Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast
Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast
Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast, Adam Silverstein
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very very bad
I was a fan of state of combat with BC so when I found this pod I wanted to like it but while Adam was a good #2 on SOC, he’s just not a good lead guy. The other guy Chris is def better but when it’s just Adam he’s just reading off a script void of charisma. It seems to get worse every week. With the AEW episodes he’s extremely pessimistic and overly critical on the smallest things. More so than with the WWE episodes which is currently awful and unwatchable. He’s mentioned he lives in Florida, I think Tony Kahn must have kicked his dog or something. He also called me stupid on Twitter when I disagreed with him about something lol
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Great stuff
Love this pod
doctor don pedro
5 star frog flash RVD style
My favorite wrestling podcast
Stutta The DJ
Was enjoying until…
First off, Adam and Chris are passionate about the wrestling products they watch, and it shows in their content, however, and I know I am in the minority with this complaint, but the use of foul language went from you would occasionally hear an The S word to the using it frequently in every show and recently they have been dropping the F bomb multiple times per show, I understand if you use that kind of language in real life but could you at least update the status of your show from clean to explicit.
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⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thick 🥩
Big Meaty
Awesome show Silver King! Big meaty men slapping meat!
slim slimington
Chris is the best podcast host on the face of the planet
Chris is the best podcast host on the face of the planet
Getting back to being a mark for the Silver King
Truly deserving of a 5 star review, the Silver King goes above and beyond to deliver what the fans want: consistent, well thought out, entertaining insights into the world of pro wrestling. This past SummerSlam weekend was a true watershed weekend for the podcast with not only the quality, but quantity of episodes. Highly recommend listening whether your any combination of for/against WWE/AEW.
Hey now!
Great podcast: love the stern references.
Best Wrestling Recaps
Of all the podcasts that recap the week in wrestling, this is the best. Adam watches it all so I know what I can skip past my DVR, and what I need to tune into. WWE, AEW, NXT, NJPW and the top highlights from everywhere else, the Silver King does it best. None of the other podcasts that are loosely related to the original Cheap Heat cover as much as Adam watches, so this is my only one lest in my subscription feed.
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Smarky Mark
Great show
Love that they go into detail. I don’t need to watch the snooze show that Raw has become because the silver king sums it up well. Great pod keep it up.
Solid pod, the boys go above and beyond providing content all without ever giving spoilers which is very refreshing. Critique would be that sometimes they can linger on personal opinions on polarizing topics outside of wrestling that not everyone will agree with.
Getting Over
Great show as usual. Silverking goes above and beyond and gets you all the up to date information that you need with multiple pods per week as well as instant analysis and emergency pods when needed
All About the FIVE
The cup still runneth over with the Milk of Markmesia
Great wrestling show
Followed from previous podcasts. Great show. Better than a lot of other wrestling podcasts
eric prae
Solid Analysis
Silver King and Chris deliver a very solid wrestling pod. My only issue is the typically long episode run time. I think if you’re listening to this pod you’ve probably seen the shows and don’t need an in depth recap of the actual matches. Suggest keep focus on delivering the excellent insights on booking and character development which can make this more concise.
AZ Phils Phan
Awesome pod
Been searching for an interesting wrestling podcast for a few weeks then finally came across this one. Great dudes with cool insight. Definitely the best one I’ve heard
Great podcast!
Love this podcast. Been listening to them since SOC. I love their instant analysis, sound bites, and beer choice after a main event. Their takes on matches are spot on and analytical. I love their love for wrestling and look forward to listening to this podcast multiple times weekly. I’m a busy mom of two and sometimes miss the shows but listening to Getting Over keeps me up to date. Thanks guys for all the work you do!
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Mom who loves Wrestling
Best wrestling podcast out there
Too negative for non WWE wrestling
Any wrestling that’s not WWE is heavily disparaged which makes it too rough of a listen. Followed the State of Combat with Brian Campbell and was a fan but this version just doesn’t work
A great podcast for strong analysis of the current product
Getting over has some of the best deep dive breakdowns of the current product of any wrestling podcast I listen to. The episodes are detailed and the analysis is in-depth. In my opinion, the silver king is one of the strongest analytical voices in the pro wrestling podcast world. He has a great eye for the product. I really enjoy hearing his thoughts and I always look forward to the ppv instant reactions. They did two and half hours on Wrestlemania 37 in the middle of the night and it was the best analysis of the event I heard across pro wrestling podcasts. Keep it up guys!
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My First Wrestling Podcast
Besides me not being on it, and Chris not thinking Dolph Ziggler is a sure hall-of-famer, this podcast is well respectful and pretty accurate analysis a great pastime to listen to on my way to work.
Love it
Best wrestling podcast around
Best wrestling pod out there
Best info on rassling out there. Great breakdowns and great quality analysis. Top notch interviews as well. Santos Escobar interview should be played by wwe to promote him as a star. Plus, only pod who keeps it real with aew since everyone else is wont say anything bad about them when they mess up.
Zachary D. Sm.
