G.T.F.O. The Podcast
G.T.F.O. The Podcast
Holly Caplan
Welcome to my GTFO Podcast! Expect to hear stories of those who have had to "Get the F*** Out" of bad situations in order to survive or forge a personal new path.
How to GTFO of Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse is more common than we think. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. Jennifer Blue is a playwright, author, and survivor of domestic abuse. Hear her encouraging and inspirational story of how she was able to GTFO of domestic abuse, recovered, and thrives today.
Oct 12
1 hr 2 min
How to GTFO of Your Own Way
Have you ever had a goal you really wanted to achieve, but you just couldn't seem to do it? If you have, you just got in your own way. Join me and Jess Reidell, Intuitive Life Coach, for this insightful episode on what happens when our "limiting beliefs" affect our thinking, growth and future.
Sep 28
39 min
How to GTFO of Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Addiction is a complex condition. Although individuals with addictive disorders may be aware of the problem, they are unable to stop it, even if they want to. In this episode, Brian Cuban, author, attorney and addiction recovery advocate, will share his story of how he was able GTFO of his addiction to drugs and alcohol in 2007.
Sep 24
43 min
How to GTFO of Sexual Abuse; The Rise Out
Child sexual abuse is more prevalent than we think. It transcends race, religion and class and has lifetime effects. In this episode, David St. Romain, country singer and runner up of USA Network's country singing competition Nashville Star, will share his personal story of abuse, survival and how he now empowers others.
Sep 15
47 min
When your friends want you to GTFO of a relationship
We all need good friends. They fulfill us, make life a lot more meaningful and fun. But when they give you their opinions, do you heed their advice? Maybe it isn’t something you want to know, or want to hear. Nancy Hand, host of the podcast, "Friends on Hand" is going to share her experience of when her friends wanted her to GTFO of a relationship. She will tell us what she learned from it and why it caused her to be a better person and friend.
Sep 8
42 min
How to GTFO of Obesity
According to the CDC, on average, 40% of Americans are obese. A lot of these individuals know they want to make changes, but it isn't without certain hurdles in the way such as confidence and overcoming food addiction. Hear Sherrine Washington tell her personal story of the GTFO moment that sparked her weight loss journey. It led her to meeting Carnie Wilson, speaking engagements, and was the inspiration to starting her own company.
Sep 1
35 min
How to GTFO of being arrested by the KGB
Have you ever heard a personal story that sounds like it came straight out of a spy novel? Howard Kaplan has lived it. He is a best selling author of several novels, but most notably the "The Damascus Cover", which was turned into a feature film in 2017 starring John Hurt and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Hear Howard tell his personal story of how he was able to GTFO of being interrogated by the KGB and how it changed his life path.
Aug 18
39 min
How to GTFO of  a Plane Crash
Have you ever known anyone who has been in a plane crash and lived to tell about it? Mark Hood is a survivor of US Airways Flight #1549, also known as the Miracle on the Hudson. Hear Mark's personal account of this unimaginable event and how his bravery and life experience led him to helping others and himself GTFO.
Jul 20
36 min
How to GTFO of Human Trafficking
Have you ever actually known someone who was a victim of human trafficking? Most of us have not because it is such an underground operation. Have you every considered the torture that these victims endure, not to mention how many alone can find the bravery to escape? Listen to Jody Paar tell her story of survival and how uses today it to educate the public and inspire other victims to come forward.
Jul 13
32 min
How GTFO can change your path... even if it wasn't your decision"
Have you ever been aware that you need change in your life, yet don't pursue it, and it happens to you anyway? Hear the story of New Orleans musician, John "Papa" Gros. GTFO happened to him twice and changed his personal and music career...for the best.
Jul 6
52 min
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