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GoJo and Golic
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My favorite podcast!!
Glad to find you!
Been missing a sports podcast here in China!! So glad to listen to you in the morning!
Good podcast
I would say great podcast and rate 5 stars if they would just stick to sports. Most of us casual sports fans only want to hear about sports, no narratives.
Great Show
This show is the perfect combo of knowledgeable yet down to earth sports takes mixed with relatable family comedy and just a dash of adorable Opossum. Very entertaining with a casual vibe!
F fb
Great podcast with Gojo carrying the load
Love the pod, sound issues
This was the first time I’ve noticed, but you can clearly hear someone typing on their keyboard on the 10/25/23 podcast. Was pretty loud and a little distracting. Absolutely love the podcast though!
5 stars
5 stars and a review just because you asked.
I always new Katie was smart and funny but after listening to this she is incredibly intelligent and funny
d mailman
I stopped listening once Golic & Wingo ended, and I’m so stoked to listen to the GOLICS again!
Robby Abney
This is great news!
I just found out about this show. I haven’t listened to ESPN radio since the canceled Golic and Wingo. I either listened to or watched the show for 15 plus years. Golic was the reason. I’ll be listening to this podcast daily. Great to have y’all back.
Love This
Love these guys. I’ve listened to both for ages, since they were ESPN luminaries. Can we get more Katie Nolan pods? I miss her.
Have y’all fixed the audio? Would love to listen but can’t with all the audio crackling. Will listen when fixed
im not dead yet
Great Show!
I have been listening since the the early Mike & Mike days. Glad you guys have a podcast together. Can hour 1 be listed before hour 2?
You guys are great, love the show as always. Please fix the audio though. It’s been terrible for the new show
Snap crackle pop
Please improve the audio/editing! Love Gojo and Sr but the constant crackling/static in the audio make it hard to listen to especially with earbuds.
Love the show!
This show is my favorite.
Just spitballin here…
You’ve got a great show going, but what if we brought in Greenberg to replace Jr.?
Yay longer podcasts!!
No more rationing - two hours is awesome!!
The new Mike and Mike (2). Squared.
Very fun to hear Mike and Mike back together. Morning drive time and the Golics are the best.
Great listen
Start every morning with gojo. Great topics and great insight. So glad you guys are giving this another go.
Really hopefully, Brandon is still involved!
Gojo and Golic so good I knew this would work .. I absolutely love it .. Thank you for an amazing shows..
The Morning Pick Me Up We Needed
The GOJO Podcast with Mike Jr and Mike Sr, along with Brandon is great. The variety they bring with hot sport takes, Wilder Wednesdays and more is what the morning needs. The double Golic combination is great.
Awesome pod
One of the best daily sports podcasts out there! Love Golic Jr and Sr. I especially appreciate the diversity of topics, and how well they manage to speak on everything from sports to pop culture.
Marketing needs to step it up
This podcast is awesome and I went a while without even knowing it existed. I used to love when sr and jr were on ESPN, if I had known this was around I would have been listening from day one. Gotta get the word out!
My favorite podcast!!
Been listening since I heard the show was out there - sorry I’m late to review! I love hearing GoJo and Sr. together talking sports. Brandon is great! Miss him banging out a new tune before the closing segment, but I’ve always got the replays! Keep up the great content fellas! BTW, Sorry in Advance is a guilty pleasure😉
Gojo greatness
So glad to have this pod/live show to listen to daily. Todays show Fitz is superb. Always enjoyed the two of you together at ESPN. hopefully this is the start of something new!!!!
Hartman Interview
Sam Hartman: Wow!
G'MA 02
I dropped a pretzel on the carpet and stepped on it. Picked it up and promptly ate it. It was delicious. I had just worn the same shoes to a concert, full of old skids aka ski bums. I’m sure I’ll be fine. You rock.
Enjoy the show. Need a picture of Brandon!
Great podcast
This podcast is fantastic. Sports pop culture and random musings. Thanks for being the sound track to my drive into work everyday. Wilder Wednesday and anytime Katie Nolan is on is the best!
So fresh and so clean.
Best of the under 40 voices that we need in society
Eve Pops
Brandon hive
Posting my 5 star review in support of have Brandon on the show as much as possible. Today’s show (5/17) was just like old times!