Best in the business
Should have left a review much sooner. If you care about the current product, then this is the podcast for you. I appreciate that the hosts try to take a balanced approach to how they recap the various wrestling shows. From ultimate previews to the instant analysis, they will keep you up to date without making you wonder if they are simply hate watching the shows. And for the record, the silver king didn’t hedge. - xit619
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Favorite Wresting Podcast
Going back to being a mark for SK and VCV!
One of the best wrestling podcast out
Great and honest talk about professional wrestling
Best wrestling podcast out there
Silver king is the best in the biz
Despise iTunes but made exception to put over Getting Over
I've listened to my share of wrestling podcasts and while Silver King began as the 'other' guy on State of Combat/In This Corner, he quickly grew on me as a smart observer and balanced critic of this weird world we love. I followed him and have been Getting Over since Day 1 and Adam remains more committed than ever withknowledgable and thoughtful takes, smart fantasy booking. There was a time where I was listening to a handful of wrestling podcasts - since Getting Over has settled in, I need only one.
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Can’t live without this pod
Easily the best wrestling pod around. The amount of quality content Adam pumps out is unreal. When you listen I feel like I’m like 12 years old, at my house with my buddies eating dominoes, playing no mercy, and waiting for a PPV to start. These guys make talking wrestling fun and effortless....which we could use more of these days.
The only review I have written
Love the Silver King. Love the Silver King even more when he is talking some NJPW. Doesn’t need to be a regular thing, but would absolutely love to see monthly or quarterly coverage of big NJPW events
Love it.
I listen to podcast all day at work. This is my go to pod for wrestling. Appreciate the the host. Knowledgeable. Fair. Fun. Keep it up. 👍🏼
Very good but...
I’ve been listening to Adam since the start of the State of Combat podcast and have enjoyed him but really feel like the last few episodes he is coming across as way too condescending, especially when speaking to Chris
The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be
The pod always delivers!
5 stars pod
Excellent week to week breakdown and analysis of the Wrestling World. The Silverking and Viceroy Vanini have great chemistry and insights.
Adam quickly became my favorite on BC’s In This Corner Pod and was happy to see him get his own show. He talks about all shows objectively and fairly and isn’t afraid to criticize. I always feel we have similar opinions of the product so it’s always good to hear his analysis. Guests are funny and always have good historical knowledge as well. The post-ppv recaps are always strong.
Dan b.
Great podcast
Great to weekly recap. My favorite wrestling podcast
One of the best.
I look forward this podcast each week. They do a great job of breaking everything down each week in a way that the regular fan can appreciate.
Lamont Falls
Awesome Pod
Adam and Chris always bring great energy and knowledge to the pod and a very easy listen.
Great podcast for the wrestling diehards!
Great takes and info on the wrestling world!
Mike. S.
This is a great podcast and Adam is the greatest podcaster of all time.
Fantastic Wrestling Podcast!!!
I was excited months ago once I saw the Silver King was going to be staying the course and starting his own podcast. This is far and away the best wrestling podcast I have listened to. I have digested a lot of material in the past five or so years and Getting Over has definitely been my favorite. First and foremost, the hosts are impartial. They have back and forth discussions about the good and bad of pro wrestling. They give credit where it is due and critique where it is deserved. I also like the format, the show never feels too long or short, and as someone who doesn’t always catch all the action all week their recaps are absolutely perfect. I love everything about this podcast and hope they keep going this way for years to come!
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Favorite Wrestling Podcast
This Podcast is amazing and the best wrestling podcast for all us marks! Very thorough and fun! Love Adam Silverstein and Chris Vanini as a duo! Give this a listen now!!
Always Over
Great wrestling podcast
I love this podcast becasue it provides the best wrestling analysis without any bitterness that other wrestling podcasts base thier business. Adam Silverstein, editor for CBS sports, is fair and critical but in a manner that stays faithful to his love of wrestling. His cohost Chris Vannini, writer for The Athletic, gives good counterpoints and considerations. I can miss episodes and get a full recap as if I watched the program. This podcast is smart, entertaining and a lot of content. I especially love the Instant Analysis shows that come right after PPVs. This podcast seems like wrestling friends I would have a beer if I meet them without seeming embarrassing or any shame listening while listening with non-wrestling people in the car.
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OG Gonzalez
After The Bell is one of the best podcasts I listen to regularly. Silver king and Vintage are very easy to listen to. I usually listen to most podcasts at work as background noise, but this is one I pay attention to on a weekly basis. Keep up the good work!
elroy 515
Keep up the great work I love this podcast
My favorite wrestling podcast!!! If schedule permits, I would like more guest appearances from the old show.
Mark it 5
Good, straightforward professional wrestling conversation. Both Adam and Chris bring solid insights and perspectives.
JT VanMoney
Great content and always entertaining
The guys are great and the content is balanced between all the different shows. Keep up the great work
The Silver King is the best
Adam, love your show, my dude. I’m [all about the 5.] You and [big dog] Vintage give such in-depth analysis into the weeks’ shows without dragging. A hard balancing act and one you both do well. I miss Hero or Zero from [the In This Campbell podcast] and would love you guys to bring that segment back, maybe make it a semi completion like Around the Horn. Perhaps a PPV Rewind could be fun or a Listener Q of the Week. Anything you guys want just [nothing face to face]. Thanks for keep the show going. (More Macho Man sound drops wouldn’t hurt)
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