’s and Wednesdays. Enjoy listening to John Moore and especially Dr. Richard Proctor. I bought Dr. Proctor’s “Saving the Constitution” series and I am currently reading it now. Give it a listen.
You are the op
Worst podcast I’ve heard when it comes to actual facts look up any of the claims this dungas has about trump they are all false trump has pushed gun regulations he has let millions of illegals in an he has sent trillions of tax dollars over seas these are the actual facts if u just take the time to educate yourself your pod cast is staraight trash you are an opp
bottom lne
Great show
Great show.
n cangiolosi
Whiny Boomer
I like The Hagmann report but listening to Richard Proctor drone on about how stupid and useless people are in this country was a little too much to take. No one is going to respond to someone who scolds them. Seems like all this man wants to do is piss and moan about the Constitution and sell books. Okay boomer.
Gnostic Beast
King Jesus alone should be our testimony.
Jeremiah ben Jonah
Going in the wrong direction
I wish Peter Barry Chowka did his own show. He’s the only one worth listening to any more. Used to like this show but it’s gone downhill. Doug, a supposed Christian talks about bashing in people’s head with baseball bats and knifing them in the gut and firing the first shot. Pathetic. Real men pray for their enemies and for God’s protection. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord and apparently sayeth Doug also. Steve Quayle only talks about how people chastise him. Stan Deyo believes all the NASA lies and doesn’t know how to shut the ringer off on his phone. Austin Broer is a huge waste of time listening to, constantly pushes his products.
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Worth a Listen!
Good, informative content on the conservative side of things.
God Bless
Great place to grow as a Christian, Jesus loves you. God bless
Every green herb bearing seed
Agree with 99.9% of what you say and seriously love the show but every time you insult “pot heads” I feel you’re trashing one of the greatest gifts our Father has ever given us. I have personally seed suffering children healed and cancer victims live just from utilizing this plant! I would absolutely love to hear a show where you give your take on the history of Kaneh Bosem in the Bible and it’s biblical use in worship, because this is literally the ONLY place in which what God is telling me differs from what God is telling you, and I highly value your opinion! So... do a show on weed, dude! Haha much love brother, and keep up the good work!
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A real show about real and important news.
First off I love the fact Doug has on guests that don’t all say and agree with the same things. I love John Moore, Ted Broer, Peter Berry Chowka and Steve Quale. He’s not afraid to Criticize Trump. Keeps you informed and thinking critically, does not push his own spin or opinions. Love the show.
Good guests, but host needs some polish
I’ve been listening for a long time, because of the (usually) great guests. Doug is ok, but frequently interrupts his guests for no apparent reason. When he doesn’t have a guest, he drones on about mundane details of political shenanigans without really succeeding in making his point clear. Then he gets wound up and yells into the mic about something without really making it clear what he’s wound up about; which wakes me up for a few minutes... but then I have to skip the long drawn out sponsor plugs. I miss Joe... he was a better speaker... very relatable, and able to make a clear, concise point and move on. Dad seemed a little too inclined to correct him on air sometimes. No disrespect intended... just calling ‘em like I see ‘em... I still listen. Steve Quayle is ok when he’s not whining about his haters. Doug should try to get J. B. Wells back on the show... I would stay awake through that.
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Joe the pool guy
Deep State Originals
Doug Hagmann and his guests were using the term Deep State long before the MSM started using it. They are on top of what’s going on. Topics are well researched and presented with humility and a Christian world view. Good group of people here. Tune in!
Catholic Combat
Dynamite info
Doug is eloquent and informative, and delivers his info in a very no-nonsense fashion; great guests all the time.
They cover anything
Doug and Joe work hard to bring you the news and breakdown what the real meaning of political strategies and the actions of the different parties like the left democrats. They also cover anything from UFO’s to paranormal and exorcisms. I like the guest especially frequent guest like Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges. It’s hard to get the real story as it relates to the war on Christianity and Right censorship but these guys do their best to bring you the real story.
