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West coast beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson and editor Sara Tan give their perspective on all things makeup, skincare, and wellness with a sprinkle of pop culture and celebrity. Experts in the field and friends IRL, they pull back the curtain on trends, treatments and popular products — featuring celebrity and professional guests — all to help you navigate the world of beauty.
Mascaras, Devices and La Mer: How to Navigate and Score Big Black Friday/Cyber Monday Beauty Deals
Turn up the holiday trap music, grab a cozy blanket, and get those credit cards ready — Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us! On today’s special episode, we’re going through the best and most exciting deals you should shop this week, from your favorite retailers to essential brands, tools and more. Some sales are starting as early as today, while others won’t go live until after your Thanksgiving meal. Either way, you won’t have to wait until these sales go live — we’re giving you a head start with a handy little cheat sheet. Listen to this episode to hear what retailers, brands, and products Kirbie and Sara highly suggest you check out when online shopping this holiday weekend. Check out our episode doc here! 
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Nov 24
56 min
The 23-Year-Old Founders of Topicals on the Link Between Chronic Skin Conditions and Your Mental Health
Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng are not your typical beauty brand founders. They’re young (Gen Z, represent), they’re women of color, and they are encouraging their customers to embrace their chronic skin conditions. While Topicals’ products are made with scientifically-proven ingredients aimed to help issues like eczema, rosacea, and acne, they aren’t meant to “fix” your skin. Olamide and Claudia want their fans to know that flare-ups can be fun or at the very least, not the end of the world. That said, their hero products — Faded, a brightening gel and Like Butter, a hydrating mask — are amazing. We are both huge fans and we are not alone — the brand launched in August and has already amassed a large, loyal following. During our conversation, Olamide and Claudia share how they came to launch Topicals, what they think the beauty industry gets wrong about chronic skin conditions, and why mental health is such an important part of their brand. 
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Nov 20
53 min
Ulta's Interesting New Partnership Gets People Talking, Pharrell Enters the Skincare Game, Plus More Beauty News
We’ve got lots of juicy beauty news to discuss this week. Ulta Beauty is coming to Target! What does this mean and what will it look like? We share our thoughts. Pharrell is launching his own skincare brand and it reminds us A LOT of this Gloss Angeles fave. On this week of What’s on Your Face, Sara’s got a new Dove hand sanitizer to recommend (#2020) while Kirbie raves about an influencer-backed serum that has changed her skin.  
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Nov 17
29 min
The Science of Beauty (and Making a Career Out It) with Allure's Michelle Lee and Jenny Bailly
If you’re a beauty lover (which you obviously are since you listen to this podcast) then you’re likely an avid reader of Allure, too, like us. That’s why this episode is extra special — we’ve got Allure’s editor in chief, Michelle Lee, and Allure’s executive beauty director, Jenny Bailly BOTH on the podcast! Michelle and Jenny lead the incredible editorial team at Allure, bringing us the best in beauty journalism both in print and digital, and now through podcasts.  During our conversation, the two share what it’s been like running a website and magazine remotely during this pandemic, their respective career paths and how they ended up in beauty, and, of course, their most interesting beauty tips. Michelle and Jenny also talk to us about Allure: The Science of Beauty, a podcast they recently launched that explores the link between science and beauty. In each episode, they do a deep dive with an expert into a specific beauty topic, demystifying questions you’ve always wondered like what a wrinkle actually is and whether or not pores can open and close. If you like our episodes where we dissect a specific ingredient or topic, then you’ll love The Science of Beauty. Be sure to give it a listen!  
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Nov 13
1 hr 17 min
Is the Manicure Dead? (Spoiler Alert: It's Not. Here's Why.)
Big news today: SARA'S BACK! Our resident Hot Mom is making her grand return to Gloss Angeles and we have a ton of a ground to cover. First of all, we've all been thirsty for newscasters. Does anyone have Chris Cuomo's information? (We kid... kind of.) Kirbie bought some goodies at the Sephora sale including a fragrance everyone needs to get this winter because it's like capturing the scent of a burning match... but in a good way. It was hard to see past all the Election coverage, but one New York Times article managed to cause a huge fuss: Is This the End of the Manicure? pissed off a bunch of people and Kirbie has some thoughts. Then we talk about a ton products we're loving right now, like a tinted moisturizer that's got everyone raving, a hyperpigmentation gel that smells odd but works like a charm, a tattoo artist's venture into the beauty realm, a baby lotion that Sara's been using on herself, and an app that's helped take down Kirbie's stress levels. Check out the ep and then visit our website for all the links your heart desires. 
