Great Lives
Great Lives
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Needs a better host
The Khalil Gibran episode is a great example of how condescending and patronizing the host can be on this show. He says something along the lines of: you say you’re such a great admirer and yet you’ve never seen a photograph of Gibran? Hmm Wow. I don’t get why he acts so disagreeable. If the subject of an episode or the guests disgust him so, why do the episode at all?
Obnoxious, contrarian hosts.
If the strategy of the hosts of the David Bowie and Marcel Duchamp programs was to be unsophisticated and irritating, then well done. Maybe they should just read the news.
One of the best podcasts,ever!
Matthew rules!
I am hooked on this podcast. Excellent guest selection, great format, and Matthew’s skill as the master of ceremonies is the glue that holds it all together. Intelligent and witty. First rate.
Monday Mikey
Could be good but
This podcast needs a host that isn’t mired down in old white man with far right views biases and prejudices syndrome. He’s very disrespectful to those he obviously doesn’t like and his bigotry is on full display in many episodes while he gushes on over historical rightwing political subjects. The episode about Maya Angelou was horrific and his behavior was deplorable.
Miss Ginger 58
You had me at “Doris Day”
What a wonderful program! I thoroughly enjoyed the episode on Doris Day—like Dolly, I found her when I was young and am a lifelong fan. I appreciate the depth of conversation. Will definitely listen to more episodes!
Fun and interesting program
Guests and the experts always sound like they’re sitting around in a pub having a jolly time with their subject and the host. Always informative. I look forward to each new program.
Waste my time why don't you
Well done
I always learn something new. I am almost done listening to all the back episodes! This has been a great companion on some long drives. The interviewer is thoughtful and insightful. The guest are intelligent and able to speak well about their subject.
I love them all and learn so much!
I love them all and learn so much!
loves sisters
great Show
May: I wish someone would choose a boxer such as Mike Tyson, or Sugar Ray I love this show
What is this?
The white-washing of Edward Said in this podcast is disgusting. The language used in this podcast to describe Said further demonizes Palestinians....
Well produced, time well spent
This podcast is done very well. It’s nice that there are no bells and whistles, no time fillers, no ads. Hardly any arrogance. Well done
Matthew Parris is a dinosaur
Wonder program with the exception of the interviewer. He's so out of date in his attitudes he can barely conceal his personal prejudices. It's galling when he puts his uninformed dare I say misogynist spin on things. Offensive.
Love this show!
I love hearing about why each guest picks their champion!
Love this
Super interesting and informative. Great podcast
Chandler's Lost Pony
Great Lives, Great Podcast!
Intriguing introductions to notable and historical figures.
My favorite podcast
This podcast is genuinely fantastic. So well researched, but in an engaging format, answering questions and having discussion where there would be done in a textbook or other academic source. Absolutely my favorite podcast!
Matthew Parris is awful
The subjects are good and guests are interesting but Matthew Parris is one of the worst interviewers. I find his line of questioning to be facile and obnoxious, especially when he asks questions about a person he does not like.
Top Podcast
The moderator's utter decency comes through in every episode. Variety with interesting guests and historians.
One of My Favorites
Matthew Parris is an objective, engaging, and entertaining interviewer. Some of the episodes are expectedly hit-or-miss based on ones interest in the topic at hand, but almost all are worth a listen. A top-notch podcast in every way.
great lives
I love this every time its offered. The problem is....its not offered much! Plus, this show goes back for years, I wish all the archives were available, especially the show about Ian Curtis.
Fascinating and In depth
A wonderful and comprehensive look at historical figures. It is neither a puff piece nor a slash job, but an engaging discussion of intriguing individuals warts and all.
Great Lives
If you like this you should listen to In Our Time as well..
bbc fiend