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Google Teacher Podcast
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The Google Teacher Podcast is designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning).
Support Students with Google Sites - GTP121
Build internal project hubs, team sites, public- facing websites, and more—all without a designer, programmer, or IT help. With the new Google Sites, building websites is easy. Just drag the content where you need it.
Oct 11
40 min
Fall 2020 Google Update Roundup - GTP120
Fall 2020 will see the addition of new Google for Education features. Matt and Kasey provide the cliff notes.
Sep 20
31 min
Google Teacher Tips (Vol. 5) - GTP119
You share your tips and tricks in the season finale!
May 31
38 min
Ending the Year Remotely with Google - GTP118
How do you clean up Google at the end of the school year?
May 24
37 min
Using Google To Tech Like A Pirate - GTP117
Tech Like a PIRATE helps provide the tools, ideas, and inspiration for educators to use technology as a treasure map to amazing learning. With a customizable set of principles for ensuring that technology is an asset and not a barrier, Matt Miller's guidance will help all teachers - from the tech-savvy to the tech- terrified--create impactful, transformative learning using low- or no-cost equipment.
May 10
42 min
Engaging Students and Families During Remote Learning - GTP116
Engaging Students and Families During Remote Learning
May 3
40 min
Using Google Tools to Connect with Students - GTP115
Using Google Tools to Connect with Students!
Apr 26
40 min
G Suite Basics for Remote Learning - GTP114
Let's talk G Suite basics with helpful tips and tricks for remote teaching and learning.
Apr 19
36 min
REPLAY - Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom - GTT082
Episode 82 was originally released on April 8, 2019. On this episode: Google Classroom is one of the nicest kids on the playground of education technology. There are many apps and websites that want to play with Google and Google is happy to play with so many of the other apps and sites that are enjoying the nice days and time to play. Matt and Kasey share and discuss some great tools that are fine on their own but when they play Google we never want edtech recess to end! Click Here To View Full Shownotes
Apr 12
Google Classroom Tips for Remote Learning - GTP113
Google Classroom is a powerful GFE tool to facilitate remote learning.
Apr 5
36 min
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