Get Up in the Cool
Get Up in the Cool
Cameron DeWhitt
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Wonderful Podcast
I’ve been listening since this podcast was brand new. It is a really wonderful jam/interview format that makes you feel like you are sitting around the campfire jamming with some of your favorite artists. There are a lot of thoughtful discussions about the history of the music and it’s place in our modern world and in trad culture.
Wonderful content from amazing musicians
This podcast is great, full of great tunes you won’t hear anywhere else!
Interesting & High-Quality
THE podcast for fans of traditional (“old-time”) music. Wide variety of styles, regions, instrumentation, and viewpoints represented. Rich and engaging discussion balanced with fantastic musical interludes. Cameron does a great job; production is really top-notch. Well worth a listen!
Excellent music podcast!
Cameron DeWhitt's nerdy, open and conversational approach makes this a delightful podcast. Interviews with musicians, who usually have thoughtful things to say, interspered with American Old Time music playing.
Amazing show
I love the mixture of interview and music. Cameron DeWhitt travels all over (including Australia!) to interview and jam with musicians, and its so great. Highly recommended.
Just Great!
So happy & grateful Cameron does this. Wonderful music and thoughts from amazing musicians makes for a great resource.
Great tunes, insightful interviews
This podcast is one of very few that I really come back to regularly. Several episodes have really been transformative for my understanding and love for the music. Great contemporary, progressive, clear-eyed perspective on traditional music mixed with cool people and great musicianship.
A great listen, and a great resource, too!
The best. Period. A broad enough definition of Old Time to keep things interesting, wonderful interviews, and also, a great learning resource. This podcast is a go to for me to find new tunes.
Fiddle Teacher
Incredible resource for fans of old time music
If you like old time music, this is an indispensable guide to the musicians, the tunes, and the history of the genre. Thanks Cameron!
Brennan. res
Great tour of Old Time music
Cameron is an open and gracious guide, taking you each week to some new corner of the Old Time musical universe. The tunes, the players, the instruments, the stories, all are diverse, engaging and always a joy to hear. A must for any fans of traditional music!
Outstanding- Entertaining & Educational
If you are a lover of Old-Time Music or just starting to explore it you are going to love this podcast!
Indispensable Resource
Can’t believe how much fantastic information and unbelievable musicianship is presented in this podcast. This should be a nationally funded endeavor! Keep up the hard work Cameron!
Favorite Podcast
So glad this podcast exists! I have heard multiple old time tunes here so beautiful they brought me to tears. These episodes do great justice to the essence of old time, the culture of sitting together to play for no specific audience, just to enjoy the music and get to know why musicians play the tunes they love. I also appreciate how much great storytelling, personality and humanity Cameron is able to convey using only sound. Hard to do, but Get Up In The Cool does it with style. My friend Sean Newman should be at Clifftop this year, I'd love to hear him on an episode if the cards line up!
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Up in the cool, to be sure
A stellar repository of tunes, and also a great insight into some of the ideas and personalities in the old time scene. Insightful conversation, ballads, and rangers. Enough for me.
a greasy coat
Good time old time!
Great interviews, tunes and tales. Next best thing to hanging out at Clifftop or Mt Airy!
Great playing - and deep ethnographies
The host is an excellent old-time banjo player, but he's also the Terri Gross of the old time music scene. "How did you start playing music?" leads to some gripping and personal stories.
If you like old-time this is for you
Never fails to entertain, amaze, and inspire. Nyckelharpa? Cello? Fun and always sounds great.
Oldtime gem
If you follow oldtime music, this podcast has wonderfully interesting guests, topics and tunes in a relaxed yet professional interview style. I love it.
Wonderful podcast if you like old time music.
A treasure
Great old time music in an informal live setting with interesting guests
Awesome podcast
Cameron DeWhitt is a skilled player and thoughtful interviewer. The show is a perfect blend of interesting stories, expert musicianship, and organic conversation with some of the best musicians in the old-time circle. It's like having a bonfire jam in your backyard. Highly recommended.
Abe Muscle Man
Wonderfully candid history!
Delightful, educational, toe-tapping. What a combo! Well done, Cameron!
This is a great podcast about old time music involving the players who make the music, the luthiers/builders who make the instruments, and more. It's a great listen!
Hercule Poirot
So great.
As an amateur Clawhammer banjo player, I love this show and how Cameron connects the banjo to all kinds of other instruments. Fantastic job. Especially love when he brings in “non-traditional” old time musicians.
Inspirational to listen to
I’m so glad I found your podcast. I’m a year in to playing the clawhammer and a few months into the world of old time music thanks to you
Decatur greg
A far away fly on the wall
Learning to play clawhamer banjo in Japan, to say noithing of connecting with old time music, proves a daily challenge for me. Get up in the Cool allows me access to technical and artistic tips from amazing musicians, helps me become acquainted with the history of old time music, and most importantly encourages me to engage with necessary conversations about race, cultural exchange, cultural appropriation, and synergy that underlie this musical traditon.
