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The radio podcast where we play the present that will be the future of Hip Hop, R&B and Beatmaking. This podcast his hosted and curated by Golden Era Music Group/Podcast founder Charles "Mr.B" Bowers.
Show 063: Rah Grizz
On today's episode we got rapper, entrepreneur, podcaster, and former radio host @rahgrizz. We talk a wide range of topics from growing up in Flatbush, Distribution Deals, the revived #TrueTalkSessions Podcast, his new project "7 Day Therapy" and everything surrounding that title. Set List: 1. Rah Grizz- Just Another Day (ft. Fat Caesar) 2. Crazy Horse x Killz Bin Laden- Don't Worry About Me 3. Nizz Sentine- I Didn't Leave Israel For This 4. Koga Yokai- Travellin' Man 5. brainorchestra- Mic Doctor 6. Rah Grizz- Forgotten Loyalty 7. brwnsounds- frsh_air 8. Pink Siifu x Fly Anakin- Richard Pryor 9. deeDONTCARE- Shutta Bugg (Big Boi flip) 10. Thug Yeezy- 4 The Dreamers 11. DJ Muggs x Rome Streets- F*ck You Know About Me 12. Rah Grizz- Voices (ft. AQ IzRael) Executive Producers: Mr.B & Tee G Curated by: Mr.B Recorded and Mixed @ The Lions Den GEM Radio is provided by GEM Network Get all GEM Radio Merch at: Background Music: "Stars At Night" by brainorchestra off his project "SACRED" Check out 7 Day Therapy and and True Talk Sessions Podcast on All Streaming Platforms Follow us at IG Mr.B (@mrb_201) GEM Network (@gemnetwork.pod)
Mar 16, 2021
2 hr 1 min
Show 062
" With alot that's going on in life, this pandemic, my mother's illness, starting an amazing podcast with my family this show was left on the back burner all while creators still do what they do best, I missed this, when I set up my new board to do this mix for the first time, I gotta admit I felt rusty, but I felt at home, youre gonna feel that in this set. I usually do a Valentine's Day R&B set annually but life got in the way. But if you're still in the mood for all that then I got you..... oh yeah I snuck a rap record in there sorry"- Mr.B Set List: 1. Brent Faiyaz- Circles (Mike Nasty Remix) 2. amaria- Roses 3. Poppy Ajudha- She is the Sum 4. Imaneurope- No Creases 5. Sault- Son Shine (Joe Kay Edit) 6. Nikko Gray- DMFT 7. Kiezin- We Can 8. Reon Vanger- Lockdown (Anderson Paak flip) 9. HAJE'- ancient eye 10. King Spy- The Beach (House Bounce) 11. Camtrao- Cherish (Sade flip) 12. Ivy Sole- Rollercoaster 13. Meron mitku- Eru Med Mig? ft. Vongtale 14. SLOW DAT SHIT- Inc. - 5 Days 15. Ojerime- Halfcrazy 16. Patrick Paige II- So They Say 17. Trey Graves- X. 18. IYAMAH- Cryptic Love 19. Callin Me Like- They Watchin Recorded and Mixed @ The Lions Den GEM Radio is provided by GEM Network Get all GEM Radio merch at: Follow us at IG Mr.B (@mrb_201) GEM Network (@gemnetwork.pod)
Mar 8, 2021
58 min
Show 061: Black Friday
"Sorry for the wait (set list is coming later), to give a summary of some of the artist I played, Anny, Pootie, Brainorchestra, Kaytranada (twice), Wavy Bagels (twice), KwALi (twice), this set is a hour long. I didnt care what I played as long as it was dope, theres a mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Electronic, all of dope blends and flips, I went all out on this one." Executive Producers: Mr.B & Tee G GEM Radio is provided by GEM Network Get all GEM Radio merch at: Follow us at IG Mr.B (@mrb_201)GEM Network (@gemnetwork.pod)
Nov 27, 2020
1 hr 21 min
Show 060: Reks