Carissa Anne
The Momcast! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It’s Cathy Angelo, again! I loved this podcast especially the YouTube version on the second time around! Normally, I can’t be bothered with anything to do with Mother’s Day because I lost my mother when I was 13 and also, never had the opportunity to have my own children. Listening to this podcast twice this weekend definitely lifted my spirits! Both of your moms are pure gems and the love you demonstrate so genuinely towards one another is heartwarming! I did nothing but smile and laugh throughout both listenings! The BJ story was hilarious! I also love hearing about how close your recruiting class was and continues to this day. My friends and I still say that class was so special and now we all know why. I think you need to do this more often. I also would love to see you guys do some podcasts with your former teammates like Dayne, Kyle, Braxton, Kap, DFlem, etc! It was also special to have my question answered on air and the coolest part was to see you guys and Mike’s mom nod their heads in recognition of me. I hope I’m not obnoxious in the amount of times I interact with you all on Twitter and IG. Thanks again for brightening up my weekend!
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Go to Show but language fellas
I loved listening to Sarah Spain but when she hung up the radio cleats (still not sure what happened there), I had to find another go to show and GOJO does not disappoint. Entertaining and insightful with minimal hyperbole except as it relates to food and Notre Dame. The guests are awesome. Love Wilder and Golic Sr. Keep up the good work and try to tone down the swearing - language boys- (my kids call this my captain America imitation). I cannot listen to you with my kids around.
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Tommy Boy66
Great show guys!
I really enjoy all the guests you have on but just to be honest I take the long way home from work to hear the whole show in 1 listen when you have your dad on the show. I listen to sorry in advance and golic/smetty but I truly enjoy listening to you and your dad talk sports (especially football). Brandon is hilarious and if I lived in Florida I’d go see his stand up comedy. Keep pumping out the episodes
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Mike and Mike (?)
I listened to Mike and Mike years ago, then my dad and I loved Golic and Wingo. When this pod came out, I knew I’d like it. It certainly hasn’t disappointed. My wife enjoys the non-sports conversations too! Very entertaining! But is Brandon on his way out? Seems to be a lot more guests/Golic Sr. on and less Brandon. Are we just transitioning to keeping him on as a producer. I honestly think he does a great job producing, would love to see him play a role like ‘Bear’ on College Gameday! Keep it up fellas!
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This, That and a Third
Love the podcast and listen every day, haven’t missed an episode yet. Most times I listen to an episode twice, once just the audio and the second via YouTube. I think Brandon is a hidden gem and very funny. That is one of the reasons I am very disappointed that Brandon singing a song introduction to This, That and a Third is not being done anymore. While some song performances were better than others, I really do miss that and now it almost seem like a portion of the pod is missing and that segment doesn’t seem complete. Please bring it back, if not everyday but maybe at least once a week (maybe on Friday to close out the week). Inquiring minds want to know why it was stopped?
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This, That, and a 3rd
Love you guys, but got to bring back my guy Brandon Newman singing intro…but for real, need it, made me smile everyday!!
Marvel match up
When thinking about fighting these guys, please remember that Antman did time in a California prison. Also have some self respect and don’t choose to fight the 5 foot 8 inch seventeen year old boy (Spider-Man).
Hangover remedy
Believe it or not Midol is a extremely effective hangover cure. Don’t knock it before you try it.
Love This
You guys need to talk about what the Savannah Bananas are doing for the sport of baseball with Katie Nolan
GoJo 👍
Great pod!! The Golic’s are way better without Greenberg or ESPN in the way.
Thicc 6 NC
Love the show. Merch ideas: Brandon pic with Horny on Main. Ringer. GoJo looking like a professor, “Know one thing about everything”
Beach Luvr12
Got banned for collusion in the neopets stock market in 5th grade lol omg
Mike Maxwell
The LeBron James of listening to this podcast
He is him and him is me
Favorite Listen Everyday
But especially Wilder Wednesdays. Mike, Brandon, and Charlotte are hilarious and have perfect chemistry. Fun, informative, and light but touches on important, deep conversations about sports and anything else you could imagine.
Host with the Most
Enjoying listening and experiencing the progression of your career! Starting with Golic and Wingo and earlier to now, keep being awesome! Love Brandon as well!!!
You need to Venmo me 7 dollars
It’s your f’ing fault that I now have an Apple TV plus subscription. After listening to the Bill Lawerence interview I decided to checkout out the first episode of Shrinking which means I now need 7 dollars from you. Gotta run, headed to Chilis where I will be working on my Draft Kings NCAA bets before heading to Crumbl cookies. Love the show and enjoy listening daily and following the evolution of the show and hope this will help the pod move up the rankings of the algorithm.
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Love the pod
Wilder Wednesday’s is the best day of the week!
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