Get Hard! With Jaide Alicia
Get Hard! With Jaide Alicia
Jaide Alicia
Rock and metal personality Jaide Alicia invites you to "Get Hard!" following the release of her first podcast. Jaide, alongside many special guests, will explore and discuss all things music and more.
Brian Heffron (The Blue Meanie, ECW)
Jaide dives into Brian's early life- growing up in Philadelphia, finding solace through music, professional wrestling dreams and more. We explore the connection between rock/metal and wrestling and how Brian ultimately ended up signing contracts with ECW and WWE.
Nov 20
43 min
Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)
Over three years after their first interview, Jaide and Dee catch up on all things current. Although commonly billed as being the Twisted Sister front man, Dee Snider calls in to talk his solidified solo career, upcoming Christmas single, his latest project as an author and more.
Jun 1
25 min
Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)
In the first episode of Get Hard!, CEO of Metal Blade Records Brian Slagel calls in for a quick chat about the label- diving into the ups and downs of being behind a record label as well as the state of the music industry today.
May 17
16 min