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Keeping us informed
Like any podcast, there are segments you are already versed on and the information may seem repetitive. But, often the listener will learn things that are unavailable elsewhere. Doug, thanks for your hard work and dedication. It is greatly appreciated by many!
Great show
However there’s a lot of repetitive rambling. Please stick to the topic and give us info. We already know your opinion. We are here because we are on the same page. I’m looking for someone with suggestions on how to fix our country, not just rant on how it has been hijacked. Thanks.
? last try
Evidence Based Podcast
Doug Hagmann has honor in a society that no longer places emphasis on doing the right thing for love of country. His guests often discuss evidence to show how far this country has fallen and what can be peacefully done to bring it back on track. Doug, you are prayed for & Joe will be healed by Jesus Christ!
You sold out!
I miss the old days. Remember doing Saturdays guys? Remember taking listeners phone calls? Remember the guests that you had on in the beginning days? That’s why you’re where you are now. Paula White??? Really??? What happened to you guys? Is it worth it. Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Is the host drunk or overmedicated?
Attempted to listen to episode 1818. I made it ten minutes in, fast forwarded and listened for a few minutes, then fast forwarded and attempted to listen again. It was unlistenable. He slurred his words and muttered. I really wondered if he was drunk, or over medicated on an allergy medicine or something. He spent four minutes arguing with himself if an abortion doctor had testified before one person in congress or another before someone else (and I’m still not sure who that person was or how they fit into the podcast) jumped in and steered him back on track somewhat. Later he mispronounced words and spent endless time explaining what the real pronunciation was, but that his way was also correct. I then randomly picked a different episode and it wasn’t much different. He spent time wandering from subject to subject and circling back and arguing with himself, very similar to the first episode I attempted to listen to. He slurred his words and just seemed “foggy”, as if he was drunk or over medicated in this episode as well. If you want a podcast where the host gets to the point, is easily understandable, and enunciates his words, this is not the podcast for you.
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gr8 nurse
I pray that the lord continues to watch over you and all that are working with you. Thank you Jon Rippee God bless Luara Lommer . And her fuzzy kiwis
Praying for our country and you guys
Your show gives me hope. You fellas are great and informative I look to your show as inspiration keep it up
Joe has got to go
I’m a huge fan of Doug and find him to be right on point. His son Joe however leaves much to be desired, and frankly detracts from the quality Doug brings to the program. If he must be involved, please put him in a back-line position and bring on a cohost with something significant to add.
J. Purdue
Nothing but the truth!
I just wanted to say that God has HIs hand on you Gentlemen. Thank you for fighting the good fight, and upholding the truth.
Informative & In Depth
This is what Real News is all about. Not like all that other propaganda. The veil is being lifted and it’s about time! Thanks for all your hard work.
Excellent Podcast with Knowledgable Guests.
I really enjoy most of the podcasts you guys put out because the majority of your guests are top-notch and I’ve yet to hear one guest that doesn’t give credit to God. I especially LOVE Pastor David Langford and Stan Deyo! Could you guys get Russ Dizdar on again, as spiritual warfare is so important these days and the church doesn’t want to talk about it. Doug: Control your excitement and aim to make your points clear.
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Quincy BJJ
Great job
Really like the podcast now that the music isn’t playing between breaks!! Great show!
Love Steve Quale
I enjoy all of your guests, but Steve Quayle is my favorite. Thank you for all you do...
Salt _Farmer
Informative. Very religious men
I liked the podcasts so far. Pretty lengthy though, which is great for travel. Be ready to hear about Jesus and God giving them strength though. Everyone, give yourself credit. The idea of God didn't do anything, you did great things in life because you are capable... not because of a fictitious book you read
>>>>>>>>WON'T DOWLOAD<<<<<<<<
I'm subscribed and the last 2 weeks there's been problems with only your show trying to get recent shows. Sounds like censorship to me. Keep it up guys, patriots appreciated you.
