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Glad I found this. I grew up on Gilmore girls and it’s my all time favorite show. Thank you.
Late to the party, but…
…in true Demi style, I’m going to say absolutely nothing positive about this show and then rate it highly.
I like it but….
I wish it was run by two people who had both watched the show. The angle of one of them having not watched it is dumb. Like don’t start a podcast about something you know nothing about ?? It’s also eye-roll worthy to listen to sometimes because these are younger guys talking about an inherently female show, so sometimes things just go right over their heads and they’re trying to analyze things but just totally miss the mark or the point. My biggest pet peeve of all is when they have on guests who have never watched the show one time except the episode they were asked to watch for the podcast!! Please tell me how fans of Gilmore girls want to listen to someone who knows nothing about the show ask “which one is Luke?” Just because they’re one of your Hollywood friends, doesn’t mean they belong on this show. With all that being said, I do listen to this if I run out of podcasts for the week and need something lighthearted in the background while I get things done. I also tried seasons 1 and 2 and found them brutal to listen to so I really started around episode 307 and that guest was really good and I enjoyed the discussion.
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Comfort food
I can’t believe there was this much talent and fun devoted to a show like Gilmore Girls. It was a cute show, but, come on...HBO shows are so much better. But these guys added so much more to the enjoyment of the show. I am convinced they are the reason there was A Year in the Life season, because it would have been forgotten otherwise outside of us watching reruns when we’re depressed and needing comfort food.
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Love these guys! Overall, I like the format and I think it’s the best Gilmore girls podcast. only rated a 3 because I really don’t like or understand why they invite guests on the show who have never watched Gilmore girls and/or don’t like Gilmore girls. They don’t add anything to the discussion and I end up turning the Episode off. I wish it would just be the two main hosts because the guests take away from the show.
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Scattered and painful to listen to
I will give them credit to say they forewarn you with an audio clip before the pilot to say “hey we hadn’t done a podcast before, so it might be a little rough in the beginning. Give us a chance” I totally understood this disclaimer and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Thinking this would be a structure issue or maybe not as good equipment(sound quality) BUT NO The “jokes” they thought were okay and the comments were not worth continuing to listen. I looked at other reviews and found that it doesn’t get better. They constantly made jokes about doing another podcast about another show (which is looks like they did with another show) and spent more time inviting famous people to the podcast because “we love you come on the show” and hardly anytime actually discussing the show. I was really bummed because I love the idea of listening to two different perspectives (one who has seen it and one who hasn’t).
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When I think of my 20s I think of this podcast. It’s gotten me through grief, sadness, lost jobs, starting my own business, and it never fails to bring me joy and peace of mind. Demi and Kevin always have me cracking up, love their guests, and of course love that Gilmore Girls is the core of it all. I’ll never not love you guys and this pod! 💜
Rikk RO$H
ugh anna lore
the hosts are annoying and its hard to listen to
Less whining about Jess please
I enjoy a lot about this show but their hatred of Jess ruins an opportunity of actual interesting conversation. You can talk about his dislikable qualities while also talking about the reason for his actions but I think the guys have an inherent lack of empathy for characters who don’t get everything handed to them. That being said I enjoy so much about the show but it’s hard going’s during the Jess episodes. Starting skipping while they complained about him and much more enjoyable.
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Lord Byrum
My comfort pod
Listened to this as it aired but since then I have gone back to it and fallen asleep to it. Truly a comfort listen
Always coming back to it
I’ve relistened to this show multiple times since it premiered. Much like Gilmore Girls, this pod always helps pull me out of depressions.
Starting from the beginning…
…and super into it so far! Watching each GG episode and then listening first to this recap followed by Scott’s similar, yet so different, “I am All In Podcast” to get everything I want from a GG pod.
I miss this podcast
I miss the guys all the time, this is one of the podcast greats ❤️
Can be a tough listen if you were of age to watch the show when it aired or actually get the references in Gilmore Girls. These guys are a younger generation and can be tough to relate to their lack of knowledge. They also can come across as pretentious at times. The amount of 9/11 and Holocaust jokes are a bit much - especially since they don’t land so it is just awkward and insensitive.
I love how in 522, demi predicts 45’s use of the word “bigly”
So entertaining!
Started listening to this just yesterday and find myself laughing out loud so much! I’m just getting into podcasts and this one is a gem.
Green kiss
oy with the holocaust jokes already
Just started listening, I’m episode 1x7. I’m finding it charming and fun, but not enjoying the Holocaust jokes. They’re not landing, they’re uncomfortable, and I hope Kevin moves on from this bit.
This podcast is pain.
If I could give negative stars I would. I grew up watching Gilmore Girls as it came out and as an adult I’ve rewatched more times than I can count. I was beyond excited when I first found this podcast but no matter what season you listen to it’s off in different ways. No matter the episode, I couldn’t stand to fully finish and tried to switch to another for the benefit of the doubt. Not worth it. Racial comments, slurred jokes, sexist statements, you name it. They’re the complete opposite of what Lorelai stands for and the values she taught Rory. They give a disclaimer at the beginning of the first episode warning how bad and off the first two seasons are, but it continues for the whole podcast. Severely disappointed.
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the only podcast i’d relisten to
I discovered this podcast in 2018, and since then I’ve relistened to the entire thing about once a year. I’m on my 4th relisten at this point. I didn’t think there would ever be a podcast that I’d want to go through over and over, but I’ve never found as much comfort listening to anything as I do in listening to Kevin and Demi and their guests. Maybe I should break out of this rut and explore other podcasts, but I just can’t give it up. I love it too much.
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Pretty good overall
These guys grew up in stable, loving homes and it shows. Pretty good overall.
penny lane, pre-esq.
I could listen to these guys talk forever. Gilmore Girls recaps are fun, too.
Keeps me sane!
Although I have listened numerous times, I still love to come back and start over! Thank you for keeping me sane in these crazy times! Lifelong fan, Love you
Chilis fo lyfe
Do you want to burst into laughter on your daily walk and scare your neighbors? Kids? Co-workers? Look no further- this is the podcast for you. My feelings for this podcast are intense and weird, but overall positive. I only wish that I had been following along as they were released. So grateful for this podcast!!
Brightens my day
Listening to these episodes really just brighten my days. Demi and Kevin do a great job with both actual episode analysis and also keeping it light and funny. I appreciate that this comes from a place of genuine love for the show, which makes both of the criticism and praise for the show very grounded. I love the moments when I catch myself laughing out loud. I know this is a popular opinion, but Jason Mantzoukas is the BEST guest — his episodes are absolute gold. I go back to those episodes sometimes to get a good laugh! Gilmore Guys is a very fun podcast, and I love listening to it on my most recent rewatch of the show!
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Ear poison
This podcast is terrible. First of all, the guys don’t even seem to know that much about the series and they add absolutely zero insight into any of the stories. The reason the hosts have so many guests is because they have no personality and can’t land a joke to save their lives. They need the guests to carry them to somewhere remotely interesting. They seem like nice guys who have absolutely no clue. It’s so bad.
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It’s pretty good
Minus one star for the insufferable betterhelp ads (I know it’s a joke but ugh) and how long the episodes are. I wish they had let guests talk a bit more too, they tend to steamroll them, especially in some of the earlier episodes. Other than that it’s great for a casual listen while you’re doing other things.
Gets better after 307
I gave the first season of this podcast a try and I was disappointed. Kevin and Demi eventually nail it...three seasons in. Some off comments about race (if it was a joke, they did not land) and endless tangents from guests who didn’t like the show were hard to sit through. I stopped listening after a while and picked it again after season 3. Much better experience and the revival episodes are great!
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As comforting to me as now the actual show
I’m starting on my 4th casual full listen through now. Sometimes I watch the episodes along with them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s background noise while I’m working and others is because I want a good laugh. It’s been a year since I listened to it last and it still holds up. Thanks Kevin and Demi!
Things I’m Thankful For
Been a fan of this pod for 5 years at this point. I’m revisiting now and even the early eps when they’re finding their footing make me so happy. Because of this, I listened to Punch Up the Jam and KTP’s other two pods too. They’re exception. 10/10 cups of coffee
Current favorite podcast
Demi and Kevin, I heard about you from an episode of CBB that Demi was on. I’ve seen Gilmore Girls many times through and am a long time fan. Last year, I went through the eps with the wiki fan page that explained references. This year I’m going through with this podcast. I know I’m late to the game! You are hysterical. I walk around singing some of the lines from your rap features. Thanks for bringing so much joy. I’m working on starting a podcast myself and your podcast is a huge inspiration to me. This is a job well done. I can’t wait to get through Bunhead bros and then Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is a masterpiece. Thanks for all the laughs and joy in a dark year.
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Recently discovered this gem
Long time Gilmore fan, have rewatched the seasons a few times (thanks ABC Family). I found this podcast early in the Pandemic and thank god. It has really helped keep my mind off of all things Covid. I find the observations insightful and entertaining. I am 2/3rds through the episodes and they have really hit a stride. Episode 501 was hilarious and I laughed out loud, I hope they have Todd Buonopane back in later episodes.
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because i love gilmore girls
i feel committed to listening to the gilmore girls segment of this podcast only because i am a die hard gilmore girls fan. the worst part of this podcast is how many guests they have on who have never seen the show or hate the show or both. i dont mind that the hosts arent die hard fans, but they defend their criticisms without trying to understand or appreciate the show, which is annoying. i guess im only listening in anticipation of guests who were on the show or actually enjoy the show, and because i need hours of mindless chit-chat on in the background of my life right now.
