Great Lakes Waterfowl Podcast
Great Lakes Waterfowl Podcast
Daniel Miller
Powered by, the Great Lakes Waterfowl Podcast seeks to make a positive impact within our community and recruit new hunters to the sport.
Episode 5 - Everything Waterfowl with Claudio Ongaro of Hired To Hunt
In this week's episode, Alberta Outfitter and Television Host Claudio Ongaro joins the Great Lakes Waterfowl Podcast to talk about his show, Hired to Hunt, his new line of snow goose gear, scouting, decoy spreads, landowner relationships, and the ins and outs of running a full-time guiding operation.  Claudio is a former schoolteacher whose love for learning and instructing continues to this day, and this episode will be an exciting listen for the novice and professional alike. Hired to Hunt on YouTube Ongaro's Outdoor Outfitters Website Book a Hunt or Get More Info - 1-800-465-6227
May 6, 2020
50 min
Episode 4 - Waterfowling Heritage
A tribute to those who got me addicted to the amazing sport of waterfowling.
Mar 23, 2020
17 min
Episode 3 - Tips from a Taxidermist
"Tips from a Taxidermist" features Travis Mcleod, owner of the world famous Last Flight Waterfowl Taxidermy in Lowell, Michigan.  Travis talks about an insane amount of black ducks coming into the shop, why you should be careful about choosing a taxidermist for your trophy bird, how you can eat that delicious canvasback and put it on the wall, and a whole lot more. This episode was broadcast live on Facebook during the recording, so we were able to take questions from our listeners as well.  Join us on Social Media!  Superior Decoys - Facebook | Instagram | YouTube  Last Flight Waterfowl Taxidermy - Facebook | Website Visit to receive FREE SHIPPING on hundreds of items plus any order $100! 
Dec 25, 2019
46 min
Episode 2 - There Is No Offseason
"There Is No Offseason" features an exciting lineup of leaders in the waterfowl community talking about how to extend your waterfowl season beyond 60 days. First, serial calling champion Rob Miles III takes us to the contest stage to talk duck calling, hunting shows, and choosing the right call for you. Following is Ryan Soulard, a Michigan DNR employee and volunteer with the Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association with a wide range of conservation information (that rhymes!), including hunter recruitment, wood duck boxes, and predator control. Later, Andy Martel, owner of Two Rivers Counterfeits - Waterfowl Decoys and a leader in the group Decoy Flockers, finishes the episode strong with a discussion about decoy restoration through repainting and flocking your decoys
Dec 18, 2019
1 hr 59 min
Episode 1 - Great Lakes Sea Duckin & Waterfowling Ethics
Episode 1 of the Great Lakes Waterfowl Podcast featuring Captain Steve Schnautz of R and D Guide Service in Michigan and Brad Sanders, owner of Dixie Decoys.  Join Dan and Captain Steve as we talk about layout safety, tactics, and maybe share a mostly true story or two. To book a hunt or a fishing charter with Steve, follow him on Facebook or text/call (616) 466-2982. In the second part of the podcast, Dixie Decoys owner Brad Sanders joins us to discuss the image waterfowlers portray and how we can be better, improving ourselves and those around us to preserve the sport for future generations.  You don't want to miss this episode!
Dec 11, 2019
1 hr 21 min
Great Lakes Waterfowl Podcast Preview
Join us on Wednesday, 12/9/2019 for our first episode powered by featuring Captain Steve Schnautz of R and D Guide Service and Brad Sanders of Dixie Decoys! 
Dec 9, 2019
1 min