Growing Design
Growing Design
Ed Orozco
Join us as we explore the role of design in business, art, and creativity.
#17 — Webflow Freelancing w/ Jonathan Fors
Jonathan is a Webflow developer from Sweden. We spoke about the value of hands-on experience for accelerated learning and how YouTube and online content are great, free alternatives to formal education in creative fields. Connect with Jonathan
Jul 3, 2022
51 min
#16 – Ross Champan Head of Design at Obodo
Ross Chapman is the Head of Design at Obodo. In this episode, we talk about using workshops as a way to collaborate with clients and gather feedback, the importance of moving fast in the startup world, and using Airtable to manage your day-to-day operations. Ross' newsletter → Obodo's website → The Product Design Podcast by Obodo and Ross →
Dec 4, 2021
50 min
#15 - The History of UX w/ Jared Spool
I had the honor to chat with Jared Spool, one of the most recognized names in UX. In this episode, Jared walks me through the beginnings of usability and what the early usability tests looked like.
Aug 28, 2021
46 min
#14 – Music & UX w/ Resonant Design
Resonant Design is a Berlin-based design agency specialized in interfaces for music production.In this episode, we talk about their product design process, taking inspiration from the physical world, and the advantages of being specialized in a well-defined niche.GUESTSSimon MartinFabian RufHauke ScholzHIGHLIGHTS00:00 Intro08:00 Starting Company & First Clients11:00 Market Research & Validation13:00 Desktop Music Production & Hardware18:00 Product Design Process20:00 Specific Ux Expertise25:00 Design & Visual Language27:00 Deconstructing The Real World30:00 Tools Blenda, Adobe Ai, Figma33:00 Sprites36:00 Designing For Stage40:00 Testing48:00 Future Of Ux In MusicCONTACTresonant.designBehanceLinkedIn
Jul 26, 2021
58 min
#13 – Articulating Design Concepts w/ Bao Vo
Bao Vo is a musician and visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode, we talk about the importance of clearly communicating your ideas. Whether as an artist, musician, UX designer, or entrepreneur. CONNECT WITH TO THE PODCASTSpotify MARKERS00:00 Intro 09:45 Ad Agencies & Digital 19:00 Good Design Is Accessible 26:00 Attention To Detail 33:00 Catching Typos. Using Editors 39:00 Providing Design Feedback. Respect Their Talent, Act As A Partner, Be Concise 44:00 Explaining Design Concepts To Clients – Connect To What They Care About 48:00 Be A Better Communicator - Deliver The Key Concepts Firsts 55:00 How Design And Communication Improves Creative Expression---ABOUTWelcome to the Growing Design Podcast. A show dedicated to helping you grow as a UX designer. I’m your host, Ed Orozco - a designer based in France.I write regularly about UX design in my more
Jun 21, 2021
1 hr 5 min
#12 – Social Business Development w/ Walker Raigh
Walker Raigh is a design director and podcast producer. In our conversation, we talk about the advantages of creating relationships with your prospects to ramp up your business development efforts. Among other things, we talked about networking, the law of reciprocity, and sharing your "secret recipe" with prospects to build relationship leverage. LISTEN TO THE PODCASTSpotify MARKERS00:00 Intro 02:00 Story of Agency 04:00 Chamber of Commerce Networking and Reciprocity 06:00 Give Away Your Recipe and Leverage  10:00 Focus on the Good Clients 11:00 Format - Very Personal Free Sessions 12:00 Packaging Your Expertise  14:00 Switching From Advertising and Branding to UX 21:00 Message  26:00 Client Skipping Research 33:00 Building Teams and Design Ops 37:00 the One Trait  39:00 Interviewing and the School of Life 42:00 The Scratch and Sniff Podcast---CONNECT WITH WALKER to the Growing Design PodcastWhere we help you grow your design agencyIf you want to learn how to - How to price your services- How to sell your expertise- And how to attract the right type of clientsYou've come to the right place. I’m your host, Ed Orozco Learn more
Apr 13, 2021
1 hr
#11 – The 7-Figure Remote Agency w/ Jinny Oh
Jinny Oh is the founder of WANDR, an award-winning, and fully-remote UX design agency.CONNECT WITH JINNYhttps://wandr.studio THE PODCASTWelcome to the Growing Design Podcast, where we help you grow your design agencyIf you want to learn how to - How to price your services- How to sell your expertise- And how to attract the right type of clientsYou've come to the right place. LISTEN TO THE PODCASTSpotify​Apple​Google​---ABOUT EDI'm Ed Orozco. I help UX agencies become more profitable by better pricing their services, streamlining their processes, and selling their expertise. Resources on growing your design agency
Mar 29, 2021
58 min
#10 – The UX Of Music Tools w/ Simon Martin
I spoke with Simon Martin, founder of about designing the experience and visual interface of music production software.CONNECT WITH SIMON
Mar 15, 2021
44 min
#9 – SEO Strategy w/ Danielle Fauteaux
In this episode, Danielle Fauteaux and I talk about the intersection between UX design and SEO, how to communicate expectations with clients, and how to foster solid relationships in your network that will help you grow your business.
Mar 1, 2021
58 min
#8 – Landing Bigger Clients w/ Laura Khalil
ABOUTIn this episode, Laura Khalil walks us through her career as a successful marketing consultant. From working with startups to building her own firm and consulting some of the largest tech companies.  ---FREE CHECKLIST FOR VETTING DESIGN...
Feb 22, 2021
58 min
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