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banjo sig
I Never Miss It!
This podcast is a highlight of my week. After each episode, I eagerly await the next. If you like traditional music, fiddle, and banjo, this podcast is the best out you will find. Kudos to Cameron for his hard work on bringing us quality musicianship and thoughtful dialogue on a host of sensitive hard-hitting topics at the heart of our American nation.
You Need This Podcast!!!
On the surface you find foot stomping, smile inducing, rhythm filled, live music played by some of the best musicians of the “old time” genre. But look a bit below the surface and you find a podcast coming from a very deep, rich and sincere place. You will find subject matter ranging from cultural ownership, culture borrowing, regional styles, racism in the history of the music, musical origins and specific music related knowledge. I have learned so much more about this music that I love by listening to this podcast. This has become a weekly “must listen” for me. I think people who have never heard of old-time will love learning about this community of people who travel around the United States and the world playing music mostly for entertainment and for the quality time with each other, not a paycheck!! I also believe the seasoned old time musicians will love this podcast as well. There’s always a new tune to learn.....Matt Holladay
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My favorite
Do you like great music and people talking about making music? Then you will love this show. Every show has at least one tune (usually more) that makes me break out the fiddle and try to play along.
Corrin Radd
Essential listening for trad musicians
A well produced and informative program focusing on American old-time music. Fantastic performances and intriguing histories from some of the best players around the country. Cameron takes a sweet and gentle approach with his interviewees, and the end result never disappoints. Highly recommended!
lotus eater seattle
This is a game-changer for our old-time community!
This is an awesome podcast for folks who love old-time music! Cameron records some big names in our community, but also just regular people from across the country who have a lot to say about what this music means to them and what they think about when they play. Wonderful!!!
Mud City Melissa
Old Timey Goodness!
Great music, great conversation! Love hearing all the old time tunes. Cameron is a good interviewer and a killer banjo player. Check it out!
Grapplin' Jones
Enjoyable, Informative Listen
Why do I enjoy Getting Up in the Cool so much? As someone who has been playing old-time music on the fringes for nearly 10 years, I recognize the names of many of the guests and the interviews offer an enjoyable way to “meet” them “in person.” The easy-going talk. The foot-stomping tunes. I always come away happy, feeling just a little bit more connected to the community. And, in one case (The Other Side of Complexity), I came away with an idea that will forever be in the back of my mind as I pick up my fiddle or banjo. Cameron’s skils as a conversationalist and musician make him the perfect host and I look forward to many more episodes to come. Right on!
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Great podcast
I've been powering through these episodes ever since I discovered the podcast via word of mouth. Great mix of tunes and narrative. Cameron is a great interviewer. After hearing all the stories of old time culture around the country, I was inspired to find my own community.
Rhode Isle
Fantastic Old Time music resource
It is a lot of fun to hear some great players philosophize about various aspects of the music in between well recorded and well played old time tunes. You can tell they are having it should be!
Heavy Hitting
WOW—fantastic Old Time podcast ! Heavy hitting from the heart of Appilachian Old Time. Blown away by the quality of the interviews, top notch musicianship and quality production & editing. Keep up the good work Get Up In The Cool !
The world could use a few more people like Cameron who are passionate about carrying on tradition, studying well, and sharing knowledge with others. His passion for this music comes through clearly and easily, and makes for a great listen. Inspiring!!
Cameron nails it.
You could listen to this podcast just for the tunes -- it makes sense that Cameron, a brilliant melodic clawhammer banjo player, hosts the show, because his ability to not only keep up with, but complement, the full gamut of fiddling giants he interviews brings out so much that those of us obsessed with the old-time musical tradition know and love about this music. These are things like the amazing musicianship which is nearly always accompanied by grace and modesty, and the raw and pure joy that accompanies a tune played gently in sync. Thus are Cameron's sincere curiosity and thoughtful articulation of our burning questions, expressed through dialogue, supported by a vital musical enthusiasm and ability. If you listen closely during an episode you can tell that much of the conversation occurs during the playing of tunes with Cameron's guests, as all of the most important conversations in old-time music do.
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Informative and enjoyable introduction to Old Time
I've listened to the first several episodes so far and really look forward to hearing more. As someone relatively new to Old Time music, I've found this show to be a great introduction to the tradition and just a pleasure to listen to. Cameron finds great guests and you can tell that he has a love and respect for the music and the players. Thanks so much for the work you;ve put into this show!
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Patrick Colgan
Get Up in the Cool-Cameron DeWhitt
Alex Kramer is fantastic!
Very well done. Been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks Cameron.
Can't wait for more!
An excellent podcast full of great music and conversation. Get Up In The Cool is a fun and well produced podcast that fills a gap in the old-time music podcast world.
WS Mosheim
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