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Good Life Project
Jonathan Fields / Wondery
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A grounded and healing podcast
Jonathan truly knows how to speak from the heart in a honest and vulnerable way. Every time I listen to his podcast I come out feeling more conscious of my own life. He and his amazing guests guide me through all facets of life. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to begin or deepen their love for self, life, and even business.
Great show!
Jonathan, host of the Good Life Project podcast, highlights all aspects of what is means to live a good life and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Awesome podcast!
Jonathan, host of the Good Life Project podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Meditation: Science
I remembered listening to these guests before and it was great to listen to them again. I loved, loved the bonus of the meditation guided by you at the end of the Podcast. It was just what I needed to reboot my meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ practice. Thank you and much loving kindness to you😍🙏🏼
S Crosby
I love the guests that Jonathan has on his podcast. They are varied, from different realms and Always intriguing. I also love Jonathan’s interview style which I consider to be Comprehensive and compassionate. This is one of my go to podcasts. Love it!
Good life project
Love the discussion with Anne Lamont!
Happier in Florida
I’m only halfway through my first episode but I feel compelled to leave a review
This podcast is phenomenal. I was brought here because I wanted to listen to Brene Brown and, to my surprise, I enjoy the host just as much as her! He has such a unique and important perspective that opens your eyes, mind and heart. I love the honest truth I’m already hearing and cannot wait to dive deeper. 10/10 Recommend!
Risssss wolf
This used to be my favorite podcast. It was interesting, diverse & well produced. There’s just way too much “positive psychology” on here and it’s terribly annoying and detrimental. Positive Psychology should be erased.
One of my favorites
In a world of hundreds, nay, thousands, of podcasts, it’s tough to choose personal favorites. The Good Life Project is one of my top ones- so much wisdom and thought provoking content. I relisten to someone of the episodes multiple times, they’re that good (end of year/beginning of year) in particular. Also doesn’t help that the host has such a kind, soothing voice.
The Hug
Absolutely enjoyed The Hug!!! Heart warming stories each one of them. I just didn’t want them to end. Is it possible to have more Hugs? Maybe even once a month? Thank you so much.
Refreshingly positive
Yussef & Ibi discussion was outstanding full of hope & felt like i was listening to a covid renaissance especially their responses to your last question ⭐️ThankYou CleoWade gives truth & self honoring growth a fresh vision in our world of today. ThankYou Cleo
"Real People" Doing Amazing Things!
Just discovered this podcast and I was so excited to see that there are so many guests that aren't already hosuehold names. The information and content is powerful and positive. There are tangible ideas and strategies to use and apply. Really terrific listening that genuinely adds value to my day. Love it!
Love Jonathan’s interviews!
This is a great podcast. Real conversations, where the host is actually listening (a rarity). Favorite episode: the one with author Stephanie Danler. Gold.
Talking Shrimp
I was looking for something positive as the sea of negativity can drown even the most skilled swimmers. I went back to episodes from 2017 and plan to progress forward with a dose of this interesting, non-syrupy, practical podcast. Thanks.
Lost me on your Arlan Hamilton SJW B.S. no thanks.
paul serone
Uplifting, Intriguing, and Soothing.
Jonathan Fields has an incredible voice for podcasting. This is a soothing and uplifting listen! Although I don’t listen every week there are some guests and topics that really intrigue me. I like that this podcast is one I don’t need to listen to every week to stay p to date with.
Compelling and Applicable
If you want to learn how to connect with yourself, how to discover and become the person you want to be, and how to be a citizen in the world in a more positive way, and how to be happier in life, then this is the podcast for you. Great interviews and thoughts on how to connect to and become more yourself to improve your life, with a combination of philosophy, research, and practical, very doable approaches.
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Well done
Great interviews on compelling subjects and people.
Grateful in Austin
Good flow to the podcast, love his voice because it’s clear and concise, and great speakers. Just listened to the one with Sharon Salzburg chat about her life & loving-kindness meditations and I stepped away with a little more knowledge of this practice that I casually started a few months ago and am diving deeper into it
Love this podcast!!
This podcast is SO good! I’ve been listening to it for three years now and I love it! The conversations are so inspiring and educational. Jonathon is extremely well spoken and asks great questions. This podcast is a part of my daily life.
Redden Bacher Popcorn
Jennifer Louden Rediscovering Desire
I remember hearing about Ms Louden’s Women’s Comfort Book in the early 1990’s and probably checked out a copy from our library, but I was a new mom at 39 and working a medical laboratory management position among other life/marriage/parent crises. There was no time to do self exploring. Now at 67, this new book, Why Bother, finds me in the best place to order and read. I really enjoyed this conversation. I’m fairly new to podcast and The Good Life Project. Thanks to Ms. Louden and Mr. Field for a very enjoyable hour.
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It’s just soooooo good!!
I am enjoying this podcast very much!! The host has so many interesting guests with amazing and extraordinary stories that are so relatable and sometimes very healing in describing the human experience . The guests are sometimes people you have heard about but many of them are people that I have never heard of myself but have the most powerful life stories. Very inspiring and I’m so glad I found it especially during the last few weeks. Thank you!!!!
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Awesome Podcast!!!
Jonathan, host of the Good life Project podcast, highlight all good aspects and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
I get a lot of value from this podcast, and I found the Susan Piver episode especially powerful. A must listen.
