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Hack Learning
Mark Barnes
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I’m down with this podcast but as of episode 144 there are random ads for non educational things. Right smack in the middle of 144 there was an ad for google pixel. Super annoying.
Amy HK
Real commentary and advice
Thanks for this shot in the arm podcast. Topics are always relevant and give encouragement to try new things and think critically about what we're doing in our 21st century classrooms.
Love! But...
I am a long time enthusiastic listener, but I am pretty shocked by the mean tone of the new intro. Why is it considered ok to speak to colleagues in a kind of patronizing and vicious tone that we would not dream of using with students? It does not help teachers who want to improve, but don't know how. Would be great to hear the more positive tone again.
Virtual PLN in full effect!
The only thing I have to say is this is the first podcast that I have listened to where I wanted to get a pen and take notes. And not to say that it's didactic, it's just the ideas coming from the host and the people he speaks with are dropping science...literally.
Great listening
This podcast helps me reflect on and improve my own teaching practices. Mark Barnes talks about and discusses all topics in education. He does a great job and helps me get ready for my day on my morning commute.
A great podcast for great ed content!
Expert and novice teachers alike will undoubtedly find value in the multitude of topics mark addresses on the podcast. Valuable insight into great teaching and the Hack Learning series.
Quick tips for busy teachers and students
As a teacher and a teacher educator, this is a great resource for busy teachers and preservice teachers. I plan to share Hack Learning with my network and integrate the podcasts into my teaching. We all need ideas that we can quickly implement. Thanks Hack Learning!
Real Important Right Now Relevancy
We're teachers, we're busy, and many of us are constantly upping our game. Hack Learning is respectful of this. When content is delivered optimally, it doesn't take up a lot of your time. Hack Learning always leaves me inspired and more informed in just minutes. Love it!
Relevant for ALL Educators
Mark Barnes shares clear and specific ideas and solutions to common challenges within our traditional education system. As I listen to each podcast, I find myself sharing episodes with colleagues immediately! Everything he contributes with his personal knowledge and guests are relevant and essential for all educators. THANK YOU, MARK! Please keep sharing!
Great Podcast... A Must Try
Great helpful session that are short, concise and to the point. We as educators are quite busy. Getting these valuable nuggets will help to improve you career as well as advance the academic career of the students you teach.
Quick and easy
I'll admit I'm not a great listener, so I really like the short format of this podcast. I like quick bursts of ideas that I can take in, mull over, and actually remember! Definitely going to try to use Today's Meet for participation next year!
Fast and thought provoking
I love this podcast for staff development, coaching sessions, and conversation starters. Five minutes and we have hours of research, thought, and action to empower students and collaborate together.
New Listener
I’ve just recently came across the Hack Learning podcast. It’s nice to “hear” the voices behind twitter edchats and hear a little more detail about tips and tricks. Many other podcasts run between 30-60 minutes, but this podcast has quick and short episodes which are nice to be able to sneak in one here or there when you just have 5-10 minutes. Overall, I think it’s a nice extension to the twitter world and helps continue the conversations!
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Mark does a great job at getting me thinking of new ways to reach out to students and be the best teacher I can be!
Engaging and equipping
I really like the format. It moves quickly, engages the listener, and provides real resources to help us become better teachers.
A valuable resource
I love this series! The Hack Learning with Mark Barnes podcast tackles current topics and issues in education that many educators face daily. This is such a great resource for both new and veteran teachers in small bursts of information since episodes range from 2 to 15 minutes long.
Hack Learning at it's best
This podcast gives you real solutions in a quick format that is easy to apply. I love it as much as I love the books.
Hacking Meetings
This is a quick and practical podcast for maximizing work time. Move meetings to the cloud. Many can learn from this!
Fast and Practical
Thoughtful ideas for educ
Mark delivers thoughtful ideas that you can use immediately. A must-have for education advocates!
Food for Thought
These podcasts are a great way to think, connect, stay positive, and work for what is best for students.
D Muse
SpEd Teacher
I love the practical, user ready tips that I have gotten through listening to Hack Learning's podcasts! It fires me up and gets me excited to get back into the classroom in August!
I do love me some podcasts, but frequently they are so long! I love how Mark has created ones that hit a topic in a brief amount of time so I can listen all the way through. I recently listened to the one on Twitter chats and loved it. I feel like these are a great expansion of his book series of which I've read 2 of the 4! Thanks!
Little Hacks = Lotta Help
Mark Barnes brings his informative and revolutionary #HackLearning to podcasts. All of these podcasts are helpful. Ranging from two minutes to ten (or so), these hacks are easy to listen to and understand. The sound quality on some may not be top notch, but all the ideas are!
Practical and Relevant
The Hack Learning podcast is great for the commute to and from school. It's very practical and relevant for today's educators. The podcasts will challenge and promote self-reflection as we strive to make more of an impact for our students.
Principal Dunn
Hack Learning:
I just finished listening to the Hack Assessment podcast. I liked the incorporation of the parent voice to start the podcast. It brings a perspective to the idea that would not be present otherwise. There is a definite perspective present about how (and why) we should be considering alternate methods of teaching and assessing students throughout the podcast. Would love to hear more details about the "how". Guess it's time to buy the book.
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Social Studeis Teacher Ohio
I love this show's extremely practical advice!
Motivational Minutes
This is a great podcast for very busy teachers/leaders that want to be inspired and know actionable steps towards making a difference in education. Podcast is timely, relevant, succinct information. Chat and books are like none other too!
Quick and engaging listen
Mark has done a wonderful job of expanding his book series into a podcast. Each episode is short, engaging and relevant. Keep it up!
Justin Birckbichler
Hacking Leadership
Just listened to the 5 quick tips for lead learners...def great information that I will use as I move into the role of elem asst principal. Love the suggestion to be out and visible within your campus...students and teachers need to know you are interested in the learning they are doing daily
Helpful. Quick. Doable now strategies.
Helpful. Quick. Doable now strategies. Two thumbs up. Very glad to have discovered this podcast and the edupodcast group.
A Must Listen
Mark Barnes pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to question everything you think you know about learning and teaching. This is a must listen podcast for educators everywhere. Follow Mark and #HackLearning on twitter for more great ideas and insight.
Just like the books, this podcast provides practical strategies for teaching and learning.
Simple, clear, and useful.
Mark Barnes delivers practical and thougthful insights straight up, with no extra fluff and no messing around. He cares deeply about getting education right, and that comes right through in every episode.
Yet another great Hack Learning product!
Mark Barnes asks the tough questions we face in the world of education and provides thoughtful and balanced ideas that often can be implemented right away (the hacks!). We need more discourse around the big issues we face to improve education for all kids. This podcast is short and full of great conversation. Give it a listen and check out all the Hack Learning resources and books.
It’s all about the #HACK
Take those “life hacks” we see advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other forms of social media and distill them for educators! This podcast is an essential for ANY educator who wants to make their classroom more effective, efficient, and managed. Great ideas! Great connections! If you haven’t read the books or don’t have the time, subscribe to this podcast and take 10 minutes of your drive or your workout for some quick PD and great ideas!
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