We're back with another dope episode, we got underground hip hop legend Reks on the show. Fresh off the release of his new album "T.H.I.N.G.S." (The Hunger Inside Never Gets Satisfied) we go into his long career, how he remains consistent, his focus on health, the Massachusetts hip hop scene, and much more we hope you love this episode. We want to thank Reks for being a guest on this show be sure to check out "T.H.I.N.G.S" Executive Producers: Mr.B & Tee G Check out "T.H.I.N.G.S." (The Hunger Inside Never Gets Satisfied): Set List: 1. Reks- Animal Kingdom 2. Pootie & Tab Jones- Triple Doubles 3. fly anakin- CUSTIE BOP (ft. Big Kahuna OG) 4. kemp dupri- imported from greece 5. Nizz Sentine- Henny x Jamo (ft. Vincent, The Owl) 6. Reks- Rachel Green 7. Fat Caesar- Knee Deep 8. brainorchestra- Uncovering GEMS 9. el- Circles [edit] (Post Malone flip) 10. Thurz- Mother's Nature (ft. Damani Nkosi) 11. poi$un- 99 Knockin' 12. ShunGu- Let It Flow 13. quaviusblack- FORGIVE 14. Reks- The Complex (ft. Pharoahe Monch)
Sep 29, 2020
1 hr 26 min
Show 059: JaeFrmJerz
We're back after a brief hiatus, we're in The Dojo once again for this episode of GEM Radio and we got Jersey City hip hop artist, and entreprenuer JaeFrmJerz on the show. Fresh off the release of his new project "328i" we talk about his upbringing , Wu- Tang Clan, Wrestling, the follow up to Grimmjerz, and more. Be sure to run up those numbers on that new project "328i." Executive Producers: Mr.B and Tee G Engineered and Mixed: Frank Metalz @thedojojc Stream "328i" by JaeFrmJerz & Whitey Bulger: Set List: 1. JaeFrmJerz x Whitey Bulger- Roundtable 2. Vincent, The Owl x Nick Catchdub- Brewface Baby 3. L.A. VanGogh- No Service 4. Calez- Still Good (ft. Alex Wiley, Mick Jenkins, & Donnie Trumpet) 5. JaeFrmJerz x Grimm Doza- Too Much 6. Nizz Sentine- Noir 7. ELCAMINO- Let You Live 8. K Le Maestro- wontucome_ my way (freemix) 9. alphonse- dp_realizing 10. BLEEKG1- Cold Facts 11. SubRoza- Nitez 12. Peter $un- Pray 4 Me 13. JaeFrmJerz x Whitey Bulger- Slow Motion
Aug 27, 2020
1 hr 49 min
Show 058: All Blends Allowed
"Sorry for all the delays, theres been alot going on, but we are finally here. I did this set on IG Live but I had some issues my board was slowing down music so I had to restart, then I played the Megan the Stallion x DaBaby flip and the stream was shut down, but we kept it going. I may have had a mishap when playing the SZA flip but this goes to show you I'm human I make mistakes and you can as well I'm giving you the set the same way I gave it live flaws and all. I look forward to the continuation of this radio podcast in the midst of everything going on in life, and my life" -Mr.B Executive Produced by Mr.B & Tee G Tracklist will be available later this week until then support these artist by checking their profiles in this playlist.
Jun 23, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Show 057: Quarantine Series (Same House, Now Dance III)
"On April 25th, I did what alot of these guys on Instagram are doing to keep the people entertained in the quarantine I did I live DJ set of fire records from up and coming house, electronic, and dance producers. This set was months in the making of compiling some great records that'll have you dancing all around the house. We gonna get through these rough times, thank you to all the people who showed up to the live stream, we might see more of those" -Mr.B Executive Produced by Mr.B & Tee G Set List: 1. JONAH CONRAD- ROOTS 2. Caseybelair- House party w/Latrelle 3. Anny- Downtown (ft. JLA) 4. DJU DJU- Slide 5. TURNA- ifitolduthat 6. Wavy Bagels- DRUUUNK (Schoolboy Q Edit) 7. austin marc- run right through 8. MAURICE- diaynoche 9. KMB- ascending 10. DJ Shades- I Want You Around (Snoh Aalegra Edit) 11.LAKIM- What Could Be 12. BZAR- IN UR ARMS 13. purpan.- natural. 14. JR JARRIS- Control (ft. Dayla) 15. El. Train- U Don't Have To Call (Erykah Badu Edit) 16. Mystee- Roller 17. LA SOULCHYLD- Goosebumps (Travis Scott/Kendrick Lamar Edit) 18. Cilon- roof off (2016) 19. nusnce- kiss (Sade Edit) 20. Isaac Thursday- BR AZ IL 21. Iman Omari- London (flip) 22. Reon Vanger- the sky is no limit 23 Zikomo- Say So (Doja Cat Edit) 24. BZAR- ladders (Mac Miller Edit)
