The Excellence Project with Eric Worre
The Excellence Project with Eric Worre
Eric Worre
The Excellence Project with Eric Worre is a deep dive into captivating discussions on entrepreneurship, business savvy, personal development, mindset mastery, health, wellness, and the essential actions that propel individuals to greatness. With Eric Worre leading the conversation, internationally known thought leaders, bestselling authors, renowned musicians, celebrated athletes, iconic business figures, and a myriad of individuals associated with excellence in their respective fields share their inspiring stories, surprising secrets, actionable strategies, and the common clues that point to success.
How to Leverage Network Marketing Income to Create Generational Wealth
Network Marketing Professional and Author Andrew Logan tried (and failed at) everything he could think of to reach financial freedom, until he found Network Marketing and used the income as cash flow to create generational wealth and the life he dreamed of for his family. 01:33:07 Show Notes: 0:00 - Introduction 01:48 - Eric welcomes Andrew Logan to The Excellence Project. 05:18 - Andrew shares that he was a good student and studied to become a physical therapist. 08:17 - The moment Andrew decided he wanted to achieve financial freedom at 30 years old. 14:33 - Andrew explains that he tried many paths to achieve financial freedom, but they all failed. 16:02 - Andrew saved money from his salary to buy his first property. 24:00 - Andrew’s boss offers him a partnership and he is able to buy more properties. 25:21 - Andrew details the different ways he tried to invest and achieve financial freedom. 33:32 - Andrew shares what you should beware of when investing. 36:14 - Andrew explains what his family’s idea of financial freedom was. 39:21 - Eric asks Andrew what opened his mind to Network Marketing. 43:25 - Andrew pulls back the curtain on the moment Network Marketing changed his family’s life. 48:35 - How Andrew and his wife came to the realization that you have to have systems in place in order to be successful. 53:46 - Eric asks Andrew how long it took before he really felt like a Network Marketing Professional. 57:59 - Andrew walks us through the 7 steps to financial freedom. 01:02:15 - Andrew explains how to decide where to invest your money. 01:13:51 - Eric and Andrew discuss how to avoid losing your money through bad investments. Resources From This Podcast: The Way Out: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at
Feb 19
1 hr 33 min
How Jesse Metcalfe’s Meteoric Rise to Success Lead to a Spiritual Transformation
Actor Jesse Metcalfe discusses his struggles with self-esteem, his rise to success on the iconic “Desperate Housewives”, and his journey from addiction to sobriety and healing. 01:06:33 Show Notes: 0:00 - Introduction 01:22 - Eric welcomes Jesse Metcalfe to The Excellence Project. 02:30 - Jesse details his very first acting job on Passions soap opera and how he became interested in acting. 04:52 - Jesse discusses his lack of self-worth in his childhood. 10:00 - Jesse shares how his lack of self-worth manifested itself and that he was picked-on about his looks. 14:44 - How Jesse’s first role gave him the validation he was looking for, and why that was not a good thing. 18:58 - Jesse explains his method of acting and explains why actors must enjoy being the character. 27:02 - How Jesse worked on his self-esteem and found himself. 30:02 - What it was like to be on the iconic show Desperate Housewives. 33:31 - Jesse pulls back the curtain on his addiction. 40:08 - Jesse details all the different aspects of his healing spiritual journey. 54:01 - Eric asks Jesse if he considers himself an artist. 58:49 - Jesse lists the actors and directors that inspire him the most. Resources From This Podcast: Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at
Feb 12
1 hr 6 min
From 130 to 71,000 Team Members in 6 Months - Gina & Steve Merritt
Steve & Gina Merritt discuss their transition from professional barefoot water skier and flight attendant to Network Marketing Power Couple. They also explain why age doesn’t matter, but smashing obstacles does, and how making phone calls transformed their business. 01:40:40 Show Notes: 00:56 - Eric welcomes Network Marketing Power Couple Steve and Gina Merritt. 01:35 - Steve & Gina share their background story including how they came to own a barefoot water skiing school. 09:47 - In addition to having 4 kids and running the water skiing school, Gina was also a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. 13:02 - Eric shares a story about an experience he had with Delta Airlines. 18:52 - Steve details how they were introduced to Network Marketing through their water skiing school. 27:02 - Steve explains how he learned that age doesn’t matter in Network Marketing. 35:02 - How Steve got over his resistance to talking to prospects about Network Marketing. 37:18 - Gina reveals her effective tactic of trading sex for phone calls! 45:19 - Steve emphasizes the importance of sharing the business side of Network Marketing - not just the product. 50:30 - Steve & Gina break down why Network Marketing is just better. 01:00:00 - Steve expresses the importance of systems in a Network Marketing organization.  01:04:23 - Gina shares an example of blowing through obstacles. 01:08:46 - How they turned 130 recruits into a team of 70,000 people. 01:17:08 - Steve pulls back the curtain on their recruiting system. 01:31:14 - Steve & Gina share why they continue to work so hard on their business. Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at
