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Let's talk about methods - part 2
36 minutes Posted Sep 23, 2022 at 5:05 am.
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Show notes

What does it look like when we move beyond thinking within the confines of the methods toolkit?   

Methods are the basis of our work as researchers - but ‘knowing your methods’ won’t win you credibility. Methods are not often universal among the stakeholders and partners we are working with and aren't always the best tool to instigate change. As a researcher we need to be able to become an active part of the conversation while not being overly prescriptive either with our methods as well as embracing agility and the inherent uncertainty that games live in.  In part 2 of our 'let's talk about methods' episodes - we'll conclude our discussion so join me as I chat all things methods and the voice of user research with Sebastian Long, Managing Director of Player Research    

Seb Long is Managing Director of Player Research, the leading independent games user research studio. Seb has ten years of experience contributing player feedback and player psychology to hundreds of games, including titles in the Life Is Strange, FIFA, Sonic , Guitar Hero, Talking Tom, Star Wars, LEGO, and Marvel universes. As Managing Director he leads a team of world-class games user researchers located in the UK and Canada. Personal site: