Ghost in the Scene
Ghost in the Scene
Ghost in the Scene
A paranormal podcast! Cinema's most incredible hauntings are revealed by Giovanni Chumpitazi and Rob Thomas. No ghosts can hide from the phanto-film experts! Each week the hosts discuss current events and investigate the seedy ghost underbelly of Hollywood.
Ghosts On Strike
Strikes aren't just for the living
Aug 26, 2023
47 min
142. New Paranormal Discoveries
Ghost in the Scene is back again to give their opinion on the hard hitting news of today. Rob and Gio have taken their time off to better themselves and are now back and ready to share with the world their new discoveries!
Jul 24, 2023
39 min
141. A Prelude To A Trial
Ghost in the Scene is back and the ligitations are coming in hot! the Depp case shook the world but our evidence wasn't allowed in the trial! WE OBJECT!
Jun 5, 2022
45 min
140. The Slap was a Spell!
This week Gio and Rob break down the paranormal side of the 2022 Oscars controversies and say goodbye to some paranormal film juggernauts...
Apr 11, 2022
35 min
139. Why is Google Hiding Ghosts?
This week Gio and Rob are back to ask the hard questions: why is Google hiding ghosts??
Mar 23, 2022
31 min
138. British vs American Royalty
This week Gio and Rob fall down a chimney shaped rabbit hole and find themselves in bloody old England! Something has been happening with the Queen and the hosts are on the run for knowing too much... Also part 1 of the explosive Jennifer Lopez exposé is released! Tune in next week to learn more!
Jan 31, 2022
50 min
137. Ghost in the Scene is BACK!
Ghost in the Scene is back and more professional than ever! Gio and Rob return to the podcasting world with newly acquired PHD's and a drive to set the record straight on paranormal awareness in the MSM. See what the boys have been up to and get ready for a bumpy 2022...
Jan 24, 2022
48 min
136.  Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz - Disiples of Oprah
This week Gio and Rob are going to med school to learn from the best doctors in the world- Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. What life saving techniques will Gio and Rob learn? Only time will tell.
Oct 3, 2021
46 min
135. The Spiritual Recall - Munn & Mulaney
This week Gio and Rob investigate the latest California recall and its spiritual implications as well as cracking open the hot case of Munn & Mulaney vs. the World. What they find is world shattering...
Sep 18, 2021
55 min
134. The Truth Behind Ben and Jerry
This week Gio and Rob's investigations lead them to the door of Disney once again. What does the Olympics have to do with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?? And what do Ben and Jerry know??
Sep 11, 2021
48 min
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