Guerrilla Project Management
Guerrilla Project Management
Samad Aidane
By now, it is clear that using conventional project management to lead high complexity projects is an adventure in frustration. Guerrilla project management podcast is part of a new breed of thought leadership podcasts that present bold alternative insigh
PMO of the Year Award Winner: An interview with Sarina Arcari
The Project Management Institute’s PMO of the Year Award honors a PMO that has demonstrated superior organizational project management abilities by adding value to its organization through its support of successful strategic initiatives. I had the pleasure to interview Sarina Arcari, VP of Business Solutions at Wellpoint, whose PMO has taken the top honor. The...
Jun 17, 2015
How to buy Project Management Consulting Services: Service as a Product (SaaP)
When you need to hire a project management consulting firm, knowing in advance exactly what services you are getting and how much they will cost you gives control and peace of mind. Innovative firms are thinking differently about how they charge for their consulting services and they are offering creative ways to package Project Management...
Dec 1, 2014
Effect of Culture on Innovation – A Conversation with Vivek Wadhwa
From tech entrepreneur to business owner, from accomplished academic to widely published writer, Vivek Wadhwa is an agent of innovation and disruption. His research, which has been supported by several grants from the Kauffman Foundation and by the Sloan Foundation, has been cited in thousands of national and international media outlets since 2007 and has...
May 23, 2014
How to Compare Project Management Software
Researching different software solutions and comparing them side-by-side on multiple criteria can be a daunting task. I came across a great website that makes it easier for project managers and their teams to research different solutions, compare apples-to-apples, and present finding in an easy to evaluate format. Diego Guadarrama, Senior Product Associate at, shows...
Nov 27, 2013
Assertiveness for Women Project Managers
Naomi shares her insights on why assertiveness is vital for women project managers for delivering successful projects, getting what they want, and commanding respect. Handling high-stakes project situations without seeming either shy or pushy is a critical skill that every project manager must develop. I had the pleasure of talking to Naomi Caietti, a leadership...
Nov 22, 2013
Advanced Project Thinking – A conversation with Dr. Harvey Maylor
If you believe the latest statistics, most projects that organizations undertake fail. Dr. Harvey Maylor challenges the prevailing wisdom on project success and failure and argues that while for most businesses some projects do fail, most at least substantially deliver. In this interview, he explains how most studies fail to consider the complex nature of...
Nov 6, 2013
Dan Pink on the Surprising Truth about Moving and Motivating Others
Dan Pink shares the big ideas in his books A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human on the surprising truth about how to move and motivate others. Dan Pink has written three books that have changed the way I think about motivation and influence. First, in A Whole New Mind, Dan shifts...
Sep 11, 2013
Strategies for Project Sponsorship
Vicki James, Peter Taylor, and Ron Rosenhead share their insights on the secrets to effective project sponsorship from their new book “Strategies for Project Sponsorship” Research into the causes of project failure clearly shows there is a real problem around the Project Sponsor role.  The Project sponsor is critical to project success, yet it is...
Aug 21, 2013
How to Get the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Certification
Cornelius Fichtner has helped nearly 25,000 students prepare for the PMP exam with The Project Management PrepCast and offers one of the best PMP exam simulators on the market. He recently developed The Agile PrepCast – a study tool that helps those who plan to take the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Certification exam. In this...
Aug 11, 2013
How to manage localization projects
Jennifer McNulty and Rafa Ballesteros, two topnotch experts on localization, share their insights on how to manage localization projects. Localization is the process of modifying a product in order to adapt it to a specific cultural environment. Localization projects require managing teams spread across the world, which can include developers, testers, linguistics, legal, marketing, customer-support,...
Jun 12, 2013
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