Grant’s Current Yield Podcast
Grant’s Current Yield Podcast
Grant's Interest Rate Observer
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Great with an issue
Great great content Lousy sound quality
Great listen
Not sure what’s better the financial information or the high level, erudite conversation. Old school and highly intelligent.
willy 277
Intelligent and thoughtful
Loved his publication and love this show. Wish the sound quality was a little better. Doing great Jim and co. Best in the biz and so smart.
mantis eats
The only podcast that matters
Jim and Evan are finance’s Batman and Robin. They give away so many sound investment ideas on this podcast — for free!! — that it made me rich enough to subscribe to their even better print publication, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. I can’t explain it, except to say that Grantland addicting.
Daymon's house
Thoughts are grate sound is horrible
Grant’s insists of the market and macro economics are thought provoking and logical. The problem is his microphone is horrible. With as much intelligence he uses to produce the content it is surprising that he and his producers put so little effort into making it intelligible. Grant’s baritone economic articulations are a must listen but you must listen closely to get past his lack of production quality. His guests come in 5 by 5 so at the very least you will hear half the show. PLEASE Grant get a better mic and learn to modulate it. I truly enjoy your content and this review’s only hope is to improve your listener’s experience. I can’t wait to make it 5 stars.
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Grant's Is Smart and Fascinating But...
The show is unlistenable most of the time. For having a guy who's on 'the dials', it's embrassing the show is released in the condition it's usually in. Fire or have him step-up. FIX YOUR AUDIO!
Need a sound man
Great podcast, but almost unlistenable because the sound is so bad. A competent sound man could eliminate the hissing esses, tunnel sound etc. maybe even just good headsets would do the trick. But do something!
Please upgrade audio!
Sounds like in a tunnel
Commander Zero 000
Jim! Call Adam curry!!
The pod father could really help you with your mic/podcasting set-up. Very informative but we gotta get this guy a new microphone. Great content!!
Great show, but……..
I love this show. Jim Grant’s wit and knowledge are unparalleled. The guests are very informative. However, Jim’s audio/microphone needs some work. He sounds like he is in a deep well, sometimes hard to decipher what he is saying.
joe vino
Great pod
Darin Hurts
Love this show
Please never stop creating content, I enjoy every episode!
Audio quality is awful
It used to have great content when it was on a studio. When they are remote impossible to hear.
voided contracts
Great show
Content is excellent but it sounds like Grant’s voice is being carried through two or three walkie-talkies before it hits the recording software.
Good podcast
Good content, great gas, nice avuncular tone. Only problem is the terrible audio, which would take about $600 to fix. Better mics and some mixing. Plenty of cheap freelancers who could do it. Makes a huge difference.
Jammed inbox
Excellent but….(Thinking is Required)
I look forward to every podcast! Audio is not always perfect-(nothing a quick run to B&H by Evan or Philip couldn’t solve) but the content is rich and little pearls of wisdom seem to roll out on a frequent basis. Of course, nothing beats being a paid up subscriber to Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Newsletter. This podcast supplements the newsletter very well or as a stand-alone product for the latest thinking of Jim Grant and his guests.
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Too much sarcasm
I think Jim and Evan are highly intelligent but Jim wastes a lot of time interrupting with sarcastic remarks. But, then again, it’s his show. I’ll keep listening
Stunning conversations. Grant’s is timeless.
jj wx
Commentary by a Legend
Jim Grant is a legend commentary and he is genuinely funny and modest. I just wish he would upgrade his microphone, the quality is consistently poor.
Kurt from Seattle
As always, Jim is engaging and gets to the point. The audio, however, sounds like it is being broadcast from the moon by short wave radio. Ouch!
Merely extraordinary content, bad audio.
If the audio quality was of the same ilk as the content, five stars. Guys a single upgrade to VOIP instead of cell phones would do wonders.
Sir Derek
Jim Grant is the source of countless thoughtful investment ideas. He helps his followers navigate the world in a thoughtful, poetic, and ultimately very successful way. Easily the greatest discovery I’ve made After a quarter of a century on Wall Street.
One of the few podcasts that will ask guests hard questions and it’s a lot of fun to listen. A breath of fresh air in the glut of podcasts that are just corporate propaganda. At the same time, it is too critical of central banks and not self-critical enough. A gadfly- but deserves five stars!
Grant rambles a lot therefore wasting your time. The guy from Green Street just recommended a stock his firm is selling if you look at their 13f. Basic research would have caught that and he should have been called out on it. Typical Wall Street behavior
Great content! But audio is horrible.
Really good content but the audio needs to be fixed. It’s easy to do.
Gene Everett 187
The next level
I’m a CPA and a reasonably informed investor. It’s nice to find a podcast that can expose me to so much additional knowledge.
A microphone would be a worthy investment
Jim is exceedingly intelligent and I love Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, but this podcast sounds like it was recorded with a 1990’s Nokia cellphone. Upgrade recording equipment!