These guys are DEAD ON.
To be honest I tune out a bit when they talk about the Christian perspective, but it doesn't dominate the show and otherwise these guys are DEAD ON.
Apple Will Not Keep H&H podcasts Updated
Doug and Joe GREAT Job on telling the right true,however you may want to find out why your podcasts are SKIPPED for 6 straight days and by the time they are posted your podcasts are old news,,,great podcasts but thanks to Apple you may be losing revenue and listeners,,,cmon Apple get with it,Apple has no problem keeping current on Infowar's podcasts
Awesome Content
Great hosts who care about America and Christians through out this sin filled fake world
I love you guys. You are increidible and what you are giving to us daily is incredible.5 stars! BUT, you shoot yourself in the foot CONSTANTLY! You have some of the most incredibly intelligent people on your show, they trust you! These are men guided and given knowledge by the most high. When you pitch product in the way you do(it is fake, and you are trying too hard) let it flow, and ask unprepared questions, you water down the greatness of the information at hand. Take notes from tru news, they are clean and precise! Peoples lives are on the line! No fumbling and saying wow over and over. You say wow at nothing(something insignificant) , then someone gives you divine understanding and you say wow again! Do you realize what that does! It puts trash and gold in the same bin. Speak with precision, accuracy and dont make this out to be some "Hagman" thing. These people are not taken seriously if you keep getting sloppy! Your program deseves rededication to a more precise manner. You guys deserve all the applause, its time to cut the fat that has been growing.
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Patriot 2016
Love the show! Learning a lot thanks guys
Long time listener
Here's an honest review from long time listener. I enjoy listening to Joe. Doug, not so much. Doug, getting out a thought is like pulling teeth. You go round and round like you are setting up the thought first. Irritating. Also guys, you rarely have females on the show. And when you do have Sheila on, Doug keeps interrupting her. Irritating. I think Joe is the best for the show. I've kinda moved on from this podcast.
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Relaxed girl
The truth shall set you free
Hands down, Doug and Joe have one of the best podcasts out. Free your mind and find the truth before it's too late. 👍🏾👍🏾
..the fallen angels TOOK the daughters of Adam.. There was NO wedding or throwing rice, TOOK as in kidnapped, stole and RAPED whoever they wanted..!
Front line AUTHENTIC News & Current Events
These guys are on the front line of current events and interject their insightful commentary and weave things together in a way that is productive and useful, contrasted with the conspiracy theorist, fear-mongers. Thanks so much for keeping us informed of the relevant.
Great show. The information from the many guest is so very important. I don't always agree with some of the interpretation of scripture by some of the guest, but it is still definitely worth listening to.
Good Investigations make good shows
Fantastic information given on every show.
Your broadcast is excellent. Thank you for the guests and care you take interpreting the Bible at such a broad in depth level.
Good People
These men tell the truth and bring a real perspective back to us during these crazy times. Many thanks.
Hagman and hangman
I just found them a couple of months ago and I have not found anything online any better! Introduced me to great men of God like Stan deyo Agusto Perez Steve quail
Donald L. Coleman
Ive found no other show that is christian based, that moves me like this one does repeatedly, the most informed and credible guests. The Hagmans them selves must be the most informed, and luckily they can still share this info with us,,,,THANK YOU
the whole armor
Listen and pray for this podcast
This is the most consistent and truth based podcast available. Pray for these two. If you don't know why then you need to listen. Prepare
No Compromise!
I Love How You Haven’t Compromised The Truth, I Highly Respect That! I Find Many Times We Are Informed About Things Happening Through Your Show Before Anyone Else. No Compromise And Your Not Intimidated To Research And Share About Things The Church Wont Touch. Subjects That Are Vitally Important That We Grasp And Be Prepared To Deal With! Thank You So Very Much!
One of the best shows all around.
So happy to have a show like this to listen to..thank you guys so much.
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