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Nov 10
46 min
Can Lipstick Be an Act of Political Warfare? Let Beauty Writer and Author Arabelle Sicardi Explain
We know some of you may be anxious as it’s Election Day in the US and you may want to take your mind off what’s going on. Today's ep dissects about how beauty and politics collide, from red lipstick being used as a symbol of political warefare to a monumental makeup moment that many point to changing an election's outcome. Our guest is beauty writer and author Arabelle Sicardi. Arabelle is an incredible journalist who writes about the interesection of beauty and politics. Arabelle has written for Teen Vogue, Vogue Business, The Cut, Refinery29, Dazed, Allure, and many more; they are currently working on a non-fiction book titled “The House of Beauty” and wrote the book Queer Heroes, which you can pick up through Bookshop. We hope you voted today and practice some self care throughout the week, whether that’s doing a relaxing skincare routine, ordering your favorite meal or binge watching your favorite nostalgic tv show. 
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Nov 3
55 min
Hocus Pocus Behind-the-Scenes Stories With SFX Makeup Artist Tony Gardner
Today is our Halloween episode! Halloween and Hocus Pocus are synonymous with each other, and if you grew up watching the 1993 classic, chances are it has a special place in your heart. Hocus Pocus is one of Kirbie's top 5 favorite films, and today's guest is the creator of Billy Butcherson's incredible special effects makeup and the animatronic puppet, Binx the cat. Special effects makeup artist and puppeteer Tony Gardner's story is truly what movies are made of. He’s known for his SFX makeup work in film, tv and music videos, including Zombieland, Bad Grandpa, 127 Hours, Hairspray and Sasha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who is America.’ He’s transformed stars like John Travolta, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry and is the man responsible for Daft Punk’s incredible helmets. Today he joins us because of his work on some fabulous Halloween films, from The Addams Family to The Blob, The Craft to the Chucky series, and of course, Hocus Pocus.  Today he shares his first experience on set (which is nothing short of iconic), talks about getting a job offer from legendary SFX makeup artist Rick Baker, dropping out of school to follow his dreams, debunking some myths about the movie, the makeup and filming process for Binx and Billy, and even offers a preview of what we can expect from Hulaween, the mini Hocus Pocus reunion Bette Midler is putting on tonight for the New York Restoration Project.  All details on Tony, his company Alterian and Hulaween will be available on our website for you to check out, and be sure to head to our Instagram to see some behind the scenes pics too! Enjoy the full moon this weekend, stay safe, and Happy Halloween! 
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Oct 30
52 min
British vs. American Trends, Hair Loss and Discussing Two Big Brand Launches With Emma Guns
Today's guest is probably no stranger to you, especially if you consume a lot of beauty podcasts. Emma Guns is a beauty, health and lifestyle writer, presenter and brand consultant. She created the The Emma Guns Show in April 2016 and has amassed over 8 million downloads of the podcast since. Kirbie was thrilled to have her as a guest co-host because of her expertise in the beauty industry and British POV. Emma discusses her experience with alopecia and PCOS, her thoughts on the "clean" beauty movement and the product she sees as "very American." In headlines, two new beauty brands are on the horizon: Jason Wu will launch his eponymous brand in Target come January 2021 and Bobbi Brown (yes, THE Bobbi Brown) has come out of cosmetics retirement to launch a new DTC brand Jones Road Beauty. Then Emma breaks down a few products that you'll surely be *gunning* for (sorry) at the end of her review. 
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Oct 27
59 min
Don't Call Your Parents, Call your Dermatologist With Dr. Shereene Idriss
It's like y'all have ESP or something! We've gotten so many requests to have board certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss on the show over the past few weeks, which made us that more excited for this episode to air! Dr. Idriss specializes in facial aesthetics and rejuvenation, as well as minimally invasive body tightening. Dr. Idriss is a digital darling, having amassed a large following on Instagram thanks to her PillowTalk Derm series, where she answers viewer questions in a real but fun and educational format. We’re thrilled to have her on the show to answer your questions, from fillers and melasma treatments, to maskne and her favorite drugstore beauty buys. 
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Oct 23
1 hr
Ask a Cosmetic Chemist With BeautyStat Founder Ron Robinson
BeautyStat is a fan favorite here at Gloss Angeles. It's one of those products we trust because it works. The brains behind the brand is Ron Robinson — a man with years of industry experience as a cosmetic chemist. Ron got his start in the industry formulating for brands like Clinique and La Mer; he went on to create successful beauty blog BeautyStat, the namesake of his brand. As our first cosmetic chemist on the show, we asked Ron your burning beauty questions: what's his take on "clean" beauty? Is alcohol in skincare bad? Are waterless products better? And what makes BeautyStat so effective? Enjoy the chat, Glamgelenos! And don't forget to subscribe and rate our podcast if you enjoy episodes like this one. 
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Oct 20
47 min
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