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Gun Talk
Tom Gresham
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If I was Billy Bob in Varsity Blues, I would give you “a 10,a F ing 10!!!!” Love all your diverse guests and the thought you hate being around people Tickles to you !!
Double B and Chive on
Great show
Keep up the good work
Done with GunTalk
I have been listening to GunTalk for a while, but after the starting to listen to the new show in 2021, GunTalk has been deleted from my library. Tom’s came off with a holier than thou attitude and it just struck me wrong. Tom was talking to a caller about 2A activism and something along the lines that he is tired of hearing that people can’t make rallies and legislative sessions because they have to work. Then goes on to say, we all have jobs and that if you are not giving money to at least 6 2A organization and not going to these rallies and legislative sessions, you are not really a 2A activist… Well I got news for Mr. Gresham, not all of us have a radio show/Podcast with paid sponsors. Most of us have real jobs that we have to be at, if not we would not have a job. Tom was out of line with those comments and does not know all his listeners situations. I wish you all well, but I will NEVER listen to this show again.
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Gun talk
I love the show, Tom, guests and the full team covers everything from keeping old guns working, new products going on sale and even current events from the culture to politics. Everything in one stop on the radio to the podcast. Keep up the great work!!!!!!! Thank you
The Ant
Great podcast enjoy all the topics and content keep up the great work 👍
Great show, very informative
I live in liberal Massachusetts and I just got my LTC. Fortunately my town has a common sense chief of police and the process wasn't to difficult. As a first time gun owner I really enjoy listening to the show. I got some very good info about finding the right gun for me. I took my time by taking several guns on the range and I finally found the right one for me (Sig 320) Love the show and keep up the good work!!
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Marathon 62
Trump talk
Trump is also anti gun. Executive order on ban of bump stocks and take guns first and due process second. If you own guns and side with anti gun politicians then you are lost.
ryan blackout
Tom has a wonderfully effective, informative and easy listening style about him. Gun Talk is the best of the best with Tom and his guests. Thank you for all you do sir. If you’re not listening to Gun Talk today, you’re simply not informed of what you need to know. Think INTOT.
Pud Dad
Must Listening For Any Gun Person
Tom Gresham is a national treasure.
Top notch show
I’ve added and dropped a lot of podcasts over the years, but the one I always keep is Gun Talk. Tom and crew really put on a quality show with VERY useful information.
Very interested gun show
I enjoy the topics would like to hear more libertarian party on the air . Dr.Jo Jorgensen 2020
One of the best 2A Advocates
I have listened to GunTalk for about 8 years now. While I don’t catch every show, I’ve listened to most of them in that time. It’s a great resource for responsible firearm owners who are looking to keep themselves in the correct mindset, and up-to-date on various 2A issues concerning the news, legislation and yes, new products. Some have criticized the show as being a three-hour commercial (that’s only true during SHOT Show). While Tom usually has at least one dedicated segment to a commercial industry representative per week, he has not hesitated to hold them to account on-air if he suspected them of being misleading, unsafe or being anti-conducive to 2A advocacy. I can specifically recall Springfield, Remington and even the NRA itself being held to account by Tom on-air for various shortcomings. The show may not be as high-speed or “tacticool” as your average YouTube personality’s channel, but it has much more substance than most of those combined. The tone and pace remind me of the interactions I’ve had with the older generation, many of whom have sadly passed, and the show is a nice reminder of a culture I appreciate and don’t often get to engage with. Whether it is training, new firearm technologies, scenario evaluation, ammunition considerations, wing shooting, legislative history, current events or other items that become I.N.T.O.T. moments, Tom has covered it all – and what he doesn’t personally know he routinely gets guests who do. To me, that’s worth segments having the occasional ad placement. If you consider yourself a 2A proponent, then GunTalk should be on your list of subscriptions.
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These guys are great and hilarious.
Excellent show
Highly recommended. Tom is a great person with the most important information.
This Asian gun owner is tuning out due to RACISM.
Tom seems to be ok as the elder statesman. This Ryan guy, who I’m assuming is directly related to Tom seems to be ok with cavalier racist remarks. I’m out. You should realize that in the battle for advocating for gun rights, you should really be careful in who you alienate.
Great show
This show gives anyone interested in gun weather they own 20 gun, wanting to buy there first gun or just have a question on just about any that involves guns!! Amazing show!!!
Gun talk rocks!!
Best talk radio ever!!!
Sick twisted whatever
Great Podcast
I have been listening to Tom and the crew for years via podcast. Very informative and entertaining show. I love the aftershow.
Stop laughing please
Does Michelle laugh because she has nothing to say ...
I have searched and searched for a informative firearm/2nd A podcast and found a winner. This is to the point, informative and mics at a quick pace.
hillarys bff
Mix of topics
Gun owners and enthusiasts are really a big tent of people. Some of us are competition target shooters, others are hunters, some are collectors, many are just into personal protection. Virtually all of us are concerned with protecting our 2A rights others but many don’t want to dwell on it. Tom and the show do a great job of covering a myriad of topics that offer something for everybody but not too much of anything. Please don’t change anything about the show. Love it the way it is.
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It is not a podcast, it's a radio show !
For those who complain about it having too many commercials; it is a radio show that is recorded and put out as a podcast. No more commercials than any other radio talk show. I enjoy most of the content, but I also agree with many of the reviewers that he can get condescending to callers and do not agree with his holier than thou attitude on showing up at the state capital for legislation and protests. His household income is much greater than most of us, as his trips for training, sponsers or to the cabin up north . I guess you can do that when the media company pays for much of it. If a person asks for advice it will normally involve him recommending a sponser's product, regardless of what is asked. I'll continue to listen, but I occasionally need to use the FF button on my media player.
