Geek Ultimate Alliance
Geek Ultimate Alliance
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Great network
Love the comic book shows on the weekend the most!
Great network
Love this network. So many fun shows all in one feed.
Wonderful show
Geek Ultimate Alliance is one of the best nerdom podcasts I've heard! The hosts a lot of great energy together that makes it wonderful to hear them talk about everything from Star Wars to Jurassic Park.
Great Podcast!
All podcasters involved are really knowledgeable about the material they’re covering. DC, Marvel, Comics, Animated, Film, Star Wars, Power Rangers, you can find it all here!
The next step for these casters seems like it’s going in the right direction. So much new, great content and information. Excellent work so far people!
FF4 joint movie
Great show! I think the FF4 can be in black panther 2 do a reversal of the comics where black panther was introduced in FF4 they can battle Namor and end credit manors working for dr doom Or they could be in ant man 3 and have something to do with the quantum realm and they were stuck inside for 30 yrs or something. Anyway keep the show going look toward every Monday to it!
Great job fellas
This is a great one stop shop for everything geeky nerd adjacent
Wobbly boots 85
This podcast seems poised to rock the podcast community