Feb 5
1 hr 40 min
Chalene Johnson’s Journey from Workaholic Solopreneur to Millionaire Entrepreneur
Millionaire Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Health Expert Chalene Johnson shares her experiences building a fitness empire, discovering she was addicted to work, and then finding the perfect work-life balance. 01:09:35 Show Notes: 00:23 - Eric welcomes Chalene to The Excellence Project. 00:38 - Chalene shares how she became an entrepreneur at age 15 by flipping cars. 02:43 - Chalene explains that she did poorly in school and was diagnosed with ADHD. 06:09 - Chalene details the decision that put her on the path to massive success in the fitness space. 17:57 - The moment Chalene knew she was going to be really successful. 20:03 - How before and after pictures got Chalene infomercials about her product. 23:49 - Chalene pulls back the curtain on her addiction to work. 25:48 - Eric reveals his struggles with self-worth. 35:51 - How Chalene realized she had a work addiction when her husband was being treated for his addiction. 43:55 - How Chalene and her husband found the perfect work-life balance. 46:22 - Chalene divulges how delegating made her 10 times more money. 59:30 - Chalene describes how she and her husband cut their stress in half. Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at
Jan 29
1 hr 9 min
Jorge de la Concepcion - From Poverty in Cuba to Prosperity in Miami
In his first podcast ever, Network Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Health Coach Jorge de la Concepcion shares his journey from leaving Cuba as a child to making it big in Miami. 01:21:50 Show Notes: 0:00 - Introduction 01:11 - Eric introduces Jorge de la Concepcion.  02:51 - Jorge shares his Cuban origins and explains how he and his family moved to the U.S. 07:30 - Jorge quit sports at a young age to work at various different jobs. 09:12 - Jorge expresses that he was skeptical when he was introduced to Network Marketing through his parents. 14:10 - Jorge and Eric both had negative first exposures to Network Marketing.  17:50 - Jorge recounts how he tried to drag his dad out of a Network Marketing presentation.  20:41 - Jorge started using the products after his mother asked him for his support. 23:21 - People start asking Jorge and his wife about the product so they decide to join the business. 25:59 -  Four months after Jorge and his wife joined the business an event he attended changed everything. 32:33 - Jorge reveals that he and his wife were the first in their company to use social media for promotion.  39:30 - Eric asks Jorge to share effective social media strategies. 43:17 - Jorge and Eric discuss the fact that they are both introverts. 51:20 - Eric asks Jorge how he and his wife build their business together. 55:41 - Jorge tells a touching story about his son with an important lesson.  01:00:03 - Jorge shares his least favorite things to do in the business. 01:13:44 - Jorge imparts the biggest lessons he has learned while growing his Network Marketing business.  01:16:56 - Eric asks Jorge what keeps him innovating and growing.  01:20:46 - Jorge thanks Eric for his contributions to the Network Marketing Profession.   Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Jan 22
1 hr 21 min
Patrick Bet-David’s Strategies for Success in 2024
Through his valuable life lessons and stories, Patrick Bet-David tells us what has and hasn’t changed in Network Marketing, what we can do in the next two years to capture the market, and how AI can be used to grow a business. 1:21:17   Show Notes: 00:00 -  Eric introduces Patrick Bet-David. 01:07 - Patrick shares stories from his unique upbringing in multiple countries. 06:21 - Patrick details his first sales jobs, including selling gym memberships at Bally Total Fitness. 12:48 - Deciding not to quit the military was a defining moment in Patrick’s life.  15:26 - What has and hasn’t changed in Network Marketing. 22:19 - Through stories Patrick explains why business depends on mutual edification.  31:08 - Patrick peels back the curtain on how to sell the dream today. 36:37 - Patrick breaks down the evolution from employee to ceo/founder. 43:41 - Successful people have 3 things in common. 48:48 - Patrick shares a creative way to choose your daily affirmations. 50:51 - Eric joins Patrick and reveals why comparison is NOT the thief of joy. 52:31 - Eric asks Patrick why levels are more important than money.  56:11 - Should you care what people think about you?  01:02:47 - Do these two things for business growth. 01:09:102 - Patrick reveals how to level up in 2024 with AI. 01:11:37 - Don’t forget to consider what AI can’t compete with.  04:14:01 - Patrick explains why it is so important to use better words!    Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Jan 15
1 hr 21 min
Lori Bradford’s Climb from Government Assistance to Top 10 in Her Company