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Great show.
Super knowledgeable on all things gun related. Firearms, Ammunition, reloading, ballistics and accessories. Hunting and defensive guns.
Broad ranging topics
This show covers everything gun which for some might be overly broad. I find this podcast is best saved and when there is a particular specialized segment thats not relevant or interesting its easy to skip ahead a few minutes. There are more specialized podcasts but Tom covers all of the bases, plus the outfield, and the off season as it were. Something for everyone.
Random thoughts racing
Great topics, great guests, great callers - great show!
Tom is always up-to-date on everything gun related, from legislation to history to new innovations. I look forward to every show.
Take time to listen.
Tom and his team have a great knowledge base and fantastic resources. The interviews and the range reports are always interesting. I always look forward to Sunday’s new shows!!!! Thank you Tom and your team!!!!!
Worth a listen
Tom has been in the trenches for a long time and it shows. Whether you’re new to guns or a hardcore 2nd amendment defender this show is worth a listen and a subscription. Thanks to Tom and the GunTalk team for doing so much for all of us!
This podcast informs you of the politics that are facing the 2nd amendment. Extremely important podcast for those who love hunting, shooting, and the outdoors and want to stand for those rights to continue as the founders intended.
All politics.... no substance
I subscribed to this podcast to listen to good gun talk (hunting, shooting sports, concealed carry, etc)... I was disappointed. All I got was ramblings about political rhetoric. As much as I like reaffirming my own beliefs, this podcast offers little discussion of substance on guns. Don’t waste your time here...
Best gun related podcast
This is the best gun related show out there hands down. Highly recommended.
Gun Talk review
One of the very best podcast ever. Could listen to Tom talk about guns past experiences and media update all day long. Keep up the great work my friend.
Cutting edge information
I’ve been following Tom’s podcasts for over 10 years now. I appreciate his up-to-date information.
Safari Jaeger
Great show!
Very informative, interesting, and entertaining!
Good show but...
This is usually an interesting and informative show but Tom really turns me off when he gets into gratuitous male bashing, which he unfortunately does in almost every show. Please, we get more than enough of this from the mainstream media, advertising etc. I don’t need to hear it in a show that discusses my favorite hobby. Therefore, I have decided to eliminate this show from my podcast lineup.
Gun Talk Review
A great all around firearms podcast full of great information. Tom is one of the premiere expert in the firearms industry!
So informative
This is one of the first podcasts I came across when I started listening to podcasts. I am still searching for a podcast that I will like equally but have not been able to find one. When the episodes from this show download, they get played with priority. I have also emailed the host twice and received a response on both messages. Tom Gresham is an amazing person overall. I am a huge fan and look forward to listening every week. Literally no better podcast. Always at the top of my list and listened to before any other podcast.
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Gun Talk
Informative, Entertaining and Educational. Favorite Podcast.
Gun talk
Love Tom an guests!👍🏻
DLB davey72
To many flat or lies and bs...
Some great gun talk for sure, but this guy goes on some flat out rants that are total lies. Straight up lies just to advance his agenda, one which I am on the same side of. Not a fan...
The best pro second amendment radio show out there
I love the show Tom Gresham is awesome knowledgeable relatable I have rarely ever could say that I disagreed with anything they talk about on the show love the show love the cast keep it up
Best 2A podcast
Tom is the master of logic when it comes to fighting for our rights. He is smart, articulate, calculated, knowledgeable, and actually funny. His info on how to talk to anti gunners has proven invaluable. I love the variety of subjects. Guntalk is simply the best pro gun podcast available and I’ve listened to a ton of them over the years.
There’s good and bad
The thing I like about the show is the defense of our rights and the various topics. Two things drive me crazy:1- Tom steps on and rushes through almost every caller. This makes him appear rude- I really HATE it that he always steps on people to move on to some stupid commercial break! #2- he has way to many commercials and those things rule his show. It appears that the principal reason he had this podcast is for commercials. This show had the most commercials of any podcast I listen to. I’m on the verge of not listening any more because of these two things.
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Best podcast ever
You guys make it so easy to listen to the podcast because all you guys do is having fun with each other. And the fact that you guys know what you’re talking about makes it more interesting. I love you guys, keep doing what you’re doing. #letthegoodguyskeeptheirguns
Love it
Love this show, informative and enlightening
Great Podcast
Always Enjoy Every Aspect of the Shows. Great Work. Always Informative.
Tom Liston
I haven’t missed an episode in 15+ years
I love this show and so appreciate it being available as a podcast. Tom is a wealth of information as well as being a great and kind host. I’m now a die-hard fan and I haven’t missed an episode in 15+ years.
IG Photographer
I believe you are the weak/moderate/reasonable gun people who sat back and watched the 2nd amendment get raped while you counted the checks from sponsors. Eff you tom, you are benedict arnold.
Newbie jones
Informative ad intelligent discussion
The most reasonable and cogent arguments supporting the 2nd amendment, articulated in basic English for the better understanding of the common man.
An excellent well formatted podcast about all things gun related. Highly recommended for the high quality guests, gun related information and politics related to guns.
Well balanced show
Interesting guests, timely updates. Tom is very civil to his callers while not letting them to take over. It would be good to hear more critical reviews of different firearms, even if it’s subjective. Commercials are annoying, but that’s the nature of media business. I listen to the podcast and just skip the parts that I am not interested in.
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