A must for any serious investor
Thoughtful, incisive, and in depth but not for the shallow minded looking for the “skinny” on the important topics affecting today’s investor. This is a serious podcast confronting key issues through lengthy interviews with top economic and investment experts. The interview with Jim Bianco was a classic.
Thank You
I always enjoy your conversations with guests of diverse perspectives and opinions, and I get the feeling you enjoy them too. Sometimes I’m a bit lost when you guys go technical, but that’s another reason I listen: hit replay and learn. I search for your YouTube interviews and talks as well! I will be signing up for Grant’s Interest Rate Observer and hope to profit further from your unique information and insights.
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Mic 1775
Terrible audio quality
Yooo I can’t even listen to this crappy audio quality.
The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
Short, dry, and poignant. Grant’s Interest Rate Observer is one of the longest standing publications in the investing space, and this podcasts hits on some of the key bond topics each week. Jim’s deadpan delivery of the short commercials are another source of entertainment.
Great Podcast
Jim and the crew are great educators, while being entertaining. I look forward to more wonderful, financial banter.
Excellent Superb In a class by itself
I have had a long career in financial services and only recently embraced podcasts as an information source. Out of the hundreds of podcasts I have auditioned, this is one of the best 2 or 3. I am a devoted listener. Excellent podcast. I enjoy the occasional subtle humor. The market perspective is 2nd to none.
JC Finance
Jim grant and crew are great
Join and the crew have great guests on and highlight all the deformations, oddities, and going on in the world of interest bearing securities. They are definitely insiders but stare up at the belly of the Wall Street best and marvel at how crazy the works of finance has become. I love the foxtrot intro and outro music that probably harkens back to an era of New York that is likely long gone. Witty commentary that speaks from deep historical knowledge without being preachy our unreachable. Great stuff.
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B Didilly
Fix ur mic
Cant hear. Okay i changed my rating to 5 stars. Anything to get you guys to podcast regularly.
Major Problems
Content is great! Audio quality is terrible. Makes it really hard to listen
Your Audio is God Awful
I appreciate you making this free, thank you, but your audio is absolutely terrible. I will send you a better microphone for free if you will use it. It makes a world of a difference.
The one, the only
The inimitable and witty Mr. Grant, strongly opining on the world of finance and especially credit markets, puncturing the silly and dangerous absurdities of the era that we're living through. Almost forty years of wisdom from Grant's Interest Rate Observer distilled in easy-to-consume form. (Sometimes Grant is a little too strong in expressing his views, and the sound quality does leave something to be desired at times. It has improved of late.)
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Curious Mayhem
Too much interruptions
I’ve been trying to listen for two years. He just interrupts too much. I am coming back to this review a second time and now I am unsubscribing. I can’t take the interrupting any more. I will have to stick to his written and edited word. I feel bad for Evan and the guests that he interrupts.
It’s okay
It’s alright, but there are some lackluster guests and some groupthink about gold. Unfortunately things like calling “sunspots theory” a contrarian idea is just🤦🏼‍♀️
William Y X
Great content, poor audio
Fantastic podcast that is filled with great insight. I only hope they can fix their audio as I told someone about their podcast and that was their first complaint. They even told me they would go back to the podcast once they fix the quality.
Poor Sound Quality
Poor sound quality outweighs quality of content.
I really enjoy these. They’re interesting and informative. Jim’s great and Eric asks great questions! Nice job guys
Shut Up and Listen
Tried to listen to the repo podcast and had to turn it off after the creator incessantly interrupted the guest. What’s the point of having a guest if you’re simply going to interrupt to flex your knowledge?
Highly Recommend
Mr. Grant, though no question a supremely talented writer, seems to have been born to do podcasts. Everything from the opening jazz track, to his incredibly thoughtful and articulate commentary, is very well done. His insights into the credit markets, and ability to translate his guests’ technical jargon into “layspeech,” makes this podcast a no-brainer for professionals and non-professionals alike. One request for Mr. Grant: it would be much appreciated if you would offer a special promotion/discount to your Grant’s Interest Rate Observer periodical to podcast listeners!
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Take every opportunity to hear Jim Grant
You can almost hear in his voice the exasperation at our current times, and almost hear echoes of Keynes chuckling at how markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Grant is a voice of reason in insane times, and he has a very smart crew with him.
Love it
Grant is the king. The market needs more Jim Grants. And Charley Grants.
Smart and droll
Intellectually engaging with above average observations. I feel smarter for listening to this podcast
Great content...BUT..
3 ads in a 25 or 30 minute podcast. C’mon. Zip Recruiter can’t be paying that much (and, it doesn’t work anyway). The ads are too much, Grant.
Love Jim Grant
This is a really informative podcast. It’s brief, but I look forward to it each week. Great insights from a legend in finance.
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