May 2, 2020
1 hr 14 min
Show 056: Quarantine Series (Hip-Hop)
Sorry for all the delays but we are here for the 3rd installment of the Quarantine Series. All hip hop records so we home you enjoy this one. Be on the lookout for the possibility of a IG live set for "Same House, Now Dance 3." Stay safe out there, we are going to get through this. Executive Produced by Mr.B & Tee GRecorded in the Lion's Den Jersey City,NJSupport us at Set List. 1. Macc McCray- Respect (ft. Karma) 2. Tellie Floydd- Percy 3. PeteyxKraze- Wrist Watch 4. Nizz Sentine- Love Go (Interlude) 5. brainorchestra- Poached Pears (ft. Lord Cartel) 6. Scheme- Militia 7. Ki Bohiti- Wrong Place 8. Clear Soul Forces- Chinese Funk 9. Kemp Dupri x SPVCED- Tony's World 10. koala- Life=Good 11. Oliver the 2nd- PageMaster 12. riley lamarre- barrywhiteflo (koncept flip) 13. Stove God Cooks & Roc Marciano- Lava Lamp 14. Koga Yokai- SilvaSurfa (ft. Cheech Ortiz) 15. Cosmic- Back Up (ft. Ki Bohiti) 16. Wam Gee- PARADIGMS.FM 17. YOSHI- Roses 18. Denzel Himself- radio (ft. bubblerap) 19. arshadgoods- tEArs (ft. Blvack Spvde) 20. BlaaqGold- You $till Aint $hit 21. Fax Mercury- Bobby From The Ends
Apr 7, 2020
57 min
Show 055: Quarantine Series (R&B/Soul)
We are back for the second set of the quarantine series, hope all is well with and your families stay safe, and chill out to this R&B/Soul mix. Executive Produced by Mr.B and Tee GRecorded at The Lion's Den Jersey City,NJ Set List: 1. PJ- Smoke2. Levi Watson- The Space Between Us3. Full Crate x The Blk LT$- The River4. Jacob Rochester- MAD (Solange Flip)5. Naja Young- Missed Call6. Rose Gold- Stay Down (ft. Like)7. PIE2k- supergreens (Frank Ocean flip)8. DLylez- Feels Good9. IYAMAH- Seasons10. Cam Obi- Perfect (ft. The Mind)11.JAMESDAVIS- Somethiing to Talk About12. wavesbyleo- No Love13. Foushee- Make It Known14. BLEEKG1- Make It Out (Brent Faiyaz flip)15. DaVionne- Best Friends16. Kaiit- OG Love Kush Pt.217. doobie.chops- love me up (Etta Bond flip)18. Marco McKinnis- Deep19. JON REYES- Gonna Love Me (Teyana Taylor Flip)20. Gabrielle B- Easy21. ROMderful- The Sun Shines Bright With You22. Kimani- More Than Me23. Bry-zen- xxxscape24. cay caleb- The Vibes's Contagious
Mar 29, 2020
1 hr 14 min
Show 054: Quarantine Series (Beats & Blends)
We know it's been crazy these last couple of days having to stay in the house due to the pandemic and our hearts are with everyone affected by this. Mr.B wanted to drop 4 episodes of GEM Radio as a series while you guys are going through the quarantine so the first to drop will be the beats and blends mix. 1. El Train- Craft (El Train VIP)2. el- Looper [STBB-296]3. Kaizen92- Buddha monks with the owls4.Rare Compro Archives- 4 Tuamie5. DELICASTEEZ- doe snatcher6. brainorchestra- Estrella [Can't See]7. ruffian kick- balconybump8. KayCyphr- Blunted [trillion]9. bassy beats- chasing shadows10. Chris Keys- Dumbarton11. Dibia$e- Samurai Bump [87]12. NOTHINGISREAL- Icon13. menlo- Recollect (w/ jordy)14. sumwun- spacio15. LWNMWHR- erykah16. spvcedd_- Demboiiiiisss [edt]17. nahhg- A Way Out18. mello marc- tillinfinite19. Cazal Organism x Kaelin Ellis- Sons of the Father20. GAPTOOF- Overdue21. Kwanli- Kwanbliv (w/Obliv)22. Mashio Musik- LethalIn Jekkt23. Gazpacho- AMY24. NOTHINGISREAL- Checking For Me25. Mannybeatschi- Shift
Mar 25, 2020
1 hr
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