Network Marketing Leader Lori Bradford had an extremely difficult upbringing, but then an angel showed up and changed her future. In this week’s podcast, she shares how she became a wildly successful Network Marketing Superstar. 01:10:36   Show Notes: 02:00 - Eric welcomes Lori Bradford to The Excellence Project. 02:50 - Lori and Eric discuss being an introvert in the Network Marketing Profession. 05:36 - Lori shares her very difficult upbringing and background. 13:10 - Lori leaves home at 15 years old, moves into an apartment with 9 people and sleeps on the floor. 14:32 - Lori details the moment an angel changed her life. 20:22 - How Lori made 80k a year as a teenager. 28:25 - Lori explains why she suddenly left her highly successful career and stopped working. 34:03 - Lori’s “weird” introduction to Network Marketing. 46:35 - Lori reveals that she wasn’t great at balancing being a supermom and an entrepreneur. 50:57 - Lori shares the lessons she learned from reaching the top 10 in her company. 56:49 - Why having an amazing upline is bad. 01:01:25 - Lori shares how contribution and legacy are influencing her next steps and goals. 01:05:14 - How divine intervention connected Lori with Eric. 01:07:11 - Eric asks Lori if any of her other family members are working in the Network Marketing Profession.    Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Jan 8
1 hr 10 min
Forget Everything You Thought You Knew about Health and Modern Medicine
Gary Brecka, Human Biologist and Co-Founder of 10X Health Systems shares how he is able to predict someone’s mortality within a month, what ADD actually is, myths about common diseases and three things you can do every day to be healthier. 55:38   Show Notes: 00:00 - Eric introduces Gary Brecka 00:32 - Gary explains how mortality can be predicted within a month.  03:41 - Gary details why people don’t live longer. 07:39 - Gary debunks the myth about common diseases.  09:52 - Gary tells us why the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.  13:01 - Gary pulls back the curtain on what ADD really is. 17:15 - Gary reveals what really causes anxiety.  22:21 - Gary shares the true cause of depression.  23:55 - What really causes high blood pressure? 30:24 - Gary explains that rheumatoid arthritis is actually vitamin D3 deficiency.  35:03 - Get back to the basics of health to add 7 years to your life. 40:41 - Gary shows us how to do some breathwork. 43:13 - Gary details what determines our emotional state. 49:36 - Why Gary believes in the Universal Law of Attraction.   Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Jan 1
55 min
From Taco Truck to Trailblazer | Tony Zolecki
Tony Zolecki, Million-Dollar Network Marketing Earner, Speaker/Success Coach and Global Entrepreneur recounts working at his mom’s taco truck, his struggles with addiction to cocaine and alcohol, and exactly how he became a million-dollar earner.   Show Notes:  01:05 - Eric Worre welcomes Tony Zolceki to The Excellence Project. 02:32 - Tony details his idyllic upbringing.  06:14 - Tony recounts how his mother started her taco truck business. 09:52 - Tony explains how he and his family were introduced to Network Marketing while he was in college. 12:46 - Eric and Tony discuss the difference between the Network Marketing profession then and now. 17:51 - How people starting out in Network Marketing today can be successful. 20:37 - Tony shares what happened when his Network Marketing company went out of business. 24:38 - Tony recalls where he was on 9-11. 27:09 - Tony lost his job when his addiction to cocaine and alcohol worsened. 29:30 - Eric explains how he met Tony through his cousin Sarah and became aware of his addiction. 36:00 - Tony explains how he stopped using and why he became an addict.  41:41 - Tony shares how he became so successful in the last 10 years. 44:10 - Tony offers advice about using social media to build your business.  48:49 -  Tony details why events are so important in building a Network Marketing business. 50:35 - Tony discusses the importance of systems in an organization. 52:18 - Why training is essential to setting people up for success. 55:42 - How to manage and work effectively with different personalities. 01:02:28 - Eric asks Tony what he wants to be known for. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Dec 25, 2023
1 hr 6 min
Darren Prince’s Triumphant Journey from Baseball Card Pioneer to Mega Agent & Recovering Addict
Show Notes:  01:27 - Eric welcomes Darren to The Excellence Project. 03:25 - Darren details his first very successful business - buying, selling and trading baseball cards. 13:04 - What Darren’s dad noticed about him that completely changed his life. 17:05 - Successful people have 3 things in common. 17:37 - Darren explains why he sold his wildly successful baseball card business. 20:21 -  Eric asks Darren what the most reckless thing he did with a million dollars at age 19 was. 21:08 - How Darren started working with Muhammad Ali. 25:23 - His life-changing introduction to Magic Johnson.  28:37 - Darren details the mistake that almost cost him his business and reputation. 31:31 - The moment he decided to become an agent. 34:54 - Darren shares his advice on how to build a network. 38:39 - Darren recounts how he became an addict. 45:04 - Eric asks Darren why some people can take opioids without getting addicted. 49:00 - Darren pulls back the curtain on when he hit bottom and joined Alcoholics Anonymous.  01:00:36 - Eric asks Darren how he was able to let go of the shame of addiction and repair his self-worth. 01:03:10 - Darren explains why he would be OK if he lost everything tomorrow.   Resources From This Podcast:  Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday Aiming High by Darren Prince   Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Dec 18, 2023
1 hr 6 min
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