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Relistening years later because it’s that good
This podcast brought me so much joy when it first came out. I listened religiously and was so sad when they finished GG. I’m relistening now despite the million hours there are because 2020 blows and I’m so tired of every podcast being political now. Kevin and Demi are such a gift to this world.
Just stop talking.....
Episode 304 is making me want to cut off my ears. Please follow some sort of format and get through these episodes!
Love it
This podcast always makes me want to watch Hot Rod. I love Hot Rod.
Very enjoyable podcast
I think it’s super funny that the guys are fans of the show, yet they make hilarious observations that touch on a lot of things that make me hate the show. As a non-fan of Gilmore Girls, I find this podcast highly enjoyable. I gave 4 stars only because there are a lot of off topic topic tangents and the live shows have a lot of visuals that listeners miss out on Quick note: As a non-fan, I do have to say that I loved Emily on the show and she was the only reason I watched the series through to the end
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M le Fay
One of my favorite podcasts ☺️
I got into the Gilmore Guys podcast just as they started and I stayed listening through bun head bros. I still come back to listen every now and then, because the amount of pure joy, care, and thoughtful conversation you can feel exuding from this podcast is immeasurable. The chemistry between the two hosts and the way they make the audience feel like everyone is in on an inside joke is so fun and wholesome. I liked Gilmore Girls the show, but I loved Gilmore Guys the podcast. I hope Demi and Kevin are doing well and they know how much happiness they’ve brought their listeners ☺️
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Wolf doesn’t rhyme with golf
Just recently started listening to this podcast. Amazingly funny! My boyfriend and I watched Gilmore girls together when we first started dating and your comments and his are so similar haha makes me laugh every time! Your rapping makes me cringe and dance at the same time #nailedit
Gilmore Guys review
I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and started listening during quarantine while rewatching the show. The first season of the guys watching is a little rough, they are definitely trying to figure stuff out, but it is worth it! I regret not starting in 2015!
Consistently a Laugh-out-Loud Experience
I am rewatching Gilmore Girls for perhaps the millionth time and listening to this podcast as I go through each episode. The Gilmore Guys are consistently hilarious - I actually had to stop listening to this at work because I would laugh out loud during some of the bits! 10/10 would recommend for Gilmore Girls fans.
Big David Ridgen Fan
Great melody and interaction. Walking music for SAT. Miss improv in LA
Barry piano
Started off strong
For the first 5 seasons this was a highly entertaining podcast. It was my companion as I watched the show for the first time on Netflix and helped me cope with loving a show even though the lead two characters were absolutely horrible. And then it’s like a switch flipped and the hosts became too self-indulgent, the episodes got too long and too off-track from the topic. The Netflix season episodes were total benders, going on 5+ hours. It was torturous.
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Racist comments & insensitive jokes
I made an honest effort to listen to the podcast because I love Gilmore Girls but the podcast is honestly terrible. They make SO MANY racist comments and laugh. An actual quote from one of the podcast episodes was “Dean’s hair is worse than 9/11.” Absolutely shameful. Not to mention, the majority of the episodes are spent complaining about things they dislike in Gilmore Girls. I didn’t search for a Gilmore Girls podcast because I dislike the show...
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Buddhist learner
Perfect for a Gilmore Girls obsessed fan!
As a person who is constantly rewatching Gilmore Girls I think this is an amazing and entertaining podcast! I find the best way to watch this is to just sit down and listen. It’s fun to listen to (I’m only on the 4th episode) I like remembering this episode and that season! Great podcast would totally recommend to a Gilmore Girls obsessed fan like me! Keep up the good work!👍🏼😊
These guys have given me so many laughs over the years — definitely worth the listen.
How did I not know
How did I not know this existed?!? Best podcast ever. If you’re like me and constantly rewatching Gilmore girls... listen to this right now.
How to Listen:
This is the perfect podcast for those who like a good tangent. My advice— be open to laugh and just be along for the ride. They probably spend an hour talking about random stuff and 30 min talking about the actual show (per episode), but that’s what makes it so lovable! You can tell these guys are having the time of their lives! I can’t help but find myself consistently laughing out loud every time I listen to their quirky transitions and jokes.
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Team Kevin and Demi
This has been the best podcast experience of my life. I listen to the Gilmore Guys episodes while I drive, run, clean, work, etc. I will laugh out loud every episode, and I find myself quoting both Kevin and Demi to my friends and family, leaving them utterly confused as they haven’t listen to the pod. Thanks for so many hours of entertainment and the joy of reliving a favorite show!
My Favorite Podcast
Being new to Gilmore Girls, I started to listen to this podcast, and I have to say that it is amazing!!!
Not my type of podcast
I love Gilmore Girls and I have heard several other podcasts praise this one. I listened to the first 3 episodes for season 1, so obviously it may have gotten better but I could not stand some of the jokes and did not find them humorous. The jokes about 9/11 were insensitive to those who lost their lives to terroristic attacks.
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