Jerry from KC
Hi! Is anyone else having problems w the audio? I can't listen the last one because of the bad sound quality... If it is my problem does anyone one how to fix it? Cause I love your podcasts and I want to hear it!! Thanks
An amazing podcast
Jonathan, With enormous gratitude for your podcast and your writing, which I received by being on your mailing list. Your words inspire thought, you inspire change. Well done! From NYC
Nicole Davies
A pleasure to listen to intent listening
Long-time listener, first-time reviewer. Jonathan, all your interviewees are interesting people with a lot to share, and you are consistently skillful at listening and getting the best experience from them. Your interview with Krista Tippett (from 2016, but I just heard it for the first time) hit a whole new level of intense, open-hearted connection. While some guests are sort of "press play" talkers, you and Krista were engaged in a true dialogue. You were each listening INTENTLY TO EACH OTHER, and the quality of your questions and comments spurred her to say more than once that you had given her something to think about. In fact, at the end she described the conversation as “challenging in a good way.” Kudos and gratitude to you and your team for this excellent podcast. (I do find the current music to be frenetic and jittery--not quite compatible for me with deep listening.)
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db from Maryland
This podcast has literally been a lifesaver for me. I’m so thankful to you, Jonathan, for doing this show.
Revelatory conversations
I share more GLP episodes with friends than any other podcast. Jonathan is the most skilled interviewer I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. He’s able to get to the heart of it, able to make connections and synthesize it all in ways that are profound, often bringing the interviewee to greater awareness of themselves and their stories. When GLP began releasing multiple episodes a week, I was elated. This podcast series is a source of groundedness and hope in a modern world that very much needs both.
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Good Life Project: You rock!
Every episode enriches my life! It is my ticket to the stars! I’m growing and learning so much from so many! Jonathan you nail it every time! Thank you for what you do!!! Madeline K.
Life Beyond Exile
You blew it on this one. I did not know it was possible for an interview with Liz Phair to be boring. The generic questions, the rambling commentary; it is the exact opposite of what she is all about. Do you even know her music? How I would have loved this podcast to be about the stories she has to tell. Looking forward to reading them in the book!
Interesting, Positive, Inspiring
I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast! Great interviews wonderfully prepared!
Jill Blakeway- Energy Medicine
Astounding info! Really connects the dots!
The Science of Energy Medicine
I enjoy your podcasts and just listened to your latest. I am a board certified urologist and need to make a quick comment about treating prostate cancer with Energy Medicine. It is certainly true that diet and exercise and many other factors influence the outcome of a man with prostate cancer. We have also found that certain low grade prostate cancers can even be treated with “watchful waiting” because of the low risk of CERTAIN situations. However, there are times when a man can have high risk prostate cancer and the outcome can be very different. I appreciate Jill Blakeway’s approach, but a man with prostate cancer should ALWAYS consult with a urologist before (and during) alternative treatment therapies.
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Thank you for this podcast
I like the concept and the content that this podcast provides. I think the host is very gentle and very good at what he does.
Excellent Podcast
Terrific podcast! Amazing content and a great host. I was honored to be a guest and look forward to listening to many more episodes!
Laura Gassner Otting
My favorite podcast
Whenever someone asks me what podcast has had the most impact on me or what my favorite podcast is I always direct them to Good Life Project. Hearing others stories inspires me to co-create my own and to truly live a good life (in my own way). I have so much appreciation for this podcast. Thank you to those who take part in making it
Such inspiring individuals
The Good Life Project is one of my favorite podcasts! Each episode features an incredibly inspiring individual, and it's so empowering to hear how each of them took what happened to them and turned it into a powerful message. I'm for sure going to keep up with this podcast!
So easy to listen to!
Inspiring Possibility
Thank you for Inspiring Possibility.
Feel good, real good!
Informative podcast and leaves you feeling good!
Just finished 4 episodes...
All extraordinary! Thank you Dan and the entire Team.
Thanks for the inclusion
Thanks for the Story Behind Therapy for Black Girls episode! I'm a long time listener and have enjoyed the episodes, but this episode made me feel included. I haven't felt excluded and have related to other guests on your podcast, but there have not been many black guests that spoke about black women. I never knew about this podcast and look forward to listening. Thanks again for the great episodes!
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a. a. williams
Love this, thank you.
So Right On In What You Teach
Just listened to your podcast on, How to succeed at anything,,,,,,,loved your strategy to write it down and pledge to myself... my agreement and my action steps to myself to progress towards my goals, And the reminding me of the importance of accountability and community for success. Believe in possibility that what I want is possible,,,,,so so true. Thank you!!
Ruth Stern
Marcus Buckingham
Yes, let’s all take advice from Marcus Buckingham (interviewed on the podcast dated 06/10/19). Please, you have to be kidding. This is the guy recently divorced from Jane Buckingham, one of the defendants named in this spring’s college admissions scandal (co-defendants include Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin). We should not be propping up the Buckinghams in the media at this point in time at all.
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Thank you!
Love This podcast. Been listening since 2015 and learned so much from all different perspectives of authors from all fields and interests. I love the questions Jonathan asks. Very thoughtful and mindful. Keep up the great work Jonathan👍
Amanda Palmer
Love this podcast but very disappointed in this one. 3 abortions?? Really you ever hear of birth control?? And to listen how she’s not embarrassed about it. Turned it off. Will try again next week and hope it’s better....
ohio maureen
So Good!
I am so glad that I stumbled across this podcast. It is good for the soul. Every episode so far has been informative, thought provoking, inspiring and planted seeds from things that I would not have thought to find on my own. Thank you for being so thoughtful in the creation. The authenticity shows through.
dragonfly momma
I love this
I love this!!👀 its The best and every night I listen to this and Learn something new
Love this podcast!
I adore this podcast and Jonathan Fields. Jonathan has such amazing, thoughtful, heartfelt questions. There’s nothing corny about this one. It’s just real, deep conversations that leave you with so much inspiration and wisdom. Thank you!!
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