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Great chaps
Update: I’ve noticed the change in format and I wanna let y’all know how much appreciated the level of professionalism. Now let’s get geeking! I love this podcast. There start things off fast and always cut to the chase. My only complaint and I really hope they read this review is that the interrupt the podcast with ads. I don’t mind the ads but one minute they are in the middle of a convo and I’m deep in thought and then BOOOM an ad that is usually louder than the podcast itself comes bursting in without warning. This feels like a cheap trick and I would give 5 stars once they change this. Even more professional podcasts at least say we are going to break because this gives the listener a chance to use that skip button. So please change the way ads are in the podcast. Please like pretty please
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You guys are the best
Been listening since avengers endgame was coming out. You guys are great and hilarious forget all the haters bc if your complaining about something that’s free, then you got issues. I don’t normally write a review too lazy but Travis going HAM on some sad sack crying and leaving a 2 star was the best. The quickest way to my heart is pettiness. Keep up the great work guys. -Much Love
Jimmie fife18
One of my favorites!
Love this podcast, I usually agree with their reviews and I love their passion for all geek things! Keep it up boys!
Podcast host said they don’t like to get political but had to speak politically about an episode of the boys and said it’s no secret that’s he’s not a fan of our president... and then the same podcast has advertisements supporting the opposing side. I don’t think podcasters should run ads that they say they don’t support.
Great conversations.
Just listened to their Antebellum review and Devil all The Time. I like their takes and how they concisely explain their opinions.
A great listen
Solid reviews. Great banter. Def worth a listen!
A great listen !!!!
Great Reviews
Love hearing insights I’ve never thought about. Great show 5 stars!
Table talk pod
Great content, love the show!
Caleb Lamoreau
Trash Tenet Review
Hard for me to give credence to your review when you don’t even know the character’s names. Seems you all didn’t like the movie because you didn’t pay attention as opposed to direction/screenplay/execution
A self proclaimed Geek Podcast not knowing that Dune is a classic Sci-Fi novel is mind blowing. Disappointing!!!
Very Nice
For fans of pop culture movies, TV, and video games, this is a great podcast that covers it all!
An Illustrious Gentleman
The Last of Is 2 review was so well put in such a non “bro” (anti - Abby // lesbian couple) way. You have a listener for life. Really just felt like I had a close friend giving me the facts. Awesome show.
Barkley Big Dog
Great cast. Smooth sailing.
Funny and insightful comments, whether it’s a solo review pod, or a group mêlée, I really enjoy this podcast. It’s a great pod for the car. They will admit they don’t have the best equipment; but this pod is not about that, it’s about honest reviews and a bit of fun along the way.
The editing isn’t good
One of the best movie pods out right now...
Subscribed to Patron as well one of my go to pods for movie and tv news
Favorite podcast
Love these guys. Always have the latest news and rumors.
Great podcast!! Keep up the good work.
Fun Cast
If you’re into anything Geek. These guys are awesome and are plenty of fun. If you want to listen to a podcast where you feel like you’re just chilling with your friends chatting about everything geek culture this is for you! Great traditions, fun rankings and more
Been listening to these guys for a few years now and it’s awesome to see how much they’ve grown but also stayed true to how they run the cast. I’m happy to call everyone at GeekVerse my friends. Definitely would recommend!
One of the BEST
Great show, love the back and forth banter, great movie, games and show reviews and discussions!!
Love the podcast except one host
This is a great podcast to discuss all geek topics in the universe. The discussions are pretty organized and they touch upon good subjects and topics. My only complaint is Dillon, man this guy is negative. He seems to hate everything he reviews and watches, and hates on the other hosts if they like something he doesn’t. I’m not saying you have to like everything and be a fanboy, but why are you doing this podcast and criticizing every single aspect of a show or movie. It’s fiction. Enjoy the stories and fun.
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Chewbacca 4 Life
Great Pod
Love your pod, listen all the time on my jog. But I have to say, if someone is going to Chewbacca hate you should probably notice there are two transports you can see when he’s being loaded, not just a “surprise, there were two.” Step your game up lol.
Darth Bowser
Bloody awful...
Made it through about thirty minutes with the one dope talking a mile a minute with nothing substantive proffered and dropping all kinds of spoilers of other films without any warning. Given one star makes up the vast majority of the reviews, my experience is the norm for this brutal effort.
A Great Ensemble
Been looking for a comprehensive group movie podcast for a while now and I’ve finally found it with these guys. Their hilarious banter mixed with interesting analysis is right up my alley. Keep it up guys! You’ve got a new fan.
Great “Geek” Film - Stream - Game Podcast
The group chemistry is excellent and organic! There are a ton of casts that are “pros” but have zero chemistry! This group is natural off the cuff and keep getting better at audio/delivery. I look forward to seeing them grow and have been impressed when they explore content outside direct mainstream like The Lighthouse. If you like Red Letter Media, Sacred Symbols and other honest discussions of entertainment you will love this cast!
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Adam of Michigan
I myself have A.D.D. But Jesus man, stay on topic. This gentleman is all over the place, I kept skipping forward to get to the review and he’s going off on tangents left and right. Some people shouldn’t review films- but hey, God bless America.
...whoever does the movie reviews can’t seem to stay hydrated for 30 minutes. I’ve listened to tens of thousands of hours of talk radio and heard as more glugging and sipping from drinks in a half hour as all those other hours combined. Add in the manic rambling and my guess there’s some sort of chemical influence happening. If you like hearing someone drink and gulp every minute then this is the podcast for you. I thought it was just an isolated instance once a while back, and was becoming more and more irritated with every passing moment. But nope, it’s happened a few times. What kind of supposed talking professional can’t get through a half hour without constantly taking “drink breaks” as they’re referred to? Can’t do it anymore. Just wow.
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Decent movie reviews
I enjoy the new movie reviews they do. It’s entertaining to listen to and they seem to know what they’re talking about
Where’s HHN?
I know those boys would love losing Jonah Hill, cuz really he’s got nothin on Jonah Hex, and I don’t mean the guy that played Thanose, the big nosed marvel shillain, I literally mean Brolin as Hex as Riddler as Penguin, anything less I’d just uncivilized.
The Walking Cuban
Love it! Great podcast
I love this podcast. It has rejuvenated my love for Star Wars. Not necessarily the new movies but since I started listening I went and watched the animated shows. I love hearing what they are hoping for in the Disney plus shows. I also love the fan draft shows. I don’t always agree with their movie critiques, but I love hearing POVs that differ from mine. Highly recommend this show!! Keep it up guys.
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Geek at heart
Love listening to these guys. Don’t always agree on everything, but try to listen to every episode. Great insight and they’re pretty funny too.
amateur podcast
don’t expect a professional polished film or nerd culture podcast. this is like guys after work getting together with beers to talk about what happened today in nerd movie news. but please fix the sound quality. sheesh
Watson Reynolds
My favorite podcast!
These guys are hilarious! Love their banter and their insight into all things geek. My favorite podcast by far. Thanks guys!
Don’t waste your time
The amount of stupidity that Jessica is spewing into the universe is DISGUSTING. Don’t even bother with this hot garbage. RIP headphone users. The audio quality is so horrendous, you have to turn this trash up so loud, then when the commercials kick in, in mid-sentence by the way, the commercials are INSANELY LOUD and will blow your eardrums out. There is NO WARNING that a commercial is coming up, so you can’t turn it down. They are all arguing, screaming at each other, and in the middle of a word, in the middle of a sentence, the podcast will cut right to an extremely loud commercial. This podcast is horrible. The content is disgustingly horrible. The production is the worst I’ve ever heard. You can do better yourself with an iPhone and your headphone speaker. This is absolutely trash.
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Great reviews
I really like this podcast. The group seems to strike the perfect (for me) balance between actually being critical of the plot and the plot devices used, but without being overly critical of every mainstream movie. They don’t give every movie a 10, nor do they give every movie a 1. If you like the movies they review you’ll probably like hearing their insights.
Grown to love
Not gonna lie. At first y’all s voices annoyed the doo doo outta me, and your audio quality was barf. BUT I really do enjoy your content and you studs crack me up as well. I’m with y’all to the end of the line.....or until you quit. Whichever comes first. 😉
always entertaining
i love these guys, every time i start a podcast it’s like i’m sitting down w some friends to talk about geek stuff. they have some interesting insight and i always love the trivia at the end of reviews. keep on killin it!
They have it all
I pretty much love all the things this podcast discusses, so it’s great not having to search for a bunch of other podcasts that just cover one topic. These guys hit the whole geekverse.
chris crow
Like, a podcast, like, um, yeah
The hosts have a passion for what they’re talking about, for sure. But that’s about it for this podcast. Poor sound quality. Rambling. And they pretty much all say “like” every four seconds, which gets old real fast.
Good podcast
I like hearing different perspectives on my interests and i definitely get that from this podcast. It’s worth listening to
Addy John
Not even trying
Poor sound quality (a handful of bruhs sitting around a Tandy mic in someone’s dining room?)
Mitovicha Twins
Absolutely heinous
The podcast has so much potential but everyone clearly doesn’t care. The sound quality and editing for 2019 is horrendous. Don’t quit your day jobs guys because you are definitely not podcasters
I tried, but can’t listen anymore
I’m a geek myself and love finding podcasts that discuss movies and shows. This podcast gave me a headache. Total amateur hour. One man carried on so much discussing the new fantastic beasts movie that it made me cringe. Take a breath man. No one can understand you when you talk so fast. Not to mention the podcast didn’t officially start. It was a group of people discussing a purchase and they didn’t realize they were recording. What a joke. Don’t waste your time people.
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Wow.... Great Lesson in How To Not Podcast
This was just awful. I forced my way through one episode and just lost total patience for it. They are clearly just sitting around a table, with poor audio gear, having not done any research about any of the subject matterWith conversations that are plagued by, “you know”, “like”, and other conversational stutters. I can only compare it to being thrust into a small group of friends who starts a conversation around you with a lot of in-jokes, references to things a new audience member wasn’t aware of and generally isn’t very inclusive. Every podcast should be treated like it’s your audience members first with you. Will NOT be giving it any more chances.
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Very good show
Very informative with good opinions and a variety of personalities. Keep it up
Garbage Podcast
Why is this still going?
DJ Frogsman
Painful Audio
The audio is a painful mess. You guys really need to normalize the volume, get closer/better mics, and do some research about creating a podcast that sounds good. Also, everyone gets really loud and tries to talk over each other. Stop that!!! It’s so unpleasant for your listener, and totally unprofessional.
13 reasons why review
Just listened to the episode regarding their review on season 2 of 13 reasons why. While I appreciated their cinematic review of the season, they didn’t really address the show’s intentions for bringing up real world issues. Their disregard comes across as disrespectful and in bad taste. It is just apparent they failed to do any research into the show, even just watching beyond the reasons, that could’ve answered their questions of confusion. I understand this is a fictional show with fictional story lines, but the show brings up some topics that shed a light on some people’s harsh reality that even this review could’ve been done with more care and consideration for real life victims.
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Great podcast
These guys are hilarious. Their sense of humor is really entertaining and they bounce off eachother well. Makes my boring work day go by faster. I love the detailed, passionate discussions about Marvel movies. Keep up the awesome work.
Darth Ręvan
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